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Review #1, by HufflepuffGirl93 There are different types of crazy.

2nd December 2012:
Hello again! I enjoyed this - I love reading fics from Pansy's point of view, she is fairly one-sided in the books, so it's good to see why she was the way she was. I liked that you kept her fairly canon, and really got into her head. I liked how there is hope at the end, without everything being all tied up neatly. It was a very sweet ending :) You handled Pansy's mental struggle very well, it was certainly convincing. And bless Ron's persistence! It seems like they'll be ok...and could she maybe be the wife he refers to at the start of his narration? Good work - read your other Pansy one-shot too, enjoyed both :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! I really do like Pansy as a character; I just think there *has* to be something behind what goes on in the books. I like adding a slight tinge of hope to the end of something dark, because it does what you said- ties i t up nicely.

As for the wife ... that was a reference at Romione, to keep it canon. Until the Healers find a cure for whatever the Carrows did, she'll be in the hospital. :/ Thank you so much for the lovely review!


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Review #2, by BKL8008 There are different types of crazy.

19th July 2012:
It's different, I'll give it that. I would never attempt a Ron/Pansy story! It's well done though, and believable in an AU way. The plot of it makes perfect sense, and I can see the Carrows using a spell like that even on their prized students. All in all, it's a very intricate piece that captures many of the aspects of breakdowns. Tastefully and accurately handled, too.

Author's Response: I normally wouldn't touch Ron/Pansy, but there's this evil person who forced me into it. :D The character Pansy is starting to intrigue me, though, because of how little she is in the series, and how hard it is to write her. I'm glad you thought I got it right. I'm done shipping Ron/Anyone, though. Thanks for the review!


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Review #3, by Live Life Large There are different types of crazy.

18th July 2012:
Wow. That was definitely an interesting read. I don't read a lot of Pansy/Ron, but I liked this one:D I wanted to point a few things out:

-"But each insult was hidden behind a fortress of false sweetness, so well protected that if Pansy retorted, she was the bad guy."
I loved this line. I think at some point, we all feel this way about someone, even if it isn't warranted, so it really struck a chord with me.

-"She did receive an odd lock from the person next to her..."
I think you meant look there(:

Interesting story, made me really think about Pansy's character. In the books, everyone sees her at face level, but this story really explores her character, and I though it was a nice change.

Live Life Large(:

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I generally don't write Ron/Pansy, but I was coerced into it by an ebil person named Jess. :)

I'm glad you like that line. I feel that way so much, but generally my temper gets in the way so I generally play the bad guy. I have a feeling this happens with a lot of girls ...

Yes, I did mean look. Thanks, and I'll try to fix it. :D

I'm glad you liked the story. Pansy is very interesting, and people just write her off, which I don't really like. (If you want more, go check out 'Alive'. It's another Pansy one. :D [/shameless advertising])

Thanks for the review!

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