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Review #1, by Moonyxluna Chapter 17

19th September 2014:
OH god Charlie is going to make her angry all over again! He knows just what to say to make the situation way worse! Their bickering is so funny.

lol.. Charlie would be the only one to not want to 'put up with' Harry Potter. I love the "It's illegal to hurt the golden trio".. uh.. I think it's illegal to hurt anyone? haha they are hilarious. I love all the family feels!

I'm dying. Albus threatening people as he's shoving biscuits into his mouth. I can't stop laughing at the mental image. But of course, he's got to bring up the Fred moment. lol.

Aw, sad, Lucy just shrugging him off! I do think Adam needs to suffer, though. He needs to be able to work with Lucy when bad things happen and not just going out drinking to try to drown his problems.

Hugo and Charlie make the weirdly perfect team to antagonize Harry.


How strange. How strange. They said 'how strange'. I am glaring at them. haha.

I love the line about the 'family business' with Albus. I can't stop laughing.

The terrible excuses. oh boy they're bad. (in the best way). Ah, new love. I love George's reaction. Such a 'cool dad' reaction.

Aw, the moment with Harry was so sweet. I love the way you write Harry, I think in all of your little mentions of him you've got his personality down so wonderfully.

NOO last chapter! Can't wait to read more!! *hugs*

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Review #2, by Moonyxluna Chapter 16

19th September 2014:
Alright Amelia! Some tough love is definitely needed for this situation.

Well, I'm glad he didn't do anything he'd regret to damage his relationship! Still, getting thrown out of a pub in the middle of the day is not a great thing to have happen! I bet it really hit home for her to have the old feelings brought up, even though she seemed like she pushed the bad memories down pretty quickly.

haha! here his revenge comes! Oh, the joys of waking up a hungover person.

It's stressful that he had to quit for something that wasn't his fault! But he still can't be making his whole family worry like that.

I'm glad Amelia is going to help him! She's such a glue for their little group of friends. Maybe he can get a job at the Hospital making potions!

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Review #3, by Moonyxluna Chapter 15

19th September 2014:
THE SUMMARY for this chapter! *is nervous*

lol.. She's just like me moving! All of the books came with. I did not have to sort them. I'm sitting here now dreading putting them back into alphabetical order how I had them! *cries*

I ran out of room on the bookcases - in which this is me. haha.

Oh no here it comes..

I guess we had to know it was coming, something to push Adam overboard. He just is really unhappy at work. Hopefully it doesn't end up effecting his and Lucy's relationship when/if they finally find him. I hope they get their happy ending just like everyone else!

Sigh, still sucks! Even if they know he's an adult he's still got adult responsibilities to not worry his family half to death!

I can't remember what happened with Kelly? (sigh hiatuses) moving on! I hope Adam didn't do anything he's going to regret when he sobers up.

moving on!

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Review #4, by Moonyxluna Chapter 14

19th September 2014:
YAY for James! That promotion will be so nice for the babies and the new house they're getting.

Lol.. I love that the crowd parts for Harry to walk through. I bet he'd hate it, all the attention after all of those years. Too funny. Aw, he's such a proud dad though!

baby ice cream shelf! lol.. she blames the babies for eating poor James' ice cream. It's the perfect excuse, he can't be mad at them!

They're such a cute couple. I'm so glad they finally get to be super perfectly happy after all that they've been through.

:D Fred!

Oh god, Fred, for the love, you've been on a date with her now!

(don't worry, I still love you)

she was either insane or up to something, no wonder Fred liked her-- favorite line. hahah.

They're such little losers. I love it! So so cute! I'm drowning in cuteness. In the best way. And yay! They're finally dating. Can he finally actually talk to her now!? god I hope so!

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Review #5, by Moonyxluna Chapter 13

18th September 2014:
Oh no. Is it bad to panic about her not feeling well? Tell me to stop worrying! Oh it still makes me all happy to see James worry about her. But she's a trooper! At least she works at the hospital if anything happens!

Ah, go Healer Spelling! She definitely needs to be off of her feet before something really effects the babies!

I love Amelia and Adam's relationship. They're such fun sibling drama to read. I'm still worried about Adam. He seems so unhappy at his job I just hope things get better for him soon!

Aw, Lia! What a cute nickname!

Oh, Charlie. Be nice to Amelia! Smelly carrot thief. haha!

Ah, babysitting Pedro. Is this going to end in magical tragedy? lol I guess we'll find out! Aww, what a cutie! I loved the line about James saying how Albus is the most disgusting person he knows. I'm cracking up.

I like the little 'stretch mark potion'! Such a cute way to incorporate magic into their story, while still tackling all of the stresses that pregnancy brings.

JAMES! hah.. pregnancy horror stories! I'll just remember these for later!

Another adorable chapter! :D

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Review #6, by Moonyxluna Chapter 12

18th September 2014:
Domestic cute-ness. I love it. (You know I love it.) I have to tell you anyway. They're adorable. Such a sweet couple.

OH BOY BABY NAMES! Those are terrible. (in the best way) I hope they give them normal names so they aren't cursing their parents for life! haha.

AW, how cute would it be if the babies were born on uncle Fred's birthday? (YES I DID JUST NEED AN EXCUSE TO TALK ABOUT FRED. SHH OKAY.) Why don't I remember Brent? He's the one that saved James, right?

WEIRD! I said this before.. I don't want to have kids. Hiccups!? DO THEY DO THAT!? weeird.

Speaking of weird, haha, there's Hugo! lol. Just invites himself in. I'm cracking up that Hugo thinks he has to brush girls' hair. Such a funny little boy. I'm just picturing him sitting on the edge of their bed interrupting their domestic bliss. And so comfortable just admitting that he basically followed Adam around. what a card.

Oh god, so cute with the Bill part. So cute so cute! I love it. Keep writing this amazing fluffy fluff and I will be here! (eventually :p)

hearts and love!

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Review #7, by HarryGinnyLove88 Chapter 17

17th September 2014:
aww. james and Amelia are so cute :)

Nice chapter, hope I don't have to wait so long anymore :) please write soon.
and write the other story, the year you stole my heart, too.

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Review #8, by HarryGinnyLove88 Chapter 16

3rd September 2014:
you haven't updated a month, hope it will be soon :)

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Review #9, by Moonyxluna Chapter 11

29th August 2014:
THEY'RE SO MEAN TO FREDDIE! grr. haha! I'm glad he didn't have to spend the night there but I still feel the huge urge to defend Freddie's honor! (Is this what love feels like? ) :D Leave it to George to prank his own son after trying to help him ask out a girl.

Aw! She fell asleep at the party! I feel like she really is me and this is something that I would do, fall asleep in the middle of the party. aww and she's sleeping in his bed. Freddie,we've had the personal hygiene talk a few times now; you need to wash your sheets! OBVIOUSLY you need to just have her stay over again, mister! I hope he asks her out when she wakes up!

OH BABY TIME! yes! aw yay, two boys! James was right. He totally doesn't need the ego boost, though!! They're such cuties.

Uh oh. Is this a bit of trouble in paradise for Adam and Lucy brewing? I remember Adam in the previous chapters saying how much he was starting to loathe his job, and I guess the fight was a reminder of that. I'm curious to see what's going to happen. Weddings and building lives together are expensive and so I know he can't exactly quit his job, but I do hope he finds a better one where he gets treated with more respect soon. Of course, in his field, hopefully!

The rest of the chapter was very adorable! hee, they've got these adorable rising Quidditch stars and they aren't even born yet!

I'm scared that I'm almost out of chapters! *cries* I don't want the love and fluff to be over!!

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Review #10, by Moonyxluna Chapter 10

29th August 2014:
Aw, I'm so happy they've found a house; it sounds lovely! Why don't Amelia and James share income, if they're married?

Oh, I don't know what I'm hoping they're having. I hope it's two boys! Maybe! I don't know what to pick! I know it'll be amazing no matter what.

JAMES AND ADAM you are grown men! Don't spend your money on Quidditch shirts! Those two *rolls eyes*

Oh yay, the WWW party! Aww, she's such a cutie, showing up even though she's still under the weather. (totally something I would do, too! lol) Aw, this plan is totally backfiring on poor Freddy! Haha! George testing his products on the kids.. I can't even.

Aw, the jumper part! So cute. I love how you take those classic romance things (pretend relationships, boy gives girl sweatshirt, etc) and you make them so perfectly new again by making them your own.

OMG! Did Fred really just get arrested! How!! Albus, take it easy on your cousin! You can't leave her alone with Hugo! She doesn't love Hugo, she loves Fred! Okay!! Why does Albus have to be the serious Auror for the first time ever when it happens to be INNOCENT OKAY Fred that gets in trouble! I'm sad.

Love love love it!

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Review #11, by Moonyxluna Chapter 9

29th August 2014:
Aw yes my - erm, her - Freddy! Ah, new loves. All the cutesy jitters. Oh no she's sick! Maybe Fred can go over to her place after his shift and help her out ;) hehe. Aw, he's such a sweetheart for staying late for her. LOVE!

OH NO! Freddy use your brain she's sick! Oh no oh noo! Aw, she's so nice about it, though. Aw, you can just feel his embarrassment as he 'curls in the fetal position'. Though you can also tell she obviously did not dislike it ;) I love the writing of those two, it makes me so happy!

HUGO STOP PICKING ON FREDDY! He's such a card, I can't tell if he's misinterpreting things that badly or if he's just that sarcastic that everyone legitimately believes what he says. Either way it's hilarious.

random but I noticed you started spelling Freddy with an 'ie' in this chapter instead of a 'y' like the previous chapters. Just so you know :)

Aw, the moment with George and Fred was so adorable. He's such a good dad, I love the dynamic of their relationship so much.

Amazing chapter again! I am loving how fluffy and campy this is; sometimes all everyone needs is a little bit of happiness and it's really great to read about in this story!!

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Review #12, by Moonyxluna Chapter 8

29th August 2014:
HUGO is such a weirdo. haha! I can't imagine Hugo, Percy, Charlie and Bill hanging out. I just see all the brothers reliving memories and Hugo just being strange in the background. And the stuff about who Hugo's favorite uncle was was so funny. Hugo is Uncle Harry's biggest fangirl, isn't he?

hahah! Hugo uses 'family emergency' as an excuse. These boys are so insane.

The family stuff was so cute. Hugo is just this awkward thing and of course the triangle has to make an appearance! SUCH A LITTLE WEIRDO haha. Aww, such a bittersweet moment seeing them all remember stories about Fred. It's good to see that George is able to remember the happy moments with his twin. And the necklace thing made me go aww out loud. That's such a creative thought; I always thought it'd be super sad that his hand on the clock would never move again, but now it moves right along with George!

whoa! I didn't know that was from JKR! That's awesome!

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Review #13, by Moonyxluna Chapter 7

28th August 2014:
Yay Scorpius! in the prequel to Illusions I always loved his and Albus' friendship. Ha! I love that he feels necessary to announce his appearance very loudly to prevent any.. awkward situations.

oh Albus. What would Mariah say if she knew you let Pedro play with your wand!? BAHA Albus your child outsmarted you. amazing. And Scorpius is wonderful too, as always.

You should write a story about Pedro when he's older and make him a superhero with a pet cat sidekick. "Guardians of the Wizarding Galaxy."

OOh, I do hope James gets the promotion! That'd be great for Amelia if she was able to take some extra time off to be with their kids.

Loving everything so far!! Off to

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Review #14, by Moonyxluna Chapter 6

28th August 2014:
holy wow! When he said soon, he meant soon! Ugh, cleaning when you're upset, I have been there Lucy. It was very sweet how he did it, also, it kind of was very 'their relationship'.

OMG they're spying on Fred. This is amazing. mash potato on there, she really fancied some with gravy -- haha! I just went out to dinner with a preggo friend a few weeks ago and she told them "just bring me the biggest plate of mashed potatoes and gravy you have" It sounds like they're having fun so far! Nothing's going to get ruined, right?? right??

Kind of like, I've got a fish swimming around inside of me.. weird. terrifying. I don't want to have kids. haha.

Freddy is adorable again. Do I have to say that? I mean I'll still keep saying it every chapter he's in but just so you know I always think he's adorable. Aw, yay for liking the same foods! So cute. haha! Asking if she works tomorrow like he totally didn't know she worked when he switched the shift. loser.

AW they're so nervous! cuties. THERE WILL BE MORE KISSES you need to wash your face Fred. You've been sweating all night. haha!

another wonderful chapter, dearie!

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Review #15, by Moonyxluna Chapter 5

28th August 2014:
back for more! I kept thinking about how I'd get to come home and read this and it prevented me from murdering my waitstaff tonight :)

I just snorted. for real. I love brother and sister moments like that. Cute! There little argument was very funny, you can really tell she's super loyal to her best friend and they really act like they're the innocent sibling in the situation.

"amelia angerly grabs orange juice" hahaha. this is gold. she's got no reason to be worried! ADAM YOU ARE MISSING THE POINT entirely OKAY!

so cute.

FREDDY! What an awkward little loser (I say again with nothing but love). I loved how awkward you made things, it was very fun and relateable. I love how Fred actually considers letting Lucy do all the work, I'm calling him a loser again. out of love. hehe.

I'll send you an owl with the details - THIS MADE ME LAUGH SO MUCH. I don't know why. I know they can't use cellphones or anything like that but she is literally standing right there and works with him every day and he's going to send her an owl. I am dying.

Hugo just admits 'being creepy' hahahha. And YES SHE HAS SEEN FRED's FACE OKAY AND ITS ADORABLE. um. or. you know. hee.

OOH are they going on a double date with Lucy!? how fun. aw, this was so cute. Have I ever told you that I love your Fred Weasely ? I think I said this with Albus last chapter but Freddy is my one true love, forever. (except for Derek Hale) haha.

hearts and love and onto the next chapter!

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Review #16, by Moonyxluna Chapter 4

28th August 2014:
PEDRO! yes! haha. Children running and screaming *eye twitch* but it's not real, so I am okay! oh Albus is in trouble now. I love that Pedro adds in his little comments. such a cutie. I can just picture Albus bringing the cat over and Mariah bringing it back like.. twice a week they just keep showing up at Amelia and James' house and it makes me smile.

Oh no, Lucy! It's probably hard for her seeing him miserable at his job and then noticing the - regardless that they aren't bad, but nonetheless - changes in his personality. It's very hard to watch your significant other miserable in something that you can't control, and not be able to figure out changes otherwise. I'd be worried too! We know, but she only sees this so I feel for her!

James you are so obvious. what a loser. (I say that out of nothing but love) hee.. Book recs ;) ;) haha! You're wonderful.

ooh. I think that was a significant part in their relationship, the just trust me moment. They've been through so much that It's got to be hard for her at times when James acts so secretive. It really reminds the reader that things don't go away just because of time. (or maybe I'm reading into it too much, either way I liked that moment)

haha! have fun on the sofa, James! I hope it still has cat hair everywhere!


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Review #17, by Moonyxluna Chapter 3

28th August 2014:
I'm HERE! like.. two years late.

I went to your page and I could NOT for the life of me decide what I wanted to read. So I had to pick one where I had left off. What should I read next? (is 'Beat It' connected with this story? Because that will help me pick. Last chapter it said 'take her to one of your sister's Quidditch games' is it related?)

Anyway, a review! I love Nana Weasley, and I love that everyone calls her that to avoid confusion. She's such a littler fusser and it's very sweet to see.

I'm very worried about Adam and his job from the last chapter. If he's going to be proposing to Lucy hopefully he can stick with it, or find something that makes him happier.

OH NO (or yay. we'll see!) I hope and don't hope (at the same time) that Charlie is a menace living at home. OMG I can just picture it. We'll see! I can't wait.

Yay Albus. I missed your Albus, he's such a fave characterization of mine. such a little goob. I'm an Auror, I know what evil looks like - Albus you're ridiculous. I heart you. No Freddy in this chapter, but that's okay because it was adorable anyway. Filler chapters are great for fluffy little fun moments like this. :)

Your writing makes me so happy! Onto the next chapter! hearts!

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Review #18, by Harry and Ginny Chapter 15

24th April 2014:
I loved reading this chapter! I'm curious as to why Adam went missing, or why he argued with Lucy... and Kelly showed up again? can't wait to read the next chapter to see how she found Adam and took him to Amelia's place... update soon please!!!^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: Thank you hun! Ah, it'll all be revealed with Adam in the next chapter, which I'm hoping to finish soon. Yep, Kelly has showed up again! :D
Update should be soon. Thank you so much hun! :D

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Review #19, by smk210 Chapter 14

30th March 2014:
UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE! Love your story! :)

Author's Response: Hahaha the update is up!! :D

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Review #20, by Harry and Ginny Chapter 14

9th February 2014:
sorry I took ages to review! love the James/Amelia pairing and how you're writing it so far! and also how Fred and Julie were acting around each other is just sweet! can't wait to read more!^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: Awww that's fine hun! Thank you for reviewing! :D

I know I say it a lot but I have so much fun writing James/Amelia :D And any of the next generation lot. :D

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Review #21, by Miss Muggle Chapter 14

17th January 2014:
Oh Fred, what a boy. I hope he at least got a good broom in exchange for his courage. He must have also lost any subtlety he may have had.

On another note, yay for James and Amelia! Everything is just coming together perfectly.

As always, I am looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Fred just needs hugs! Haha he's lost a lot, courage, subtlety, dignity! Haha :D

Yes, there is James/Amelia, which makes me happy! :D

Next chapter shall be soon! Thank you for reading and reviewing. :D

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Review #22, by Harry and Ginny Chapter 13

15th October 2013:
loved reading this chapter! especially the parts between Mariah and Amelia about Pedro, and James' conversation with his wife about their unborn babies! can't wait to read more!^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: Awww I'm glad that you loved this chapter so much! I love writing Mariah, Albus and Pedro. :D
More shall be on it's way!!

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Review #23, by Harry and Ginny Chapter 12

25th July 2013:
haha I loved this chapter! Hugo coming in to James and Amelia's bedroom like he owned the house, was priceless! an it was funny to see Bill feeling uncomfortable... can't wait to read more!^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: :D Hugo does like to ignore personal boundaries, doesn't he? :P He always thinks he owns everything around him, he's very arrogant. :P
Haha oh Bill!
There will be more on the way!! :D

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Review #24, by Harry and Ginny Chapter 11

19th June 2013:
aww they're having two boys! I love reading the moments between Amelia and James and it's funny how Adam and James won the bet on what the gender would be! and poor Fred! I hope he stays well and I wonder how Julie will react once she sees him... can't wait to read the next chapter!^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: Yep two boys! I was going to have one of each, but I really liked the idea of two boys. :D Adam and James just wanted to win, and they did! :P
Thank you for reading and reviewing!!!

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Review #25, by Harry and Ginny Chapter 10

4th June 2013:
I know I reviewed this but for some reason my review was deleted! Albus was a jerk in this chapter! surely he knew that Fred wasn't a part of the fight so I can't wait to read next chapter to find out more about the reason that Albus acted the way he did!^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: Ahh no! I'm glad that you re-reviewed though. Albus is a bit of an idiot in this chapter, but he's playing a trick on poor Freddie. :P
Thanks for reading and re-reviewing!

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