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Review #1, by potterfan310 Confessions Of A User

24th January 2013:
This is brilliant!!! I'm so glad that I found this story :)

I LOVE Kyra and her mad ways, she's loveable, insane and unique!!!

This story has had me laughing out loud and I LOVE IT!!! Kyra is so funny :)

"They didn't make Harry Potter do this sex education crap." - Actually in agreement with Becky but if they did I reckon Ron, Harry and the rest of the boys would have the same reaction as the boys in Kyra's class and mess about.

I love the Albus/Kyra moments in their sex ed class, considering they've only met, it's really sweet. Definitely shipping Kyra/Albie ;) Aka Kybie :)

Fav quotes -
"Scratch that - it's too bad she wasn't just killed as a baby."

"I think I actually wanted to die when she pointed between us both and made a love heart shape with her hand- Taylor Swift style." - Love it, such a very awkward moment for Kyra and Albus I imagine. And as for Mia, I think I'd have killed her and then died of embarresment.

"Although… I am carrying his baby in that class…"

"She decided that telling Professor Trelawney her unfortunate fate of high cholesterol could be avoided if she'd lay of the donuts." - That's brilliant!! Oh Mia.

"But when they find my dead body with fork prong punctures all over it, you’ll know it’s all your fault because you wouldn't let me bloody trade partners."

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the end of chapter 4, like OH.MY.GOD. He loves her and he kissed her! *insert fan girl squeals here*

"I cannot believe I'm actually kidnapping my Sex-Ed partner." - Oh Albus, you can kidnap me anytime you like. ;) I love your take on Al and I think you've characterised him brilliantly!

Oh dear Merlin, I just made a noise that sounded like a cat being strangled. SAY WHAT!!! Al is in love with Becky and not Kyra - why?

I'm wondering whether Fred and Kyra have some sort of history together, which is why he doesn't like her.

I'm dying to know who Al's kisser is??? Is it Kyra, Becky, Mia or some randomer???

Deffo adding this to my fav's :)
Soph xxx

Author's Response: I grinned throughout the whole time I was reading this review :D thank you so much!

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Review #2, by potterfan310 Prologue

24th January 2013:
Even though this is short I love it all ready :)

"I still have a fork prong shaped scar on my hand from her vicious attack. I call it my…drum roll please… ‘Battle Scar’." - Lol, I'm already taking a liking to Lizzie, I mean Kyra :D

She's great and I'm intrigued as to why Rebecca just turned on Kyra and stabbed her since all Kyra did was say 'hi'.

Off to read the rest of the chapters :)

Soph xx

Author's Response: You reviewed twice... Yay :') thank you so much :D it's reviews like this that keep me writing.

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Review #3, by noneedtocallmesirprofessor Confessions Of A User

6th December 2012:
oh my gosh! freddy and kyra? im so excited for the next chapter, loving this story! i really want albus and kyra together though...xx

Author's Response: :D thank you so much! I'm attempting to hurry up with updating... but what i really need is a good ol' shove in the right direction :P xx

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Review #4, by leakycalderin Confessions Of A User

1st December 2012:
I bet its Becky I bet it and I hate her and why the heck does Al like her?!

Author's Response: That... will be answered in due course. ;)
Thanks for reviewing! :D

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Review #5, by Dizzy73 Confessions Of A User

28th November 2012:
O.O who kissed Kyra's Albie?! I wonder what history does Freddy have with Kyra too...

Author's Response: This review was so cute... :D sorry I just loved your use of "Kyra's Albie". And mmm... you'll just have to wait and see ;)
Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by Dizzy73 Moments

28th November 2012:
Is that wrong of me for start shipping Kyra with James o.0 *sigh* Why do I like to shipping weird pairs -_-

Very interesting chapter! 10.10

Author's Response: I have considered that pairing... just saying ;)
Thanks! :D

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Review #7, by Niclovegood Confessions Of A User

26th November 2012:
"Current Emotion: Pissed (The angry meaning- not my pants)." LOL I almost did laughing!

Brilliant chapter!! It was a perfect length as well!

Wooo! Roll on Chapter 7! ! ;) When ever you have time (of course) and your over your writer block (also of course!) :P

Author's Response: Aww thanks :D I THINK i'm over the writer's block... we shall see ;)
Thank you for reading! and for the AH-mazing review :)

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Review #8, by bookworm_hermione Confessions Of A User

26th November 2012:
bitch wrangling. ROFLMAOAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. That. Was. Hilarious. Can't. Breathe. Laughing. Too. Hard. OMG THAT WAS EPIC. Brilliant!

And I'm so happy that Al actually likes Kyra... but I'm still confused as to Albie's problem with rejection... apparently, again. hope it's explained soon?!!

And someone KISSED Al in the end? Who? The suspense is stabbing me. With a fork and all. ;)

Ah. Just update soon and all. Can't wait for ch 7. :D

Author's Response: Yeah... I'm not even sure how i thought of bitch wrangling it just kind of 'popped' into my head... yeah... I don't know xD I'm strange...
I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter and thank you SO much for the feedback :D

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Review #9, by LittleLionGirl Confessions Of A User

24th November 2012:
Hi! I was wondering when you would update! Lovely chapter! Have loads of fun with NWM! Please continue this ASAP!

Author's Response: :D I will and I will. If that made sense :P

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Review #10, by Hedwig_Pie Confessions Of A User

24th November 2012:
I LOVE ALL THIS CONTROVERSY. and whats this issue with fred and kyra? you just had to leave us at another cliffy. WHO IS THE INITIATOR OF THIS KISS? becky? kyra? SOME RANDOM FANGIRL? mysteries, mysteries which you must help me solve by UPDATING! thankyou. come again.

Author's Response: Simpsons... I like it ;) I am in the process of editing the next chapter so it should be up soon :D Thanks for the review!

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Review #11, by Hannah Confessions Of A User

24th November 2012:
AW POOR KYRA! :( Albus is mean...

Author's Response: That he is Hannah... that he is :(

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Review #12, by HorseMad99 Confessions Of A User

22nd November 2012:
thank you so much for updating, I almost fell off of my chair when I saw it in the recently added section, I really loved it please update soon! I love your story please carry on! xx

Author's Response: Thannk youuu :D and oh dear... you okay? :/

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Review #13, by AlexFan Confessions Of A User

22nd November 2012:
You update the story and you leave everyone with that! Come on! Help us out here! I hope you update soon!

Author's Response: ;) sorry. O:)

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Review #14, by Niclovegood Moments

18th November 2012:

A great story so far ;) Love it!!
Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: I'm pleased to announce that the next chapter is in the queue! :D Yay! Finally!
and indeed :'( Albus is evil. But not to fear... all will be resolved... eventually.

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Review #15, by bookworm_hermione Moments

30th October 2012:
You. Must. Update. Soon.
Siriusly. You can NOT leave me hanging like that! It's cruelty!
And gee, I never knew forks could be that violent. Gives me a whole new view on them. And i use to think spoons were the most violent one out of all those utensils. You know. How the round side wonderfully connects with the skull with a nice 'bang'.

Back on track. UPDATE! The change of POV was great, and i hope you continue to do that with the rest of the story!

The violence of this story is wonderfully... wonderful. Mia and Kyra reminds me of me and my friends actually :D

Toodles! 10/10

Author's Response: This was an amazing review. Seriously- I burst out laughing xD Thank you SO much :D
"Siriusly" ...I see what you did there...
I was really quite worried about the change in POV so i'm glad you think I did a good job :) and I promise I don't mean to be cruel! I'm just have low confidence about my newest chapter! It should be out soon however... pinky swear.

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Review #16, by StormStone Moments

15th October 2012:
I'm really hoping that al isn't actually in love with Rebecca... that would suck. so... RESOLVE THIS PROBLEM IN THE NEXT CHAPTER. that was an order :P

but anyway, I like als pov. you should do more in it. UPDATE QUICKLY

kyral *love*

Author's Response: o.O Oh no you didn't...
As much as i'd like to... that would kind of destroy my predetermined plot so... sorry :P
Thank you so much for reviewing! :D

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Review #17, by HannahBannana Moments

15th October 2012:
why did that have to happen?
But you're still awesome.
I waiting for the update. Hope it comes soon!

Author's Response: Awww! Thank you! :D You're awesome too :P and the update is on the way :( unfortunately i've now started back at school making things awkward. Stupid School...

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Review #18, by LittleLionGirl Moments

16th September 2012:
I read this story a while ago but the ending made me sit there with the awkward gapping fish face... Stupid Al. And James for beign in the way to cause this mess. Of all the hypocritical things to do- Fork stabbing is the best thought of... I can now invison the house elves rebelling with forks- Must. Stop. This. Vision.
Anyways please update for me :)

Author's Response: House elf fork rebellion... I like it :P
Anywho... I am suffering from writers block at the moment -_- yay... not. So i'm having a bit of trouble :P BUT I WILL PERSEVERE!!!
Thanks for the review :P

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Review #19, by bayoubabe985 Moments

13th September 2012:
Cute story, but I'd suggest getting rid of the gap between sentences.

Author's Response: Rules at hpff require me to have double returns between paragraphs so even though they look a bit silly i can't... :P Thanks for the feedback though!

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Review #20, by sarah Moments

12th September 2012:
please update soon, i love your story so much. 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you! :D

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Review #21, by rotem Moments

9th September 2012:
I couldn't stop laughing go I probably woke my dad up with it this is hilarious.

Author's Response: Thank you SO much :) and apologize to your dad for me...

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Review #22, by HorseMad99 Moments

6th September 2012:
ahh sad :( really wanted Kyra to get with Al, really enjoyed it still, thanks! Please update it soon :)

Author's Response: Your welcome :P and i'll try! :D

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Review #23, by J Gould Moments

6th September 2012:
Oh no! I guess that explains why Albus was so full on! But
really for her!??!? I can't wait to see where this story goes!
Well written chapter with good plot development! Looking
forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks for such a nice review ;)

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Review #24, by Talia Moments

6th September 2012:
Wow, intense much?!? I can see this from both points of view... and it doesn't look good for either of them! Loving this, hope you update soon :)

Author's Response: I will try... pinky promise ;D

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Review #25, by HP lookalike Moments

5th September 2012:
Ouch, just when I was starting to like Albus...Loving the story so far, hope the next chapter's up soon :D

Author's Response: Albus still deserves to be liked! :P He's just... well honestly? a bit bonkers... Thank you SO much for the review!

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