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Review #1, by bester_jester five

20th August 2012:
Oh wow, incredible. This is such a beautiful story, thank you for sharing it :)

Author's Response: I'm sooo glad that you liked the story! Thank you for reading it till the end, I know it takes a patient person to do that (what with the weird metaphors and my obstinacy at making it as unromantic as possible)!
Thank you so much for always taking the time to review! It seems that you have set out to make me the happiest amateur writer in the world! :D

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Review #2, by bester_jester four

20th August 2012:
I hope she let's him back in..

Author's Response: It's Lavender and Seamus, they're meant to be! ;)

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Review #3, by bester_jester three

20th August 2012:
Such beautiful imagery and description without being over the top. The way you describe a character's actions (Parvati would still want her with the dignified greediness that possessed her as a child) is just so skillfully worked into the story.

Author's Response: Just when I thought that my day couldn't get any better!
Thank you so much for your compliments, it means a lot to me to know that what I write does not only make sense, but it's actually errr... not an eyesore, at any rate. That particular sentence that you quote - it's such a relief that you liked it because it came out of nowhere, haha! :)

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Review #4, by bester_jester two

20th August 2012:
Ooh really interesting that she is a werewolf now - was that in the book, or did you think it up? Love it!

Seamus seems lovely, I hope Lavender gives him a chance

Author's Response: Nothing is known about Lavender after the war, so I made everything up, although I tried to stay as close to canon as possible.
Of course she would be scarred, but there is much speculation on whether she was turned into a werewolf or not. I chose to make her one because that would explain better why she is shunned from the wizarding world despite her services. I mean come on, a few scars can't make you an outcast; being a werewolf certainly can! However, I haven't used that characteristic of hers as much as I could, or as much as I would have liked... Maybe in another story!

I'm very happy you liked Seamus! He's always been one of my favourite characters, so I tried to do him as much justice as possible. I wanted to keep those things that made him so lovable in the books, (sociability and a certain lack of manners), but I also wanted to show that he had matured because of the war, so I made him a bit more tactful, haha!

Thanks for reading and reviewing, it means a lot to me! :)

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Review #5, by bester_jester one

20th August 2012:
This is incredible, you're a very talented writer. Lavender's state of mind is, in a way, good to see. You don't always get to read about the detrimental side of the war, and youve captured it beautifully.

Author's Response: My very first review!
I am trying to type "thank you", but my hands are shaking with excitement!
OK, I think I am a bit composed now... where were we? Oh, yes...
First of all, thank you for reading this story and of course, thank you so much for your kind words! Me, a "talented writer"! To say that I blushed is an understatement; I think I just died and went to Heaven! :D
I'm so glad you liked the story! Lavender is, in my opinion, one of the most underused characters, although she has great potential. I never liked her in the books, but it occurred to me that she ought to be very different after the war, and this is how "The Clay" was conceived... And yes, I find it hard to believe that everything became rosy once the war was over, so I wanted to explore that a bit. I'm afraid I only scratched the surface, though!
Once again, thank you! You just made my day! :)

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