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Review #1, by twins1994 Going back to Hogwarts

6th August 2014:
My appreciation for your amazing words is indefinable. (Basically, I really like this one!)

Update soon!

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Review #2, by lovegoodlooney Happy families.

21st April 2014:
Wow amazing! I love the idea that Neville and Luna had a relationship before they married the ones that JKRowling put them with!

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Review #3, by lunachick Muggle Rock.

4th May 2013:
please write more!!!

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Review #4, by jbsrox23 I have no hope. Oh, wait, yes I have!

31st August 2012:
I'm already a huge fan, really good writing style/technique. can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Awh, thanks so much! :D

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Review #5, by KasaRamcoy I have no hope. Oh, wait, yes I have!

30th August 2012:
This is really great: I like how much personality both the characters have got, and only in one chapter! I will definitely continue reading. I also think the way you've integrated a bit of the Muggle world into the story is nice and effective.

Author's Response: Hahah thank you so much! Reviews mean a lot to me! I haven't been able to upload in a while as my computer's been absolutely terrible!

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Review #6, by AccioSachio Muggle Rock.

30th August 2012:
Love, love, love! Again!!! Thank you for being such a wonderful writer :) x

Author's Response: THANK YOU :D means a lot to me :)

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Review #7, by AccioSachio Happy families.

24th August 2012:
I love the Teddy/Victoire pairing, and I love how you have written them so sweetly. Please, please update more! x x x

Author's Response: Thanks! :D Next chapter soon ;) x

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Review #8, by Nixie Control. Something I've never been good at.

4th August 2012:
Please out another chapter up soon! I love the whole Teddy/Vic paring and I love this story so far.

Author's Response: New chapter is being put up now! Thanks for reading & the review, means a lot! :D

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Review #9, by padmoonyfoot7 I have no hope. Oh, wait, yes I have!

1st August 2012:
Really good,
Keep up the good work!!

padmoonyfoot7: over and out!!

Author's Response: Thank you for that! :D

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Review #10, by SetSail16 Control. Something I've never been good at.

28th July 2012:
I love this. I honestly didn't think I would because I thought it was just going to be PotterPorn, but it actually has a point to it. I love Vic/Teddy and you've inspired me to start a fic similiar.
Well, not similiar, but they're probably my favorite new-gen couple.
Please write more!!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm warning you now, that the next chapter is sexual, but there IS a story line, don't worry :) The next chapter should be up pretty soon! Thanks for the review and good luck with your fic! :D

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Review #11, by Emma I have no hope. Oh, wait, yes I have!

24th July 2012:
This story is supermegafoxyawesomehot!
I really like how you've started it at the begginning of the relationship so it starts at the really good bit :) you are a really talented writer!!
Anyway, you should update really, really soon because the story is so good that I really want to read it all now!!
I just love both of their personalities and can't wait to find out more about how Teddy feels for Victiore and what happens next in the story :D
Please keep writing,
Because your story is fantastic but I haven't got much of a sense of what the characters are like yet.

Author's Response: Woahh, thanks! I love the Starkid ref by the way ;D Haha thank you! I've read so many stories recently that take chapters and chapters for the girl to finally make the move, so I decided to go straight to the point, (although I was considering writing a small story set before this, with all of Vic's embarrassing moments.) I have a few more chapters waiting to be uploaded so I'm guessing the next will be up by the weekend! Thanks for reviewing, the excitement I get when I read reviews is probably a bit inhuman..
Thank you again!

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Review #12, by ILOVEMRMEN I have no hope. Oh, wait, yes I have!

24th July 2012:
Well I hope this makes your say:) I have just made an account to his site and your story Is on of the first that I have added, honestly I think it is great and I love your writing. I like the fact that it Vic was is falling for Teddy and not the other way around like normal because she is art Veela. Write soon !

Author's Response: This did make my day! I came home from a nice day in the sweltering (unusual) Welsh heat to find THREE REVIEWS! I was so pleased!
Thank you! It means so much to know people actually like my stories! Yes, I thought it's more realistic..the young girl falling for the older boy who she thinks is out of her league. And plus, she's only 1/8 veela! :D But thanks a lot, these reviews are awesome! I'm uploading the new chapter now, it should be validated by the weekend! :)

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Review #13, by Nikaya29 I have no hope. Oh, wait, yes I have!

24th July 2012:
The 'ehem' caught my eye and I thought maybe I should give this story a shot.. Cant wait for the next chapter.. oh one more thing.. it was incredible :D great job :) and and and and update sooon ;D

PS: sorry, I am too lazy to sign in :D

Author's Response: Haha yes! 'Ehem's usually catch my eye too :L I'm glad you liked it, and, you're the first reviewer of the whole story so thank you! Woah, incredible is a flattering word, THANKS! Next chapter up pretty soon!
Thank you!

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