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Review #1, by Natalya LeStrange A Wizard's World

13th February 2013:
I saw Gaius's Scipio's review and decided to give this story a try and I must say I loved this, I really, really loved this. It was almost like doing year one all over again.

Author's Response: Thankyou! It means a lot to me! :)

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Review #2, by Gab A Wizard's World

17th December 2012:
This is a really good start, I like the way it it uses the books as a continuation and includes a lot of similarities. The character discriptions are done well and the thoughts and feelings of Albus are clear. I love the sorting hat's speech, I have always wanted to write one but I am not as talented as J.K and yourself at poetry. You are a really good writer and I hope you continue to do so.

Author's Response: Wow, thanks! I wouldn't call myself talented at poetry, but I felt I had to include one. J.K is a genius... :P Thanks for the good review :)

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Review #3, by Gaius Scipio The Wedding

10th December 2012:
Another really great chapter. Its interesting the changes you've made and yet the way you've kept Potter Generation 2 so similar to Gen 1. Harry it seems has now become Sirius, Ginny has become her Mom, Albus is Harry as he was as a kid, but he's also goten some Ron in him since he's been acting as a surogate brother to Jon, who is himself both Ron and Harry, as evinced by his disastrous attempts to transfigure his pen.

But all in all I like it, you've added a lot of original stuff, but kept the spirit of the old days.

One question though, if this woman is somehow linked to Voldemort and Albus has inherited his father's talent for picking up Voldemort's thoughts, which is why he can sense this woman why doesn't Harry sense her since his connection would be stronger?

So when is Chap 4 due out?

Author's Response: Thanks for the great review :) I actually didn't think of that question, which shows how much I get carried away while writing and then forget the simplest things :/ The answer, although it isn't a very good one, it probably that since the end of Voldemort, Harry has relaxed and his scar is not so open any more, and also that the woman doesn't know about Albus. The woman is probably practicing Occlumency (or is it Legilimency? The ability to block people from reading your mind) on Harry but not Albus.

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Review #4, by harry (of course not potter) The Wedding

5th December 2012:
good work man keep on writing when is chapter 4 coming

Author's Response: Chapter 4 should be done sometime next week =)
Thanks for the nice comment,

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Review #5, by Gaius Scipio Harry's Gift

27th October 2012:
The plot thickens. So Alana is the new Hermoine, Jonny combines elements of Harry and Ron and Albus is his father's son. I like the parallels once again between the Philosopher's Stone and Voldemort's Last Wish.

So when is chapter 3 due? An would you do me the honor of reading a chapter or two of my story? Not soliciting reviews but I would appreciate an experienced eye to tell me what I could be doing better

Author's Response: Working on Chapter 3 as we speak. I hope to have it done by next week but I'm a little sloppy when it comes to deadlines... I tend to spin the story out a bit more and get carried away :P
Thanks for the nice review :) Of course I'll have a look at your story.

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Review #6, by Gaius Scipio A Wizard's World

26th October 2012:
Amazing. Simply amazing stuff. A few very minor errors, but still this stuff you've written is so intimidating it makes me feel as if I should give up writing. I like how you've adapted elements of HP Year One to form Albus Year One. I don't want to give anything away, but I have a sneaky suspicion that I know who Albus's friend is

Author's Response: Hi,
My apologies for the errors D: is it just spelling and grammar, or something else? Please let me know and I'll try to fix it :)
Thanks for lovely review, means a lot.
Hmm, I wonder what that suspicion is? And you mean Jonny right?
P.P.S I don't want my writing to be intimidating :3 ~Jacelyn

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Review #7, by MargaretLane A Wizard's World

17th September 2012:
Wow, you wrote a sorting song. I always skip them, because they are so hard. And you've made Helga Hufflepuff sound the nicest of the Founders, I think.

Wow, that sounds like an excellent way of getting students interested in Herbology. Really interesting idea for a class.

OK, that dream is rather intriguing. I'm guessing it'll turn out to be significant later on.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing. I had a lot of trouble with the sorting song- its not as good as the proper ones (Rowling must be a poet too) but I figured it would be good to include one.
Your right, the dream is significant. I'm actually changing this chapter, you don't have to read it all again, don't worry. It won't be a major change. Just about the Astronomy- I'm changing the lesson order a little.
Thanks, I wasn't sure what to do for Herbology, but I guess it worked. Prof. LB sounds like a good teacher. I made most of the plants up.
Thx again,

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