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Review #1, by SilverMoonFairy Chapter 28

1st April 2017:
CTF *salute*

Okay, this was so cute. Weddings are always fun and by jumping to the end, I've got whole new bits of information. Scorp and Hugo, huh? I wouldn't have called that. Ever. Who would? Serial killer vibe indeed! Standing over uncle Harry with scissors?!?! That is terrifying! I wouldn't want to be related to Hugo, not if we were 205th cousins!

Ah, at this point, the thread is locked and the round is over, but I'm going to finish the review anyway. I may not have read the whole story, but I got a lot of laughs and a lot of terrified images of Hugo that may change my current headcanon about him forever.

I was so confused when they started in about the bundle, I wasn't sure what was going on. But then everyone started running and jumping over tables and sliding across dance floors- that was quite the mental image and I had to giggle quite a bit over it!

Eventually, I will try to come and read this in it's entirety, but I'm really, really bad at remembering those things. So I will add it to a list to help me remember, hahaha. Maybe I'll read it backwards. Just to be different. XD


Author's Response: Hugo and Scorpius have fast become my new favourite pairing.
Oh Hugo has the potential to become a serial killer!

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #2, by Dirigible_Plums Chapter 19

1st April 2017:
Hello again!

So this was an absolutely hilarious chapter. I can't believe that Albus actually fought with Hugo over Scorpius (protective much???) with a dance battle. A DANCE BATTLE. The man has a literal son and he has a dance battle with his cousin because said cousin slept with his best mate.

Merlin, this family is ridiculous.

I don't blame Julie for her reaction one bit. 😂😂

The fact that Harry literally puts Hugo and Al in naughty corners during a match as well is actually hilarious. This family are honestly insane and I love it. I love Al and I love your Hugo too. They're honestly my favourite characters.

Speaking of Hugo... his friendship with Fred is actually really cute. He might say that he's not nice to Fred because he doesn't like him and he might be in a rage with people 90% of the time but we all know he loves him. And the fact that they're so different as well just keeps me grinning like a madman. I love friendships between people who are complete opposites. It's always hilarious to read and this time is no different.

Absolutely brilliant!

Plums xo

Author's Response: Who doesn't love a dance battle? I think that those two are the only ones able to get away with doing that.

Oh it is so ridiculous!

Harry is the best! Hahaha I love that they're adults and yet they still get told off like children.

Hugo loves Fred, he just doesn't want Fred to know about it haha

Thank you so so much!

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Review #3, by Flower n Prongs Chapter 20

1st April 2017:
I like that you have dealt with some of the dangers of dealing with magical creatures. We see some accidents in the books and films, but they are usually minor, caused as the result of a fight that wizards are using spells, or sheer stupidity (ie. Malfoy with Buckbeak). To show that somebody who is well qualified and has dedicated his life to working with magical creatures can be injured badly enough to need to stay in the hospital is a nice touch. It definitely adds realism to the story.

Amelia seems like such an awesome wife. Even though she is very pregnant with twins and must be extremely uncomfortable and exhausted, she is still doing her best to support James and putting him first. It is very sweet, as is James doing his best to make sure that she is taking care of herself and trying to take care of both of them.

Her collapsing is very scary. There are so many bad things that can happen with her falling or complications that are more common with twins (blood pressure, preterm labour and the works). I hope she's okay and that something bad isn't going to happen to her and or the babies. I know I said I like realism, but that is taking it a step too far for me.

James's line about her and the boys being everything is swoonworthy. I don't know if my heart can take more of that.

- R

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review, I really appreciate it, and I can only thank you so much for your kind words and love xx

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Review #4, by PaulaTheProkaryote Chapter 26

1st April 2017:
Hi Tammi! Iím here to make sure that Ravenclaw wins the Capture the Flag/read your lovely stories,

James and I feel the same. Have I slept in months? I couldn't tell you. Although I think the whole have newborns excuses his exhaustion.

I like that you have taken the time to add all of the ministry information as details instead of just gliding right over it. The Dragon Research and Restraint Bureau section is an amazingly created section of the ministry and I think the pest subdivision was just funny. I love little details here and there like that.
I don't blame Amelia for not going near him until he had extra showers. I wouldn't either.

it's bizarre to think something as silly and insignificant as the flu would even be a bother to someone magical. Are you telling me that even they don't have a cure for it? Ugh.

my nephew barely fit in his newborn clothes when he was born. He was a chunky butt though.

Iím in love with Brent and Jamesís banter. They are best-friend-soulmates for sure. The line about the last time someone looked at him like that was probably the best in the entire chapter.

I agree with Kathy. When you've got newborns you need to take some time to take care of each other. some alone time to maintain all the stress and the relationship. Brent and Kathy are the kinds of people that you want in your life.

Canít wait for the next chapter! :D


Author's Response: I am also feeling both of your pain! I feel like I haven't slept in years!

Thank you :D I wanted to have some background of what James did, and show that it can be just paperwork and boring sometimes.

I know, right? what's the point in being magical if they can't fix something like that!

Thank you so so much!

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Review #5, by Dirigible_Plums Chapter 25

1st April 2017:
Hello again!

I bet you're sick of seeing me by now. It's Plums again on jailbreaking duty and this is SUCH A CUTE CHAPTER OH MY GOSH.

But before I forget: I would just like to say that your writing has really improved throughout the course of this fic. The earlier chapters were enjoyable but this is really something. It flows beautifully and each scene bleeds into the next well. The emotions are written out incredibly well and I can easily connect to what is going on.

Onwards we go...

FRED IS HUGO'S FAVOURITE COUSIN. I just love that sweet old Fred, who was too shy to ask out Julie and is just a ball of Weasley goodness, is Hugo's favourite. Hugo who doesn't hug anyone but Scorpius. Hugo who does his best to get on people's nerves. Hugo Incapable-Of-Love Weasley's favourite cousin is Fred. Absolutely love it!

But honestly, there were too many brilliant things I read to list. The stampede tradition for one. Actually hilarious! I can just imagine the Next Gen Weasleys running at Bill even when they're in their thirties and their kids joining in. Poor Bill. He never does learn, does he? 😜

Another brilliant part of this chapter was the banter when they were decorating the tree. I couldn't stop laughing as I was reading it all. This is the type of Weasley Christmas I'm here for!

Truly a superb chapter.

Plums xo

Author's Response: I can never be sick of you! :D

Thank you so much! I wrote this over a few years I think? So, I'm happy to see that my writing has gotten a lot better over the years :D

He really is! Hugo is able to feel some emotion and it's for Fred!

Bill really never does learn, the poor guy haha
Thank you so much!!

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Review #6, by AbraxanUnicorn Chapter 16

1st April 2017:
I love flags. Honestly, I do.

So, this chapter starts off pretty much where the last one ends, and it's strange, but I can't warm to Kelly at all. Her story might be plausible, but it just doesn't quite seem to ring true; Adam getting thrown out of a pub and happening to land at her feet. Would he have been able to recognise and call out her name if he was blind drunk? Also, being able to give Amelia's address coherently enough that Kelly could work out where to bring him. Hmmm. I'd also want to know why he didn't go home? It must have been a whopper of an argument.

Aaah - there's a little bit in here explaining that James worked with dragons in Romania, so I wonder whether there's some backstory involving Charlie Weasley that goes towards explaining his behaviour a few chapters back. There's probably a story or two that I need to read to be fully up to speed on this one!

I guess it was an argument between Amelia and Adam that needed to happen. I'm kind of relieved that there wasn't a more sinister underlying reason for Adam's behaviour (I had imagined all sorts of dastardly scenarios), but it's still very sad that he lost his job through trying to protect someone else. I hope Amelia can help him get back on his feet again.

Fab chapter :)

Brax X

Author's Response: Don't worry, I don't like her either.

As bad as it all looks, Adam's not up to no good, and Kelly was just in the right place at the right time.

Yep, James used to work with Charlie in Romania :D

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #7, by ANightingaleInAGoldenCage Chapter 11

1st April 2017:
Hello again!

Now that I am free here is another review just for you!

I am glad that it was finally explained what was going on with Fred. Well, it may not be finally, really, but I am glad the explanation came anyway, because I was way too curious as to what was the reason in general. I completely relate to Fred when it comes to being pissed at his cousin and father for cooking up a plan like that - I wouldn't appreciate it either, if I should be honest. Bit cruel, really. But alas, Albus deserved the punch and he got it, so I've got that going for me!

And Adam still having work troubles! Poor him. I hope he finds something else soon because he doesn't deserve to be having this kind of work environment all the time, really. In fact, no-one really deserves it, but, yeah. I hope it works out for him soon, and I can imagine why he wouldn't want Lucy to know, even if Gerald deserves a good talking to, really.

And James and Amelia getting twins and those onesies are so cute! I'd buy such thing too if it were possible. Indulding in the fandom a bit, really, I can't blame them at all! Very well done and very nice addition to it! Great chapter again!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the awesome review! :D I love hearing what you think :D

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Review #8, by SilverMoonFairy Chapter 10

1st April 2017:
CTF Jail break! *salute*

My head is reeling. You have a very twisted version of the Potter-Weasley clan in these chapters here. The chapter starts off normal almost every single time. Amelia and Adam must be the sanity coming to help out the Wotter tribe of strange and unusual people who torture and torment each other.

(To be honest and get in on this bet, I'm going with two girls. At least, that's what I'd want. ^_^)

But onto the messed up parts... Seriously. Hugo creeps me out. He's shown up in most of the chapters I've had to read so far and I find him to be quite dangerous. He should be tested or under constant surveillance or something. For his own protection if not for everyone else's. And what in the eff was George thinking? "Hey, son, play hero and impress your chick friend!" WHAT?! What sort of advice is that? And Albus reminds me of those police officers you hear about on brutality videos! What in the actual (can't say that here.)?!?! And George just let his son get ARRESTED? Thought it was FUNNY? I'd be at Harry's house telling him how his son is a power abusing little twerp and my son better not be staying the night in a freaking cell!

I am calm. These people are infuriating, though. I'm not sure I could make it through this whole story without fanficing it to possibly murder some of them... *ahem*

Albus and Hugo are just... I don't have words.


Author's Response: They are definitely the sanity.

The Potter-Weasleys are all as crazy as each other! Although the worst is of course Hugo, followed by Albus :P

Oh that George... he meant well, Harry would find the whole thing hilarious!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #9, by Dirigible_Plums Chapter 15

1st April 2017:
Another review, another jailbreak.

Ooh, this chapter became quite tense, didn't it? I can't believe Adam has gone missing! Throughout the story, things haven't been 100% right with him so for him to storm off after an argument with Luce and go missing is worrying. Thankfully, he's found in the end but I'm still feeling a bit iffy about what's happened. After all, he's basically lugged to Amelia's place by a girl she hasn't spoken to in years. Why on earth would Adam be with Kelly?

I really hope nothing bad has happened.

Amelia's comments about her books made me laugh. Girl, I know how you feel! We have so many books that there's just not enough space for them in my house and we still refuse to give them away. It's just so... hard. Which is why I 100% agree with Amelia's comment. Was she a Ravenclaw at Hogwarts by any chance? 😜

I will be honest and confess that I'm a little confused on why she didn't use magic to pack her stuff. Or is it taxing on pregnant women to use a lot of magic, especially for strenuous tasks? Because then it does make sense why she would invite Mariah around to help out (although Mariah could easily do it too, to be fair). Or maybe she just wanted something to do haha.

Plums xo

Author's Response: It was quite a tense one, that Adam disappearing. He should be here sorting things out.

Thankfully it's just a right place at the right time kind of thing.

She just wanted to go through the things herself and sort through them, although I would have totally used magic!

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Review #10, by PaulaTheProkaryote Chapter 25

1st April 2017:
Hi Tammi! Iím here to make sure that Ravenclaw wins the Capture the Flag/read your lovely stories,

Amelia is so thoughtful to have just pushed out two babies and want to go stop by and see Brent. When my sister had my niece there was no way she was doing anything but going home to greet her bed. Although I imagine magic probably means a better/speedier recovery.

and Brent being made godfather is going to make him so happy. He needs something like that right about now.

If they were both so exhausted and couldn't sleep without each other a bit of communication would have gone a long way! Surely he'd have just stayed there then!

I'm glad James could finally catch some sleep though. And I think that'll be a good memorable picture to have.

I'm dying laughing at James being terrified at holding both of the boys. I totally get it though. I'm glad her parents could make it. That's a nice little treat for her. And if they get to go home with them and stay it would really help them get into the rhythm and have some back up. Not that his massive family isn't back up prepared or anything. Just that they are chaos.

I agree with Adam. It's the first christmas you have to do something. Plus they have magic and like forty people to help them. Surely they can make it festive quickly!

I love all of the lines that Hugo has. He stole the story. The shut your mouth or I'll shut it for you and the I'll destroy you and get off of me. It's all just such good, funny characterization. Hugo and Scorpius together is just perfect. It's not a pair I think I've ever read, but they belong together.

Canít wait for the next chapter! :D


Author's Response: She has a lot more energy then I would, I would want to go straight to bed myself.

He wasn't allowed to stay there because of the hospital policy/visiting hours :(

James is really doing his best to make things easy and happier for her, and of course his family is always a good back up :D

Oh that Hugo! He has a special place in my heart, my little terrifying weirdo!

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Review #11, by AbraxanUnicorn Chapter 15

1st April 2017:
This flag is incredibly well-hidden. Going to carry on where I left off and keep reviewing!

I feel really sorry for Amelia at the beginning of this chapter, for being a pregnant lady hoisting twins about, plagued by backache and having a house to pack up. She's made of sterner stuff than I am! Even though she wants to sort through things carefully, I'm surprised she doesn't use magic to help her - surely it would be a lot easier on her than hand packing and carrying? I did laugh at the "tenth break of the day" though.

Blimey, what on earth is going on with Adam?? So, Lucy and Adam rowed and he stormed off, but he didn't bother coming home, nor did he inform Lucy of his whereabouts? I'm a little surprised that Lucy didn't panic sooner, given that this is out of character for her partner, but I suppose she was fuming after the argument too. I can't imagine the added stress is going to do Amelia or her babies any good :(

It's very strange that Amelia's old best friend from school, who she fell out with in final year, should rock up outside her front door with an inebriated Adam in tow? I'm guessing she extracted the address from Adam somehow, but in his state? I don't know why, but despite Kelly's demeanour, I think there might be something fishy going on. I may be entirely wrong, of course, but something doesn't seem quite right.

I loved the drama in this chapter! Another great read :)

Brax X

Author's Response: Kelly was just in the right place at the right time.

I think she just wanted to feel the acomplishment of having cleared things out herself, I would have used magic though.

Thank you so much! :D

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Review #12, by Dirigible_Plums Chapter 24

1st April 2017:
Hello again!

I think you know the drill by now. I'm here to break Paula out of jail with another review. (Speaking of which, you must be DROWNING in rsviews at the moment because of this event, gosh!)

Onto more pressing matters:

THE BABIES. THEY ARE HERE. They exist in this world now! A little earlier than usual - but hey, at least they weren't born on Fred's birrhday. That would be a bit of a catastrophe, wouldn't it? But they're here and they have the trademark Potter hair and they have such cute names too.

On a similar note: haha, totally agreed with Ginny and James on Al's son's name. Pedro Pierre Potter. What a mouthful. I can honestly say I never expected a Potter to be called Pedro but perks for originality, right? 😉

Not going to lie, Hugo fascinates me. I'm not sure why but I keep picturing him as a surly teenager (probably because of his Pettiness Level) and seeing him interact with Fred is hilarious. He's the one male character so far who isn't as sweet as sugar but he's not necessarily bad either. And I really like it.

The fact that he loves Scorpius is an added bonus. Especially because even he didn't know whether he was capable of it. They must be really good for each other.

Plums xo

Author's Response: Hello! I am drowning in them! It's such a wonderful thing to have happen, especially after the year that I've had.

THEY ARE HERE!! They are spitting images of the Potter boys.

Oh Albus and Mariah, they're worse at naming children than Harry and Ginny are.

He's basically a surly teenager, in his early twenties haha

Thank you so so much!

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Review #13, by ANightingaleInAGoldenCage Chapter 10

1st April 2017:

Here for Capture the flag! I am a bit confused this chapter, because, especially the end, seems to go so fast. Maybe it's because it's 1 am and I am reading at the speed of light at the moment, but I really have trouble following a bit what has happened, and why Fred is taking into custody (aside from resising arrest) and why Albus wouldn't even listen to him. You'd think that without any evidence they'd be more lenient, right?
Aside from that, I feel like there is quite a bit of repetition here. Especially when it comes to spoken things, as there is a lot of 'told them' or 'told her' and that is a bit distracting. It could maybe be avoided by just telling what they said and then following it up with something like 'with a look at him/her/them' whatever fits. It would bring a bit more diversity into it and that would make it far easier to read. Nevertheless, it is written very well and Hugo completely freaks me the hell out here, because the guy is really weird and creepy. I wonder who he gets it from, really... Maybe that gets explained a bit later still? I am also very curious as to what Harry thinks of him.

In any case, well done!

Author's Response: Hey! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing :D I shall take that advice on board when I am doing my edits :D

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Review #14, by PaulaTheProkaryote Chapter 24

1st April 2017:
Hi Tammi! Iím here to make sure that Ravenclaw wins the Capture the Flag/read your lovely stories,

These later chapters have a much better expression of emotions than the earlier ones. I love personal growth that you can see as you read. I can really feel how frantic Charlie is when you use words like punched and jumped up and down on the spot, etc.


Oh how they laughed. If I thought I wet myself I would definitely not be laughing. I'd be crying. He should have given the owl a proper chance to find him!

Who knows how quickly she could be pushing them out? UMMM, usually it takes hours. I love Amelia's reaction to them like of course the babies aren't here yet.

The bit about wanting Ginny there because if she can't have her own mother it's the next best thing was very, very sweet. I liked that a lot. I love how frantic and emotional and teary everyone is. Especially James. He's adorable.

Iím sure Brent understands and tbh is probably relieved to get rid of frantic, panicky James for a few minutes.

The birthday promise to Fred is hilarious. Surely he can handle sharing his birthday. He's grown. Birthdays aren't even a thing past like 17.

The end bit with Hugo is so sweet. SINCE FIFTEEN. Oh they are precious angel babies. Fred's response was a bit callous if it had come from anyone else. Even if Hugo agreed with him.

The James name is very sweet too. And also thank Merlin that James has better naming skills than Harry. It could have been bad. Pedro's name was terrible. You're right. But it's funny so it's all good.

THE BABIES! Oh, they finally made their appearance! James was the cutest with him. Heís clearly going to make a very affectionate father and Iím glad that he took the time to tend to and love on Amelia as well!

Canít wait for the next chapter! :D


Author's Response: IT was all go in this chapter! Poor Charlie, so out of his depth, and going around pushing and punching things. The man needs to calm down!

I wanted James to be one of the normal namers of the family haha.

Thank you so very much for the review! :D

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Review #15, by Dirigible_Plums Chapter 14

1st April 2017:
Hello again!

Jailbreaker Extraordinaire, Plums, has set up camp once more. I should just stay here for life to be honest 😜

Yay, another fluffy chapter! Honestly loving all the uplifting parts of this one, especially since I've been bouncing around all over the place, wondering whether what will happen to the characters.

For example, in my last review, I mentioned how I really did want James to get that promotion. And whaddya know? HE HAS IT. So proud of my Jamie boy, honestly! He really did deserve it and I love that Brent has no hard feelings about it and even encouraged him to go for it. What a lovely guy.

James and Amelia are too cute. Reading about the development of her pregnancy is just absolutely lovely. The fact that she tried to balance her ice cream - or should I say James' ice cream? - on her baby bump! Honestly too adorable! I love reading their light banter and just reading about them being together. You can tell that they love each other but it's in such a simple, understated way. Very sweet.



Sure, it was pretty obvious from the start but I knew that Hugo Weasley was wrong and I am refusing to let that achievement go. Honestly though, they're like twelve year olds with their blushing and the fact that they both refuse to make the first move. Fred, in particular, cracked me up. "Such deep feelings!" 😂😂

Absolutely adored this chappie!

Plums xo

Author's Response: James was the only option for the promotion. :D He's a good guy.

Oh those two :D I love them so much!


Thank you so much!

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Review #16, by Dirigible_Plums Chapter 7

1st April 2017:
Jailbreak Number 482910128101

Hello again!

I literally just left a review lamenting the fact that I didn't get to see Albus yet AND HERE IS OH MY GOSH, THIS IS GLORIOUS.

Not going to lie but having children when you're a witch or wizard must be ten thousand times more stressful than normal because of the sheer danger they can be in due to the presence of wands. Of course, it's all pretty hilarious in this chapter but I would be so anxious if I was in Al's shoes.

Pedro seems like such a cutie though! (I feel like that's all I've been saying in my reviews lol. This person's cute, that person's cute - hey, it's your fault for making such a sweet cast!) A riot and a little monster - poor Scorpius and that bite! - but adorable nonetheless. Ahh. Babies. Gotta love 'em.

Onto the rest of the chappie: ooh, I hope that James really does get the promotion. He seems like a nice lad who will bring both honesty, integrity and passion to his job so I think having him further up the ladder will be a good influence on the Ministry. Plus, as he mentions, he has two babies on the way. The extra money sure won't hurt!

Lovely chapter as always!

Plums xo

Author's Response: Aw they're all so adorable! I love writing them! Especially Albus and Pedro's adventures :D

Thank you so so much for the review! :D

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Review #17, by SilverMoonFairy Chapter 8

1st April 2017:

I need a breath. Hugo. Is. Freaking. Scary. I have read a lot of fics, but I've never read a character so... Freaking... Creepy. And the crazy look and the triangle solos. Like, you just took all of the crazy you could and jammed them into one poor child and it makes my head spin. And poor Fred, having to hide from him AND being conned into working his shift AND being told that Charlie is angry at him??? How many cherries are on this psycho sundae?

I would probably have the answer to the question if I had read the whole story, but why would Charlie invite Hugo to this gathering? That seems like poor judgement on his part.

Okay, moving on to the Weasley brothers all grown up and enjoying a night of drinking together... I think that has to be my favorite thing in the world right there and I want to fan art it right now. I can't think of anything more adorable. And the clock and thing? I didn't even know about that! I'm legitimately tearing up at the thought. It was simply perfect. Every bit of it. I even actually like Percy. I didn't think I'd ever like Percy. (To paraphrase your little crazy guy there.)

I need to come back and read this whole thing at some point, but for now, these little snippet chapter are entertaining. And tugging at my heart strings.


Author's Response: Oh Hugo... he is a strange one, and my baby, I adore him so much!


Thank you so much, Liz!!!

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Review #18, by AbraxanUnicorn Chapter 14

1st April 2017:
Continuing on from the previous chapter, and still on the lookout for a flag...

This is such a mega-fluffy chapter; it oozes cuteness and positivity from every pore and I loved it!

Firstly, hurrah for James getting his promotion. I love the interactions between James and Brent, highlighting a harmonious working relationship. I was so pleased that Brent was happy for James; it's very easy for colleagues to feel envious of their working partners, and Brent didn't give off that vibe at all.

Ha, I think crowds will always part for Harry Potter, regardless of whether he finds it embarrassing or not, and even so many years after Voldemort's death. I like the fact that he and James can enjoy a drink together in the Leaky after work.

Amelia, going through a strawberry phase; well, it's an improvement on the carrot and ketchup one of the previous chapter.

And yay! They secured the house. Seriously, it's like one of those days where nothing can go wrong, even if you try to make it.

Lucy Weasley as matchmaker - interesting! It certainly sounds as though both Fred and Julie needed a hefty kick towards each other. I'm so glad she managed to get the pair of them to agree that they liked each other. Fred's comment on trading his Gryffindor courage for a broom made me giggle.

This was just really fun and cute to read! Another great chapter.

Brax X

Author's Response: I love writing those two together, I think they're the best working buddies.

Its like the best day for them in this chapter :D

Thank you so much!!

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Review #19, by Dirigible_Plums Chapter 9

1st April 2017:
Hello again!

HUGO WEASLEY. I (still) don't know how old you are but jeez Louise, you can tell Fred's already mortified by the fact that he misinterpreted the cues and kissed Julie, you don't need to point it out! (Out of context, that can seem a lil bit creepy haha). And she did not run away screaming she was clearly smiling to herself.

Although, ew, I agree on the point about kissing someone with a cold 😕

Fred's so delightfully awkward. It's actually rather entertaining to read, as sadistic as that sounds. For once, I'm not actually feeling secondhand embarrassment for the things he's doing and just reading on with a grin on my face. Probably because I know that Julie appears to fancy him back. I mean, she seems like a nice girl and she is flirting with him, after all.

I love that Fred and George are close enough for his dad to give him dating advice. So cute.

(And I love the fact that George escapes to the experimental room thingymajig to avoid Hugo 😂)

But yeah, the fact that George and Fred are clearly close warms my heart, especially since we all know George once lost his other half. Seeing him form such a strong bond with another Fred is beautiful to see. Also, I am a sucker for strong relationships between family members. Strong brotherhoods, strong sisterhoods, strong parent-child bonds. You name it; I probably love it.

Plums xo

Author's Response: You wouldn't believe that Hugo is in his twenties...

Poor Fred, Hugo really doesn't help his awkwardness.

I think that everyone needs a break from Hugo, he's a lot to take at any point of the day.

Thank you so so much!

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Review #20, by PaulaTheProkaryote Chapter 7

1st April 2017:
Hi Tammi! Iím here to make sure that Ravenclaw wins the Capture the Flag/read your lovely stories,

SCORPIUS MY BABE. I'm so happy to see him. I love how awkward he is and I love him announcing himself like that. And then being greeted by Pedro and his response is ďoh, hello.Ē

This would have to be the worst fear of magical parents. Their kid wreaking havoc with their wand. Also Pedro being a biter is hilarious. He's like a feral cat. Adorable and dangerous.

Surely Scorpius could use his own wand to restore the fuse. I'm assuming he'd rather just let Albus suffer and struggle. Or perhaps it didn't occur to him.

I enjoy the entire dynamic with Scorpius and Albus. They always make really good friends in all of the fanfics Iíve read, but in this one they are especially funny and their teamwork to deal with the evil child (shh, donít tell Albus) and the evil cat is just hilarious.

Also can we just say that Pedro is definitely going to end up some supernaturally skilled wizard when he grows up. Like his current skills surely must dwarf Albus Dumbledoreís himself when he was that age.

Zonky and the ham was very funny. Youíre 10/10 in humor writing for sure. My sister-in-law always buys her stupid, evil cat this stupidly expensive deli meat and it had to be like chunked instead of slice or something. I think itís some kind of smoked turkey though. She sent me once and I had to use a note on my phone to show the guy.

ďYou were outsmarted by a toddler, and his cat sidekick.Ē Okay when you put it like that Albus is definitely not auror material.

I like that of all the places you put James, you put him there in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. I would love to see how proud Hagrid must be of one of Harry's kids following in his footsteps and working with animals. I hope he gets the position!

Canít wait for the next chapter! :D


Author's Response: With parents like Albus and Mariah, Pedro was bound to be strange.

Scorpius loves letting Albus suffer, it brings him great joy to do so.

Pedro is going to be one of the most powerful wizards in the world.

Awww Hagrid would be so proud! :D

Thank you so much!

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Review #21, by Dirigible_Plums Chapter 13

1st April 2017:

I'm back. Again. Another hour, another jail break 😜

So this was a wild chapter. And by wild, I mean that Amelia's pregnancy hormones clearly made a show as was seen by her interactions with Charlie. Although, to be fair, I am so on her side for this. Yes, being pregnant means that even little things can be perceived differently in your mind, but still! Charlie! The girl is pregnang with TWINS. Learn to read signs, man, and know when to back down. Taking her carrots and saying she's ate enough? So. Not. Okay.

I swear to God, all of your male characters are absolute sweethearts. Take James in this chapter for instance. His worrying over his baby mama was so bloody cute. When it said "she knew her body a lot more than he did", I melted a little. Caring but understanding his boundaries: a man after my own heart.

Ugh, damn, there's a mention of Albus in this chapter but no actual appearance. I feel distressed. If there's any Next Gen character I have a soft spot for, Albus Severus Potter steals the crown. And he's a dad!! Gosh, I love it. Seriously, when you said that Pedro likes James because he looks like Al who is his favourite person at the moment, my heart burst a lil bit. I love kids, I love Al and I love James so I love this chapter. 😄

Plums xo

Author's Response: YAY!! Hello!

Everything was happening! I am so on her side too! Charlie is being mean and deserves to be hurt.

He just makes me want to hug him! He loves her so much and just wants to be there as much as he can.

Sorry! He will be around, don't you worry!

They love you!! an dI love you!

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Review #22, by Claire Evergreen Chapter 4

1st April 2017:
Tired of us yet? (For CTF)

Honestly, go Amelia. I know that she should probably trust her husband and all, but I appreciate the conviction. It's admirable that she wants to help her friend so much and I respect that. It adds a lot to her character that she's so loyal. James too, I love that they both stick to their beliefs and defend their friends so much. A+ friends, 10/10 would recommend.

And speaking of recommending things, passing your girl's cat off to someone else? Totally not cool Albus. I'm 100% with Mariah, I'd be furious. Probably furious enough to pull an Amelia and kick him out of bed. Or maybe worse. Who knows. But you completely nailed how furious someone would be if their pet suddenly went missing.

And poor Lucy. It must be killing her inside not knowing what's going on with Adam and you portray that beautifully. I can feel how upset she is and I know it'll all work out in the end, but for right now, I wish someone could tell her what Adam is really up to. But hopefully it works out despite her doubts about everything.


Author's Response: I could never be tired of you all! :D I am loving it!

If I was Mariah I would be so angry at Albus. He would get the sofa!

It really is :( Poor Lucy

Thank you so much, Claire! :D

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Review #23, by SilverMoonFairy Chapter 5

1st April 2017:
*salute* CTF Jailbreaker here to save the day!

Wow, ouch! Starting off with violence this early in the story, that's just... Wow. I felt that! But he deserved it. No one, not even a family member, should make a husband keep secrets from his wife. Even I tell my husband everything, I just remind him to keep his mouth shut. You know, unless it's a surprise for him, and then I have to hold back.

Yay for engagements! That's the best reason I've ever heard to be distant, but isn't that a little Chandler of him? (Have you been marathoning FRIENDS with Jill?) That almost didn't work out for him very well. I hope Adam knows what he's doing.

Asking people out is HARD. SO HARD. It's completely nerve wracking. The only time I ever successfully did so smoothly was to tick off my ex boyfriend. I'm glad Fred managed to muster through and get 'er done! And I'm doubly glad he didn't get turned down!

Can I just pause and admire that Hugo was blatantly all like, "Being creepy." Like, he just didn't care- his creepiness is all out there for everyone to see and that's freaking hilarious and awesome. I love banter and family banter is the best so, I think the end of this chapter is freaking brilliant. Your dialogue is so good. ^_^


Author's Response: No they shouldn't!

:O you know my secret! haha :D Who doesn't love a friends marathon?

I agree, it is so hard!

Hugo knows that he's creepy, and he will use that whenever he can to intimidate people.

Thank you so much!

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Review #24, by hedwig1751 Chapter 8

1st April 2017:
Another great chapter :)

Ahhh I love Hugo XD and the fact that the first section is from Charlie's view makes it all the more better! How Charlie sees him is literally priceless...does everyone see him like that, or is it just the guy who has held a grudge against Fred II for drinking and messing around with his eggnog all those years ago? The smiliarities between that uncle and nephew (who I feel aren't represented enough in the fanfiction community...that might be just me though :/) are hilarious- and all Charlie's comments on Hugo's weirdness are the Golden Snitch of the game.

Aww Percy, Bill, Charlie and Hugo! I love how you incorporate cannon analogies (like the time when Fred and George turned Ron's teddy into a spider) and made your own too; they were really convincing, so good job!

Oh. My. Merlin. That ending nearly made me cry (yes I am an extremely emotional person) and was quite the unexpected (but very well written) ending to this chapter! George having Fred's 'hand' on his heart every day...GENIUS, I TELL YOU. GENIUS. MY NEW HEADCANNON (with your permission of course) :D

-Hedwig xx

Author's Response: Hey! Thank you so much, I'm so glad that you loved all of the Weasley brothers night together. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :D

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Review #25, by Flower n Prongs Chapter 9

1st April 2017:
Oh, the awkwardness. Poor Fred seems to be trying so hard to be a gentleman and to do the right thing and then that happens. Here he is, probably thinking that helping her out is going to put him on a good foot if/when he chooses to ask her out again and instead he accidentally kisses her. And not just accidentally kisses her, but he does it in front of people. While she is sick and feels like garbage. Oof. Not really how you want that moment to go, is it?

I love this line from Hugo when Fred says that he was waiting for the right time: ďYou could have asked her after the date. That would have been the right time.Ē That made me laugh because it was so true. Poor girl was probably hoping for it but he chickened out. It is very cute though. It is a great cousin interaction. Fredís run-on thought that his cousin asking Julie out would lead not to a date but to marriage and children that he would be stuck babysitting shows that maybe, just maybe he is prone to overreacting a touch. ;)

People sure do like to compare things to the size of Quaffles! I think the redness adds an extra special touch to the nose comment, though. Itís also so much more ridiculous than the idea of a head the size of a Quaffle, even on a new baby, that the mental image is hilarious.

Every time I see an interaction between George and Fred II it tugs on my heartstrings a bit. Especially today, since this should be the twinsí birthday. It still seems strange to me after all these years to see George a) talking to a different Fred and b) as a father. He seems like a very considerate dad though (which is fitting, since he had a great one himself).

- R

Author's Response: I do put Fred through bad things, bless him, he probably dreamed of that moment and it's all ruined!

Oh it was so true, but poor Fred is so shy and nervous. Fred is the king of over reacting!

Thank you so so much

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