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Review #1, by Kanjibunny Disscutions At The Weasley Family Brunch

28th December 2012:
Oooh this chapter was really nice:) I liked it a lot. But there's one teeny thing... The things happen very suddenly? Like for example. Erm... When hermione heard about ron's wish, she burst into tears? I think you could be a little more specific on that. Elaborate?because it sometimes gives us readers a 'shock' or make us feel like we skipped a few lines or something, that we jumped into another hairpin turn.
But I love your story :) it's turning out nicely
Just. Some things happen quite randomly and are a bit 'over'. As in, too much and a little bit exaggerating (a little. But that's how I feel as a reader)
I really really hope you will post lots more cuz I love this story (have I mentioned that?) so very much :D
Thank you!! -flies away-

Author's Response: Yeah a few other of my loyal readers (love you all) have said i need to slow down and i promise i will and i hope to start my next chapter soon in the mean time you could read Dark Mistress by my better half or Differenes Aside by both of us

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Review #2, by biscuit The Wedding

21st December 2012:
Whore-wore, whine-wine and know-now
Unless they were intentional x

Author's Response: no they were not intentional thank you i will look more carefully for errors i want my readers to have the best expeirience

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Review #3, by Harmione Disscutions At The Weasley Family Brunch

21st December 2012:
This is so good can not wait for more!

Author's Response: awe thank you i love getting reviews from such devoted readers more will come deffinately but it could take a little bit because school is a first priority but i have already started the newest chapter

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Review #4, by Kanji The Wedding

14th December 2012:
First thing I wanna say is, your story deserves more reviews! I'm saying this sincerely. I like it a lot:) but there's one teeny tiny problem. I kinda think the events in the story sort of happened to fast? Like when Draco suddenly came in, I think you could elaborate even more. Theres other parts too like when hermoine grabbed hold of Ron to prevent him from bashing up Draco, I think more stuff could've happened. but overall, I liked it a lot:) it just seemed a tiny bit empty.sorry

Author's Response: Thanks for being such and awesome reviewer thanks for the help i will slow down the story definately and dont worry there will be a fight scene between ron and draco actually allot of fight scenes :)

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Review #5, by RowlingsGirls_22 The Wedding

26th July 2012:
I just want every1 to know that george is supposed to say blushed not smirked sorry for the typo

Author's Response: Okay


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