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Review #1, by Christina Aboudi First Meeting

5th January 2016:
i really want to read this but your font is too small even when i click on 22 font size.

Author's Response: hey thanks for reviewing! I'm so sorry, I'll definitely get on it now and see if I can fix it! :) x

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Review #2, by E Complications

27th December 2015:
Milan is in Italy not France, maybe change it to the French coastal city Nice? Really enjoying the story!

Author's Response: thanks for your review! so sorry, I didn't notice this at all I must have forgotten to change it in editing! Thanks for pointing it out x

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Review #3, by Rosie_V_78 Screwed

24th December 2015:
That was HILARIOUS! I can just picture Mae running down a corridor yelling no-one hurts my mini-James😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author's Response: haha yes Mae can be a little crazy some times, especially in the current circumstances! Glad you are enjoying the story x

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Review #4, by Rosie_V_78 Frustration

24th December 2015:
OMG, I read a fan fiction about Lily and James (1) and they were always arguing, so I'm really excited even though that's really stupid! But still.!

Author's Response: thank you so much! I do love a good James and Lily fighting fanfic! x

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Review #5, by Gryphae Impossibilities

21st November 2015:
So as far as i'm interested in the story, it's total bulls*hit that she wears heels in school. So i'm all the time waiting for the moment she realises that looks arent tjat important and noone cares if dhe is wearing sunglas*ses, because as the main character she's Not very likeable. Even macho james is coming off better

Author's Response: I'm sorry that you feel this way, but in the beginning Mae is meant to come across as a little shallow. The heels are just how I see it, personally I'm a huge fan of heels so it's just a personal choice for the story. Thank you for your review x

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Review #6, by Lisa Screwed

30th September 2015:
I really like your story and there's no doubt that you're really
talented but I don't like the pregnancy and the sex thing it's
sort of dramatic. I also don't like the wizard facebook and the
phones and the parties it's not like Hogwarts tbh. I know it's
modern and all but I don't think it suits Howarts life. And I don't
like Fred cheating on her and all because it happens in all
stories I want to read something different! Tho I totally enjoy
reading your story

Author's Response: thank you for your review! I'm sorry that you don't like those parts of my story, but its just how I envisioned my story playing out and how I viewed Hogwarts for this story. Sure they're at Hogwarts to learn, but I'm sure parties would have occurred! To do with the pregnancy - the story has a few twists and turns to do with that so it does get more dramatic, but thats just my style of writing. I hope you enjoy reading the rest of the story x

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Review #7, by RoseFromGryffindor Unrepairable

24th September 2015:
My hate for you right now is unfathomable.

Author's Response: ... i'm sorry! please love me!! x

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Review #8, by RoseFromGryffindor Finale

24th September 2015:
I'm sorry, but I hate you.

Author's Response: so sorry :( pls love me, it gets better!! x

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Review #9, by MalfoyMannor Epilogue

25th May 2015:
I love how you made everything turn out, all the twists and turns that they went through. This story was really fun to read and I love how you made us sympathize with the characters.

I just love all of your writing and stories :)

Author's Response: thanks so much for reading! I'm very glad you enjoyed it xx

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Review #10, by hyperhippogriffs Epilogue

23rd April 2015:
Hi I just wanted to say I thought your story was fantastic- legit stayed up to 1 o'clock in the morning because I want to finish it fantastic. I noticed there were a couple of things that could do with a little revising:
Homophones: I noticed you said "their" when I think you meant "there" twice that I can remember
I think you said "defiantly" instead of "definitely" once
Occasionally it was ambiguous concerning who was speaking, and there was like one or two sentences where you started one way and finished another.

There were a few plot holes (and I'm so sorry if this makes it seem like I'm hating on your story- I'm not trying to it was really good I'm just trying to help make it the best story possible)

Like when Justine/Alessandria were spilling Mae's secret- they said she was having twins but how could they have known because Mae didn't even know she was having twins when the two found out.

During the miscarriage- I might be wrong, but I'm pretty sure if someone is miscarrying then the child is already dead so them trying to save the babies doesn't make sense- unless it was because Mae was bleeding out and they were trying to save her.
Mitch- for half the story she hates/resents him and then when he comes to the brunch (before he stood up for her) they act like they're the closest siblings ever.
I feel like the Potter/Weasley clan should be a little more hesitant-not for everyone just for some of them- to accept Mae back into the family after she breaks James' heart. Side note- what happens to all of Mae's stuff when she and James are broken up?- The Potters wouldn't want to keep it and the Flicks wouldn't want it back.

I'm sorry if this sounds harsh or mean in anyway that is most definitely not how I intended it to come across, I just think that this story and plot was so good, it deserves to be the best it could possibly be.

Thanks for writing such a great story, and listen to me drone on and on for 2051 characters (yes I did the math and figured out exactly how many characters I used- including these).

Author's Response: Thank you so much on your review, I really appreciate it!
I am currently in the middle of editing everything, I tend to get a bit excited when I write and tend to just throw it out quickly into the hpff world! But thanks to you, you definitely have cut out tons of time editing and can make it as wonderful as possible! thank you again xx

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Review #11, by lily_luna_potter123 (I'm not logged on) Epilogue

14th April 2015:
Yes omg this is one of the best fuxking stories I have ever read on this site and it is amazinng I wish there was more omg u r the best writer ever and I should probably go to sleep since its 3:30 am but I had to finish this story even though I have read it a few times already

Author's Response: thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed Catching James Potter just as much as I enjoyed writing it for you all! If some people want it, I was thinking of writing a few more moments from James & Mae's life in the future... not sure yet but stay tuned! xx

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Review #12, by SilverPatronus Epilogue

25th October 2014:
LUV U 2! Awesome end to an awesome story!!
Keep writing!

Author's Response: than you so much for your review! so happy you enjoyed the end of the story and i definitely am continuing writing, check out some of my other stories The Ivy-Lee Collins Series: Passion, Fake and Revenge! xx

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Review #13, by maeś lalal Pressure

24th October 2014:
i like ur story

Author's Response: thank you so much for your review! I'm so happy you like the story and I hope you enjoy the rest of it :) xx

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Review #14, by hi Motivation

24th October 2014:
good yay

ya yay yay ay ya ya y ay ay aya ya ay

my friend told me to read this

Author's Response: hahha thank you for your review! i hope that you enjoyed the story that your friend recommended, thank them for me! xx

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Review #15, by tessalina22 Travels

15th October 2014:
1. End up together obviously woohooo
2. DOM
4. the fact that this is a question probably means the answer is no lol

Author's Response: hahha no no i get it! very happy that you enjoyed it! xx

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Review #16, by tessalina22 Complications

15th October 2014:
Nobody hates you lol you're the writer, you can take your story anywhere you want it go :)
I like how she's so confident, don't see that often for some reason! Also like how she's strategic about things lol love your james already and albus too, i have a feeling he will fall for mae though, maybe a battle between brothers eventually? ;) anywayz gonna keep reading although a will probably review on a few more chapters if you dont find me annoying yet lol

Author's Response: thank you! it is a bit daunting when your story takes a turn that completely throws everyone and its nice to know that people don't mind :) no, no, i will never find you annoying! i love it when i get reviews xxx

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Review #17, by tessalina22 Grown Up

15th October 2014:
This chapter kinda reminds me of the movie mean girls ... LOVE IT. gonna keep reading now ok bye

Author's Response: haha thank you so much for your review! it kind of has a little bit of inspiration from their, the hogwarts mean girls! hahah x

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Review #18, by happyanon Epilogue

9th October 2014:
I have nothing much to say. I'll always remember crying for poor Mae when the she lost the twins and the "chapters of pain" as I have dubbed them now. I'll always keep this Dominique in my heart. Thank you for a wonderful story. It was a great run. Finally, she did it. Mae did it. She caught James Potter :) i look forward to your future work love. Xoxo. Happyanon

Author's Response: thank you so much for your review! I'm so so glad that you have enjoyed that you have enjoyed following Mae's story, and yes you're correct, she finally caught James Potter! I hope you enjoy my future work as well, next chapter of Passion will be up shortly! xx

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Review #19, by HarryGinnyLove88 Epilogue

7th October 2014:
wow, it was amazing ending :)
thank you so much for writing such a amazing story :)

are you gonna write something new near in the future...

Author's Response: thank you so much for your review! I'm glad the you loved the ending as much as I did! In the ear future I am continuing with my other stories (Passion, Revenge & Fake) as well as editing the first few chapters of this story as I wrote them ages ago, and I'm not very happy with them! Thank you for following Mae's story and I hope you to continue to read my stories :) xx

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Review #20, by Wingardium11Leviosa Closing

1st October 2014:
Hi! So I have read this whole story and enjoyed it immensely!!! The character development and plot were spectacular! I have only one complaint. The language. I just don't think it was necessary! But the romance was ADORABLE! You have a real talent thank you for sharing it!! May God bless you in all you do and write!! :)

Author's Response: thank you so much for your review! I'm so happy that you have enjoyed following the story of Mae. I'm sorry about the language, sometimes I do get very carried away when writing and as I am quite a vocal person, I sometimes get very into writing and get very carried away! This will all be fixed in the editing stage! xx

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Review #21, by guest Closing

27th September 2014:
OMG I love this story... can't believe its nearly over ): can you please update on revenge I love that story too, your a wonderful writer! X

Author's Response: thank you so so much for your review! i know, I can barely believe that this story is about to end! revenge is going to updated soon as well so do not worry, it is coming ASAP! hope you continue to read my stories xxx

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Review #22, by HarryGinnyLove88 Closing

23rd September 2014:
cant belive its almost final, I love this story soo much..

cant wait epilogue :)

Author's Response: thank you so much for your review! its awesome to know that you love the story just as much as i have enjoyed writing it for the last two years! I'm currently writing the epilogue now so it will hopefully be up soon! xxx

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Review #23, by BRITISH AND PROUD Closing

23rd September 2014:
sorry buy you need to look up on British schools. We don't have prizes for the 'best student' or speeches by such an such a student, that is all american things. not British. it's also highly unlikely for Hogwarts to have school photo's apart from Quidditch teams or even a yearbook.

harry potter is British please keep it that way.


Author's Response: I'm very sorry that you feel that way, but yes Harry Potter is British but this is my story. This is set in the future and this is my interpretation of the story. I'm sorry that I have it wrong but it's just an interpretation.
Hope you still enjoy the story xx

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Review #24, by Susannah Rage

8th September 2014:
HOW- quote that made me laugh so much he he

Author's Response: hah thank you, i hoped people did! hope you're enjoying the story and keep reading xxx

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Review #25, by Susannah Nowhere

6th September 2014:
Ahh I loved the parts where she gets angry. And the way things are going with James... ;-)

Author's Response: thank you so much for your review! I'm glad that you are enjoying the story, hope you keep reading! xx

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