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Review #1, by MuNition The Truth is a Terrible Thing

19th August 2014:
This is wonderfully written, and James and Lily are written as I imagined them. It fits with canon, but in my head Snape is more self-aware than what is seen here. At thirty eight, he probably knew that his love for Lily was more for an ideal than an actual woman, and that he was not her actual choice, nor would ever be that.

My back and forth in this case would probably be him asking for forgiveness, telling her he loved her - knowing full well how she'd reply (because that would have been an imaginary back and forth he'd have time to think over very well), and then leaving with some dignity rather than being so melodramatic. Of course, that would probably make either a much longer story, an understated snoozefest, or both. So, your way is probably better :P

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Review #2, by MSupernatural The Truth is a Terrible Thing

30th April 2014:
Wow, this was beautiful! Really, really beautiful! I'm not exactly fond of Snape, but I could feel him there. And I also loved the way you made James jealous, but at the same time considerate, as he did let Lily talk to Snape. The characters were spot on, in my opinion.

This is the first fic I read here, and I'm glad for it. Thank you, and my deepest compliments on your story. It deserves.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. This is one I am particularly proud of =D

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Review #3, by Lils The Truth is a Terrible Thing

13th May 2013:
I cried when i read this! I will aways be a sev fan:) his story is so tragic and his soul will remain broken:(

Author's Response: Thank you =D i'm glad you like it.

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Review #4, by Miss Haggan The Truth is a Terrible Thing

16th March 2013:
Oh wow that's cold, but brilliantly so. I agree 100% Snape could've done more for Harry.

I love the fierce and loyal Lily, who still believes that everyone has good in them. You got her, James and Snape's characters down to a T.

10/10 absolutely amazing.

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Review #5, by roya The Truth is a Terrible Thing

10th November 2012:
I have read many fan fictions stories and only one other made me feel this emotional. Very well written.

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Review #6, by narieth The Truth is a Terrible Thing

10th October 2012:
Touching. Indeed I always thought that he wasn't right about treating Harry like that. He had to understand that Lily died for Harry, that she lives through him. His and James conflict never had anything to do with Harry. He was selfish. He was trying to do something to overcome his guilt. He was nasty and selfish, though he was loyal and brave. He can be understood and forgiven, but he will never forgive himself. He lived the past and that's he's problem.

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Review #7, by Debra20 The Truth is a Terrible Thing

8th October 2012:
Hey there. Thanks for joining my challenge!

"I wanted him to stay alive; he could not join her as the other man she loved had and her best friends had and her son surely would, even if it were for the briefest of seconds" - I liked how this sounded like if Snape died, he would not be able to go in Heaven, or whatever the place was where Lily lived her afterlife. It gave a tone of sweet sadness to Snape's whole situation and the hurtful fact that even after he died, he wouldn't be able to spend time with Lily.

I enjoyed the interactions between Lily and James and how she tried to shake him off at the beginning. But at the same time it would have been refreshing to see only the two of them talking (Lily and Snape). I understand James' concern but she came to greet Snape in his passage to the afterlife and yet James had to stick close. Why doesn't he leave her be even after they died? They should have had enough proof while they were alive that she was quite capable to taking care of herself. At least that's how I imagined her to be. Capable of looking out for her well being without anyone's help.

Apart from a few misspells I enjoyed reading this fic. I have troubled feelings on Lily's behavior though. She sounded very selfish to me in this one shot. She came to see Snape when he died, to be with him, but she was the one that ended up pushing him away and hurting him. I imagined she could have found a better, softer way to make him realize the truth of her feelings once and for all. I think she was a little too brutal for how we know Lily was.

I would also be a bit wary about Snape's characterization. Even if he dies, I always thought he wouldn't immediately change his thoughts and behavior pattern. I thought there should have been more interaction between Lily and Snape for him to break down and cry.

All in all I was very glad to have had the chance of reading your thoughts on their re-encounter. Thanks for writing this!

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Review #8, by missclaire17 The Truth is a Terrible Thing

1st September 2012:
let me make it clear that i do not like snape, ever. and i wont ever like him.
but with that said, i think you wrote this exactly like how i imagined it would have really happened.
i dont believe that lily can just look at how snape treated harry and welcome him back with open arms. i cant imagine lily to turn back on her true love just because snape "loved" her, and i think you did a good job of balancing lily's anger at snape with that part of her gratitude.

people always say that they expect snape, the marauders, and lily to be all lovey-dovey in the afterlife but that is just something i can't see happening, and i'm glad that you wrote this one-shot because i think it really details the true of afterlife.
you can't always get what you want, and that's not gonna change just because you died.

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Review #9, by Kira The Truth is a Terrible Thing

31st August 2012:
And...I'm crying. Congratulations for writing such a powerful piece! The emotions of the characters here are so strong. Guilt and remorse are just dripping in every word and action; it was almost hard to read because I felt so bad for everyone. Severus is my favorite HP character by far, just because he's so interesting, and it broke my heart when he died in DH and we saw all his memories. Because I often feel so bad for him, I often forget how much pain he caused himself and how many bad choices he made. Even though I wish that Sev did have a happy reunion with Lily after he died, when I think about it honestly, I think this is probably how it would actually turn out. Sev did a lot of good things, but he did treat Harry terribly and it would be impossible for a mother to forgive something like that. Also, the tenderness and love that Lily feels for Harry in this chapter is overwhelming. You did everything right with this story, and I absolutely loved it. 10/10

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Review #10, by jay The Truth is a Terrible Thing

25th August 2012:
i really enjoyed this short story

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Review #11, by True Author The Truth is a Terrible Thing

15th August 2012:
Um.. your plot is nice and you have written everything perfectly. but pls rewrite the story is a bit simple language! I had to read this twice.

Author's Response: Erm, i'm not really sure what you asking, you want simpler language or more difficult language. anyway, thank you for the review =)

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Review #12, by Opalpixiechick The Truth is a Terrible Thing

8th August 2012:
Great chapter. :) I can't wait to read more. :) Keep up the great work. :)

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Review #13, by Ravenclaws Princess The Truth is a Terrible Thing

8th August 2012:
this is a very good one-shot. i love your writing, you're one of my favorite authors. maybe write another Dramione (i really loved your Dramione) and some more one-shots!!!
really really brilliant writing, keep going!10/10

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