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Review #1, by Crescent Moon Darnell Prologue

5th November 2016:
Great so far. Love it. BTW are u a fan of Lunar Chronicles? Just curious, your pen name sort of sounds like it.

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Review #2, by luvdobby26 Prologue

28th July 2012:
First! Yay!

This. was. AMAZING.

I honestly love it! I really love how you have written Dudley! I love love love love it! It's beautifuly written by the way. I love seeing inside of Dudley's head, it's totally awesome!

I really hope he meets Harry again, it would be so interesting to read! And wow, that eneding was awesome! His daughter is magic! Woohoo!
I can not wait to read the rest, tell me when the next chappie is up, it's such an awesome story!

Sorry this review isn't very long :( BUT THIS STORY IS AMAZING!
10/1O xx

Author's Response: Thank you!! :D I was really worried about Dudley's characterization actually! :) I'm glad you liked it!^^ And yes, they will meet, but that's the most I can tell you ;)

I'll PM you for sure! :)



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Review #3, by marissa lily potter Prologue

28th July 2012:
Hey there, marissa lily potter here with the review your requested!

I think this is a very cute chapter. It's a nice beginning to what I think will be a wonderful story. There are many people who wanted Dudley to have a kid that was magical but the way you started it, was just unique. Starting from before the train ride to Hogwarts was a nice touch.

I love how Dudley is reminiscing his past when he sees Harry. I think the title of the story fits perfectly with what's going to happen because it already seems to do just that. This chapter is quite cute. I love how it starts and it's nice to see that Dudley has definitely matured since his childhood.

The part where Dudley talks about how he went from hating to loving his cousin was precious. I think that's my favourite part of this entire chapter. That was just so nice to read and written really well too. The flow of the chapter, I have to say isn't as great as it could be. Don't get me wrong, it's a lovely chapter but it seems like parts of it were just cut and pasted in.

There are transitions missing in some places. The feel of the chapter is really good though. It makes me feel all happy and warm and fuzzy on the inside. Overall, great chapter and I wish you the best of luck with this story!


Author's Response: Thank you for your review!^^ I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter :) I was really worried about my characterization of Dudley, I was wondering if I'd overdone it you know? It's really a huge reassurance that you think I've portrayed him well^^

humm, I see what you mean about the flow, I'll see if I can fix it in my nest edit^^

aww thanks! :3



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