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Review #1, by sharzamow How to Make an Impression

2nd November 2013:
I'm seriously enjoying this story - it's so quirky and sweet, so realistic and yet hugely interesting. Mainly, I'm just stuck on your Scorpius - he's different from your Starving Artists Scorpius, obviously (my absolute favourite Scorpius characterization ever) but he's still got the awkwardness and the hopelessness and the artisticness and I honestly just adore him because it's so difficult to find a good, original Scorpius! Often he's characterized as a rich, nasty, uppity playboy - not going to lie, when done well, I love Scorpius as a rich, nasty, uppity playboy, but it's just fantastic to see him as someone different, someone a bit easier to relate to, so cute and completely different from his father, and yet it doesn't seem beyond the realms of possible. The addition of the plant, Hester, was especially lovely and clever.

And Lucy! Aah, I'm so glad she's a squib - or rather, I think people under-represent squibs in fanfiction, and I think it's an interesting wee twist. I like how you made her particularly good at Herbology, as well - sort of showed that just because she was a squib, she wasn't daft, or terrible at everything, or anything. That her talents simply lay elsewhere. I just think that was fab. And it's adorable, the manner in which she's sort of looking out for Scorpius.

I'm terribly interested in Puja, as well, and looking forward to her and Scorpius' first proper interaction! I wonder if she's actually good at art, or maybe she's really not. Or perhaps she's just ridiculously shy. Either way I'm really really excited for her character!

And Dot! I love Dot. I rather want to give her a great big hug because she's fantastic.

Author's Response: Oh my god, I just wrote a really heartfelt response to your other review and when I hit submit my browser ate every apostrophe and turned them into '€™' instead - I'm laughing so hard, it looks like I'm screaming my head off throughout the response, so sorry about that!

Thank you so much for this review :3 sadly I haven't updated this for ages, although the story's still there in my head and I wish I had the time to tell it. I like that you think it's realistic especially, as it's eveer so slightly based on something that really happened...but I won't say what that is on the off chance that I do actually finish this story at some point.

Eee, glad you like my Scorpius! Haha, I can be partial to a rich playboy Scorpius too - if you want to see a rich, fancy Scorpius done well, check out And Capers Ensue by justonemorefic - but I always find myself writing him like /this/, all awkward and artsy. I've even carried his character over to my original fiction!! I'm working on a novel right now and the male protagonist is basically Scorpius with a different name.

Ah, also very glad you like Lucy! I actually wanted to write squib!Lucy after finishing another Lucy/Scorpius fic of mine called Quantum Physics, in which Lucy is also a squib. Like how JKR intended lycanthropy to be a metaphor for AIDs in the Harry Potter universe, I feel like the 'squib' label is meant to stand for some form of disability, be it mental illness or a physical disability, or whatever you like, and I find it really sad thinking about how squibs are excluded from magical society. I mean, if you re-read Harry Potter and replace squib with, say, 'deaf', then you kinda realise how backward magical society is - 'she can't go to Hogwarts because she's deaf', for example. Like, what?? And because I have too much spare time and far too many feelings I started writing about it. But, alas, like the great Morrissey once sang, I started something I couldn't finish.

Hopefully I can update this sometime in the next century so you can actually read the first interaction between Scorpius and Puja! Spoiler alert: she is good at art. But, yes, ridiculously shy. The next chapter was meant to feature Peeves too, so I kinda want to write it now.

♥ thank you so much for your lovely reviews! And if the internet eats all my apostrophes again, I apologise profusely for all the €™.

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Review #2, by Crescent Moon  How to Make an Impression

10th April 2013:
This story sounds really interesting, I'm loving it.
I can't wait to see where you go with it.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Hopefully I can update some time in the next three centuries~ :3 ♥

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Review #3, by quicksilver How to Draw a Portrait

7th April 2013:
Funny thing...I have a plant named Hester, too! But she doesn't move. Grows really fast, though. She's a Victoria Speedwell, not a spider plant or a variation thereof.
I'm liking the story so far! It's very interesting.

Author's Response: Haha, what a coincidence! Are you sure she's not actually capable of conscious thoughts? Plants are devious things.

Thank you for reviewing! Glad you liked it ♥

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Review #4, by purplepotter77 How to Make an Impression

15th January 2013:
I love this story so far; it's super, super creative. I just love your take on Scorpius (both in this story and your other stories) and how he's so different from Scorpiuses in other stories. And is it a bit too early for me to start shipping Lucy and Scorpius already? I hope it's not, because I can already imagine all the awkward biscuit-filled scenes they'll have. :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Ah, I'm fond of my pathetic artsy Scorpiuses. You may ship them, although I hope I can surprise you!

Thank you for reviewing ♥

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Review #5, by Meghna How to Draw a Portrait

5th January 2013:

Ahem. Back to coherency now.
I liked this chapter a lot more than the two you wrote before this. I'll be honest, I found that last two a little boring. Mainly because of all the introductory stuff I guess. But I read them anyway just cause you wrote them (That was a compliment by the way) :D

Are we allowed to ship people so early in the story? Because you right really shippable ships and I quite enjoy shipping them.

Anywhoo, I think I'll like Herster. And Lucy! And Puja! (though we haven't even met her, but she has to be important, right? because you've mentioned her so many times. (Look at me being a psychic (Random Fact: I'm Indian and I have friends named Noor and Puja O.O (And I should really stop with the braces ) ) ) ) And even that annoying third year whose name I can't remember.

Aaand that's it really.

Author's Response: heh! I hope I can surprise you with the way the story goes, then :3

aww, I'm sad to hear that! I decided from the word go that this would be a more reserved and normal story in terms of writing style because I've been doing a lot of humour and first person narration lately. If I get a chance I'll revise them and see if I can tone them down a bit!

you may ship them as much as you like. you can ship anyone and anything, really.

ahh, cool! there's kind of a funny story behind me picking those names. I'm basing this story on RL things that happened at my school .I basically lived in the art department and was privy to their dramas - you'll see what I mean by dramas as the plot unfolds. So /a lot/ of this fic is taken from my old school, and we had about six people called Puja or Pooja in our year. So it seemed like the best name to take for a student who'll become very important in later chapters~

thank you for reviewing! ♥

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Review #6, by Wheazingweasley How to Draw a Portrait

4th January 2013:
I looove your stories about scorpions lol! You are a very true author/artist! I love that chapter! ...and I just noticed that Lucy is Lucy like in the other stories, not just a random person! Please keep up with this!

Author's Response: do you mean scorpions or scorpius? ;) aww, thank you so much! glad you like it ♥

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Review #7, by Toujours Padfoot How to Find Employment

4th January 2013:

This piece of news was a shock in itself, as he rather liked her and was certain the school would never be the same with her gone
- I like that you said that. So often I see Dumbledore being the one admired, long after his death when none of the current students had personally known him. Having that same sort of experience - like how everyone used to think that Hogwarts would never be the same with Dumbledore gone - but in this new generation, with Professor House (and I like that you made it a woman running the show, instead of another man), everyone looks up to her instead. And she would be the recipient of that respect, that admiration, that Dumbledore had for so long. It gave me a definite sense of a change in the wizarding world. It feels very much like a different atmosphere. Lighter, happier. Students can actually focus on their academics for a change instead of fearing for their lives that some bald nose-less man is going to murder them all.

Baww, poor Scorpius, being a hatstall who never really fit in anywhere.

You know, I've never really thought about it before, but I don't think I would have excelled too much in Hogwarts. They don't have anything artistic. We get a hint of Flitwick leading a chorus, but there are never people going around with instruments, people heading off to art or creative writing or anything. At most, those types of things have been trivialized into clubs, like Gobstones. I struggle with a lot of rigid subjects that don't allow for any wiggle room, and would be horrible in Transfiguration and Potions. So while I'd like to think I would thrive at Hogwarts, I probably wouldn't. I'd be hiding out in Myrtle's toilet a lot.

Scorpius is going to make such an awkward teacher at first. Judging by his conversation with House, his first confrontation with his students should be amusing. Or maybe he'll blow my mind and be really intelligible and remember everything he wanted to say, etc.

I really enjoyed this! I shall come back later and read moar. ♥

Author's Response: SCALY MEN FISH ♥

or should that be scaly manfishes? I don't know anymooore.

Ah, thank you for saying that! Well, actually, this fic is based almost entirely (or mostly, anyway) on real life events at my school, and my school was headed up by a wonderful, benign & eccentric headmistress who was very Dumbledorish. But regardless of that, I do see Next-Gen as being a bit like what you've described there anyway. A totally new set of faces and a definite lighter mood. Even if this story isn't destined to be all light~

I love my misfit Scorpii. At least this one is smarter than my average Scorp.

Me neither! The things I'm good at don't even get a look-in on the Hogwarts curriculum; art, music, literature. The only subject I'd have a hope of passing would be History of Magic, most likely. When I'm writing Hogwarts-centric fic I do tend to insert art clubs and extracurricular photography classes, the like, because I just work on the assumption that these things /did/ exist but JKR didn't have the room for them. And I can't bear the thought of a school that doesn't teach art!

I would definitely also be hiding out in Myrtle's toilet a lot.

Hee, he might blow your mind in the latest update! But whether he can keep it up during the year remains to be seen.

Thank you for your reviews lovely! ♥

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Review #8, by Loony_Scorpy How to Act Normal

9th October 2012:
Oops obviously I need to stalk your page more often. This story is fab. I would tell you everything that I loved and thought was genius but that would be most of it and I can't be bothered right now because I'm a lazy poo but I have to review now because otherwise I tend to forget. Wow don't I just sound like a charming person. I do love the idea that Scorpius is becoming an art teacher and I do love this Scorpius. It is all very fab. Yay! Okay sorry I'm tired. And I'm supposed to be working oops. I love this.

Author's Response: eee, thank you! Glad you enjoyed it - when I get the time, I have a lot of fun writing it :)

now go and do some work!

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Review #9, by WitnesstoitAll How to Act Normal

15th September 2012:
heyyy Joloo.

Just a breif review b/c I adore this story to pieces and couldn't click away from it without leaving you some sort of squeey rambling paragraph. Sooo. Here we are: I adore this Scorpius (as I do all of your scorpii), but there is something incredibly gentle about his hands -- the way he runs his fingers over the Ultramarine watercolor block, and traces the heart on the desk top... that makes me automatically trust him. I also snorted at his paranoid thoughts as he locked both doors separating him from the spider plant (and how clever to make a /spider/ plant alive).

I Also enjoyed the opening scene... it did a good job of painting Scorpius' gratitude of being back at hogwarts and his apprehension of all the unknown factors involved in his new teaching position. I hope to see more of his involvement with some of the other staff members...

Gah. this is so brilliant and I can't wait to see where you go with it!! Oh, one last thing. Headmistress -Dot- House lololol. That's so, so true. It's very difficult to transition from people's proper titles to first names, and so I completely empathized with Scorpius on that front.

Author's Response: hoy molosso!

eee, thank you! I have endless, endless fun characterising all my Scorpii (no, really). And...yeah. Spider plant, spider plant, does whatever a spider plant does (spins webs).

He definitely has more involvement with other staff members! How about a bit of Neville in the next chapter...?

thank you so much! :D ♥

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Review #10, by hdawg How to Act Normal

6th September 2012:
SECOND CHAPTER WOO! I have decided to put on hold my fics for the day, and instead just to read this and wallow in self-pity that I cannot find the writing inspiration to come up with anything half as witty as this :( ah well, I'll just sponge off you and your fame for a while longer ;)

"Professor Zarah Hussain" OHHH! I c wot u did der! I am insanely jealous that these two wonderful girls and friends got into this story. So jealous...

"Then again, neither was big talk, if small talk had an opposite". Is that a Community-ism I see there? From the pilot episode? If so, me like. If not, me still like.

"He hastily dropped the fork and did his best to smile, although it was a little difficult when even his lips seemed to be trembling out of fear. " Oh, you have the lip tremor too! I thought I was the only one! This description is too cute for words, and my heart has just enveloped him and cuddled him. That sounds weird and disgusting, but this is how I feel.

SLUMBER PARTY! "Somehow, he couldn't imagine that the mostly middle-aged Professors shared a dormitory like the students did." But you raise a valid question: where do they sleep? I like to imagine Snape rolling out a sleeping bag underneath his desk every night, accompanied sometimes by Flitwick, in which they stay up into the early hours of the morning, eating rubbish and talking. But now I remember that they aren't girls, but I still want this to be true.

"A sink, set in a chipped marble unit, had recently been installed beside them. The entire right-hand corner at the back was taken up by a massive, leafy house plant." Oh how I remember this...It seems like ages ago that we were in a room that sounds just like this. BUT OUR PLANT NEVER MOVED. AH. I'm hoping that this is not a murderous plant, but instead is a lonely plant that just wants some love and affection, and will pose for the students and will grace the covers of 'Witches Weekly' in various different positions. Yes. Good.

BUT WOO! SECOND CHAPTER! Oh, I love it. And now it's all going to get going with art teaching and teaching art, and I can't wait to see how he'll do. AND THE STUDENTS. I wonder who you'll base them on...

You've given me a lot to think about. BUT ME LIKE. ♥ yaay julia! ♥

(sorry for the incomprehensible review, but I tried. Gold star for trying, right?)

Author's Response: when you said 'sponge' off me I could only think of 'moisturise me' from doctor who and ahh why would you do that

ahaha! oh yep. a lot of elements from RL turn up in here...

I didn't intend for it to be a community-ism, but if it, cool cool cool.

eww that really is a bit disgusting.

snape and flitwick totally had slumber parties don't even pretend they didn't

and our plant did move? evidently we have very different memories of as-level art...

the plant is not a pin-up, hannah.


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Review #11, by hdawg How to Find Employment

6th September 2012:
WOOO ART TEACHER SCOPRIUS! I have been waiting for this for a while, and just like Daisy Buchanan, miss it when it comes and am very late when I realise it. But WOO &droo Scorpius!

Now, prepare yourself for my normal habits of very long reviews with a lot of quoting and a lot of spin off situations. And ultimately, I will ship something. And most of the time it will be me/main character. Scorpius better be prepared...

"and thank you to anyone who's still here and fancies reading this" me. Yes. That sounds better. And so the quoting begins...

"at the end of the day, he'd resigned himself to the fact that, really, he just wasn't cut out to be a great wizard." From this moment onwards, my heart is his, jsyk.

He is Harry Potter #2. This is legit. "Once or twice in his childhood he had, in fact, entertained a brief fantasy that he wasnt their son at all, but some foundling child that'd been discovered on a doorstep." So that means Draco Malfoy is Vernon Dursley...ah3h3. Draco with a moustache...

"And a glowing reference from Professor Prenderghast." YEAH! Tarquin made it in here...You know that Prenderghast is also the name of a villainy-type character in Sherlock Holmes? Thought you ought to know... And now you have said that it is a 'she'. Well, her name can be Tarquinie. Cool? Cool.

Ah me like. Me like very much. It's a lovely first chapter, not too rushed but with enough background and foreshadowing for it to be just right. I am unbelievably looking forward to it. Will he be like our motorcycle-riding art teacher, or the bald one with the head like a peanut? I wonder...

BUT YAAY! I am so pleased you have finally started writing this ♥

Author's Response: someday we will watch for the solstice together. I DON'T WANT TO BE LIKE DAISY WAAA.

you know I love your spin-offs and ships. me love them a lot.

awwh, glad you like wee Scorp!

omg don't even suggest draco as vernon - obese, mustachioed draco is definitely NOT a good mental image.

'queenie' for short? cool.

there are elements of both, although, ultimately, he'd more based on our motorcycle-riding, cravat-wearing, adele-loving, photography-teaching art teacher. especially when it comes to the too-short trousers that show off his socks. and the lobster bisque.


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Review #12, by MargaretLane How to Act Normal

4th September 2012:
Forgot to say on the previous chapter, the idea of having to teach a class as part of an interview is scary. *laughs* It makes sense though as the best way to judge teachers and I gather it's popular in Britain? I bet Scorpius is glad to escape that though.

Yikes, working with your own old teachers and teaching students you not only attended school with but lived with must be scary. Be hard for him to establish authority with people who knew him when he was at school, but he was a prefect, so I guess they are used to him wielding a certain amount of authority.

I really wonder what is going on with that plant. Intriguing.

Author's Response: It does happen here! Or it did at my school anyway, although more often than not it was a lesson for the junior students - I never had any 'trial' lesson when I was a senior. In one of my last months at school I showed three prospective new art teachers around and they all had to teach a class as part of their interview, they were all terrified! It's certainly not something I'd like to do - although I dno't think I'm cut out to be a teacher in the first place.

I'm glad you picked up on that, I'm looking forward to expanding on that later in the story! Scorpius gets on with some members of staff better than others...

Ah, the mystery of the plant will be solved in the next chapter ;D

Thank you for the review! ♥

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Review #13, by MargaretLane How to Find Employment

4th September 2012:
This sounds like a really unusual and original story.

Scorpius likes a lot of the same subjects I could imagine myself liking. Well, the only subjects I'd really imagine liking are History of Magic and Muggle Studies.

The interview wasn't really like any interview I've ever been at for a teaching position, apart from the question about what he could bring to the school, but then Hogwarts is different and it's a new subject. Plus she already knows him, so she probably has a pretty fair idea as to how good he'd be. I thought his answer to what he'd bring was pretty impressive.

Boy, that's a good point about the importance of art in history. The Renaissance is an entire section of the Junior Cert. History course here. Of course the Renaissance wasn't only about art, but it was a significant proportion of it. I really like the way Scorpius makes the connection between both subjects.

I always like stories from teachers' points of view. *grins*

Author's Response: ah, me too! part of the reason I decided to go ahead and write this fic after two years of nursing the idea was my sudden realisation that, if I went to Hogwarts, I'd be totally stuck - the only subjects I was good at at school were Art, Music, English Lit and History...and how many of those are taught at Hogwarts? haha.

(yikes!) Yeah, I didn't really know how to write that bit - I mostly pieced it together from the 'student interviews' we did at my school (some senior girls were picked to interview candidates after the staff did). And I based his answers, kind of, on what /my/ art teacher said when I got to interview him - he was the best teacher I've ever had. Scorpius' response there is how I feel, as well. Art gets a really unecessary reputation as a 'soft' and 'easy' subject when it is really anything but; it was by far the most stressful A-level I took (and somehow I still wanted to go to art school, and here I am, now, a bonafide art student).

History and art really do go hand in hand! In fact, the degree I'm reading for is half and half studio practice at an art school and history of art through the university - we're actually studying the renaissance next term! I think a lot of our knowledge of history would vanish if we didn't have art - if that makes sense. This response is really deviating from the story now, but a few weeks ago we were studying early christian art, and one of the points we discussed was to do with the lack of written sources from the time - we rely on the art in that case. Okay, I don't think that made a lot of sense :L

I think I remember you saying you were a teacher from the forums! I really hope I can be as accurate as possible with this story, please let me know if I get anything obviously wrong! Thank you very much for reviewing and I'm glad you liked it ♥

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Review #14, by DumbledoresArmyOfOne How to Find Employment

2nd September 2012:
*chucks a few rotten tomatoes at the author*
*changes to chocolate eclairs, cause no one likes rotten fruit*
oh no. I was so determined NOT to read this... but my willpower broke. Artsy Scorpius, how could I resist?
So, besides being yet another WIP to distract from weather for ducks (cough cough) it sounds like the beginning of a great story :D

It's so true that Hogwarts' curriculum is rather... arcane. The introduction of art to hogwarts could be nothing less than interesting, and considering the main character and the author, looks like we're in for some unfortunate happenings and outrageous fortune and whatnot.
i can't wait to
Love it so far

Author's Response: *dodges rotten tomatoes, deftly catches chocolate eclairs one-handed, om nom nom nom nom*

heh - artsy scorpius, how can /I/ resist? it's got to the point where I can't write him any other way. (cough, cough, I am working on the last three chapters of weather for ducks but they are /long/, srsly)

I disappointed me quite a bit when I was younger and still thought Hogwarts was real; the things I'm good at (art, english literature, music) barely even get a look in on the curriculum. I bet the only subjects I'd be good at would be herbology and history of magic! so, really, in my headcanon of the progressive next-gen world (hurrah for positive ministry reforms and whatnot) the Howgarts' curriculum would get an overhaul. haha, thank you! I love my unfortunate happenings and, now and again, my outrageous fortune - don't get your hopes up for scorpius, though. once again, I'm writing him reliably downtrodden.

thanks for the review! next chapter is already up :D ♥

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Review #15, by Indigo Seas How to Find Employment

31st July 2012:
I absolutely love the story you've set up here - it's so original! I absolutely can't wait to read more, because your writing is simply captivating and your characters are just... bah. I want to hug all of them.

xx Rin

Author's Response: eee, thank you! I've been wanting to write this for years, so hopefully once RL gets a bit less manic the chapters will flow pretty easily. baww ♥ I do love my downtrodden characters; considering how much I abuse them hugging would be quite a wise move. thanks for reviewing & I'm glad you liked it! :D

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Review #16, by Cherry Bear How to Find Employment

26th July 2012:
Hey there! Finally here with that promised review (: First of all, I have no idea why this doesn't have more reviews; it's such an unique, well-written story! And I don't think I can emphasize that 'unique' enough - I can honestly say I've never read a story about Scorpius the artist (or, at least, if I have, it's not good enough for me to remember right now...). I knew as soon as I'd read the first few paragraphs that your Scorpius was going to be interesting and original, because your observations of the Hogwarts' curriculum were just that. I've legitimately never thought about how Hogwarts lacks those typical extra classes, which is decidedly peculiar since it's the only real education most witches and wizards will receive.

But, anyway, back to the originality of your Scorpius, because there's a lot to be said about that (; He's not good at magic! And he's a Ravenclaw! But he was almost a Hufflepuff! Aaaah non-cliche bliss. And the fact that he'd pretended he wasn't really Draco and Astoria's child was pretty fantastic, too. Overall, I'd say you did an excellent job characterizing Scorpius in this first chapter. I especially liked the realism of his interview with the Headmistress - maybe because I can relate so much to planning everything that I want to say and then choking on the words hehehe.

The only thing that I found even mildly off about this was the beginning. Don't get me wrong: I loved your descriptions - as I said before, this entire chapter was very well-written - but, at the end, I sort of felt like you had spent a bit too much time introducing Scorpius' past. You divulge everything in about ten or so chunks of writing and it is a bit overwhelming. I understand that it would probably be challenging to intersperse that information with the action of the story (especially when you leap right into his interview for the teaching position) but I think that would make it a lot easier to get truly pulled into the story. For me, the introduction was sort of a bitter pill to swallow. Excessive amounts of apologies if I've offended you in any way with this criticism, though! I think you're an excellent writer and everything about this story is, of course, your prerogative.

That minor criticism aside, I think what most intrigued me about this story was what Scorpius touched on in his interview with the Headmistress - about why art is important. I think that's a question that every type of artist - author, painter, potter, whatever - struggles with at some point. Or, at least, I know that I've personally struggled with that question. And I'm legitimately excited to read more of this story and to see you hopefully touch on that question more, because I think it's pretty darn relevant (: And, alright, I'm also pretty excited to see Scorpius actually attempt to teach a class of kids only a few years younger than him teehee.

Not really much else for me to say here except good work, and apologies for this long rambling review. I can't wait to see how you incorporate the Perks of Being a Wallflower quote into this story :D

Cherry Bear

Author's Response: hello! thanks for popping by, your review is absolutely fab :D

I'm really glad you say that - I've wanted to write this story for what feels like forever, but I've never quite come around to it until now, when a series of RL events just spurred me to write it. artist!scorpius is sort of my headcanon, mostly because the first characterisation I wrote of him was heavily based on myself (eek, that's awkward) and so I've sort of burdened his character with my own artsy leanings in pretty much every fic. yeah, it always disappointed me as a kid how hogwarts didn't teach the things I was good at (art, music, english lit) when I was still convinced it was real and I would be going there. so I've had a determination for a while to build a version of hogwarts that could legitimately have a place for the arts.

again, just my headcanon scorpius showing up as usual, haha! I think I've put him in every house except gryffindor now, haha. eek, yes, interviews. I had a couple for art schools this year and I have no idea how I got through them, my mind was completely empty.

ahh, I'm glad you actually pointed that out - I had my doubts about this first chapter too because, even though this idea had been rattling around my head for years, I'd never been able to put it into words until now. I think my main concern was that the premise is so instantly strange - art at hogwarts - that I had to explain a lot of it away, especially scorpius' character. fandom has pretty much accepted the version of him as a sexy, smarmy hunk as canon, so I guess I wanted to establish mine as quickly as possible...I don't know, haha! mostly it was to do with the plot. but I can really see why it would be a bit heavy and I'll take that into consideration for later chapters.

oh, me too. the school I went to was very science-oriented and I had a hard time explaining to people why my subject was as valuable as theres - the art department that ~nurtured~ me was much abused, which was partly why I wanted to write this (scorpius is just a fictionalised, diluted version of my two art teachers and what happened to them, haha). I hope I can touch on it again, haha! I jumped on your challenge right away because perks is a fab book and I'd been thinking about writing a sort of ~self discovery~ story for ages and, well, this is it. plus artists are tortured types by nature - I should know; I am one, and I'm set to spend the next five years surrounded by them ;A;

thank you so much! it was a really lovely review :D the quote...argh, I really hope I can get to that chapter in time for the deadline, but it comes a lot later than I'd hoped. I have a lot of characterisation to get out of the way first, haha.

thank you for reviewing! ♥

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Review #17, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap How to Find Employment

26th July 2012:
Even five years later he could still perfectly recall the sound of porcelain shrapnel tinkling to the floor in an otherwise silent room.

^ For some reason this image made me really sad.

I'm excited for a new story from you. Pish-posh, for WIPs? You can do it. I believe in you!

I really like this idea. You're introducing a new subject in Hogwarts, you actually are an artist so you know what you're talking about.

I have a question though. Why do you always kill his mother and create a strained relationship between Draco/Scorpius? What's going on in your head? I'd really like to understand your 'head canon' for the Malfoy family because I always felt like Draco and Scorpius would have had an alright relationship. I'm not saying Draco is perfect but I just want to know what you think.

Author's Response: bawww. it was sad for scorpius too. I have this incarnation of him down as pretty academic, a lot like me, and...well, I can only guess he must have felt like how I felt in one of my piano exams when I accidentally kicked the pedal away from me midway through a piece and not only broke the pedal but had to start from the beginning and arr. as you can see, I put a lot of my ~feels~ into these stories, haha.

(I hope I know what I'm talking about...)

ooh, headcanon. sometimes I don't kill astoria...but then I feel I have to split her and draco up. I know it's my OTP, but I love the horrible dysfunctional destructive pairings that generate angst. I do see draco and scorpius as having an okay relationship, really, just one that's very strained at times. I think draco would have a lot to fight with in his mind all the time and also an absolute determination for his son to turn out differently - so he's already a very grumpy guy, but forever trying to shape scorpius into something draco wants to be. in all the versions I've written of them, they do actually love each other very much, deep down, but I see so much pain and unresolved angst in the malfoy family by the next-gen era that I don't really think they could have been the happiest of families. but I do see them resolving everything eventually - my headcanon is that scorpius is the guy who finally buries the hatchet and makes amends for his family name, except in an understated and generally very subtle way. hence why I always cast him as a quiet little hipster, hahaha. a lot of this story is going to be about ~finding one's identity~ and struggling with family history, so I felt I had to establish the malfoy situation in the first chapter.

woah...that was rambling D: I'm glad you asked me about my headcanon though, I love prattling on about it!

thank you for reviewing :D ♥

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Review #18, by potter_nerd How to Find Employment

18th July 2012:
Aaahhh! Can I say that I'm just SO GLAAD that you decided to write this!! I dropped by hoping for an update on Blunderland and then I see this. And then ofcourse I had to give it a read.
And its has Scorpius, wooo. :D I love your version of Scorpius, mainly because he's not the charming womanizer he's portrayed as in other fics. And even though he sorta resembles the three other Scorpius-es that you've written, he's a little different at the same time.
I like. :)

Author's Response: thank you so much! I'm a big fan of scorpius, heh. I realise recently that I'm not really a next-gen writer so much as a scorpius writer. scorpius is my name (well, no it isn't) and scorpius is my game. (and, yeah, they are all kind of the same. except this one is a little less...naff. this one's got a bit of success in life, ahaha).

thank you very much! ♥

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Review #19, by WitnesstoitAll How to Find Employment

17th July 2012:

This is going to be such a great story, not only because how much it means to you, but more than that, it already is fabulous! This scorpius, omg. I just want to know him, sit down, have some coffee (or tea). He seems so real and down to earth and very passionate... the sort of person that you can really talk about the big questions with. I love the image you've painted for him and cannot wait to see what you have in store for him, his students and the readers.

gah. Loved this, and am excited for the next chapter. (H) Rave on, my friend.

Author's Response: MOL.

eee, thank you! feel free to have tea with my scorpius, he's free from around 4 each day after teaching ;D awwh, thank you for saying so, I am enjoying writing him for those reasons, and I'm looking forward to developing his character more as he goes through the trials and tribulations this story throws at him...

thank you so much! rave on, puffin... ♥

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Review #20, by ariellem How to Find Employment

17th July 2012:
Ahoy There!!

^that was a pun, a very bad pun.

I loved Quantum Physics, so I'm back for more of your amazing Scorpius!! Anyway, this review probably won't be very long but I would expect more for your future chapters. :)

Author's Response: ahoy to you too!

thank you very much! ♥

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