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Review #1, by Ginger Lust  Enlightenment

7th September 2012:
Hi. I like your story. I started reading it weeks ago. I didn't realize that I didn't review. I remember wanting to. I must have gotten distracted with life.

I was going crazy waiting for more and I see that you have updated today. And then, I find that I even missed the last chapter... chapter 'SURPRISE, SURPRISE.' Where's my head. But the good news is that now I have two chapters to read. That makes me very happy.
I'm not an idiot, really! I've just been very busy.

I see that Draco has cancer... I hope he doesn't die. That scares me. So I can't wait to read on.
Keep up good job.

Author's Response: Hey, thank you so much! I'm sorry I haven't been updating sooner, but my newest chapter will be out asap. And don't worry, I sort of act nutty as well, so no probz on that ;) And as for Draco, wait and watch :D

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Review #2, by Lost in Lies  Enlightenment

21st August 2012:
I thought it might be cancer but I didn't want to say just in case I was wrong and ended up sounding like a complete tw-idiot. Anyway cool chapter. -Becky xxx

Author's Response: Yeah it was always cancer, didn't want to put spattergroit or any other wizarding disease since I didn't want Draco to spoil his looks ;) And its ok, there's more to come!

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Review #3, by Lost in Lies A Cold Reunion.

21st August 2012:
Nice work, keep it up! :) -Becky xxx

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #4, by Lost in Lies Diamond Hourglass ( 1 - Unexpected visitor )

21st August 2012:
Good start, a few mistakes with punctuation and grammar but apart from that, nice work. -Becky xxx

Author's Response: OK, I'll improve on the grammar and punctuation then, thanks for bringing it to my notice!

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Review #5, by Junie  Surprise Surprise.

16th August 2012:
Eww! GROSS! Romilda is sick!

Author's Response: IKR? But hey, we do need a few slutty people in the story. Healer Fleming included. =D
Nyways, thnx for the review!

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Review #6, by B.E.D  Surprise Surprise.

16th August 2012:
Write More Please? I'm so into this story!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot! I'm happy to have fans! And yeah, I will upload whenever I get time-so keep following!! =D

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Review #7, by your_best_friend A Cold Reunion.

11th August 2012:
Hmmm. i still think we need more description! Anyway, hope the chapters get validated soon!

Author's Response: You really think so? OK, I'm just asking, cuz I want my pet project to be like perfect. So if you think it needs more description, humor, romance or just about anything else-please tell me in reviews!

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Review #8, by granger_ Moment of Truth

8th August 2012:
What.. A cliffhanger.. Why would you do this :) love this chapter but please update soon can't wait :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!! I was beginning to get scared that the cliffhanger was not good enough- thanks for relieving tension =D. And to answer your question- I have already updated the next chapter-hopefully it should be validated ASAP. And yeah, I do love keeping people on their toes ;) but don''t worry-the chapter will be out before you know it!!!

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Review #9, by slytherinbadgirl Diamond Hourglass ( 1 - Unexpected visitor )

18th July 2012:
aww... nice chapter although it's quite short, so good job with the writing! but can the next chapter be a little longer please! :)

Author's Response: Yeah totally, its our first attempt at writing a fanfic so it is kinda short.we promise its going to get longer as the story progresses btw thnx fr our first review!

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