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Review #1, by P Times Like This

24th July 2017:
Very late in the day, but thank you for this series - I've enjoyed it immensely. I've always liked explorations of the side of the war which was really a *war* (rather than Harry Potter and the Extended Camping Trip).

I have to disagree with one of your other reviewers, though - I totally take Tobias' side, if sides are being taken. He was 19 and he got handed two entire government departments and an election to win! I think that justifies being constantly busy for a few months. Perhaps I just identify with him somewhat. He'd have made a great Ravenclaw.

Either way, thanks again and I'm off to read some of your other work now.

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Review #2, by Larry Times Like This

9th April 2016:
Don't worry. At least one person enjoyed the series immensely. And I'm 75. Well done!

Author's Response: So glad to hear it! And super thrilled to learn people are still discovering and enjoying this series, even if I kind of want to rewrite huge chunks of it. :D Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #3, by maureen Times Like This

7th April 2016:
This has been an incredible story to read... all four sagas. Speaking as a published author you have hit every note just perfectly. Engaging characters... real situations... and truth in emotional development. Well Done! Of all the fan fic I have read I think the stories by you are the best.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. There are times I want to edit and tighten up the story (my prose has changed a LOT since I wrote even Part 4, let alone part 2), but I'm still very proud of it and very happy to see people are still discovering the fic. Cheers!

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Review #4, by Rusty Times Like This

30th January 2016:
I. Love. This. Series.

Maybe more than the Ignite series! You are an amazingly talented writer, I'm so glad you ended up getting published :)

Thanks for sharing your stories, I will be keenly following your marauders fic!!

Author's Response: I do think that the Anguis series is, as a whole, superior to the Stygian Trilogy. I mean, the latter's more recent and so my writing is technically better, but in terms of ideas and themes and character arcs, I feel the Anguis series to be Meatier. So I'm super glad people are still finding it and enjoying it!

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by EmmaGM Road of Sweat and Tears

15th August 2015:
That last line made me cry like a little baby.

Author's Response: Sometimes - just sometimes - Tanith is super soppy. Blink and you'll miss it.

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Review #6, by Court Times Like This

28th April 2014:
I know this series is long over, but I just found it after following Ignite, so wanted to share my thoughts as it was amazing and you obviously put so much effort into it.

This series is so powerful with how you deal with all the issues and complexities that people have to face in wartime as well that it was Slytherins we were dealing with as it is an interesting alternative angle. It was interesting to see characters with such different personalities and how they deal with the struggle of being from Pureblood families and Slytherin in that world. I think in the end, Tanith became one of my favorite characters and I loved seeing her interact with Katie, Harry and Ron in the final stories.

I'm really glad you did this final piece to show the struggles that all the relationships had after the war ended, as it would so hard to go back to normalcy. And I didn't feel that Tanith/Tobias could just fall into a relationship when he came back with all that was in their past and how they never had any chances to resolve it, so I'm glad you showed them having some real issues to work through.

And I'm glad that Tobias finally got his act together in regards to Tanith. While I adore this series and your characters, I have to admit that throughout the entire series, I've been pretty disappointed in his half of the romance. While she has supported him and made so many sacrifices for him over and over again, I don't really feel that he ever did the same until he proposed. No matter how much he said he loved her, it just seems that whenever there was a real defining choice, he never chose her, whereas she ALWAYs chose him and gave him unconditional support. I'll admit my dislike really started with his handling of the whole Annie-Tanith thing as I think his treatment of her was terrible, and in my mind in his quest for revenge and justice, he just kept putting her second and never really made up for it or was there for her when she needed him. But I think wt really upset me the most was after Annie's death, when he promised Tanith he would do the same for her, and when push came to shove, he didn't. I know he was in an impossible situation and it was a complicated choice, but when it all came down to it, he was willing to do anything and risk his life for Annie and for Cal, but not for Tantih, even when she was in prison for helping him.
Anyway, sorry for the rant, but I think Tanith grew into this amazing person who was so good to him and I just never really felt that his actions supported his supposed great love for her and that he always took her a bit for granted. Maybe it's because he's supposed to be more of a big picture, idealist who wants to change the whole world so he has a hard time balancing that with taking time for her, but Jen was similar and I think she treated Gabe better than Tobias did Tanith. I can't figure out why, but Jen and Tobias were my least favorite characters. Despite all their heroics and that I did admire their principles, I just found them to be too arrogant and self-righteous to be really likable (or maybe it was because I was too firmly in the Tanith camp and thought they both treated her poorly and unfairly).

Anyway, at least Tobias finally seemed to get his act together and will hopefully start to actually be what Tanith needs.

As you can tell, I just really came to care about your characters and I hope they can all have some happiness and peace after everything. And I would love to read a one-shot about how everyone's doing if you ever want to revisit.

Thanks for continually sharing your amazing writing!

Author's Response: Yay! I'm always happy at new readers coming to this story, as I think the series is my best work to date. I wanted to deal with the war issues 'on the ground', the complexities and little details the books didn't contend with, and so I wanted to do it from the centrepoint of conflict - and Slytherin House was in that conflict long before the other Houses were.

There was always going to be a follow-on to Falls the Shadow. Admittedly, it might have been 'a few extra chapters at the end', but then it would have probably been followed more swiftly by the non-linear anthology of post-war short stories. I still intend to write that some day, but when FTS ended I had ideas I wanted to keep on exploring - of the characters, and the idea of Tom seeking his own 'justice' struck me - and so I decided I'd write one more story. I'm pretty content with BTP in how it's tied up the loose ends and sent them off into the sunset.

Mm, Tobias gets a bad rap sometimes. I would stress that he and Tanith were BOTH pretty awful teenagers over the Annie issue - he was harsh to her, but she had jerked him around with mixed signals for literally YEARS. She made big sacrifices for him, though those sacrifices and gestures weren't only one way. This WAS the man who got a Ministerial gag-order on the Lackardy trial, and while it did protect the Ministry it went pretty thoroughly against Tobias' principles, and he did it anyway - solely to protect Tanith. I'd point out he also did this within SECONDS of learning her darkest secret; he didn't hesitate or reel, he just did what he had to for her.

But he wasn't perfect. And certainly a big picture idealist, while Tanith dealt with the problem in front of her, and that was part of what made them an effective team, and part of why they could fight so, so bitterly. About the only main defence I'd give Tobias is that we, the reader, spend a lot of time in Tanith's head. As Dimitri points out in BTP, though, she's changed a lot in the war and Tobias doesn't KNOW what these changes are. He worked to find it out, but a lot of the time was blind, and that was on HER for hiding so much.

Jen WAS pretty horrid to Tanith. And vice versa. I liked presenting them as two sides of the same coin on good guys - to show how two people could fight for the same cause and both be decent people and this didn't mean they had to like one another.

But yes! I'm happy you enjoyed the story, the characters; if you're having this kind of a reaction, then I've done my job. And lots of people like or dislike lots of different characters, but I'm happy for a REACTION. :D

There will hopefully be some one-shots in the future. Thanks for reviewing! And reading!

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Review #7, by whykay Times Like This

23rd March 2014:
I read Ignite first, now reading Starfall and one of the comments (something on Matt's privileged background) jerked me back to this series!!

And my, I am blown!! This is one of the best stories and the best characterizations I have ever seen. Over years of reading, I have learnt to value character development in a plot.. (sometimes even more than the plot) I hate it when the author concludes a judgment on a character - it is patently unfair and they are trapped and the story usually goes down from there on! But you've preserved and nurtured them and make them so real. And, by real I mean that I struggle to describe them in a few words just like one would struggle to describe another person in real life. Even the side characters. There are just way too many layers that define each of them! This is simply top notch.

I adore Tanith and they way you have handled her 'greys'(pun intended) and kept them from becoming black and white.. I love how she is the power and Tobias is the idea in their relationship - I love how she saves Tobias how many ever times!! And don't even get me started on Gabe and Jen - there is something so pure and honest about their relationship and so much of admiration, affection and respect!! Stereotypical writers would probably bring in an element of emasculation than acceptance and admiration.

And you know what, I can see a bit of Gabe in Matt - especially in the scene between him and Selena. I don't know much of Jen in her own right, but I suppose Toby's nerdness has been an influence on Matt?! I wish to see a bit of Tanith in that series as well - I don't know how or where, but just a bit, a small insight, to see how their worlds have intersected in the Nextgen! Cal is a bear! Such a generous person! :D

JK Rowling, undoubtedly has written an amazing series but she has never gone on in depth on the darkness that prevails in our minds and sometimes takes over / clouds the conscience. And you have. And it sort of makes the entire experience more rounded.

I love how so many of the conflicts and choices are thrown up in the air and not closed out completely. That is LIFE! You don't get what you want in the way and when you want it.

I read somewhere that you may write Nat's story too - I would love to read it and see how became what she is today from the "I reject your break-up" girl she was!

In all, I think you are absolutely brilliant and I am looking forward to reading your published book (the only reason I am waiting is I broke my kindle and am waiting for a replacement). I think, from the way you have written these stories (even minus all things magical from the Potter universe that initially draws people in), there is so much of contribution from your end and you really must write something similar, set in our world as well. I wish you the very best and hope you get the well-deserved break in your career! :)

Author's Response: I'm always happy if the Stygian Trilogy leads people to the Anguisverse. It was my Great Labour of Love in fanficton and I do think it's of higher quality, overall, than the Stygian Trilogy - my writing might be more polished these days but this had better issues to tackle.

I have always tried, in everything I write but especially this, to let the characters breathe, act for themselves, make mistakes and explore the issues before them, and I suppose it's because that was what this fic was about that it was so successful. We knew the intricacies of the plot from the canon, so this fic was here to flesh out the unseen aspects and experiences.

Gabe and Jen - I say this lots but I never get tired of it as a fact - were never planned. I threw them into the same plotline because Jen (as a REALLY minor character originally!) became a natural foil for Tanith, and her starting the rebellion was meant to be the road Tanith couldn't and didn't take. And Gabriel needed a place in Falls, and so I thought I'd show something which canon didn't, not just the occupation but the people fighting against it on the run. And then the two of them proved to have maddening chemistry. I'm so pleased you like the subversion of the gender roles - it really wasn't PLANNED, but it became natural with Jen in the leadership role and for some reason it never became bitter. Gabriel admires and adores her, and is perfectly happy following her lead while still being pretty awesome in his own right. And certainly Matt takes more after his father than his mother - while Jen IS responsible for a good dose of the nerdiness (she was Head Girl, after all!) as we may see in Starfall, Matt and Toby were close, too, hence Matt's love of history.

There will be a bit more of Anguisverse reveals to come in Starfall. Promise. Probably not Nat's full story, but we'll likely see more from her at some point.

Thank you for all the kind words, in short! I'm really glad you've enjoyed the piece, and enjoyed reading everything I enjoyed writing about. Also many thanks for looking to check out the book; it's something a bit different, but I do intend to turn my hand to urban fantasy at some point. I'd just need to fight the right aspects of the setting - it requires the real world but also the hidden war, and a hidden war requires a community beneath our own - it's tough work. But not impossible, and there are serious merits to writing that kind of real-world-based fantasy fiction. Some day!

Thank you for the review!

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Review #8, by guilty_pleasures Times Like This

31st October 2013:
So, I just read all four of these anguis stories in awe of how amazing you are. I adore that bits of it carries on to Ignite, which is pretty much my favourite fic at the moment. I'm not sure why I never read them sooner but I'm kind of glad I read ignite first, truly loved reading Nathalie Lockett's backstory in full from when she really was positive and cheerful and had real relationships with people. You are the first author to have ever written a story set in Harry's hogwarts era that I've really enjoyed. Thank you. You're brilliant. x

Author's Response: I'm so glad you discovered the Anguisverse through Ignite! The references were mostly for my satisfaction and the fun of extant readers, the two stories were never meant to be RELIANT on one another, though more and more has crept in over time. I hope Nat's story is more compelling, though, having seen where she came from.

Very glad you enjoyed all of this. Thanks!

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Review #9, by Anonymous Times Like This

21st October 2013:
Just wanted to thank you for your Anguisverse. I thoroughly enjoyed it, one of the best of the fanfics I've ever read. I just discovered it a few days ago, and went on an archive binge until I reached the end. It was a great ride.

Author's Response: I am always bursting with glee when people enjoy the Anguisverse, because it is so very dear to me, and especially happy that people are still discovering it over a year since I finished writing it. Thank you for enjoying, and thank you for reviewing!

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Review #10, by water_lily43175 Times Like This

14th March 2013:
HAHA yeah, no chance of me not reading this one. Here goes, for the last time...

I have SO much feels on the whole Jacob thing. Because it genuinely didn't cross my mind before Tom brought it up - that Jacob did nothing. NOTHING. And I guess that part of the reason why I never considered that, is that Tanith never considered it. And the narrative leads us along. But because I, along with Tanith, didn't think about what Jacob was doing during the war, and instead sat back and took him for granted until you killed him and then realised how much I adored him - and when he was around, he was just "there", Tanith's partner, not out of the picture but not in it enough for me to notice what he was or wasn't doing - his complete lack of action has me torn in about three different directions in the same way that it has Tanith, because I still don't know what to make of him any more! But this is a good thing, especially for a plot which aims to blur the line between bad and good. And so I think that all there is to say about Tanith's "chat" with him ... is that I understand and agree with it all. A touching little passage, especially the moment when she finally allows herself to cry about it all.

SO MUCH LOVE for the Tanith/Katie conversation. I knew they'd end up partners, because you told me that they would, but it's nice to see it happen. "Imagine me naked." DEAD.

Said it before, but I'll say it again ... I like the whole kill-count with the Lions. Not the list itself, per se, but the theory behind it. Crude, but hey, they were in a war. I guess part of the reason why I like it is because I like the contrast between what you did in Shadow and what I did in Frozen. Back then, they wanted answers and leverage so aimed not to kill. This time round, they just wanted the bad guys out of the way. Both methods have their pros and cons, and throw up the most WONDERFUL moral debate which I absolutely love.

And Tom's corruption proved convincing throughout. Okay, I only guessed at him because of a remark which wasn't meant to be a clue, but had I not, his reveal would have been surprising but not altogether unexpected. The war left its mark on everyone, and his own struggles were hinted at numerous times. It was just that none of the others thought he had the capacity to be the vigilante, or realised just how serious things had gotten. But it really is realistic, and I don't think you should have any worries on the identity of the killer because I think the plot you have here produced a fantastic fic.

Shacklebolt's cat. You're projecting again...

War memorial. Cute touch. I like it. And I like that Toby still thinks of Annie; that he's not forgotten her. Because that would be unrealistic. They were what they were, and she may not have been Tanith, but that doesn't make her any less important or significant in her own right. :)

Haha, Toby's plans to surprise Tanith are thwarted by her own plans to surprise him! Marvellous. It's his birthday! That explains why Kingsley was SO adamant to make him leave.

Ahem. I would like to profusely object to Cal a) assuming that the Falcons will be smashed and b) getting immense joy from it. This is not on.

Such a cute ending. All of them together, with no fear for their lives, and indeed with their whole lives ahead of them. I love this very much. And now I've gotten to the end, I'm sad to the point of a little bit teary! Which is crazy, because it's just a fanfic! But it's not, it's far more than that. And I find it hard to believe that I only started reading Anguisverse less than a year ago! But it had me hooked from the start, to the point where I found myself reading all of Shadow as was posted at the time on the eve of a law exam, instead of revising. Good thing I passed, eh? But this whole series truly is one of, if not THE, best works of fanfic that I've come across. The characterisation has been superb throughout - each character is so distinct, and so well developed, and I love them all. And just the entire focus on the war, and the questions of morality, and all the politicsy stuff, I have enjoyed every moment of. I love the HUMOUR. Two of my all-time favourite moments of Anguis have to be the Cal!duck scene and the Yule Ball scene with drunk Cal and Gabe. Love them. But I think my ultimate favourite moments are those beautiful moments of dialogue which make the characters all seem so REAL and make me squee like a fangirl. "I know you're Tanith" (Even though Toby then failed to recognise when she WASN'T Tanith). "Fiendfyre". "There's one thing I can't do". I REMEMBER THEM. And I've found myself so engrossed in it all that it's began to become my head canon! Like the time when I saw the suggestion that nobody did History of Magic as a N.E.W.T subject and I thought "But Toby did!". I think that's down to how convincing and realistic and believable it is, right down to those nitty gritty bits of detail. And I can't say enough how much I love that kind of thing. If you do decide to write Into the Sunrise, or any other side-project, then I'm 100% here for that. If not ... well, I'm more than happy with where things have been wrapped up here. Nothing more is NEEDED, it's just I can't bear the thought of having to say goodbye to these guys. BUT IT'S OKAY because they live on in Ignite, with Nat and Matthias. Yay, another series to get completely wrapped up in! Still as keen on Original Novel as ever, too. :) Basically, GOOD SERIES BRO.

Author's Response: Oh my GOD I didn't reply to your review of the LAST OF ANGUIS? I'm a terrible ficcer.

Poor Jacob did have a tough time. Some of this is down to his own... apathy, in a way, but also a lack of opportunity. He probably would have done more if Tanith had involved him in her thinking, for example, though she knew that this would implicate him and she also knew she didn't strictly NEED him to incriminate himself on her behalf. That said, Jacob did mostly sit around trying to not be Too Bad. And it worked, and he didn't compromise, and in some ways he got lucky. But he was still a good man doing nothing. Thankfully Tanith does remember the former. And thankfully, now? She's able to cry again. Though I think she's cried more in this one fic than in the whole rest of Anguisverse put together.

Katie always stole the show in this story.

I sometimes find myself regretting how much I glossed over the Lions' stuff. I really only told Gabe's story with the Lions and even then only some of it (like, how DID he earn Jen's trust in the first place? How did everything go down before we saw him at the ambush at Azkaban?) when those guys could have had a whole series to themselves.

I do still sort of regret that I had Tom kill Jacob. In some ways it makes Jacob ambiguous, but it definitely shoves Tom into the level of "villain". It worked to tie the plot together and to engage Tanith on a personal level, but at the same time it made it hard for people to go "he's got a point". They could always add "but he's nuts". If he'd just been a guy killing people who'd legitimately escaped justice, that would be something else. But, it's done, and I'm overall happy with it! I just think I compromised some of my moral ambiguity for the sake of drama.

I liked the war memorial idea myself (obvs). But I did need something to go back to the beginning with this chapter. And, really, EVERYTHING which made the gang started with Annie's death. The rest was just build-up.

Cal is a Puddlemere dude. Not even sorry.

I've been rereading all of Anguis lately in quiet spots at work to try to keep my brain churning over fanfic as I try to finish Ignite. It's an odd feeling. There's so much there, so many stories told, and I am overall immensely proud of it as a tale, as an achievement. I have mixed feelings about Into the Sunrise. Only snapshots make it into my mind, moments, rather than full short-stories. I'd stand a better chance of writing another BTP-esque Big Tale, just for how my mind works, partly because the guys would need Plot to drive them (but I imagine I won't).

I guess it's cos they're done. They really have earned their peace after their adventures and now they have their whole lives ahead of them. And for the most part BTP wraps up the dramatic questions for everyone's emotional journey. The only real exception is Cal and Nat and that will be touched on in Ignite.

So even if I never write another word about these guys again, I am immensely proud to have written the ones I have. And very glad you joined in on this journey in this final furlong, our many discussions and your feedback helped cement and drive a lot of what happened. Gabe's story in BTP, for instance, would have probably been left entirely by the sidelines if you hadn't drawn attention to loose threads from Latet. And that would have been horrifying. Yikes. I keep remembering now BTP was originaly mostly a Tanith story about the serial killer and her relationship with Toby, JEN playing a bigger role as a prosecutor than Cal or Gabe on the sidelines. I'd in fact written up to the Manchester attack before I conceived of the Gabe plot and went back to write in the previous Gabe/Jen scenes. Madness. But I digress.

It's over and it's been an awesome run and I will miss these guys. But they deserve their peace. Thanks for ALL the reviews.

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Review #11, by water_lily43175 The Only Sign in the World

14th March 2013:
There's a part of me that doesn't want to read this. Because reading this means that Anguisverse actually comes to an end for real, and that thought is an utterly heartbreaking one. I suppose I could always read this chapter, and then leave the last one unread? FOREVER. Then IT WILL NEVER END.

Intriguing chapter image. Means that Cal goes back to Thanatos again. HO HUM.

Wonderful Gannifer moment. Jen says her piece - and I hadn't actually consciously realised before now that it HAS been all Gabe before. But then perhaps that's partly because more of their conversations have been from his point of view, not hers. Either way, so far things have been more about HIM, and how he's open with her in a way he's not with everyone else, and as he becomes more relaxed with her he tells her more. The focus has never really been on her, because it's never HAD to be. And now she feels bad about that. And I LOVE her little slip about children, especially because the thought clearly doesn't freak Gabe out at all. Whether that's because right now he already knows that he wants to be with her forever and have lots of babies including Matthias, or whether it's just that he's so relaxed and at ease and HAPPY with her that talk of the hypothetical doesn't freak him out, I don't know. Either way, they're adorable and I love them.

HAHA, Toby's comment to Cal about "you know what seven o'clock looks like?", my EXACT REACTION was "SEVEN? Normal people finish at five!" And then Cal said it for me. Bless Toby ... he'll never stop worrying or overworking, will he? That's just the kind of guy he is.

I think I've just hit on why I have a special place in my heart for Cal, even if in some ways he's the "lesser" of the four - he can be cocky and irresponsible at times, and he has a totally carefree attitude to life, and just wants to have fun, and makes mistakes - but he's got a big heart, and he truly loves and cares about the people who are closest to him, and he's loyal to a fault. That sounds pretty familiar to me. :) His and Nat's story is sad, particularly because I was holding out for marriage and a Quidditch team, but it's realistic, and it's actually nice to not have everyone settling down and being all lovey-dovey. It's all a bit bittersweet really, isn't it? I don't know whether you know what happens to Cal - I do like the idea of his and Nat's paths crossing again because judging by Ignite, they haven't done yet and I like the idea of him sweeping in and saving her from herself - but I also like the thought that he'll meet someone else who is just as good if not better for him than Nat, and that he'll be happy with his life. Not that he necessarily NEEDS a woman in order to be happy, but he's got a lot of love to give and besides, it would bring definite closure on his relationship with Nat. Which he deserves.

Anyway, enough exposition. THANATOS VISIT.

It's as though Cal has decided NOT to make a decision. And at the end of the day, now that I think about it - does he really need to? Visit as and when you want, Cal, it's as simple as that. Thanatos interests me as always, in the sense that he recognises his jail sentence as a fair price for what he has done, but still doesn't see what he's done as the WRONG thing. It's almost as though he's not completely lost his humanity - he sees that killing and torturing is wrong, but it's just that he views his victims as lesser beings and therefore in that sense it's okay. I may be wrong on this point, and he may just be a murdering tyrant, but I still feel like there's more to him than that. I guess there MUST be, given that he's always sworn that he's acted in Cal's best interests ... if he has the capacity to care about Cal that much then there must be some humanity in there, even if it IS twisted.

And Cal asks about his mother. YES. It's actually something I've always wondered - what was SHE like? Although I imagine that she was very similar to Thanatos but still, one never knows. The fact that he's now asking about her - and admitting to the fact that he DID have a mother once - definitely emphasises that he's finally come to terms with his parentage - yes, he was born to a couple of murdering tyrants, but he was raised by someone at the opposite end of the spectrum, who has had far more influence on the person Cal's grown up to become. But he shouldn't feel ashamed about where he's come from, because it's not HIS fault. It feels like this is closure for him, on this issue. Which is, I assume, the objective. ;) Big love for this one!

Author's Response: I've never written anything like the Cal/Thanatos plot in this story before. I've never had such a major relationship in the works and NOT known how it was going to end, not really. I usually had a vague idea how it would go, one way or the other. In this? I just sat them down and let them bounce off one another until Cal made his decision. And in many ways he decides... not to decide. And I think that's right for him. No absolutes. And he lets himself be selfish, to do it for him. I can't help but feel sympathetic for Thanatos as I write him, which is a dodgy sensation to have when you're writing a mass-murdering, torturing, bigoted terrorist. But the guy's life is literally ruined and Cal is the ONLY thing he has left in the world that matters. That can make his life have meaning. Cal is about the only thing he has left to live for.

I'd forgotten this last Gannifer moment was tacked onto the beginning of this chapter. It kind of belonged in the previous one. And, yet, didn't. Ah well. Yes, Jen has noticed the emotional imbalance and is keen to correct it here. And, of course, she brings up the future and of COURSE, it being Gabe and Jen, they both cope with it fine instead of freaking out unnecessarily (I'm looking at you, T/T). Gabe doesn't want kids yet, and neither does SHE, but they both know they're heading down that route and they have their whole lives to walk it.

And Ignite gives us proof with Matthias. ;) Anyway! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #12, by Whimsical Diva Times Like This

2nd March 2013:
I've been pretty horrible for not leaving reviews for every chapter, but I've been reading this story (as well as it's prequels) and Ignite regularly. I think I discovered Anguis sometime in 2009 or 2010, and have been following the story and it's sequels as well as your other fics (Renaissance and Ignite), and they've all been an absolute pleasure to read. In fact, oftentimes I've even forgotten that these characters are actually OC's. I see them very much a part of the HP canon, and I think that's a testament to how ridiculously good the stories have been.

And also, crikey, it's been a heckuva long journey. I've been following these stories ever since I left England to work in Asia before moving to the States. I, for instance, can recall reading chapters of this story on Chinese trains, Indian cabs, in Singaporean restaurants, Californian beaches... I think I can sort of understand how wrapping up such a long journey must feel for you; it certainly feels pretty rewarding to me. I shall certainly miss this lot, and will be keeping ane eye out for any future spin-offs.

Oh, and BTW, Ignite is fabulous! I was a tad sceptical about it initially, as it's a Rose-Scorpius story and this is one ship I haven't been able to warm up to (actually, it's a pairing I pretty much loathe, second only to Draco Hermione), but I love Ignite, the pairing notwithstanding. Actually, I think I'll love anything you write, full stop. Please don't stop writing. And thanks for the marvellous series. The Anguisverse stories are truly some of the best HP fanfics ever written.

Author's Response: You've left a whole bunch of reviews and it's been more than enough. Even the littlest helps. Still, I do so thoroughly appreciate your long-term support in all of this - it's kept me going through the quiet times of low motivation, knowing there's a readership out there that's enjoying the story of these guys half as much as I have (woah, past tense crept in there).

This review in particular was touching. That my work followed you across the globe is pretty heartening to hear, and I'm just so grateful that you stuck it out, and so happy that it could be with you on the journey. The part about writing which isn't for myself is for reaching somebody else, wherever they are, and to succeed is an immense feeling.

Glad you're enjoying Ignite! I, too, dislike the many bad Rose/Scorpius clichés out there; Ignite isn't so much a rebellion as it is that I can see the possible drama and goodness in the pairing, without making it a (shudder) Draco/Hermione rehashing. That story will continue, and maybe the one after that, as there's a whole saga in there somewhere.

And, as ever, I write elsewhere, write proper things, maybe successfully, who knows. But the Anguisverse has given me so many lessons to take with me. Thank you for all the reviews, kind words, and support.

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Review #13, by sleepless_nights Times Like This

1st March 2013:
Wow, it is over. I can't believe it. I discovered the Anguisverse not long ago and I rushed through it because I enjoyed it so much. Unfortunately I've been an awful reader and never left reviews and I'm very sorry for that. But it was just too good and had to go and read just one more chapter. I fully intend to read everything again and leave my appreciation in reviwes then.
Anyway, it is an amazing story. So well written! I loved it! Congratulations! I'm really going to miss these characters!

Author's Response: A reviewer who leaves only one word is good enough in my book. I'm just glad that you enjoyed the story, because although I write for myself, it's great to find other people have taken pleasure from my work. I won't say no to any future appreciation, mind.

I am very happy with the story, and so glad other people are happy with it and its conclusion. We'll miss the guys together! ;)

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Review #14, by margravine Times Like This

28th February 2013:
Oh good God, whatever will I do now? I can't believe it's all over. It's been such an amazing ride, and they are all in the places they should be, but I will miss them desperately and love them always - I feel like these characters have become old friends over the span of the last several years, and I've never been good at letting go. I wish I could read about them forever, even though I know their story has come to a fitting, and hard won, resolution.

Still processing, still irrationally sad, but privileged to have seen this evolve, grateful for the hours of enthralment and excited to see where you go from here. Thank you. Thank you so much. And brava, for the terrific accomplishment you've wrought here

Author's Response: I can hardly believe it's over myself. These guys are done, their story is over, but I will miss them even if I have no regrets about sending them into the sunset. I'm just glad that other people feel the same way I do, that I've been able to bring them across to readers so successfully!

Thank you so much for sticking by the story so much, for all your kind words and encouragement and your enjoyment. It has been even the littlest word which has kept me going over the last ten years, and yours have been more than just a little!

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Review #15, by Saloho Times Like This

28th February 2013:
Not an author so no constructive advice, would like to say I really liked this series and thought you handled the conflicted oc's really well. A riveting view of the war and its aftermath from outside the tent & the school, you added to the canon and gave it more depth and grittiness.

Author's Response: Thank you very much for your kind words and for having stuck around to enjoy the story. It's a long ride and it's over, but I had indeed wanted to expand canon, not change it, and that it has succeeded is very satisfying. Cheers!

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Review #16, by Pattalack The Only Sign in the World

24th February 2013:
I love it! Gabe and Jen's relationship is so perfect and I really am excited that Cal is talking to Thanatos.

Author's Response: Gabe and Jen, who steal the show in this series. They were never, ever planned, not until I got halfway through Falls the Shadow and realised this little resistance subplot had some serious chemistry in it. And, at last, Cal gets to find about his mother. He'll be sensible, don't worry. He knows Thanatos is a monster. But... still his father. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #17, by water_lily43175 Road of Sweat and Tears

13th February 2013:
Boy, do I feel stupid.

All the talk, all the exposition, I EVEN COMMENTED ON IT IN MY LAST REVIEW and I still managed to totally forget that Tanith and Katie had Shield Cloaks on! Serious head-desk moment right now. I'll be with you once I've killed all of my brain cells.

SO. Katie lives, happy days! And Tanith utterly loses it. Hard to say that Tom doesn't deserve being beaten to a pulp, though it's probably not the most diplomatic solution here. I like the comparison to Brynmor; the whole hostage thing DOES reek of Death Eater tactics. And Harry and Ron to the rescue, the beginnings of the Dream Team!

Tanith BANNING Tobias from having anything happen to him again, as though he a) chooses to get into these scrapes and b) has any ability to STOP them, so cute.

Oh, poor Jen. I LOVE her reaction to Tom being the murderer. They were friends, colleagues, HEAD BOY AND GIRL, it's only natural that this would be a huge shock to her. Poor thing. And Gabe is right; punishing EVERYONE for EVERYTHING isn't the right solution.

Naw, Toby's putting his life in front of politics now. I love him. He deserves to go to the party/morgue [delete as appropriate] though! Bless him.

Party. It's a party. Would it have been anything else? Yay for Kingsley! And yay for more Dimitri. I LOVE HIM. :) Oh. OH. Ariane and Melanie as well, happy days!

"So the least he could do was try to make an effort, and try to not think about how much Ariane Drake, purveyor of negligees, knew about his sex life." DEAD.

Dimitri, Ariane and Melanie in the same space, this is pretty much my ultimate Anguisverse set-up (after Tanith and Jacob's euphamism-riddled sex conversation at any rate, that was a thing of utter beauty). SO MUCH LOVE. Please, PLEASE, can we have a Dimitri spin-off?

I've said this before - but I love the Cal/Toby friendship. Cal cares so much about Toby's achievements that he doesn't want to cloud them with his problems, and yet Toby cares so much about Cal that he's willing to listen to his problems absolutely whenever. NAW.

"On some level he was a little disturbed that Cal noticed Tanith's legs, but then he'd noticed her legs too and had to concede that they were rather diverting". Again. DEAD. And oh, OH, Tanith's guilt at not voting is so adorable!

So much love for T/T right now. They've both realised that the sacrifices need to come from BOTH ends, and more importantly they're both willing and happy to make those sacrifices for one another. Ultimately that was what was needed; they BOTH had to budge. And they have. And so they'll be okay. :)

...running out of chapters now. THIS MAKES ME SAD. How many left? Two, three? :(

Author's Response: Yeah, the Shield Cloaks were a Chekhov's gun up on the wall. As was the spell deflection from earlier. But! Readers are supposed to forget about those until they happen!

And of course Tanith didn't kill Katie. She's not that nuts. She's a LITTLE nuts, of course, losing it as she does on Tom; her invoking of Brynmor does indeed mean that, well, she's letting out on him the anger she never got to let out on Thanatos.

The Jen/Tom friendship has always been a background part (considering they were both once very background characters) of things, but still there. She did trust him and believe in him and work with him, more closely than anyone. Worst isn't that she didn't see it coming, worst is that she can believe it now it's in front of her. And sometimes Gabe can talk sense in broader politics... though he probably did get the idea from Jen once. ;)

I would be super cruel to deny Tobias his political victory once all of this was over. Because once the adrenaline calmed down he WOULD care (again, Jen being right), but now he can go forward in much more sane and stable way in his career. With Dimitri to get him very drunk, of course; I couldn't give up a chance for one last hurrah with Dimitri, just as much as I couldn't give up a chance for one last hurrah for Ariane/Melanie. The last ever Hurrah, in fact, yipes.

A Dimitri spin-off would just be international travel, women, and a lot of vodka. Hmm, tempting!

T/T have earned their happy ending. It might be bittersweet in places but, as you say, they both learned to compromise. Right through they were that story of two people who could maybe grow up to be perfect for one another, or they'd grow in different ways, or they'd just refuse to grow. Lucky them, they knew when to give things up and how to prioritise and that the other person was the most important thing. Good for those two crazy kids.

Almost at the end, now. 2 more chapters. Though, of course, by now they're up!

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Review #18, by Margravine Road of Sweat and Tears

10th February 2013:
You know, I did notice you'd gone into unusual detail with the shield cloaks a few chapters back, I can't believe I didn't put two and two together!

Poor Tom.. You wrapped this all up nicely. I want to know more about Nat, and we can always have more cal. T/t have grown up such a lot, and really settled into their relationship beautifully. I loved this chapter, but I'm also a little sad, because this has definite whiffs of winding down to a finale and I don't know what I'll do without them! I've grown to love them well out of proportion to fan fiction: and that comes down to your continually excellent writing, characterization and plots. I've lingered in ff long after I stopped writing my own, chiefly to read about these characters and new chapters have genuinely been small bright points in my day. I'm not saying that out of lack respect for ff or because my own life is dull, far from it: just making a little testimony to the power of your writing: touching the life of someone across the other side of the world (I think!)

Author's Response: Shield cloaks AND the spell-deflection. Watch me put my Chekhov's Guns over the mantelpiece! You're right - this is the climax of the story. It's all denouement from here. Two more chapters of it, but aftermath nevertheless. Which does certainly include more on Cal. Nat, I recommend looking to Ignite for. Her backstory matters.

Although I finished writing this ages ago (well, August-ish? barring edits), it's still really, really strange coming to the end of this long period. I've been writing these guys on and off for 10 years now, and it's been one hell of a journey - emotionally, creatively. Fortunately, rather than sadness, I feel a bittersweet satisfaction at waving them off as they go into the sunset. They and their adventures have taught me many things as a writer and storyteller and in trying to do this for a living I will cherish these lessons.

But I digress. I always wrote these stories for my own fun and satisfaction (else, why write OC-focused fanfic??), but the idea that even just one person out there found these tales an ounce as compelling to read as I found them to write makes it all 'worth it'. More than worth it. A true pleasure.

And reaching the far side of the world is a bonus. We're not at the end of the road yet, but I've truly appreciated your support and readership through all of this. Thanks for this review and all the ones which came before.

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Review #19, by Pattalack Ashes in Your Mouth

4th February 2013:
The heck???! Please update soon omg

Author's Response: Update is in the queue, worry not. Thanks for reviewing! :D

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Review #20, by water_lily43175 Ashes in Your Mouth

4th February 2013:
Aha, Savage getting in the way, standard.

Oh. OH. A Memory Charm. Yeah, that would explain everything. Oh, thank GOD Jen's not involved at all because that would have killed me.

"'You know how all the protections at Stacey Whitman's office were ones you knew exactly how to break through, because they were done exactly the way you'd do them? And how the Scindo curse might have been popular amongst Death Eaters, but then the Lions picked up using it?'" I SAID ALL THIS AND YOU POO-POOED ME. But I forgive you because I know why you did it. And to think, I only leapt onto the idea of it being Tom because Tanith found being punched in the face familiar, haha. There were clues, but they were subtle. Enough to nudge someone in the right direction if they were noticed, but not in-your-face signs. Good work!

Anyway. Toby is in a bit of a pickle. Good on Tanith for having Wheezes at the ready, like a good student of Altair's. Ack, poor Annie. OH GOD if one of these kids dies then I will hate you forever, I hope you know that.

Everything Tom says has at least an element of truth in it. I mean, we excuse Tanith for killing Wilson because we know exactly what happened ... but at the same time he has a point, why should SHE get off for following orders? Why should anyone? And all of his points, all of them, even the points about Jacob doing nothing to stop the regime, are RIGHT, and have MERIT ... and then he starts playing around with Toby and Katie's lives and completely discredits himself because good god he's gone nuts. But seriously, kudos for creating a bad guy who's still believable and not demonised beyond belief, because it makes it all so much more REAL. And it's a genuine point - people got off last time when they shouldn't have, and if things are going to be different this time then surely people should be punished for their actions? But then, "only following orders" is always a minefield, especially when you add in the fact that Tanith wasn't just following orders, she was being threatened. DURESS YO (guess who's just learned about defences of criminal law!). So, yeah. Sticky situation.

And so much feels for the fact that Tanith still can't bring herself to hate the guy who killed her partner and nearly killed her. And on that note ... yeah, it was like a little punch to my gut when Tom pointed out that Jacob did naff all to help things and didn't come across too well in the June Enquiries. Because I adored him, and I don't think I realised how much I adored him until you killed him off. But he really didn't paint a very good picture of himself, did he? At least not in comparison to someone like Tanith, who like Tom points out, at least TRIED to resist as much as possible. And so, it's easy to see why someone like Tom would feel like Jacob was on the wrong side ... ugh SO MANY FEELS.

Oh god only Toby would try to correct his captor on an academic point. I love him.

And then Tom suggests killing Toby or Katie and that's the part where he loses one hell of a lot of credibility. He's nuts! Poor kid, the war's driven him crazy. He's so used to enacting justice and punishing the people who did bad things, that even now the war's over and things are done differently, he still thinks he has to do something more, to truly make sure these people pay. I have to say though, Katie's reaction to that part of Tom's plan was hilarious, and pure Katie.


Author's Response: Savage is just a pain, isn't he? He originally had a bigger part in the entire story but... that got cut and trimmed down and his jobs got given to other characters and now he's just there to be annoying. Poor guy. Except that he is a berk.

YEP memory charm. Don't worry. Jen is not evil. Glad I had you going there for a second, though! And yeees, I poo-pooed your idea! Of course I did, because you were right! Actually, the hint about Tanith being punched in the face being familiar was meant to be a MISLEADING clue because she'd been punched in the face by Jen earlier on that very day. It was, of course, also an allusion to Tom but I'd expected readers to remember Jen attacking her outside the courtroom before remembering Tom punching her at Gullsmere. OH WELL.

If I killed someone right now it would likely be a very mean thing to do, killing them off in the final moments of the entire series. I assure you I wouldn't do that without good dramatic reason.

I can't promise I don't have good dramatic reason.

Tom has points - people got away, people weren't punished for the horrible things they did, and some people just didn't fight, which was in its way letting them go. He IS right about Jacob, and it's not because Jacob was a bad man, it was just that going against the government, even one he hated, wasn't in his nature. He didn't think it was possible and so he didn't dare. But Jacob wasn't a bad man and was still murdered by someone's arbitrary judgment. And at the same time - so was Mulready, so was Lackardy, and when it's been proven that Tom's judgment IS flawed, can we accept "all's well that ends well" in that they died? But he still took action. And Tanith still can't hate him for it. Because Tom WAS broken by the war, in his way - and we will get to that, we'll get to more on how this happened and why.

Toby is a pedant. And will get himself killed if he carries on, bless him. XD

Tanith is... well, Tanith is the master of the third choice. But we must always wonder what Tanith would do when the third choice wasn't necessarily presented to her...

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #21, by Margravine Ashes in Your Mouth

4th February 2013:

But seriously

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed Toby, at death point, being pedantic about quotes' origin and I did like the nuanced moral complexities but I also don't believe even for a second that tanith will kill Katie, even for Toby.

STILL AN UNFAIR CLIFFY. Surely ignite can skip a turn just this once?

Author's Response: It's actually BTP's turn next. 2 BTP, 1 Ignite. And BTP is in the queue. Soo... soon!

I had to look up the Burke quote because I couldn't remember it precisely off the top of my head. And of course found that it's likely misattributed - and figured that OF COURSE Toby would know this and OF COURSE would be a pedant even in a crisis.

Tanith often has a plan. This is true. Tanith employs the Third Choice as often as possible. Altair taught her well in that regard. The question is, what will happen when Tanith DOESN'T have a third choice?

Thanks for reviewing. :D

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Review #22, by water_lily43175 Weather the Storm

29th January 2013:
COULD Cal and Gabe be antagonising each other ANY MORE right now? Ugh, I totally get where Gabe's coming from here, but I also agree with Cal and what he's trying to do ... and at the same time it's easy to see why Gabe thinks Cal is being rather blase about the whole thing. MEN.

Ho hum, a visit to Daedalus. I like the game he plays here - "You rejected my offer, what do I have to gain in helping you?" It's sneaky. Very sneaky. But I like sneaky. And Gabe agreeing to go back to him is an interesting move indeed, though I guess he feels he doesn't have a choice. And oh god evidence isn't good. Jen, what have you DONE?

"Tobias looked as if he'd been told he'd failed the Minister and needed to commit honourable suicide at that exact moment." I love Toby, bless him. And I love Kingsley as well, if he doesn't win this election I'll be gutted! Love Tanith's unwavering support for Toby throughout the day, too. The election campaign may have proved a bit of a thorn in her side, but now they've both come to understand compromise she's okay with it and I LOVE HER for this.

That, and she knows it's going to be over soon.

Oh man, Toby visiting Tom? DON'T DO IT HE'LL KILL YOU! Seriously worried here. Because TOM IS GUILTY YO.

Jen denying alibi. Whut. OH. OH. Man is Tom. Oh lordy faeces hits fan. Well Tom MUST be guilty. He must be. Because otherwise, why would Jen try to deny the alibi even though she then faces charges? She could easily explain the visit off as Tom being a good friend or something ... but she denied it so she must have known that it wouldn't help her to say where she was so HE'S GUILTY. But ... that would mean she knows what's going on. Really? REALLY? Oh god mind is a mess right now. JEN CAN'T BE GUILTY. Ugh.

YES! I knew it! Guilty Tom! Oh no Tobias, of all the situations to get yourself into... I knew that visiting him was a bad move! But the truth comes out, Tom IS the guilty party!

And how ironic that Gabe, instead of procuring Jen an alibi, has just ended up finding incriminating evidence instead. OH GABE.

Why must every other chapter end with a cliffhanger - and more to the point, why must it be the second chapter EVERY TIME? You make me not want Ignite, and then you make me feel bad for not wanting Ignite when I then enjoy the chapter! Bleurgh, you've made me an excited mess right now. I hope you're happy.

Author's Response: This is a BAD Cal and Gabe talk. :( Cal is trying to help but, as he says, Gabe's NEVER been like this before. He doesn't know HOW to help. Note that in the past, Cal giving Gabe a clip around the ear has usually worked. This time Cal tries it and Gabe is just angered by it. The stakes are too high. It's JEN. And I am fond of Daedalus in this scene, too. As far as he's concerned, the case isn't over, and him giving illegally obtained evidence isn't exactly helpful to Tanith in a high-profile case where a lot of transparency will be needed. So him helping Gabe would just be a favour (if you're not Gabe, it's easier to believe that Jen's innocence will be found just over the course of the investigation), and he owes Gabe nothing. But he's still manipulative enough to reel him back in over it.

T/T are rather sweet in this scene. They're able to be one another's rocks in the Career Crunch Time. Which is huge growth for them and is kind of adorable if I say so myself. But yes, Tanith has an easier time because she knows it will be OVER soon; she'd be much worse off if she didn't think it would be!

*cough* Visiting Tom, going badly? Whatever would make you think - oh, well, YES, evidence, if you want to be picky. If Jen does know all about Tom and is covering for him, then yes, Gabe's managed to make this situation much, much worse. But we'll see come the next chapter. Which, heh, yes, comes after the next Ignite, still in the queue.

I promise the next Ignite is a DOOZY if that helps. And yes, I'm very happy. ;) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #23, by water_lily43175 Slash of Darkness in Yourself

29th January 2013:
HERE. Finally. BTP yes.

It's so frustrating that Jen is imploring Tanith to believe her alibi because it's Gabe, when that's exactly what Tanith did before and it resulted in her cutting corners when she shouldn't have done. Damned if you do, damned if you don't, really. But I still can't find her guilty. And there is NO way I'm believing Tom's alibi. That's not even an alibi! Come on, guys, the neighbour could have heard anything, there's no guarantee that he was even in his flat! My theory remains open and valid, and I'm still sticking to it.

And Gabe, like Jen, wants Tanith to let Jen off based on gut feeling rather than evidence. Ugh, it's so hard, and I really do feel for both Jen AND Gabe because surely she didn't do it? But Tanith HAS to do it! She has to. Or she's not doing her job properly. And what Gabe says about Jen's character ... yes. YES. This is exactly why I can't believe her guilt, only Gabe (or rather, you) says it far better than I could. He has some truly beautiful passages of speech.

I love that conversation between Tanith and Jen about Nick. They seriously needed to talk about it, and I love that Jen understands why Tanith had to do it. But she's clearly not spent enough time round Tanith if she thinks she's only "occasionally" hypocritical and "sometimes" narrow-minded! No, I'm being cruel. I love Tanith, and I really don't think her flaws are as bad as Jen makes them out to be. But kudos to Jen, for ... not necessarily being the BIGGER person, but for not holding a grudge, which would have been the easy thing to do.

And then Jen tells Tanith to do her job as she should, and asks to be released in nearly the same breath. When Tanith CAN'T do that. Frustrating - but oh Tanith, CHARGING her? Eh, the alibi's dodgy and she has to follow it up but does the alibi prove enough to CHARGE Jen? But I guess she doesn't have any other choice (except for following up Tom's non-alibi but hey). It's a sorry state of affairs, it really is.

Tobias suggesting Legilimency, BAD MOVE GREY. If there's one thing Tanith will object to, that will be it, given her torture by Legilimency last year. But other than that, he does a good job. He can always make her feel better, when he's not the one causing the problem. Happy T/T times!

Author's Response: At the beginning, Jen isn't so much trying to wrangle with personal feelings so much as is telling Tanith that she already HAS an alibi, so why are they going over this again? As is by now clear, Jen thought the alibi was fine. So she's dubious about being questioned about it. But yes, Tanith is backed into a corner here, and it's a little bit a corner of her own making because she CHOSE to believe Gabriel even when she suspected he was lying.

Tom's alibi is not very strong, nope. But it's enough for him to slip through the cracks for now when they have a far BIGGER incongruity in front of them (and, as will become apparent, limited resources while everyone's focused on the election). And alas, that's all Tom will provde to need.

I forget sometimes that Gabe really does get some of the more eloquent soliloquys of these stories. You'd always expect it to be Tobias, but I think it's 'cos Gabe keeps stuff pent-up, sometimes it just comes tumbling out.

Yeah, I had to go back and write in this conversation of Jen and Tanith. Originally this was a much worse scene where Jen wound up being difficult for the SAKE of being difficult, which on reflection was out of character for her. So that got ditched and I realised I'd NEVER written a confrontation on the Nick issue. So that scene was actually the very last I wrote in the entire story! Which is good, I do enjoy the Jen/Tanith conflict; two people on the same side with similar principles who just don't/can't get on. Jen respects her, and in normal circumstances DOES trust her, and maybe CAN grow to like her. But she's not blind to her flaws, or as indulgent as the men who've been around her since she was a petulant eleven year-old are ('cos let's face it, Tanith gets away with MURDER in how she behaves towards Toby, Cal, and Gabe sometimes).

Jen's logic is that Tanith needs to play this by the book. She's not so much asking her to cut corners as to either do it right, or don't do it at all. It's over the top of Tanith to charge her, but it's what Jen's pushing for because she reckons that she'll be safest if everything is done in the Bright Light of Day; deals in back alleyways are what she doesn't trust after it almost screwed over Lackardy for a crime he didn't commit. The system is not perfect yet, even if it's Jen's own system.

Yeahhh, I couldn't quite make as much of a point on the Legilimency issue as I'd have liked, so Tanith's knee-jerk reaction will have to stand. Either way, he's making her feel better, and for ONCE T/T are the thing standing strong and mature and sensible in a time of strife! Instead of exploding when they have no reason to. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #24, by Margravine Weather the Storm

25th January 2013:
dun dun dun!

So all the Tom foreshadowing came through.. And I like that you didn't muck around drawing out the Jen is cheating scenario, I assumed there was explanation even before it got all curse-y.

I am liking the mature Toby and tanith days, Gabriel taking on Daedalus' mantle again and am scared for Toby! Poor man is never going to regain his prewar reflexes :(

Author's Response: Yep, it was Tom all along! Poor Tom. The infidelity angle was a red herring but no, I didn't think it would stand as more than a minor misdirection; it was there more to shake up Gabe and Tanith than strictly to be a Twist. Just as most people are convinced of Jen's innocence, people are convinced of Jen's fidelity.

Glad more mature Tobias and Tanith are enjoyable and convincing; I think those kids have been through silly times enough to be due some growing up and to enjoy it! But no, Toby is never going to be the duellist or fighter he once was. He could cope in a war but he was once upon a time a wizard who going go toe-to-toe with Tanith (the best fighter of the lot of them); definitely he couldn't do so these days. He'll just have to use his talents in other ways!

Assuming he gets out of this alive. Thanks for reviewing. ;)

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Review #25, by Pattalack Weather the Storm

24th January 2013:
Aaah I'm sitting on the edge of my chair!

Author's Response: More to come soon, I promise! Thanks for reviewing.

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