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Review #1, by LittleWelshGirl99 Silver

10th December 2012:
Hey! It's been a bit like forever since I came over to your lovely author's page, so I'm very grateful to the review swap for prompting me into it, because I have definitely missed your writing laura! I can't really explain it but it's like a soothing balm to the soul, the way you phrase your sentences, and I felt so very peaceful while reading this. I've had a stressful week and this... this just calmed me right down. So thank you!

Well... that was at the beginning. But as we move on in the story it becomes less peaceful and more gripping, intriguing. It's a very interesting idea what you have here, and I love the way you've written Gilderoy. He seems pretty confused for a large chunk of the chapter, and then I REALLY wasn't expecting the mysterious companion to be... well, who he was! Such an unusual pairing- I really like it!

I think this is an amazing piece of writing. So subtle and fluid and powerful --and of course peaceful :P-- all at the same time. It's the kind of writing I could embroider on a pillow :D

-Annon xx

Author's Response: Hey there! Thanks so much for stopping by, Annon! I know - it's been a while, it's kinda weird, lol. Gah, thanks so much! I'm so glad it calmed you down - apart from the fact that it's never nice to be stressed, the whole piece is supposed to be kinda dreamy, so I'm so glad that came through :) At least, for now... lol.

Thank you so much - although I can't really claim the credit for the idea itself, since that was given to me by a couple of challenges which I combined, I just wrote... well, this. Yeah, he's very confused. He kinda knows things, but has no idea what they mean or anything, so it's pretty fun to write. And haha, yeah, it is kinda weird - but they are about the same age, apparently, so it could have been... who knows? :P

Wow, thank you so so much for that! And thank you for this wonderful, wonderful review! I could embroider this on a pillow :)

Aph xx

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Review #2, by ChaosWednesday Gold

22nd September 2012:
Hey there,its Whiskey from the forums again :)

Well, this chapter was quite a treat! Although the descriptions slip overboard once in a while, there were some really beautiful bits to make up for that! In the beginning of the chapter, when you describe the daylight, contrasting its effect on the surroundings and the way it appears through closed eyelids, that not only added life to the story, it also set the tone of disorientation and half-trasparency that is relevant to the plot.

You managed to make every switch from scene to scene smooth and very visual, which, as a film student, I liked a lot!

The writing style in general is good, with several exceptions (for example a few odd sentences like this: "Across the room, the man sitting on the bed three away looks up, the gesture so quick, so reflexively, he jumps, starting.").
One thing that bothered me, though, was the way you pile on "and"s sometimes. It's not a bad writing tecnique on it's own, of course, it just didn't seem to fit the mood of the rest of the piece. Gilderoy's inner world, the way I perceieved it, appears to be colored with melancholy and regret. Reading piled on "and"s, for me, always has something innocent and, for lack of a better word, uncontemplative and associative about it. It worked well in Plath's "Bell Jar" because the story was told by a woman that was unable to understand her own mind, but your narration is otherwise too thoughful and the ideas in it seem too clear for this particular way of writing.That is just my opinion, though.

Another thing that struck me was the difference between the first chapter and this one. This one had themes, the switch between scenes had a logic to it and,if I interrpeted it right, also made more sense. The idea is that Gilderoy, after having his own memory spell backfire, is now lying in St.Mungo's, letting bits and pieces of his past come back to him, correct? The first chapter did not leave me so sure about any interpretation. But in retrospect, it doesn't quite fit with the second chapter either. Regulus seemed like some sort of projection that was sent to dig around in Gilderoy's brain for information (I swear that's what I thought! :D). It just didn't feel like a memory.

Otherwise, I really enjoyed this story! And I hope I was helpful :)

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Review #3, by ChaosWednesday Silver

16th September 2012:
Hey there! It's me, Whiskey, from the formus with your extremely belated review! Really sorry about that, turns out I have a life sometimes? I know, I was suprised too...aaanyways to the review I go:

As in everything I've read by you so far, the descriptions were wonderful! I really enjoyed how much effort you put into setting the mood. It keeps the reader (well, it keeps ME) focused on every word, enjoying the game of imagery.

Sometimes, though, there is too much of a good thing, if you know what I mean. Here is an example: "His voice is almost buried by the sea as it creeps ever further up the shore". You have the sea behave like the ground (bury) and then like a living thing (creep) in one short sentence. Metaphors are fun to write and inspiring to read, but you just have to be careful about how many you pile on at a time.

I loved your descriptions in the beginning most of all. The liquid sky and the confining sheets truly set the tone for me and drew me into the story. I also quite enjoyed the Regulus sequence, but for some reason I could not really feel it. The descriptions seemed a bit scattered, jumping too abruptly between what was happening and how Gilderoy was feeling about it. But I admired the way you used rain to demonstrate how alone and outcast the two lovers are. It was a touching moment. Good job!

You asked the if story is too confusing, and I say "Yes and I love being confused!". The story seems to ask questions, which means it makes sense, you know? So you have nothing to worry about, I think. My suspicion is that Regulus is a bit more than just a memory? I guess I'll just have to read on to find out ;)

Lets see, a few more things I noticed: 1) you used "companion" and then "Regulus" very much in one part, it got a bit distracting. Maybe try alternating "companion" with a few synonyms and then "Regulus" with "he", while coming back to "companion" to avoid having such abrupt break. And 2) is just a suggestion, but I thought it might be interesting to mix in some bed scenes inbetween the beach scenes. You did this towards the end and it was quite effective. I could really feel the struggle and desperation Gilderoy must have felt when trying to hold on to Regulus while doubting his existence.

Hope this was helpful, I'm off to the enxt chapter.

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Review #4, by Aiedail Silver

7th September 2012:
Wowowow the descriptions in here are extremely captivating. I didn't understand at first that this wasn't Gilderoy in St. Mungo's after the Chamber of Secrets, but that made it even more surprising when I found out who this mysterious companion was, which isn't a bad thing :D

There's this ease to your writing, like it's good and easy and rhythmic for you yourself to write and it reads so smoothly and gracefully for me. There's an elegance to these metaphors and descriptions and there are some staggeringly beautiful lines in here that I've just read over and over again--things that have this, well, this je ne sais pas about them, which is probably a really unhelpful statement BUT it's all I can say. They're very--well, silky, and fluttering, and strong and light all at once. There. I tried.

I've never ever thought about this pairing, mostly because it's hard for me to think about Gilderoy taking any relationship seriously as something other than a way to make himself feel important, and I suppose in a way that could be what the last line could refer to. We see that Gilderoy's clearly--confused--and all that description in this about what he actually feels and what it's like to be in his skin and in his mind is just--beautiful, really. And added to the beauty of your writing, this is such an interesting story to me already.

I'm not too familiar with slash pairings (in HP fandom, at least, because WHO HASN'T READ A LITTLE JOHNLOCK OR MERTHUR O K), but I think you wrote this one really well. Like I've already said but I have to say again; your writing seems so effortless and glossy and well, glove-like. The whole feeling of the banner really fits this story, too!

I think as far as plot, you've got me interested in these things: why these two matter to each other, how they met and why Regulus is so intent on understanding Sirius's motives and why Gilderoy is lying to everyone. I love that you didn't feel like you had to explain every little thing here because the point of this chapter, I think, was really just to get to know Gilderoy through his reactions to everything and to be introduced to these--these trysts--between him and Regulus.

I love the Blue and Bronze review battle because it introduces me to stories like this!! Well done, well-written, intriguing and beautiful.


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Review #5, by daretodream Gold

5th September 2012:

So, I loved this chapter just as much I loved the last, honestly. You have a magnificent and completely entrancing story on your hands here.

I still love your Regulus, and how dignified he seemingly is in everything that he does. But I think that this chapter really illuminated your Gilderoy for me.

The parts about him being jealous of all of the things that the others had resonated most for me, I think. It's such a true emotion for so many, but not all go on to actually accomplish their goal of having the the things that they always used to be denied. Gilderoy promises himself that someday he will have those gloves in every hue, and the reader knows that it's entirely possible. It helps to reveal a facet to his character, the reasoning behind how vain he is, how determined he is to have lasting fame, even if it means lying and cheating to achieve it.

And him waiting for Regulus, how heartbreaking that it. I feel like he is so desperately craving his attention, and he never gets enough of it, does he? And that need for attention, for love, it never does go away. Especially since it was never fulfilled.

I think my favorite part of this chapter was the part about how Regulus was dead. It was written so poignantly. Regulus is dead, and like Gilderoy knows, he didn't mean anything much to most people. But to Gilderoy, he had been everything, so important. But no one else will ever see him that way, will they? They'll never see his accomplishments, the things that he did towards the end that redeemed his character in ways that no one will ever know. And that's one of the greatest tragedies of his characters in canon if you ask me. He'll never be recognized for the good that he's done.

As you can hopefully tell, I really really enjoyed this chapter as well. You've done a magnificent job so far with this piece!



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Review #6, by daretodream Silver

5th September 2012:
Hi! So sorry it took me so long to get here, but school got a little bit out of control.

I think you've done an absolutely brilliant job with this so far. I completely loved it.

I had a brief moment of confusion with the shifting realities before I realized that you had mentioned it, and then I caught on almost immediately.

Your description is absolutely gorgeous and so entrancing as well. Sometimes, if something is too description heavy I have a hard time convincing myself to follow it; no such problem existed here. You punctuated the description with moments of dialogue that had me hooked until the last word.

I think you did an amazing job with characterization. I particularly loved your Regulus. I'm developing an affinity for that character as of late, and I really think that you did him justice. You gave Regulus to be his own person, not just a not as important accessory to Sirius. And not only that, your Regulus isn't the sad, dejected, unwanted, loser child we so frequently see. He is a strong man with his own strengths and flaws, he's not perfect. But he also isn't subservient to anyone, especially not his brother. He is just as capable of getting in a good hex as his brother is.

I'm obsessed with the fact that you used Gilderoy and Regulus as the pairing for this. It's something that I never would have thought of on my own, but now that it's in my head, I can't help but wonder how I didn't see it before. It just fits so perfectly. I think it gives a solid explanation for why Gilderoy spent most of his life alone, pretending to hunt monsters. Why he had no family, no one who loved him.

I also think you had this moving at just the right pace. I think that if it went much slower you would have lost the reader, but on the same hand, it wouldn't have had the depth that it did if you sped it up. In my opinion, you did a brilliant job.

Overall, I loved this chapter and can't wait to read the next. Sorry again for it taking me so long to get here!



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Review #7, by Cavell Gold

25th August 2012:
Holy crud, Laura, I can't believe it - this chapter was as beautiful as the last. And I'm not saying brilliant or fantastic or excellent or awe-inspiring - I say beautiful because that's what this story really is. It's so darn beautiful because you take your precious time with description and you let your writing style when you let us read this chapter, and I'm so honoured to be the first to review this chapter and the last, which technically makes me the first reviewer of this story :p

Your first lines - urgh, I'M SO JEALOUS. I can't believe it, hmph. Some authors like to shove their readers right in the action, some (like me) go wherever they think it's right and fitting, but you - you, Laura, you actually like to think carefully and start where you think it's best, you don't just write one down randomly and hope for the best, judging from how precise your first paragraph was. You didn't ask about this when you requested, but I wanted to point it out anyway just because I wanted to :p

You switch the flow between the different realities so seamlessly that I don't realise you've done it until I suddenly find myself thinking wait, wasn't Gilderoy just the boy a minute ago? You do it so carefully that I know that everything must have been thought-out and planned really, really well. I usually don't plan my stories, myself, so I admire your stories :) I found the realities in this chapter more interesting than the last - probably because the last was the first and you were experimenting and stuff - and way more detailed, since first he was in Mungo's, then he was the boy and then he was with the Minister and gah. It's not confusing, trust me. It should be, but I am able to keep up with it.

Another character introduced? At first, I was scared since this story was so unfamiliar territory, but nope! You made Millicent Bagnold fit in effortlessly in J.K's very carefully-crafted world, almost as if Rowling had made her personality yourself, so well done! I definitely think she has actual purpose in this story, so don't worry about that. Gilderoy was definitely good, though. He's so out of it but so not all at the same time, which may be confusing for others, but it's fitting for his situation and don't you dare go thinking he wasn't the same Gilderoy in the last chapter because he was.

This was a gorgeous chapter, and I'm so pleased you requested it in my thread so that I could read such a masterpiece :) Feel free to re-request for the next chapter when it's up, and good luck with the rest of the story! I know it's going to be brilliant.


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Review #8, by Athene Goodstrength Silver

22nd August 2012:
Hi! Just to let you know, Iím typing this review as I read, so it might be a bit of a train of thought!

The ambiguity in this is beautiful. The way it starts without the reader really knowing where this is, or whatís happening, or who is experiencing it, forces them (me!) to really soak in the details and imagine this dark and beautiful world. We can only take in what the narrator takes in, and it soon seems that his perception of the world is not entirely trustworthy to the (mostly) sane reader. I really like the way the scene is so peaceful at first, and then as the narrator looks at the other figure in the room and remembers the lights and noises, it quickly becomes horribly apparent that this is not a beautiful, peaceful place.

Now, having seen your banner Iím presuming this is Lockhartís POV. This definitely reinforces that thought: ďTo go where no man had ever gone beforeÖ it sounds appealing, he muses to himself, very appealing. He would be a hero, hailed from the rooftops, his name headlining every paper in the country, his face emblazoned across book covers and posters and people everywhere would know him, would love him and adore him.Ē ... itís beautiful.

Youíve captured such a wonderful, yearning, confused fragility here. Itís easy to laugh at Lockhart, but I think when Harry sees him again all the humour has gone from the situation, and the same goes for here. The sensitive and, yeah, sensual, way you capture this manís broken psychology is wonderful to read.

And then! This story goes off in a direction that I would never have guessed at! I feel like Iím in a fog when I read it, like there are images swirling around but itís hard to grasp at them. I think maybe that comes from seeing it through Gilderoyís eyes. I love the relationship youíve created here, the tenderness but the inequality between them.

You also conjure up a ĎMaraudersí era Hogwarts that I donít think Iíve seen before in FF. I havenít read anything about Regulus before, but the relationship he has here with his brother is so perfectly characterized - the image of him hurting Sirius, of Sirius hurting him, and the whole school knowing about it. I particularly love your take on them both being demanding creatures.

Again, to go on about your characterization... This bit about Sirius made me smile because itís just so perfect, so wry and it even has a little nod to what we know about Animagi: ďthe elder Black often shows the sensibility and attitude of a four month old Labrador, running into everything and everywhere because it looks interesting and shiny and new and excitingĒ.

I know some people hate reading slash, but I donít have an issue with it, particularly when youíve taken two seemingly entirely disparate characters and created this wonderful tender, tense, narrative relationship between them. And itís no leap of the imagination to believe that Gilderoy Lockhart could be gay.

Your language is beautifully crafted and employed and your characterization perfect. I canít really say much more about all of that as thereís not much more to say - youíre a fantastic writer, clearly!
I could just gush about this chapter all day but unfortunately I have revision to do. I will be adding this to my favourites and reading Chapter 2 when I can! Thanks for reviewing When You Go, too. I really enjoyed this review swap!

Athene xo

PS. I just looked at your forums profile and I could literally copy/paste your likes and dislikes onto my own. Except for the French pop, and also I like singing.

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Review #9, by EverDiggory Silver

18th August 2012:
I officially love this. Lately I've been into slash!

This was beautiful! I think the descriptions were perfect! This was confusing, but it wasn't! I think... I think it was confusing in the way you wanted to be!

The plot was really quite interesting and more often then not my mother would yell for me while i was reading this, but you're writing tends to pull me in and I apparaently lose my ability to notice my surrounding;P

I think this story was really believable and I love this pairing! I never would have thought of it in a million years, so kudos to you! I really like it and it definitely makes me eager to read more! I think they work wonderfully together! You created a wonderful chemistry between them and its beautiful!

The descriptions were beautiful!

Flow: This was fine! You smoothed out the seams so all is well!

Grammar/Spelling: There was nothing that I noticed while reading, but after a quick scan it looks fine!

I cannot wait to read more! This was beautiful. Feel free to rerequest! Great job!



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Review #10, by academica Silver

8th August 2012:
Hey! I'm (finally) here to review your entry :)

This piece is very intriguing. I love your style and the way that I feel tossed about and drowned in Lockhart's fractured memories and snatches of the present. It's reminiscent of Seeing Double in places, particularly that initial chapter, but I like this one even better. I love the way you've played with the canon version of Lockhart's life and the loss of his memories in the second book. It's like he can still recall little things, but they're confused with what's real and what's not. It reminds me a bit of Inception, and to me that seems like a more interesting and devilish torture than simply losing the lot of it.

I love the characterization here, too. Lockhart isn't just comic relief, but shows that he can really feel, that part of him can fear, in a way. I think your Regulus shines even more, though. When I write him, I usually err on the side of the benign, but I like that he's got this cruel side and knows that he can use his name and his power to get what he wants. It fits in very well with his position as a Slytherin and eventual Death Eater. Very well done!

The imagery is gorgeous - I love the way you describe the two of them on the beach and the stuffy atmosphere of the hospital. Speaking of St. Mungo's, I think you integrated it well into this chapter, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what comes next in this very unique plot line.

Great work! Thanks for entering, and I'll be posting the winners/prizes via blog after the deadline :)


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Review #11, by SiriuslyPeeved Silver

29th July 2012:
I enjoyed the delicate touch you gave to the romance writing in this chapter. You made Gilderoy and Regulus very believable as a couple, both in their physical interactions and in Gilderoy's anxiety about knowing he will never be accepted by the Black family. Gilderoy (surprisingly for his character as seen in the books when he's mostly a buffoon) has a keen understanding of his lover's motivations, I especially appreciated how you pointed out that Regulus became closer to Gilderoy as his relationship with Sirius disintegrated and went away entirely. That made me feel for Regulus, who was the "good son" in his family's eyes; Sirius's rejection must have hurt him deeply.

I laughed when Gilderoy thought of Sirius as a "four month old Labrador" bumbling around -- once a dog, always a dog I guess!

The descriptions are lovely --- "that odd smell he can never quite place but loves nonetheless, a combination of mint and fresh cream and spice" is a wonderful combination of phrases. Beautiful job writing a romantic scene with just the right level of detail, I'm glad you will be continuing this!

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Review #12, by angel_speaks Silver

27th July 2012:
Emesias here with your requested review!

Grammar/ spelling: The only thing that I would like to mention on this area is that there are certain times when your tenses change. It's nothing to be worried about for now as there isn't much of that going on, but when it continues to happen in your other chapters, that's when it becomes distracting.

Characterization: I haven't read much of Gilderoy and Regulus at the archives especially with them being the main pair. With that being said on top of the description of their emotions that you put together, really makes your characters seem believable *two thumbs up* Their personalities really show through their emotions and their dialogue. If you'd like to stick to their canon, remember, Gilderoy is a self- serving man pretty much. If you can recall the things that he did during the CoS, it would show that Lockheart doesn't really care for anyone but himself and glory. I like the way you portrayed him here though as it remains consistent with your plot!

Reader's Interest: This chapter definitely was interesting! The only time that I'd ever read this genre is if somebody did drop a request on my thread (just honestly saying) but I do find them quite entertaining especially if they're written really well. I would like to read on with this one as well!

Overall, I think that you did a good job with this first chapter!

Happy Writing!

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Review #13, by Indigo Seas Silver

25th July 2012:
Gah. I sort of stumbled on this by accident, because I was just browsing the Recently Added and was looking for authors I recognized, and there you were (if I'm not mistaken, you joined TGS recently, right? /stalking admin). I also know what it's like to have very few reviews on something you've obviously put a lot of care into, so I thought I would fix that. Who doesn't love a random review, right?

Anyway, I cannot even describe to you how good this was. I absolutely adored all your imagery, and your characters are just perfect. You've got a real knack for description, which is something that some writers struggle with, and I loved it.

And like I said, it seemed well thought out, planned. Now, you could be the kind of person who just sits down and writes something in one go, and that's also fantastic. I certainly can't do that and have it come out this good. It read, though, like every sentence had some care put into it when you were crafting them, and I absolutely love that about anybody's writing.

Your style is so solid throughout. I can't wait to read more of it.

xx Rin

Author's Response: I did! :) Haha, it's fine - stalk away. I'm not that bothered, lol - it's not that creepy :P And definitely! Thank you so so much! :D This was just so lovely to see!

Thank you! I often worry about how much description I put in - how much is too much, you know - but I'm glad you liked it!

I don't generally plan - I find that I get bored too easily if I plan it all out - but I did have to think about what I actually wanted to have happen in the chapter because of the multiple realities and how they intersect which each other while still being their own storylines.

Gah, thank you so much for this! This was just so lovely and such a brilliant surprise! :D

Aph xx

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Review #14, by Cavell Silver

20th July 2012:
I feel kind of honoured to be the first review for this, strange as it sounds :p Anyway, finally here with your requested review! And, let me just say, the idea of this was splendid ;) I haven't ever seen Gilderoy (see what you do to me? Calling him by his first name!) written before, but even so, I think you pulled him off really well. I loved Regulus, too. Some people make him a lot like Sirius, but you made Regulus your own, so well done on achieving that!

You asked about reader interest and the plot and all that stuff, and I think it's safe to say that I really am interested in this story, and I'm not just saying that just because :p I think that this story will really be something - as well-liked as Seeing Double, even. I seriously can't wait to see what the next chapter holds in store! By the way, I can also see the whole multiple reality thing - at first, of course, I was confused, like Which is real? Hogwarts? St Mungo's? The beach? Argh! so yes, you definitely sent that message :p

At times I have trouble with descriptions, myself, and I really admire your talent with them :) You do them so well, and no worries, there wasn't at all too much - in fact, I actually think that there was just the right amount for a story like this, so brava! Thanks for requesting, Laura, feel free to re-request, and good luck with the rest of the story! I personally can't wait to see how it turns out, if it will be as good as this first chapter :D


Author's Response: Honoured? Nah, I'm honoured coz you're my first reviewer :P Haha (I will corrupt you! *cackles*) yeah, I've only ever seen Gilderoy written once before, but when I saw this challenge I knew that I wanted to do it and I knew that I wanted to do him. Everyone always thinks of the Longbottoms in St Mungo's, after all, and when you think about it what happened to Gilderoy is horrible - even a fraudster like him doesn't deserve something like that, really!

Gah, thank you! Thank you so much! I'm still kinda excited about this story because it's still new and it's so different and just so much fun to write! Gilderoy is turning out surprisingly deep, lol. Multiple realities! I'm so happy you think they're working - I really have no idea how to write them, lol! (just a little fyi - there wasn't intented to be any Hogwarts reality, lol)

Thank you so so much! You are far too nice! :)

Aph xx

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