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Review #1, by beapinkie Ignorance is Bliss

21st September 2012:
Wow... Very eerie yet interesting

Author's Response: Thank you. ^_^ --Jenna

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Review #2, by Aguamenti123 Ignorance is Bliss

6th September 2012:
This concept was great! I liked this insight into the post-Hogwarts lives of the Marauders. It's a good account of how James and Sirius would have been, and the way you described their flat was very fitting- slovenly, lazy, very student :P . I especially liked this because you often get the Marauders painted as one happy group of friends (bar Pettigrew), and that gets tiresome. In every group you're bound to get secrets, and that's done well here- it's interesting. Especially when you've got someone like Remus there! That was my favourite aspect I think, his secret. It was obvious James and Sirius cared for him very much, like brothers. I would say that maybe Sirius' secret was overblown slightly. In the great scheme of things, maybe the fact that Pettigrew was a traitor was a bigger deal, and that could have been emphasised. However, the way you left it open ended with him was effective, even so. I loved some of your description as well- especially the part at the beginning where Lily and James meet, it was very atmospheric!
Anyway, thanks for entering, and I'll have the results up soon!
-Aguamenti123 xx

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I've always imagined the four of them being very brotherly. The type who can have a drag out fight but then it's no big deal the next day cause they're still brothers and love each other. I really wanted to make Peter part of the story. Because I always see him get shoved aside. It was important to me to show that he was loved just as much by the others as they did for each other. Right until the very end and they realized what he'd done.
Of course Sirius' secret was overblown. It's relationships among young adults, barely out of their teens. And one of them happens to be a cranky werewolf verging on his 'time of the month'. XD Overblown was sort of the point. And also to show how much James detested lying. I don't know why but it's always been head canon to me that James loathes lying. *little shrug*

I'm not sure what you mean by putting more of a deal on Peter being a traitor. It was Remus who was being accused of being a traitor. :)

Thank you for reviewing! This was a fun challenge. ^_^ --Jenna

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Review #3, by lalla Ignorance is Bliss

31st August 2012:
Awesome, just awesome!

Author's Response: Thank you. ^_^ --Jenna

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Review #4, by Maty Ignorance is Bliss

30th July 2012:
WOW!!! This is a really nice one shot! I really liked the way you describe the dynamics among them all.
And I have to say that I agree with you: the fact that Sirius thought Remus was the traitor has always bothered me, too. I can imagine the two of them talking in Grimmauld place and Remus asking Sirius about all the traitor thing! And then they would start remembering old times and maybe they would have figure out everything about the box!
Nice job, keep writing!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!
I'm glad that you enjoyed it. ^_^

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