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Review #1, by Julie London Prologue

10th February 2013:
Hi there! I don't know if you are planning on continuing this, but let me say I think this was brilliant! I'm very curious as to what Victoire did and what's going to happen between them. Also, don't worry too much about the reviews. I know it's great to receive them, but it shouldn't determine whether you write a story or not. It should be about you, your story and that little world you've created in your mind. My stories barely have any reviews in fact one of them currently has none (I have an account on another site) but I don't really care, lol! Because writing is quite relaxing for me, it's like my hobbie. But anyway, just do what you feel like doing and don't depend on us to finish this great idea you have in hand. Hope to read more soon!

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you! That's the thing, I'm not sure what it was that she did just yet , I just know it was bad. I'd love to continue with this because it made me feel great when I was writing it out, but being in my last year of secondary school there's no time for anything but revising. Which makes me a little sad, but that's the way it goes right? Yeah, I guess you're right, so, thanks for that. I definitely want to continue, but I guess it'll just have to wait a little while longer. And I hope you enjoy it when I get around to it!

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Review #2, by loverofharrypotter Prologue

26th November 2012:
Love it please add more
so far so good!

Author's Response: Thank you :) I'm working on it, so stay tuned!

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Review #3, by Ravenclaws Princess Prologue

8th August 2012:
this is good! cant wait for the next chapter, i hope teddy and vic do get back together, they're so cute!! anyway your writing is very descriptive and i like it!!! 10/10!

Author's Response: Thankyou, I'm really glad you enjoyed it! I wish more people would have the decency to do a short review like you have though!
I really, really appreciate your feedback. Sorry for not replying straight away, it wouldnt let me.

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