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Review #1, by ms simone The Lake

18th August 2015:
so lucius doesn't care that draco with draco! hope when u re-write the story, we might get more background detail. great job!!

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Review #2, by Tory The Lake

7th February 2015:
omg really, I love that you didn't make Lucius that bad ass as he is, but as a father, i loved it really, I almost cried because I love malfoy family so, wow really amazing, I hope to read more things like that from u or (hopefully) continius? haha thanks for making that loovely fic.

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Review #3, by Tory Defense Against the Dark Arts

7th February 2015:
I am reading this now, and i am so in love with what you did, you can expres as Luna really well, and you're showing the part in Draco that real fans know he has, so thankful, I am an Druna shipper from spain hahaha AMAZING hope to see them closely in the nexts

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Review #4, by johana The Lake

9th September 2014:
I don't know what to say, it's great as always! :)

Author's Response: Thank you! Even the simplest of reviews make me smile!

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Review #5, by PatronusQueen0623 The Lake

5th September 2014:
I think you are being too hard on yourself, this chapter isn't bad. It might not be the best, but it certainly isn't terrible. I like it anyway. I think it needs a little more explaining, everything happens a little too fast I think. I can't wait to read the next chapter, and the re-written version of the story too!

Author's Response: I usually am very hard on myself so thank you for the reassurance! Yeah I did write it in a rush, but it'll all be better when I rewrite it! Thanks for the review :)

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Review #6, by PatronusQueen0623 The Letter

2nd September 2014:
I love this story so so so much. All the characters act like they do in the actual novels, and Draco is exactly how I imagined him being after the war. I love watching his transition as he softens and falls in love with Luna. Update as quickly as you can! I need more!

Author's Response: Thank you! I love getting this kind of feed back on my writing. The new chapter is now up! Enjoy :)

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Review #7, by Loonylovegood67890 The Letter

27th August 2014:
I love this so far! Can't wait for the next update. I think you capture Luna's personality perfectly in the story and you really made it believable. :)

Author's Response: Thank you! Luna can be hard to write so I am glad to hear that.

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Review #8, by AccioPen The Letter

24th August 2014:

Author's Response: You're welcome!!! And thank YOU for reviewing and encouraging me :)

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Review #9, by wheezywatson Missing Him

20th August 2014:
Im falling in love with this story if you dont continue it i'll kill you :p PLEASE CONTINUE IT! :(

Author's Response: Haha! Well I guess I'll just have to continue it, won't I ;)

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Review #10, by wheezywatson The Letter

17th August 2014:

Author's Response: Awww thank you so much! This really means a lot :)

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Review #11, by johana Missing Him

1st August 2014:
love this fanfic so so so much you don' even know. can't wait for new chapters.

Author's Response: I'm glad you love it that makes me so happy to hear that :D More chapters are coming very soon!!

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Review #12, by Lana Missing Him

22nd July 2014:
And then Satan said "let there be unfinished fanfiction on the internet"


please continue it!

Author's Response: Just you wait... ;)

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Review #13, by quirkycharm Missing Him

24th March 2014:
This is so sweet. I love it. Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Thank you! More is coming!

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Review #14, by PotterPrincess_x The Feast

15th January 2014:
Awww this is so cute! I love the idea of Druna, it's such an interesting pairing, so I'm really happy that you made this fan-fic, loving it so far, even though this is only the second chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you think it's cute :)

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Review #15, by Jordan Missing Him

26th December 2013:
Ok so I read all of the chapters and loved it please continue the story I stayed up til 2:00am reading this ok things you could fix umm...well when you get more into the romance get into more detail like cute little things and luna should talk to dracos father and also you can make Draco realize that he misses luna so much that no one not even his father can get in the way and so he can't stay away anymore and surprises her by kisses her in a dark hallway or something sorry not trying to choose what happens just giving ideas anyways good job!

Author's Response: Oh really? You have no idea how happy that makes me! Thank you so much for the ideas, I am always open to suggestions and these sure helped! I'll try to get some into the next chapter :D

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Review #16, by Panda Weasley  Missing Him

20th December 2013:
Aw this is so sweet! Defiantly a different Draco than in the books but that's ok.

Author's Response: Yeah he's a bit different but oh well, thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #17, by Panda Weasley  First Day Back

17th December 2013:
OMG! A VERY POTTER MUSICAL! RUMBLEROAR,PIGFARTS! OMG! Can I guess Draco's secret? Does he wear diapers?!?!?!?!?!? Sorry had to do that. Love the story!
~Panda Weasley

Author's Response: Haha I love when people get that reference! Thanks!

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Review #18, by icingonmycake Missing Him

2nd December 2013:
I absolutely love this story! i have no other words for you!

Author's Response: Thanks! That's all I need to hear really :)

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Review #19, by Avery Missing Him

30th November 2013:
is this on Wattpad? if not, you should put it on there.

Author's Response: It's not but I will look into that :)

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Review #20, by Lilly Official

29th November 2013:
What??? There is no moré!!! No, Please Please write moré :)

Author's Response: More is coming very soon! :D

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Review #21, by Lilly Back at Hogwarts

28th November 2013:
IT is really nice i love every chapters!

Author's Response: You're too sweet. Thanks for the lovely reviews!

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Review #22, by Lilly In Deep Thought

28th November 2013:
Awesome!i can't stop reading!

Author's Response: I'm glad I got you hooked! ;)

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Review #23, by Lilly After the Party

28th November 2013:
Oh gh IT is so good !

Author's Response: Thank you!!

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Review #24, by icingonmycake Official

25th November 2013:
YAAAY! they're official! Awesome! One thing though, I'm pretty sure it's "had gone" not "had went" :P

Author's Response: Yay! Oh I didn't notice that, my mistake! English isn't my first language so sorry if there's any errors!

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Review #25, by icingonmycake Back at Hogwarts

17th November 2013:
FINALLY! It was a rather short chapter, but worth it! I love this story pl continue, AND UPDATE FASTER! Also, if you have time I would love for you to go check out my story, Explosion.

Author's Response: So sorry! I really don't have a good excuse, but these reviews help motivate me so thanks!

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