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Review #1, by justawillowtree Freshly Mown Grass

3rd September 2017:
I ship Romione so hard. And this is absolutely perfect. Everything you write, I immediately fall in love with, just, you're so talented and I love you.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! You make me blush ;)

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Review #2, by DossyVilja Freshly Mown Grass

20th January 2017:
Hi, I've just read this - congratulations on the Dobby nomination (that's how I found you ;-)) I thought it was a great idea to connect the quote about Felix felicitis and how Hermione watches Ron mowning grass - to my taste the story is a bit simple - but I still find it cute; good luck with the Dobby!

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing and for the congrats :)

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Review #3, by Softie Freshly Mown Grass

18th September 2015:
This was highly amusing. Had to read it twice. The imagery was very visual and only a good writer can do that without putting the reader to sleep. Thanks for the smile.

Author's Response: Thank you very much, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I appreciate the kind words :)

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Review #4, by Dojh167 Freshly Mown Grass

20th June 2015:
Hufflepuff House Cup 2015 Review

I love that you chose to elaborate on that HBP line by Hermione! I think it's a fun little gem, and it's definitely interesting that you chose to expand from using it as an indication of her neuroses to her feelings for Ron.

I like the "it builds character" line, haha! It's good that you put in a reference to Fred and George being able to do it with magic, but it still seems strange to me that the Weasleys would have a lawnmower in the first place. It seems like such a muggle artifact, and even if the Weasleys had one (which I'm sure Arthur would love to), I don't know they would even know how to work it or what it was for.

I LOVE the way you described how Hermione's brain, heart and hormones were all thinking different things. And that the hormones never thought in full sentences - perfect!

I would have liked to see a reference to Hermione actually smelling the grass, to more directly connect it to the smell of the potion.

I really enjoyed this!


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Review #5, by HeyMrsPotter Freshly Mown Grass

20th June 2015:
Hello! I'm here reviewing for the House Cup :D

Aw, I just love feel-good, fluffy Ronmione♥ This was such a lovely idea for a story, I love how it links to that quote from the book and that you've made her reason for loving the smell of fresh mown grass down to her feelings for Ron.

Your Molly is so perfect, 'It builds character' is such a mother Molly thing to say, it cracked me up! Definitely something I can imagine her doing. This whole story could totally be canon, actually. I like that this is purely about teenagers being teenagers, Ron complaining about the chores and Hermione giving into her raging hormones, and my favourite-Ginny teasing Hermione after catching her staring. It's nice to think that in the midst of Voldermort regaining power there was just a total normal moment. This was such an enjoyable read! ♥

Hufflepuff House Cup 2015

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Review #6, by tangledconstellations Freshly Mown Grass

20th June 2015:

Reviewing for Ravenclaw, for the House Cup 2015 :)

This story made me laugh, because it's such a lovely and pure snippet between Ron and Hermione. It was really enjoyable to read, and I love how its linked to 'freshly mown grass' in the series. I love how teenagery they are, how Ron is perfectly in character with his 'why-me' attitude in response to his mother, and the way Hermione abandons her usual bustling and logical nature to just have a moment of appreciation! :P This was so lovely though. I love the way Ginny is amused by Hermione, but she's not mean about it. And I really like the way you've described Ron, because it would be so wrong if he was super hunky. I feel like this piece is really true to their characters, so thank you for sharing this, because you've really done them justice here.

Your descriptions are so good here - I feel like every word has been carefully chosen, but the overall effect is so effortless. You're such a good writer because not one line here feels false or out of place. I liked the way you described Hermione hesitating on the step and lowering her foot back down - idk, it was just a little detail, but it really stuck out for me as being so fluidly written.

I really liked this - thank you for sharing because this was great :)

Laura xxx

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Review #7, by Veritaserum27 Freshly Mown Grass

20th June 2015:
Hi there WTM!

Ravenclaw House Cup 2015

This was absolutely adorable. I'm a huge Ron/Hermione shipper and I loved seeing Hermione in this. She is usually very prim, proper and always in control of her emotions. J.K. portrays her as the level head and voice of reason. But this is pure awesomeness - seeing her slightly out of her element. She's taken aback by her own onslaught of emotions, but at the same time, allows herself to give in to them. I'm giggling like a little kid over this and I feel like she and Ron deserve this moment (even though Ron isn't aware of it - but is he ever, really aware of things?). My favorite line in the whole thing: with much cursing and resentment and a distinct lack of apparent character-building Very Ron and very correct! Great job with this short little one-shot!

♥ Beth

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Review #8, by pointless_proclamations Freshly Mown Grass

12th June 2015:

Bahaha! This is amazing. I admire how you took the 'lawn-mowing' cliché and integrated it into a Hermione/Ron. The best part of it, I think, was when her brain noted his paleness and skininess to swerve away from the hot body of aforementioned clichés and her heart accepted him as perfection. That was immensely sweet. Unconditional love. . . ♥

You have a wonderful way with humour and romance. Your characterisation, I thought, was absolutely brilliant and not just for Ron and Hermione, but for Ginny, the twins, and Molly, too!

I think you just wrote my new head canon regarding where the 'freshly mown grass' scent Hermione caught while brewing the love potion came from.

Em :D

House Cup 2015 - Slytherin

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Review #9, by Crumple-Horned Snorkack Freshly Mown Grass

3rd May 2015:
Greetings from the Crumple-Horned Snorkack, who typically dwells hidden in the forest, but today I have taken the opportunity to hide in the HPFF Archive and read your story! I was so happy to find this as I adore Ron/Hermione, despite the fact that Hermione doesn't believe in my existence.

This felt like a missing moment right from the books, and the atmosphere was perfect, just like I would imagine summer at the Weasleys' house to be. I particularly enjoyed Mrs Weasley trying to get Ron to mow the lawn and him thinking he'd be able to get out of it - you write the Weasleys so well in character and it's really impressive.

And Hermione - I loved how you wrote these two conflicting sides of her, like she's most comfortable with the logical side of her being in control, but when her heart has anything to say about it, all she can do is stare out the window at Ron. XD And of course Ginny's reaction - I could see this as not entirely an isolated incident. I guess there's no way to avoid one another in a house that big - everyone's always in each other's business. This never happens with a large gathering of Snorkacks because all we do is is hide from one another.

I didn't realise until the end how clever it was that you wrote about Ron mowing the grass - this of course being what Hermione thinks about when she smells the Amortentia in sixth year. Brilliant!

This was such a lovely, fluffy fic and I'm so glad I found it! But now, I'm off into the woods again to hide from my fellow Snorkacks.

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Review #10, by milominderbinder Freshly Mown Grass

30th September 2014:
qtr story search round 3! i mean, what can i say about your writing that hasn't already been said perfectly a hundred times before? you're amazing. this was just adorable, such a sweet little slice of life. i hardly ever read about ron and hermione but i should try to more as they're one of my favourite couples in the series ♥ you really captured hermione so perfectly here, which can be very hard to do! this was just gorgeous ♥

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Review #11, by patronus_charm Freshly Mown Grass

6th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review!

Hi, I thought you deserved some reviews after all the hard work you’ve put in for the House Cup, so here I am!

Wah, this one-shot was perfect! It was just amazing and made me have so many cute and fluffy Romione feels that I don’t currently know what to do with myself, so sorry if this review is really incoherent!

I really loved the first section and all the what ifs surrounding like what if Molly had given and Ron hadn’t mown the grass, would there ever be a thing such as Romione? Ha, it just made me laugh that this was probably the best chore he ever did. I really loved Fred and George too and you just wrote them so well with their banter and teasing.

I think I almost preferred Hermione’s section because she’s usually with Harry and Ron so we never get to see her girly girl side but just her scholarly one, so it was so sweet to see her squeeing over a topless guy. The inner battle in her mind about whether she should actually be feeling these things was so funny too. Good old Ginny though with her secret laughter.

Seriously though, you wrote all of the Weasleys so well I really am in awe because for such a tiny piece you really developed their characters so much! This was such a great one-shot, so I’m going to head off and read more of yours now!


Author's Response: Thank you so much! I do love reviews. :) House Cup was fun this year.

I have to admit, the first section was sort of a lead-in, and Hermione's section was the point of the story, for me. So it's totally ok to prefer that bit! It's fun to show her girly side. Ginny was totally mocking her for drooling over Ron, lol.

Thanks so much! I do love to write the Weasleys. They are definitely my favorite characters. I really enjoy the relationship between Ron and Hermione, so it's fun to write. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #12, by findingalways Freshly Mown Grass

27th June 2014:
Ah, so much fluffy cuteness!

This was very well written, the characters were completely canon and characterized just as the magnificent JKR serviced and wrote them. I could hear the HP movie actors being their characters in this scene - particularly Molly - which made it all the more perfect.

It was cute, sweet, and to the point and I thoroughly enjoyed that.

Well done. :)

Author's Response: I do love the fluffiness ;) Love to read it and write it.

Thank you so much, I'm glad they seemed in character. I'm a stickler for canon. I tried to keep everyone true to the books. It's short but it didn't seem necessary to add more :) Thank you very much for the review!

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Review #13, by tomfeltonisdeadsexy Freshly Mown Grass

17th June 2014:
Aw. So much cute fluff. I love the simplicity of the story, but how it just adds on to the series itself. Great job.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm really glad you liked it :)

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Review #14, by _mrssnape Freshly Mown Grass

26th April 2014:
I am new to the HP fanfiction world and I just loved this! It was very sweet and fluffy yet sensual. I can see why Hermione likes the smell of cut grass! ;)

Author's Response: Thank you, and welcome to HPFF! I'm glad you liked the story, I had a lot of fun writing it. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #15, by love_is_magic_ Freshly Mown Grass

21st November 2013:
Love it! Always wondered where Hermione had gotten "freshly mown grass" and now I will have a explanation :D Thanks!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing! I'm glad you enjoyed the story :)

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Review #16, by rozen_maiden Freshly Mown Grass

11th August 2013:
I don't usually read the Ron/Hermione pairing, but I'm really, really happy I read this. It was sweet and funny and just really perfect. Amazing writing, I really loved it :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm really glad you liked it :)

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Review #17, by Debra20 Freshly Mown Grass

17th July 2013:
Ditto, the Weasleys were made for you WTM! I don't think there is anyone else on these forums, Archives, or in fact any other HPPF fanfiction site that could possibly write them better than you. Your characterisation glues me to the screen with my mouth open...literally...

This was a very sweet piece. Witnessing Hermione's feelings for Ron gives me a fuzzy feeling inside my heart. I've always loved them together (thought have been completely oblivious that they fancied each other in the books, until way past GoF *shame*) but having read the books from Harry's perspective, who was already full of hormones and confused about love, I never really got the chance to enjoy them. So thank you for this wonderful piece of fluff! It made my night a lot better :D

Author's Response: Aww thank you so much! I do love my Weasleys. I suppose that's obvious when virtually all of my stories are about them ;)

Hermione lusting after Ron makes me giggle. I do love those two. I totally shipped them in the books, but I came to the fandom late so I was able to read the first 5 books all at once and saw the Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione emerging. Harry is definitely always confused by girls and their feelings. Not surprising when you consider how he grew up, I suppose.

Thank you very much for the review! :D

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Review #18, by ginerva_molly_weasley Freshly Mown Grass

17th July 2013:
This is so wonderful. I clicked on it not really knowing what to expect but I thought it was one of the best Ron and Hermione pieces I've read about them pre relationship.

There must have been some attraction for them before they got together so I love this little snapshot of Hermione looking at him through the window, with him completely unaware and actually realising his attractiveness and her true feelings towards him.

The structure also aided the flow of the story and I think that the little piece at the beginning about Ron being too hot really set the scene here which was completely wonderful!

I loved it

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the story. I do love my Ronmione ;)

I absolutely think they were both attracted to each other physically (and intellectually and emotionally and whatnot), so I wanted to show Hermione crushing on him. Watching your man mow the lawn can be fun. I tried to set up the second half with the first bit with Ron, and of course it's inspired by his whining about chores in Half-Blood Prince. Thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #19, by Beeezie Freshly Mown Grass

17th July 2013:
One-shots that focus on little moments from the Hogwarts Era like this are awesome, and pretty much never fail to make me smile. That was certainly true here.

Ron was (obviously) perfect - his irritation at having to do chores made me laugh, but it really was so realistic. I didn't even mind his using an excuse that he'd used in the books - I often would, but this just fit in so perfectly, and I actually like thinking that his complaint in HBP (I think?) when asked to cut vegetables for dinner was used a lot. I mean, it's just so Ron.

And Hermione was also amazing. I think that you captured her in all of her perfectionist, thoughtful glory in that she's insisting on helping the Weasleys with chores - I never thought about it, but you're right, Hermione would not be the type to sit idly by!

Hermione is also not the type to not have at least two thoughts when confronted with anything, I don't think, so the brain/heart/hormone conversation was excellent. (Also, you're so right - hormones totally don't speak in sentences!)

This was awesome. Great job!

House Cup 2013 Ravenclaw

Author's Response: I love a missing moments story ;)

Ron would definitely whine about the same thing a lot. Kids generally do. And "why do I have to do it?" is a common refrain when one has siblings. I hear it all the time from my boys, they would always rather throw their brother under the bus than just do as they're told. "Why can't he do it?" Sheesh. hahaha

Normally I would also not want to reuse something straight out of the books, but yeah, Ron would absolutely trot that one out every time he's asked to do something. In fairness, I'd bet the twins said the same thing about Percy and Percy said the same thing about Charlie, etc. Ah siblings.

I'm glad you liked Hermione! She would never be a guest for an entire summer without helping with chores, she's too well-brought-up for that. And she would want to feel part of the Weasleys, particularly after she realizes her feelings for Ron.

Ohh yes multiple thoughts seems very fitting for her, I thought. Hormones wouldn't speak in sentences even in Hermione!

Thanks so much for reviewing! Ravenclaw for the win!

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Review #20, by Owl Girl Freshly Mown Grass

4th June 2013:
This is Hilarity! I love it! I couldn't stop laughing! You did a good job of working with Mione's harmonies, since she's such a well-put girl most of the time!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! :) I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #21, by hi Freshly Mown Grass

24th May 2013:
Want more must have more please

Author's Response: Thanks! I don't have any more planned for this story, it's just a one-shot. Hopefully I'll have something new posted soon :)

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Review #22, by Kerry Freshly Mown Grass

4th April 2013:
Absolutely adorable, and a perfect missing moment. I am counting this as canon as of now. :) Loved it!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! That's a high compliment indeed :) I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #23, by NataliieW Freshly Mown Grass

12th February 2013:
Naw lol that was the cutest thing ever :D

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :)

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Review #24, by calmbeforethestorm Freshly Mown Grass

20th January 2013:
That was a cute little story. I liked it =]

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :)

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Review #25, by Sincerely_Snape Freshly Mown Grass

26th December 2012:
That's hilariously funny. I love your take on why she said that in the book. I bet Jo would get a kick out of this :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it :)

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