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Review #1, by miss little angel Psychos, Greek Gods, and Evil Children.

7th August 2012:
Well I for one was definitely not expecting him to have a kid! nice twist. I really want to see what happens when she gets to Hogwarts, so many possibilities and yet I can't help but feel that it won't be any of the scenarios that I've imagined =) can't wait for the next chapter and I've decided that one of my goals will be to review every chapter you post on this story :) so hurry up and post the next chapter so I can review it!!! ;)

Author's Response: Haha :L I will, and thank you! :D I do try and go for the unexpected...

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Review #2, by Siriusly89 Psychos, Greek Gods, and Evil Children.

4th August 2012:
This is sooo good! :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much :P

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Review #3, by Shindig Psychos, Greek Gods, and Evil Children.

3rd August 2012:
I like this story. It's interesting. Keep it up!
Shindig :D

Author's Response: Will do! :) Thanks

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Review #4, by padfoot88 Psychos, Greek Gods, and Evil Children.

3rd August 2012:
Loving this story so far, the set up is interesting and i can't wait to see what'll happen once she gets to Hogwarts. I'm still undecided on whether i like this Greyson guy, but i agree with Robin, he seems like a complete Psycho, can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: Thanks :) Next chapter should hopefully be up soon.

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Review #5, by Clumsy Birds of Prey, Winter and the Rubber Variety.

30th July 2012:
Whilst it's just a tad bit hard to keep up with what's going (there is a lot happening,) and foreseeable with the whole going-to-Hogwarts-all-of-a-sudden thing (however, strangely, that was what made me so interested in the first place - how she got to Hogwarts, that is), I definitely am convinced that I'll enjoy the next chapter.

And I'm overly excited to meet this Grayson DePaul character :)

Update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks :) Just waiting for the next chapter to be validated... :D

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Review #6, by miss little angel Birds of Prey, Winter and the Rubber Variety.

30th July 2012:
I really like it :) hopefully you'll update it soon? (hint hint ;) ) the only negative thing I have to say about it is all the jumped lines... that was annoying but other than that it was a brilliant start to a story

Author's Response: Thanks :) I'm just waiting for validation at the moment on the next chapter :P

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