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Review #1, by lamahorse Chapter 6

4th August 2014:
I cried, I actually cried and if you can o that to me then you are officially amazing.

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Review #2, by marauder5 Chapter 1

24th January 2013:
It makes me sad that no one has left a review for this chapter, because it really is brilliant! I didn't know what to expect when I clicked this story, but you sure know how to write. The interaction between Neville and Hannah is adorable, and you've added the perfect amount of humour into it, so it's cute, but not too fluffy. I love it.

Of course, I wish it would have been a little bit longer, but I've got another few chapters to read as well, so I can't complain. This was a very good first chapter, thank you :) 8/10

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Review #3, by DailyProphetPhotographer Chapter 6

19th October 2012:
This chapter was full of owey-gooey lovey-dovey couplely
cuteness!! :3 I like how you include little things about the
other couples, instead of just the main one. Not many
people do that :P Can't wait for more. :)

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Review #4, by The Raven_claw Chapter 6

16th October 2012:
Ahh update soon, SUCH an adorable story. Love love love. Ahh.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I have ideas for the next chapter, so it shouldn't take too long i hope.Hufflepufhallows

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Review #5, by DailyProphetPhotographer Chapter 5

4th October 2012:
That was my reaction to the last sentence. All the feels, I can't sort them out. The flashback to when Hannah healed Neville for the first time made me feel very nostalgic, probably because it felt like forever since I read that O.o

Anyway...thanks for updating! Can't wait for the next one :3

P.S Do you know when The Dobby's are? Or do they even still do them? Thanks :)

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing!
I don'y know when the Dobby's are, sorry.Next chapter is being validated as we speak~Hufflepuffhallows

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Review #6, by DailyProphetPhotographer Chapter 4

2nd September 2012:

Penelope, shut up and let Hannah go kick butt already!! Lol
Also, Ron and Hermione moment < 3
Thanks for more great chapters :3 I'm looking forward to what happens next :D

Author's Response: Yayyy! Review! Haha you're right about Penelope, if it were me instead of Hannah I'd have been like "GET OUT OF MY WAY!!" but Hannah's more tactful than that. I'm glad you like the Ron Hermione stuff too, they are honestly the cutest couple in the world (after Hannah and Neville of course)~Hufflepuffhallows

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Review #7, by DailyProphetPhotographer Chapter 2

10th August 2012:
Yay!! New story!! I'll be honest, I was a bit worried I wouldn't like this story when I read the summary, only because these type of stories ( stories about marriage and life-after-war) usually don't grab my attention. BUT, that thought never should have crossed my mind, because this is your story were talking (or I'm talking) about, and your stories, are awesome. 'Nuff said. :D

Author's Response: The summary might change as I go on, like the one for A Place To Hide, I'll just look at it one day and be like "Oooh this sounds better" *types better one*. Thank you so much for being my first review of this story, and it means a lot to me that you read it even though you weren't grabbed by the summary. I also like the fact you called me awesome (or my stories, anyway), that make you awesome too~Hufflepuffhallows

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