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Review #1, by frwllfrnknstn Fire, Water, and Dust

2nd September 2015:
I am just so captivated by your writing! I'm reading things I never thought I'd want to read and loving it. And Cho? Wow. I am adoring your drabbles from the perspective of these rarely seen characters and?? I am not the type of person to go around waving my fics about but I feel a kindred spirit in you from the way you write and I'm wondering if you might want to read some of my writing? I'm frwllfrnknstn on tumblr if you're interested and/or bored and wanting something to read. Or don't, honestly I feel weird even suggesting it but leaps of faith ftw!

Author's Response: Ahh! You are still here!! I'll def go look :) probs after some food and packing and such. I also need to write later tonight, so some light reading will do me good. If you wanna keep chatting, I'm oddhour@tumblr! Dupe reviews are a no-no here.

I looove minor characters. My friend and I run a harry potter headcanon blog (hpedit@tumblr), and that's where our more recent short writing is (julia who co-runs it with me is a longtime writing buddy and aMAzing). It's full of minor characters! And Draco, lol.

Thank you!! ♥

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Review #2, by Your Secret Santa. O_O Fire, Water, and Dust

16th December 2013:
Hi again! Wow Gina, I can’t – I just – can’t. You’re too good at everything! Humour, fluff, angst, drama… Leave something for others! So for me, Cho has always been a character I neither liked nor disliked, someone I don’t really read about. This fic may have changed my opinion about her completely.

I am just awed by how you portrayed Cho in this little one-shot. In so little words (about 1100, if I recall correctly) you managed to convey to us so much about her. How broken she is, and how much she misses Cedric, but also something about her that’s so strong. She’ll keep going. And I respect her so much for that. I love how you started out telling us what Cho was afraid of – dragons and drowning, and you explained that to us before telling us how she didn’t fear death.

This whole one-shot was written so beautifully, in such an amazing style. I’m pretty sure now that you can just style your writing to give a certain atmosphere to the story, and I am so darned jealous I think my sock are going to fall off. In this case, the story was written as if Cho was really writing it – bleak and sparse but with some strength and hope in there as well and gah it was just perfect.

Also, you did an absolutely amazing job of incorporting all the prompts in, the whole piece seemed really natural and when I saw all the prompts, that was the first time I realised you had to put all the prompts in. It was amazing how this all flowed so naturally.

I think that the fears both began with 'dr' wasn't a coincidence, and then the not-fear started with a 'd' and it showed how similar and closely linked fear and not-fear is. The same, but different.

This was a beautiful one-shot, I'm so glad I read it. :D

Now, I've come to a conundrum. For the first gift, I gave you reviews, and I'm planning to do a one-shot. However, for the second gift I would like to make a graphic, but since you're the Graphic Queen (staffer most likely to be pitted in a five-way vote for best graphic entirely against herself) I thought I would just run that by you. If you don't want graphics, I can offer more reviews, beta-ing services, really whatever comes to mind.

Thank you!

Author's Response: Waah thank you for all of your reviews! I'm just going to respond to this one first since you asked a question in this one xD Graphics or more of your lovely reviews would both be wonderful! I did just get a signature set at TDA, so a graphic to show off on my tumblr/about me would be really nice if you don't have other ideas c:

Ohh this oneshot was a doozy! I wrote in a rush like x__x just gotta post it. And so I did 5 minutes before the deadline. I had to include dragons and, me being the eternal punner, thought 'well that kind of sounds like drowning and death' (not puns but this sort of thinking happens a lot). The symbols fit too well! Fire and water and dust, the Triwizard trifecta. I wish I had time to go back and expand on this short speedwrite xD But the muse is long gone now.

I had an old oneshot on Cho looong ago, and writing that made me fall in love with Cho. I like the idea that she is strong in less obvious ways and that she's also just weak. That's she's weak and it's okay, because mourning is *hard* and war is traumatic. She endures what she can.

Teehee, I think jealous enough to make socks fall off is amongst the top of compliments. Please try to make them fall off on a house elf; they could use one.

♥ I will respond to the rest soon. Thank you very very much again! ^__^

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Review #3, by ValWitch21 Fire, Water, and Dust

16th July 2013:
Hello, Gina!

This story is by a Ravenclaw, about a Ravenclaw, so of course I had to stop by.

I'm not usually a big fan of Cho, let it be known. Not for valid reasons, mostly because of peer pressure, but it just stuck around. And then you come around with rhis story and destroy all my prejudices, you sneaky human being.

Cho here is impossible to describe for me. She's clearly shattered, but there's something else that makes her stoic and brave and loveable. The moment where she and Aberforth connect over the deaths of their loved ones almost made me cry, and is now stuck in my head as something that happened.

Your last sentence was gorgeous -- in fact, most of this was.

Also special brownie points for making me appreciate Marietta Edgecombe for a moment.

I'll be getting back to Capers soon too, once I stop rolling in a ball because it's over.

Author's Response: c: Hey! I didn't like Cho at all in the books, but I wrote my first one shot on her (it's since been deleted, heh) and I started thinking of her differently. I wanted to try writing her a second time 'round, as someone who isn't outwardly strong, but certainly traversing the war as best as she can. She fights through death and depression, and *wants* to fight despite a whole lot of friends who don't want to.

♥ thank you, Val! ^__^

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Review #4, by Holiday Hippogriff Fire, Water, and Dust

14th December 2012:
Once again, you blew me out of the water. I am seriously in awe/incredible jealous of your writing talents because you have something special. I don't think Cho is necessarily an easy character to write, because we don't know all that much about her in canon, and the portrayal we see of her is sort of one dimensional.

Which is the beauty of one shots like this. I think this is in a way one of the best things about fanfiction: taking the characters that JKR gave us and making them better, more believable, more loveable and sympathetic, especially in the cases of minor characters like Cho. Because in this, Cho isn't just the girl who won't stop crying with a traitorous friend. You gave her life and made her somebody that I care about, which I really admire.

Again, something that really stood out to me here was your style, which is still beautiful. You manage to get a lot of emotion across in a fairly short piece, which is impressive (and something I myself struggle with, if the length of this review is anything to go by). It's brief, but it doesn't feel short, if that makes sense. It's still a fulfilling read. (also, I am 300% more impressed when I read that you got this in 5 minutes before the deadline. you go girl)

I like the way you structured it, with the three sections. It provided a nice flow for the story, and I liked how each connected back to each of the tasks - the first, dragons; the second, the lake; the third, the maze (and Cedric's death). Clever and very effective!

Moving on to characterization: as I think I mentioned before, I like the way that you've written about Cho here. You show her progression from a brokenhearted girl who's trying to cope with the death of a loved one to a woman who is not only brave and strong, but brave and strong enough to admit when she is not, if that sentence even makes any sense. But I do feel like there was a noticeable maturation, which was nice.

And again, your imagery and descriptions really helped bring the whole story together for me. You have these completely beautiful sentences that just beg to be read over and over again and that make you sit there and think. Seriously. I don't know how to describe it other than completely wonderful and amazing and can I please be you?

Favorite quotations time!
"And that year at Hogwarts, there would rule a dragon with pretty pink talons and the wickedest fire she would ever know." Seriously the best description of Umbridge ever - it's completely spot on and just perfect.

"Better to die with the living, girl, than to live with the dead." Life lesson: listen to slightly suspicious looking characters in bars who give wise advice.

"On some days, she will grieve, but the other days, she will fight. And she will find, in the sleepless between-nights, that there is little difference between the two." There are no words to describe how much I am in love with that quotation.

I know that writing for the House Cup could be difficult, but you pulled it off flawlessly. I didn't notice you sticking in the prompts at all; they all seemed to be naturally put in there. This is a gorgeous piece of work and I am dying and oh my gosh I feel like such a fangirl right now but I am not ashamed. So. There you go!
♥ Happy holidays!

Author's Response: I wish I could've expanded this oneshot further after I speed-wrote it for the competition, but the muse ran dry unfortunately :p I love fleshing out the minor characters JKR gave us, and I've written a few minor character stories now, and I was worried they'd get a bit samey, as I didn't want to write a whole bunch of characters triumphing their fears with a feel-good ending. I wanted Cho to discover her strength, but at the same time, not enough of it, and there's a tragedy to the fighters just as much as to the dead.

The sections -- oh how I wish I could've expanded them! I had this whole running metaphor comparing Cho's struggles to the tournament, and that's what inspired this :D I sort of dumped all the initial parts that I thought of into this oneshot and skipped all the transition xD

I also cannot imagine Umbridge as anything but a dragon in a wee furry pink coat now, because that is an accurate description, yes it is. And Aberforth isn't slightly suspicious looking! He's highly suspicious looking.

You are far too kind, Holiday Hippogriff :3 I've been so flaily over your reviews. I shall fangirl them, yes I shall.

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Review #5, by spreaddapoo93 Fire, Water, and Dust

3rd December 2012:
Hello! So beautiful... It was nice going behind Cho Chang, to really see what made her up. I think a lot of people feel that she was a weak character and only caused Harry a lot of trouble, but I think this one-shot shows that there's some resilience in her. I love the honesty of her character. Her fears, her realisations and eventual (perhaps somewhat disillusioned) overcoming of it.
A real round of applause! (Hope you got those 135 points!)

Author's Response: Ah, thank you! :3 It was terribly rush-written, but I wanted to post it anyway. There is definitely some resilience - and we see that when she joins the DA - but I wanted to make sure that I didn't write her as a fervent fighter, because I don't think that's who she is, but also that it's *okay* that she isn't. I certainly am not. Sometimes I see people putting Cho below the ranks of others for not being as "strong" as, say, Ginny, as if being afraid of war means weakness. There's a whole rant in there, heh.

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Review #6, by PhoenixPulse Fire, Water, and Dust

14th September 2012:
Well heller there! I thought I should stop by and read something of yours, now that I have the time. Chemistry is killing me with loads of homework, and honestly, she (the teacher), reminds me a hella lot like Umbridge. The motherly-cooing voice, the humiliation, the EVERYTHING! She bloody hates me.

Anywho, I love this one-shot of Cho. Usually when fics with Cho Chang come in, people are a bit "biased" and make Cho a rather unlikable character. I mean yeah, she was a bit insufferable in canon, but Merlin's Mandrakes, the girl lost the guy she loved! And she was confused too, like any other teenage lover could be if their boyfriend got killed. They find comfort with someone else and get confused. (At least, I think that's how it rolls? Media confuses me... -_-)

But anyway, I'm getting off track...again. The point is, I love the depth you gave to her character. Her emotions and internal conflicts are raw and feel realistically real. You didn't make her seem like that clingy, insecure chick that wanted to hold on to Harry. You made her into the girl that was grieving and was constantly reminded of him. And I applaud you for that.

Everything flows so smoothely, it's utterly amazing how you laced everything together. And I couldn't help but snicker at this part:

"And that year at Hogwarts, there would rule a dragon with pretty pink talons and the wickedest fire she would ever know."

Would I be correct to guess that was aimed towars our dearest Miss Delores Umbridge? I mean, I can't imagine any thing else it would be referring to.

And all-in-all, to wrap my review up, this was a great one shot and I loved it! But that's not surprising isn't it, considering the fact that I simply ADORE everything I've read from you so far! :D

Author's Response: Ewww D; a real life Umbridge? she literally the voice of evil why why why is there a real life version (also heheh I see your hella, fellow cal resident).

I know! That's exactly how I try to think of it. She is remarkably sane for a 15 year old who just lost her boyfriend, all things considered! Granted, JKR doesn't have time to give Cho all that screentime to show that, but I didn't like how she constrasted Cho with Ginny, as if Cho's actions aren't brave in lieu of what she went through. I think Cho could have been an amazingly strong character, given that chance.

I wrote this so fast for the challenge, literally up to the deadline. There's so much I wanted to add but at the same time, I kind of forced my muse for this so I never ended up going back to edit :P hehe so I'm glad you found it smooth!

And indeed, that would be Umbridge ;) Can't you imagine her as exactly that?

Thank you so so much! ^__^

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Review #7, by Aether Fire, Water, and Dust

19th August 2012:
I was glued to the screen the whole time. Your writing is incredible. The way you characterize Cho made me actually like her, which is weird for me. Even though I'm a Ravenclaw, I've always sort of not liked Cho Chang (don't shoot me!). This story was so flawless though, and you the way you gave Cho so many depths really resonated with me.

Through your description, I could really feel her sadness and how quiet and confined her world had become since Cedric's death. I love how you describe how Cho's classmates's stares "faded to worry then pity then indifference." And, really, everything, from the bobbing quills to the daydreaming was very well written. I think I could re-read this a million times. Great work! You're a really excellent writer.


Author's Response: Ah, thank you! :) I haven't really looked back at this oneshot since the House Cup, and it's nice to revisit it.

I didn't like Cho until wrote her pov for the first time, about two years ago, and it changed my views on a lot of characters in the books that never really got their chance to shine or be more than an annoying side character. They are all veterans of the war.

Thank you! I love thinking of description for oneshots; I don't get to write as dreamily elsewhere ^__^ I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #8, by academica Fire, Water, and Dust

18th July 2012:
Ginaaa :)

Oh, Cho. I love that you guys picked her because I think so much can be done with her character. Using the dragon theme to connect Cedric and Cho seems a bit obvious at first glance, but something about the way you've written it takes that away. I love the way that Cedric's death continues to haunt her, sending her into an endless stream of "what if" scenarios, and keeps her from being present in her real life. I love also how you used Aberforth's wisdom to push her along and help her turn her grief into something more powerful. Beautiful.


Author's Response: The idea i started with was the Triwizard Tournament 'haunting' Cho the year after, and how the three tasks pop up in her life. I wish I had more time to flesh it out! The idea was too good to resist though.

I wanted to shy away from the traditional idea of strength in that she doesn't fight for some noble reason, but because she grieves. It's coping, and maybe even a little bit of vengeance.

Thank you so much Amanda! :3

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Review #9, by MalfoysCarolinaGirl2010 Fire, Water, and Dust

18th July 2012:
i really enjoyed this. I loved the way Cho was written and the way she viewed different things. I like how this was written during the year after Cedric died it brings a lot into perspective about what Cho was going through.

Overall this was well written and definetly something i will read again.

Author's Response: Thank you! :) I've not very familiar with that sort of grief Cho must have gone through, but I tried my best to write it well.

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Review #10, by sophie_hatter Fire, Water, and Dust

13th July 2012:
Hello - just a quick note to say that I thought this was a wonderful piece of writing, and a great house cup entry. I hope you are proud of it - you really should be:-)

Author's Response: Thanks! :) I hesitated in posting it, because I hadn't finished it to the extent I wanted to, but seeing everyone else's entries made me go, what the hey? and press the new story button.

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Review #11, by maskedmuggle Fire, Water, and Dust

12th July 2012:

As I've come to expect from you, anything you write is beautiful and wonderful. This is no exception - the writing is just so brilliant - you really manage to tell the story. You also managed to incorporate all the prompts so effortlessly. I think my favourite bit was Aberforth's advice to Cho - I just really felt like both of their characters were so canon and realistic in that moment.

I liked the three different sections: dragons, drowning, death, but I felt that it was missing a little something to connect the three sections and make it into one story. I felt like they were three completely different stories that didn't work together as well as it might and could have? (- but maybe that's just personal preference. However, I really liked that it kind of did link together in the title: Fire, Water, and Dust, but I would have liked to see it linking more in the story too.

I liked the "features a dragon" prompt, even if it took me awhile to realise it was Umbridge :P And that year at Hogwarts, there would rule a dragon with pretty pink talons and the wickedest fire she would ever know. It makes a lot of sense, though I'm not sure if that really 'features' a dragon as it doesn't seem to be an important element of the story, but hopefully it does.

By the way, I'm in love with your banner - the colours, and it's just absolutely gorgeous! All in all, your writing is just brilliant as always, and always enjoyable to read. A really nice fic! :)
- MM

Author's Response: Hey! :3 I'm terrible (TERRIBLE) at canon, so to hear that they sound canon is like a big PHEW moment for me.

That's actually the exact problem I had with this story and why I hesitated in posting it, because I had scrambled to finish this until 15 minutes before the deadline. They totally sound like three different stories to me too, and I am sooort of inclined to fix that in the future, but at the same time, I wrote this on absolutely no muse and ended it with absolutely no muse :P But everyone was posting stories and I wanted to join in ;A;

Baha, I suppose I was hoping, 'Weeell, Umbridge is kind of important because she's the silent big bad in the background' but yes that's like a stretch of stretches. Yoga doing yoga. Thankfully, my own points don't matter xD I was just stubborn about hitting all the prompts.

♥ eee thank you so much for reading!

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Review #12, by xelha horse Fire, Water, and Dust

12th July 2012:
That was quite amazing! I love the way you tied in the prompts so that they seemed to flow together. And I just love the bit with Aberforth. It's good to know that he's not always forgotten ;) Great writing! W.W.W.W.W.!

Author's Response: Thank you! I was really fond of Aberforth in canon, so I'm glad I was able to write a little of him :)

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Review #13, by DracoFerret11 Fire, Water, and Dust

11th July 2012:
Hello there! It's DarkRose from the forums. :] First off, the banner on your story is gorgeous! Just thought I'd mention that! You made our Ravenclaw sets, right? Those are wonderful too! :D Now, on to the actual story review:

First off--WOW. Really, wow. This was absolutely spectacular. Definitely, by far, the best story I've read for this challenge so far. Wonderful, wonderful job. I loved how you worked in the prompts. I loved the metaphor of Umbridge as a dragon. I adored your style throughout the whole piece. It gave the story a sort of...heavy quality. Weighed-down. Sad. Mourning. Absolutely perfect for the topic. You handled Cho's sorrow wonderfully. I loved the way you wrote about her "fears." The line Aberforth had about "dying with the living" versus "living with the dead" was one of the best lines I've ever read in fanfiction. I'm going to favorite this story once I'm done reviewing (what a rare thing for me to do!). And it earns one of my ridiculously rare 10/10s! You did wonderfully. There's nothing I can suggest on how to improve it. :D You did Ravenclaw proud!


Author's Response: I did! Thank you :) It's so fun seeing the set around the forums.

Ahh, I'm so glad you like it :3 I didn't have much of a muse as I wrote this - I just liked the idea of having a story where Cho's life mirrors the Triwizard Tournament - so it was a bit of a struggle to get all the way through it. Aberforth's line is definitely one of my favs, and one of the reasons why I wanted to keep going with this fic.

♥ thank you so much!

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Review #14, by charlottetrips Fire, Water, and Dust

11th July 2012:
The varying genres that you can straddle (let alone the varying art forms) always amazes me. While the writing might be sparse, I think it works for what you’re trying to convey here. The prompts were woven in quite nicely, unnoticeable really as being prompts unless you looked for it.

Normally, mopey Cho gets on my nerves, but I like how you approached it here. She’s got the sadness about her (which btw, Comb her hair, blacker than ravens, in mourning since the day she was born. - my favorite line, so poetic yet not) but she’s also got a bit of spirit. Which is always good to see.


Author's Response: Eee, thanks Char :3 I didn't want to make Cho into something she isn't. She was, well, mopey, but she had reason to be mopey and I'm sure she didn't *want* to be mopey (and her actions in joining the DA are pretty good indicators of that), so I wanted to give her her story, as sparse as it is.

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Review #15, by WitnesstoitAll Fire, Water, and Dust

11th July 2012:

Short review for youu, because well, you know I adore your writing (this was no exception to this) but 24 entries. 2. 4. holy wow. I have been trying to bridle in my feels and keep reviews at a managable length. /trying/

Anyway. Woman, you're crazy. I know you said that you were worried about the semblance of consistancy in this one-shot, but really you shouldn't be. This is like the tri-task tournament of Cho's soul. Crey. It's gorgeous. The opening dragon task was my favorite -- with the pink dragon and alskdjfowie and gorgeous imagery and language, but the second scene contained my favorite part. You did such justice to the character of Aberforth!

This is wonderful and you are crazy. LOVE YOU.

Author's Response: MELL ♥ hee you are too kind. T'was a good idea with a sputtery muse. I'm so glad you like it though :3 And Aberforth has always had a slice of mah heart, so extra cheers for finally being able to fit him in somewhere.


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Review #16, by Cavell Fire, Water, and Dust

11th July 2012:
Merlin, Gina o.O This was brilliant - no, beyond brilliant. I'm trying to find a flaw, just because - nope! Still fantastic and flawless and ohmygosh, I loved this. Everyone had different takes on Cho, and while yours was Hogwarts-age and still mourning, she was still brilliant. I love how she was still brave even when she was so sad, and the addition of Aberforth was surprising but not unwelcomed, and comparing Umbridge to a dragon! You threaded the prompts through the plot effortlessly and just ... wow. Amazing. 10/10

~ Linn

Author's Response: Eee thank you ♥ you are too kind about this wee mess. You probably know full well by now how I like the small moments of bravery or even the not-really-that-brave bravery in all my fics xD

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Review #17, by Celestie Fire, Water, and Dust

11th July 2012:

Ooh, I really like this. I mean, I've gushed about my Cho feels to you before but I really like when you write Cho. You infused her with a new warmth in this. I love that it's about dragons but also not really. Because of course it would make sense that Cho would regret not stopping Cedric some way or another. And I love this because it's used this long list of totally random things you had to slip into a one-shot - dragon, Sleeping Draught, random details about the wand - and made it into a personal story about a human being and not just a laundry list.

Also, I love that line about Cho living up to her wand - especially that whole 'timid' line. Eek. Perfect. And Aberforth getting all philosophical on Cho as she was in the Hogshead because the psychology of that hadn't really struck me before - that she would be joining the DA for Cedric's sake. I always kind of thought it was maybe because she fancied Harry now but noo it's CEDRIC. Stop giving me Cedric/Cho feelings this late at night ;___; Forever doomed first love.

I also loved how she feared dragons and drowning - nice allusion to the tasks with Cedric fighting off the dragons and saving her in the Black Lake. But she didn't fear death, which is because she thinks it's quick and feels like the people left behind suffer more. Perfect way for her to rationalize Cedric's death. AND AVADA KEDAVRA AS A SLEEPING DRAUGHT. Urgh. All the parallels between this one-shot and the Triwizarding Tournament are subtle but so well done. And have I mentioned that using Umbridge as a dragon is like the best thing ever? She better qualify as a dragon, honestly. And not just in the metaphorical sense. It was a nice way to tie in something Cho was remembering to something that was happening currently.

Baww. I hope you write more Cho. Or at least that Cho has a nice appearance (or ten) in Capers. I'm (obviously) rooting for Ravenclaw after they had the good sense to make her the House champion, but so far, after Lily's entry and yours, I'm so impressed. :3

Author's Response: CELESTE YOU FINALLY GET MAH CHO even though it is so terrible and rushed ;-;

I had a little list on the side of the doc, and I'd check off all the things as I wrote them in and omg, it was the most satisfying thing ever.

AND AS WE HAVE DISCUSSED, it's so strange because I always thought Cho joined the DA fight for Cedric :3 that is a headcanon that's stuck with me. She's someone who isn't inclined to fight at all previously, which is something she struggled with while in the DA, and her effort despite that is something to be admired. HARRY WAS A TOTAL REBOUND~

I was kind of thinking of all the scary thoughts one might have when a loved one dies ;-; And all the nice-but-not-so-nice thoughts.

Umbridge is a dragon with pink nail polish. Truefax.

CHO DOES SHOW IN CAPERS FOR A BIT, but Bea's PoV most likely, so she'll be Mum /lol/


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