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Review #1, by DobbyLover You make my heart race

21st January 2016:
WOW! This was simply incredible. Beautiful, humourous, lovely, touching, perfect. Possibly best one-shot I've read...? Love it love it love it! I'd be honoured if you'd take a look at my story ("Arrogant Toerag")- I'm dying to get some author feedback.
This was amazing again. Brava!

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Review #2, by Opalpixiechick You make my heart race

6th August 2012:
That was great. :) I hope u add another chapter telling what happens when they get out. :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review!
I might add another chapter, but I dunno if I could write it. I started writing this as a one-shot, but we'll see :)
Thanks a ton for the review!

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Review #3, by Analesh7 You make my heart race

1st August 2012:
This was so great! And as a directioner I thought you used the song very well here!

Here are my fave lines from your story:

"The ridiculous way she sweeps her hair over one shoulder when sheís concentrating, and the absurd way her emerald eyes flare up when she glares, and the positively mad way her hair actually looks like itís on fire when sheís standing directly in front of the sun."

"Go on a date, I silently tacked on at the end. Then get married. And have kids! Yes, lots of them. Actually, why donít we get started right away? Maybe head up to my dorm? This classroom looks a bit dusty. But unless you want to Ė itís fine with me!"

"(Sirius always smirks.)
(His smirks are always haughty.)
(He thinks it makes him look handsome, but we all know it makes him look like a constipated badger.)"

"But Iíll be damned if I ever let Evans get away from me.
(Plus my mum would kill me.)"

AND lastly this one>> "Lily Evans has been taking up so much of my mind lately. With everything she does, everything she says and just everything about her." and it remind me of another 1D song, Everything about You

I loved the humor, especially James :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review!
I'm glad you thought that the story fit in well with the song :)
Hehehe I love getting favourite quotes, so thanks!
So overall, I'm so glad you liked that you liked the fic because I was worried I had the format of a song fic all wrong. And because you mentioned you're a directioner, just thought I'd let all of you out there know that I'm also planning to write a song fic on What Makes You Beautiful :)
Thank you so much for the review, you've made my day!

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Review #4, by RavenclawWayToBe You make my heart race

26th July 2012:
I'm a sucker for cheesy romantics, and honestly, this was great. I've actually pondered writing a Lily and James for this song, but I can never find a good way to write it, but clearly you did. This song and just, this, just, I can't even. It was great and SOOO CUTE AND ADORABLE AND I JUST CAN'T EVEN EXPLAIN.

I was SO happy when I found I had a review and then when I read what the review actually said... well, I guess the huge grin across my face can explain the rest ;)
Thank you so much!

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Review #5, by scorpius_love You make my heart race

25th July 2012:
I love it. love it love it love it love it love it LOVE IT! I LOVE THAT SONG AND IT WAS SO PERFECT FOR THIS STORY!!! AH I LOVE ITTT!

Author's Response: OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU!
But, I know right? It does actually suit James and Lily quite well :D
Thanks a ton for taking the time to read and review! I remember that you were the first reviewer for my novel Amour aswell!
See, I do have a good memory!
Anyway, THANK YOU!

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