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Review #1, by Sail with me into the dark Dreadful Propositions and Bad Nicknames

15th August 2012:
Another wonderful chapter! Scratch the "might be", I think this is definitely my favorite story of yours so far! I just love it, and I cannot wait to read more of it! It's the kind of thing where I'm sad there isn't any more because I cannot wait to find out what happens. Which, although it makes me said, is a really good thing, because it means you're writing is really amazing :)

Anyway, I loved lots of things in this chapter! And the whole chapter itself, of course, but more specifically...I love how frustrated Violet is at Elizabeth, because it makes her very relatable. We've all been there, let's be honest, frustrated with someone for no reason other than that they're pretty much perfect. I love that she feels that way, because it makes her so believable and understandable and again, I love how imperfect she is. You have really created a super complex/interesting character in Violet, because she's bitter and rough and sarcastic and has been teased and she's worn down, and that's wonderful because we've all been there.

I love Finn, too, and I especially love that, even though theyre best friends, Violet can see Finn's flaws and judge him for them, because that's also very realistic. I can see, especially, how it would bother Violet that Finn treats girls the way he does and even more I love how she recognizes that in her own relationship with Thomas (who I still totally don't like, by the way ;)).

Oh, and on a random note, I adored the line about her flat mate ("cares just a little bit too much"), and how they don't get along perfectly even though Skippy's nice.

The end with Charlie was great, because you demonstrated her being socially awkward instead of just saying it. I still want to punch Charlie, though, for being completely oblivious and a jerk. Just saying. I hope he redeems himself later on!

Anyway, as I said, definitely an awesome new story that I'm ridiculously excited about. I hope to read a bunch more soon!

This is so fabulous, and I think I'll keep checking up on this story even though I dont really use this site anymore (FF . net is better, imo), because I really love your writing :D

Author's Response: I am so glad that you find Violet relatable and you like the whole scene with Elizabeth! I love Finn too, haha he is the best! And Thomas is not so nice, but you will see where that goes ;) I am glad you got that description of Skippy, because I wasn't sure if that was the right wording but thanks :) Of course there is Charlie, he is oblivious and a little awkward, but so is Violet. I am getting ready to upload, so thanks for sticking in there! And I have heard from a lot of people that FF . net is better, so I might start uploading to that eventually!! Thank you so much for your enthusiasm about this chapter, and this story in general, it helps the whole process a lot when you tell me what you like and how you think the story is progressing! I really really appreciate it!!

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Review #2, by Sail with me into the dark Slurred Words and Scaled Wings

15th August 2012:
I'm so sorry for taking forever to review this story! I have been super busy, but I finally found some time to let you know how much I like this :)

I really like your new character! I love how not perfect she is, and I think you wrote her as bitter really, really well! It's totally understandable, too...I kind of want to yell at Charlie for her ;)

Also, I want to yell at Thomas, because he's awful. I get how Violet might stay with him out of insecurities/comfort/whatever, but I really hope she sees sense soon! He's horrible :(

Anyway, fabulous job! I think this may just be my favorite story of yours so far, I'm not sure why but I really love these characters and the idea of being with the dragons and everything.

Loved it! Now I'm off to read chapter 2 :)

Author's Response: I am so sorry it has taken me forever to respond and forever to post a new chapter! Don't give up on me, it has just been a little busy recently. i have the third chapter written, so it should be up soon! I am so glad that you like her, I love Violet, and she is a blast to write. Thank you so much for the fabulous review, I am so glad you like it, and as always, I appreciate the review so much! Even though I am busy reading your review just makes me want to write! You are the best :)

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