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Review #1, by Mrs_Malfoy_Felton Reasons 6-11

14th August 2012:
Ooh I'm the first person to review for this Chapter! Yay me! Ok now on to actually talking about the chapter.. ahem.
I really liked it! But i wish you could have added more detail in the middle like seeing Sutton and the "magnificent trio" carry out the prank and then them getting yelled at and that entire shebang. I also wanted to see the argument between Albus and Sutton because I believe that if you did and put a lot of detail on there we might get to see a little more of their interaction and relationship with each other. And if we do see that we might be able to see their sexual tension (wink, wink)! I also think that I want to see a scene where James and Sutton have to pretend and then not pretend so the readers (me!) can see whats really happening on and off the set.
Hmm. "Golden locks Olivia" I laughed so much when Sutton says that! EEP! And I love how scatterbrained and carefree Rose is! EEP! For some reason whenever I read Roland my mind processed it as being Ronald and then that got me thinking about Ron Weasley and we all know how Ron is... basically the same way that you desribed Roland. But then again thats in my brain, I know that they are not the same person :D
Ah I'm rambling again! I tend to do that in reviews and I apologize if you're about to fall asleep :(
But amazing Chapter and I cant wait to read the next one. Happy Writing!
P.S. The love of my life, Zac, barely made an appearance. - sniffles - (Eh dont worry about the chappie image of Zac.. I can wait for it to be perfect!)
P.P.S. In your response to my last review you mentioned that you have already decided the end to the story. Would you like to give me any hints? You know maybe just tell me who she's going to end up with. just a suggestion though :D nah dont tell me, I'm not going to be one of those annoying reviewers. I can wait... (hopefully)
Love you!

Author's Response: Do you know you're an amazing person? do you?
This chapter was really general, I'm sorry, there are more Sutton/Albus interactions on the next chapter. And I will definitely have more James and Sutton "not pretending" scenes.
Don't worry about me about to fall asleep, because I live in Mexico and here, right now is 8:09 pm :)

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Review #2, by Mrs_Malfoy_Felton Reasons 4-5

8th August 2012:
Yay a new chappie! This was a pretty good chapter I think. I mean I had a smile on my face the whole time. I love the way you have added so many potential love interests for Sutton ;) I don't know who I'm rooting for though... I know I don't want Malfoy with her because he is meant to be with Rosie!!! And I absolutely love the train scene! It's so adorable. I think that the way you have described James is so different from a lot of other stories so it is very refreshing. And I also think that I maybe falling in love with Zac. I want him to myself! Oh dear, Louis drooling. I can totally imagine that! Anyways I'll stop my rambling because I'm pretty sure you are dying of boredom by listening to me go on and on about this! Happy Writing!!!
P.S. Can the next chappie image be of Zac? I'm in love you see!

Author's Response: Your reviews make me so happy!!! I really hope you keep liking this story.
One of the reasons why I started writing this fic was that I wanted to write a story in where the main character had many potential love interests, I wanted each crush to have a diferent cliched personality : the boy next-door type the antihero type etc.
When planning the story I actually had a lot of trouble choosing who was going to be the guy she ended up with, but after some debates with myself I chose one. It really was a lot of trouble, I just liked each one of them so much. But I've already written the last chapter and I'm not changing it. (I really don't know why but I like writing the end of my stories first, just the way i used to read the last page of each book before the beginning.)
Finally, because I've written so much you're probably bored. I already have a chappie image of Zac but I'm not a big fan of it, so why ruining the lovely mental image you must have of him?)

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Review #3, by thinkslikehermione157 Reasons 4-5

8th August 2012:
Cute chapter. Interesting name, Sutton. Is there a story
behind that? 10/10

Author's Response: aww Thank you! I "copied" the name from the Lying Game, I only watched the Pilot but it was enough to make me like the name.

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Review #4, by Mitten13 Reasons 1-3

8th August 2012:
Good story. I like to see how this story is progressing.

Author's Response: I've written 8 chapter , they need a little editing and rereading but I like to think the story is progressing quite well. Hopefully you continue reading this fic and think the same :) Thanks!!

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Review #5, by rogovjm Reasons 4-5

8th August 2012:
Ok, first off: I know this doesn't seem like much of a big deal but I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to this stuff and I noticed a lot in the dialogue that the start of a sentence isn't capitolized or punctuated. Just so you know.

Next: Scorpy. Hehe. His character seems interesting especially in his drama queen-ish state.

This was short but I have nothing else to say so...10/10

Author's Response: It's ok to be a perfectionist about that kind of things, I should be but I'm too lazy and impatient when it comes to editing. I'll try to fix that.
Thanks for the review, it really means a lot :)

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Review #6, by rogovjm Reasons 1-3

8th August 2012:
First: James in footed pajamas! I've read SO many different depictions of him but this is by far the most unique.

Second: Lily and her honesty. Her just revealing every embarassing thing Albus said infront of Sutton was great.

Third: the way the scene at the Burrow was described was wonderful. With Angelina and Molly in the kitchen while Audrey is no help at all and Fleur, Teddy, and Victoire are working on the wedding while James makes something explode.

I believe that's it. 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you! thank you!! thank you!!!

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Review #7, by Mrs_Malfoy_Felton Reasons 1-3

30th July 2012:
All right breaking news! I found my new favorite story! Give it up people! Lol, I'm sorry, after reading your story I'm feeling very happy and giddy. It's a good start. There are a few grammar mistakes but they are easily fixable so no worries. I can't wait till the next chapter, I'm very excited! Happy Writing!!!

Author's Response: AWW! thank you, it means a lot to me that you liked my story :D. The next chapter should be up very soon. (I´ll fix the grammar mistakes as soon as I can)

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