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Review #1, by Anon Elephant

7th November 2015:
The rhyming was great, and made this whole story. Even hpff has no similar stories to recommend - this is definitely one of a kind. Amazing work!

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Review #2, by pointless_proclamations Elephant

20th June 2015:
I adore you SO MUCH MORE FOR THIS. The style of narration HOLY WOW. Your rhyming abilities are inspiring. This looks absolutely natural, too. The rhymes looked as if they just happens to be there rather then forced which OF COURSE YOU EXCEL AT, YOU BRILLIANT BOSS QUEEN MASTER DOUGH, YOU!

The pacing of the story was perfect. Smooth enough to be adorable, but fast enough to be tense in all the right parts.

Emotionally connection with Susan is so easily attained, she's FANTASTIC. You've written her to be so easy to identify with and, therefore, so easy to empathise with. Early emotional investment allows for every single emotions she feels to impact emotional of self easily and in a rather large magnitude. The frustration she felt for being stereotyped in all the wrong ways (from the terrible housist remarks) and the eagerness to be challenged and the pride for self for that clever and quick thinking was felt.

I was shocked upon reading that your used ALL OF THESE PROMPTS you listed. It's amazing. Thinking back to how you integrated and used each one blew my mind because it was just incredibly natural the way you told this story.


Your minion and fan ♥

House cup 2015 - Slytherin

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Review #3, by Felpata Lupin Elephant

9th May 2015:
Hello, boss!
Oh, erm... Right... Tanda, I mean...
I'm dropping reviews around and thought to pay you a visit :)

Well, what can I say? This was absolutely amazing (the kind of amazingness that makes me wonder... Ok, what am I doing here?)

I loved the rhyme structure (it's what drove me to this story in the first place!) It just gave this sort of melodic tone to everything (and since I read you are a musician, too, maybe that's what you wanted... Writer, player, pastry chef... Is there anything you're not able to do?)
Reading your author's note, I'm so astonished that you managed to include ALL the requested elements!!! Brilliant!!!

Technicalities aside, I loved the story theme, too! You really showed the strenght of our beloved house! Because we're kind, sure, but there's a lot more than that (and kindness is already a strenght in its own!)

Your portrayal of Susan was lovely! She's pround and independent and with a big heart! The perfect Hufflepuff heroine! With, just like she said, a bit of every other house.
Gryffindor's bravery for volunteering in the first place, Ravenclaw's quickness when she trasfigure the rock into birds to distract Bruce, and Slytherin's pride and willing to succede, when she insisted to try, despite the others' denigration (or maybe because of it)!

To sum up, this was an amazing story, that I enjoyed reading so much! I'm just so happy I stopped by!

With love,

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Review #4, by Helga Hufflepuff Elephant

7th March 2015:
Dear me, it pains me terribly when students in my house feel as if they are not worthy of notice. But that was extremely rude of the Slytherin to point fingers at her for his (perfectly understandable) fear.

And while I'm thinking of it, the Professor has given them a rather reckless task! There had better be dragon-tamers at the ready. Dragons on school property is bad enough in Triwizard Tournaments, but these kids did not sign up for this!

If I was only a dash more like Godric, I'd just itch to hex them terribly for all bullying the poor little girl! Seriously, what's to be ashamed of in caring for others? I would be more cautious of a self-centered Slytherin (no offense Salazar) that would willingly sacrifice another in order to survive!

That boy has some major pride issues, and if he can't accept that then that is his own problems and it frustrates me when people refuse to see the truth in favor of unkind ideas. But I'm glad Susan didn't use this opportunity to gloat, and for that I am more than proud of her.

Lovely story, dear!


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Review #5, by alicia and anne Elephant

5th March 2015:
Okay I want to hurt Klyde! Can I punch him? Please!? How dare he think that Susan isn't good enough to get through this. I hope that he fails and she gets through it all, and then I can laugh in his face and he will have to grovel... as well as Amabelle! And I've just got way ahead of myself haha, I just wanted Klyde to pay!

And the professor as well! I'm so angry at him too. I hate when people think that Hufflepuffs are the stupid house. Curse these people and their narrow-mindedness!

I'm so glad that he apologised at the end and hells yeah Susan! *punches fist in the air* You go girl!!

I loved how you included all of those prompts in such a way that they flowed together so smoothly.

Another amazing one shot from you! :D Keep up the fantastic work!

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Review #6, by Diogenissa Elephant

15th December 2014:
Hellooo Tanyaaa! Happy Hufflepuff Hotseat Day! :-)

I chose this one because well HUFFLEPUFF! And I'm glad I did--this was quite clever, very creative and brillant--I can't even begin the amount of work it took to to make it rhyme like this. And I had no problems following along either. :-)

I especially loved how the teacher couldn't remember her name and called her by several very similar but definately different names (tickled me to no end). And.Bruce: Bruce! OMG that was TOO awesome and a rather fearsome name for a dragon that was too cool (it reminds me of Hagrid's 'Fluffy' from PS).

And in a way showing up a Slytherin is always interesting and I loved how she did it and how you wrote it. You truly capture the heart and soul of Hufflepuff.

I very much enjoyed this and it was very well done. Thank you so much for a wonderful story!

Karen xoxo

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Review #7, by Karou_Marauder Elephant

3rd October 2014:

First of all, I'm very impressed that you managed to write the whole thing in rhyme! And it all connected too, that was great and made it more enjoyable. The rhythm was good and it flowed, just like a poem...except obviously it's not written like one.

I felt so awful for Susan when her classmates thought she couldn't do it because she was a Hufflepuff. Not even the teacher! Although I'm glad at least Odment came around in the end. Klyde seemed rotten - the very object of a pre-war Slytherin. It's sad to see war didn't really change much.

That was a clever way to distract Bruce, and I'm glad she was able to do it without harming him.

Now I'm conflicted! I love Hufflepuff house, and it's forgiving and kind nature is one of its most important qualities, but I do want Susan to stand up for herself - make more of Klyde's incompetence or her own victory in a way that ensures nobody thinks she can't do it. But that would effectively take away her Hufflepuff nature... What I think I'm trying to say is that you portrayed Hufflepuff really well. And you made a great point about people not being defined by their houses. Hermione (and maybe Dumbledore) were the only two people who seemed to realise this in canon.

-Karou :)

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Review #8, by MileyMalfoy Elephant

11th July 2014:
Tanya you are brilliant. I love the fact that this entire story rhymes. I wouldn't have gotten that at first but about halfway through I picked up on it and it was absolutely amazing. I love that you illustrated exactly what it means to be a Hufflepuff. It can get really frustrating when -- even in fanfiction -- people don't seem to give our house any credit, and this story just blows all of that away. I also adore Susan's character in this story. It's really touching and says a lot about her that she goes back to help Klyde even after he's been so mean to her. I just really love this whole story, it's unique and awesome and I'm so glad that I got to read it!

Seriously super job! (I wish I could give you a 12/10 for this...)
~ Meg
House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: *dies* Thank you so much, Meg! I love that the story was readable and enjoying without picking up on the rhyming in the beginning, but that it still kicked in later! That's pretty great! And yay Puffs! That was a huge goal of mine for this fic, and I'm glad you agree and approve! And I am totally on board with what you said. I'm thrilled you liked my version of Susan, too! We don't know all that much about her via canon, so I tried to treat her like an OC who would represent Hufflepuff in a way I'd be proud of! The Klyde thing was something I like to think all Hufflepuff's would do! Gah, I'm so happy you liked this! Really, thank you for the review, Meg, you're the best! :-D

Tanya ^.^

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Review #9, by The_Owlery Elephant

17th January 2014:
Sorry I meant 9/10!!

Author's Response: haha Thanks very much! ^.^

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Review #10, by The_Owlery Elephant

17th January 2014:
Yay!! It's so good AND it rhymes!! This is best fanfic I've read in a while
I love the concept and the idea of the elephant/mouse thing

Great work!!:):)

Author's Response: Yay! Thank you very much! I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed it; both the story itself and the rhyme-scheme! Thank you for taking the time to leave such a kind review; I sincerely appreciate it! :-D

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Review #11, by MissesWeasley123 Elephant

7th January 2014:
Hello I'm here for the 12 staying at 12 days of reviewing. Tanya you did a really good job this piece. What intrigued me most was your summary and how you said that all of it rhymed, and that must've been really hard and you actually did do it -- it all rhymed, every bit of it.

You are so creative and original and definitely one of the most I'm innovative authors I have seen on HPFF. I think you did a good job making this different because this is really unique and it's a tough job to pull off and you did it wonderfully.

Susan was a great character and she had a lot of that and you did a good job with her characterization because she is often forgotten because of her house Hufflepuff. She was not fake but real. I think that's what mattered the most. It's amazing how you can write someone like Rose and then write someone like Susan. You truly need talent to do that and you have tons of it.

Everything about this piece was perfect. I loved when the teacher would mispronounce her name or forget who she was and how she took that for granted but acted maturely towards it. The fact that her patronus is a mouse is very fitting but I loved it. It reminded me of the lion and the mouse, where the mouse triumphs. Excellent.

I tip my invisible hat to you for writing this wonderful original piece it was a pleasure to read it. Excellent work, and I'm sorry for the shortness, I'm currently on my phone filling reviews haha.

- Nadia :)

Author's Response: Hi, hi, hi! Ah, this is such a nice review! *dies* I'm so happy the summary pulled you in - as that's always good to hear! - and even more thrilled that you enjoyed the piece! It was certainly a challenge, but a fun one to take on! ^.^

Gah! You're far too kind! *blushes* Wow, that's so nice of you to say! I'm just so thrilled that you liked it! I was worried when I first posted this story that the plot would fall through due the difficulty of the rhymes, and so it's always a relief to hear that the story as a whole was enjoyable! Phew!

Yay Susan! It was really fun crafting her character and it's great to hear that you liked her and found her to be very real! Oh boy, your reviews always leave me bright red! I don't even know what to say! I'm so beyond flattered! *throws endless 'thank you's at you*

Seriously, you're killing me here! *hugs* It's just absolutely thrilling to hear how many facets of the story you enjoyed. Thank you so much for taking the time to pick them out, too! :-D

Hahaha You're just the best, Nadia, do you know that? And are you seriously apologizing for this amazing review? You are crazy. haha This was so beyond kind and you're just wonderful for taking the time to leave such a thoughtful comment. :-D

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Review #12, by NinthHorcrux Elephant

6th January 2014:
Wow! This is amazing! I love the adds a nice touch to the story but isn't distracting. Every house has a stereotype, but I think Hufflepuff has it the worst. This story proves that Hufflepuffs are strong, smart, determined..."I'm all three of your houses." Love it!

You are great at writing stories with an usual touch. Amazing job with this! Go Hufflepuff (even though I'm not Hufflepuff, but oh well!) :D

Author's Response: Ah, thank you so much! Wow! This is such a kind review! I'm so happy you enjoyed it, especially in regards to the rhyme! I remember when I first posted it, how afraid I was that that extra element simply wouldn't work properly and end up detracting from the story - or, on the other hand, the rhyme would be the sole focus and the plot would fall through! It's always a relief to hear that neither was the case!

And YAY for House Pride! It always feels as though Hufflepuff has the most frowned upon reputation and I really wanted to write about just why that shouldn't be the case, and I'm so, so, SO happy that someone not in Hufflepuff could still feel pride for it!

This is such a wonderful review! I'm just ecstatic that you enjoyed it and so grateful that you took the time to leave this beautiful comment! Thank you so much! :-D

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Review #13, by Secret Santa 2013! Elephant

23rd December 2013:
Hi! Me again. Oooh, something that rhymes, youíve really a knack for doing things that are slightly unique and not the ordinary donít you, and just yes! Go you!

Her Patronus is a mouse! I know itís the name of the one-shot and all that, but I still like mice, theyíre rather cute. Oh yeah, why on earth would someone remember her name? Thatís just a common human courtesy, but who even bothers with that any more? Obviously, I canít tell you my name, seeing as the whole point is for me to be a secret Santa, but my name is quite long, so I feel Susanís pain, I do.

Oh that Klyde, well, isnít he just a charmer. As a Hufflepuff, I resent that. Iím plenty brave thank-you-very-much Mr Slytherin who just bloody well hides in the dungeon or behind some weird skull mask. Sorry, I donít mean to rant! But he just gets more and more condescending doesnít he? But go Susan! You tell him, honestly, why on earth are people still treating people like this after the war when all prejudice was supposed to go away, be gotten rid of and then still people like Klyde are still around. For goodness sake.

Anyway, Susan against the dragon was just brilliant. No, she didnít run at the dragon screaming, brandishing her wand like a Gryffindor, or do anything spectacularly complicated like a Ravenclaw, or something insanely sneaky or ambitious like a Slytherin, it was simple, it was different and it did the job for goodness sake. That Klyde idiot, she doesnít want your apology you absolute moron. She just wants for you to get up off your backside and leave her alone.

This has just filled me with oodles of house pride, so thank you for that! Again, another wonderful one-shot!

Author's Response: Santa! Or should I now officially call you Siriusly89? *squee* Ah, you're too sweet! Thank you for all of the reviews and I'm so flattered you find my writing unique! :-D

Hahaha I like mice too! I actually used to own a whole bunch of them (between 10 and 12) and they really are the cutest! And right? Poor Susan. Stupid professor.

LOL Klyde is a tool, let's be honest. :-p Right? Doesn't that mentality towards Hufflepuff just push your buttons? The unfortunate truth, though, is that a lot of people still do feel that way towards Puffs, which is exactly why I set out to prove that we are not left-overs or insignificant. Fight the power. ^.^ (I'm glad to see that it evoked such a great reaction from you, though!)

I was very pleased as well with how Susan handles the dragon: like a Hufflepuff. She does her best to not only protect herself and Klyde, but the dragon too. We Hufflepuff's care about everyone and everything; that's why Helga took us all in, not because we're left-overs. :)

Yay House Pride! I'm so happy to hear that, as that's exactly what its purpose was! Huffllepuff! :-D Thank you so much for the brilliant review! You're the best!

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Review #14, by ReeBee Elephant

6th December 2013:
Okay! I loved this! Like seriously, awesome Tanya! I wasn't actually sure whether to read this or your other one shot, but seeing as this had less reviews, I thought I'd give this a go :)

The only CC- the part where the professor decides to let Susan participate is a bit unclear. And, I'm not exactly sure where she is, university (wizarding equivalent), or somewhere else?

Other than that, amazing! Great plot, characterisation (could go on forever about this!) and dialogue! You have also managed to balance out dialogue and description really well, so kudos to u! :) And, Susan is such an awesome character! Love her!!

I loved it! And it really deserves more reviews!

- ReeBee

Author's Response: *squee* Thank you, ReeBee!!! :-D I'm glad you chose this one-shot over Forgettable Me, to be honest, cause she does need the love more. hehehe And I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

Huh, you know, I'm not really sure I know where she is either... LOL That's not a good sign, is it? :-p I mean, I don't have the particulars, but I do know that she's training to become someone who helps magical creatures and is in whatever the equivalent to Auror training would be. It's never really specified how life after Hogwarts works, so I guess I just ignored that aspect? hehehe And sorry if that bit confused you! To be honest, the whole story was written in two days, and unfortunately editing is a little tricky because the whole thing rhymes, so if I change one thing, I have to work out a whole other rhyme-scheme and ugh, the hassle. You know how slow a writer I am when things DON'T need to rhyme, so I think I'll probably just ignore it for now, but maybe someday if I ever catch up on my WIP's, I'll revisit this guy! Either way, thanks for pointing it out!

This makes me so happy! I was so worried when I was first writing this about whether or not the plot and characters were still strong and the story was still good beyond the fact that it rhymed, you know? And it's great to hear that you loved Susan! This was my first time even attempting to write her and it was fun creating a character for her, as she's not too developed in the books!

Anyway, you're the best! Thank you so much for this wonderful review! It's completely made my day! *hugs*

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Review #15, by marauderfan Elephant

27th September 2013:
Hello there! I'm here from Puff review tag.

I have definitely never read a story quite like this - I am amazed that you managed to make the whole thing rhyme and still make sense, because I can't even imagine how hard that would be! So, really well done on that. Also looking at all the prompts and really impressed how you managed to put together all TEN of those plus rhyming! Seriously, that's way cool. And even though it isn't in iambic pentameter, I think Shakespeare would be impressed, if he lived in this century and read fanfiction. ;)

I love that you gave a voice to Susan Bones, who is a bit overlooked (and from an overlooked house to boot. But we both know that Hufflepuff is where it's at! :p ) It's wonderful to read something with a Puff protagonist. You wrote Susan really well. She is shy but fierce and determined (enough to get past a dragon!), and WAY nicer than Klyde is. :P Your Susan is so awesome.

Side note - I also really like the time period you chose to write in, its great to read about the characters we know and love, after they left Hogwarts.

Altogether this was a really enjoyable story - especially your impressive rhyming. You should be proud of this story! Great job :)

Author's Response: Howdy! ^.^

Woohoo! Love to hear that! It's always exciting when people find your work original and unique! I really appreciate it! And it was quite tricky! Haha When I posted it, to be honest, I wasn't sure I'd even done that - I thought that maybe it rhymed, but the story got lost, so it's wonderful that you could follow along still! PLUS the prompts - yeah, it was a miracle I made the deadline! LOL :-D

Mhmmm, preach it. haha I do still quite often feel that Hufflepuff and its members get overlooked and are constantly being forced to prove themselves, over and over, as if the last time they did something great was a fluke or something. So I really, really wanted Susan to represent the kindness and acceptance and tolerance found in Hufflepuff while still kicking some serious butt! I'm so glad you liked her!

I definitely agree! I love picking up where things left off; figuring out what people made of themselves, ect. Glad we agree on that! Thank you!

Ahh, you're very kind! I really appreciate this incredibly lovely review and I'm so happy you enjoyed the read! Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)

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Review #16, by melpell Elephant

21st August 2013:
Seriously amazing. Shakespeare didn't write Harry Potter so he's got nothing on you! I wonder if he would have written HP fanfiction had he the chance. I'd like to think he would. Anyway, you should have totally won as this was so beautifully constructed and so true about mice and elephants or even mice and people. I loved that it rhymed and didn't feel forced at all. Hufflepuff is not for the people that don't fit in another house, it's for the good people that are a combination of the other houses, like Susan. And for those too unique to be considered only brave or only smart or only cunning. It's for those who are good. You did a great job at portraying that. It was so original too, great job! Keep writing. HP4L!

Author's Response: LOL That's right, Shakespeare, move over! hehehe Ah, thank you again for another great review! It's so, so, so nice to hear that you enjoyed this story because I had serious anxiety before posting it! I was so afraid that I hadn't found the right balance between the rhyming rhythm and telling an actual, interesting story underneath the verse. I love hearing that you enjoyed the mouse/elephant thing cause it really was the basis of the entire story. And Hufflepuff's are incredible, amazing people; never, EVER just the leftovers! I loved writing from such a strong Hufflepuff POV and I'm so happy that I did the House proud! ^.^ Thank you again for taking the time to review, I endlessly appreciate it!

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Review #17, by Remus Elephant

19th September 2012:
Heya! Perelandra here from forums!

Haha, I went from never reading a Susan Bones fic to reading two back to back. XD This is going to be interesting...the rhyming!

As I tell some of the people I review, when I review I do it with two windows open. One with the story and the other with the review box. That way I can stop at a certain point, comment on something whether is something I liked or a mistake and then continue reading.

Your story, however, had me glued to one screen! The rhyming made the story flow so well that I found myself reading out loud only stopping when there was a period or when I had to scroll down to keep reading. The way the story moved, felt and rhymed reminded me of Dr. Seuss' books. It felt very whimsical.

Her characterization was great! I like how her family says she's small and call her a mouse thinking, quite literally, very little of her. The professor made me laugh though! Poor Susan, always getting forgotten despite being in a small classroom.

I've never been a Hufflepuff fan myself and I consider myself a Slytherin to the heart. However, I really enjoyed the way that she defended her 'Puff's honor. She breaks from the typical 'cliche' of a Hufflepuff, stands her ground and manages to convince me that she is every single house but even better: she's kind.

Loved that little detail right there!

The description was amazing even with the rhyming! I have no idea how you managed to do it but kudos to you!!

Thanks for the great read!!


Author's Response: Ahh, it's been a ridiculously and inexcusably long time that this Amazing review has gone unanswered and I am so sorry for that! If you forgive me, I will give you cookies! *bribes*

Haha Really, though, this review has me smiling from ear to ear! When you said that you couldn't even pull your eyes away from the screen for long enough to take notes, it basically blew my mind. That's incredible! I was so, so anxious before posting this story, unsure if I had found the right balance between rhyming and story-telling, so it's wonderful to hear how glued to the screen it had you! And I adore Dr. Seuss, so that comparison alone is just beyond my expectations! Eep!

I've never written Susan Bones before, but I tried to tackle her almost like an OC that I could envision fitting into Hufflepuff, so thank goodness you liked her! And the mouse analogy was actually the foundation for this entire story, so I'm so glad it worked out so well and made sense! Yay!

Wha'??? haha I guess it's okay that you're not a huge fan of the House of Puff, and on some level I actually understand it because even in the books the House is not described in a very flattering light. Then again, either is Slytherin... ;) But I'm glad that my version of Susan stood out positively for you and for Hufflepuff House. I think Hufflepuff certainly does have some people who do fit into the less-than-stellar category, but that in no way means that every Hufflepuff is some sort of leftover, and I love writing an empowered Puff! I'm so glad you liked her!

So basically, in conclusion, this review has been just incredible to read and reread! I'm sorry again for monstrous delay, but I am unendingly appreciative of this beautiful comment! Thank you!!! ^.^

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Review #18, by theelderwand Elephant

10th September 2012:
Holy shnikees!! WYHO, that's amazing!!! Nothing, and I mean NOTHING is harder than writing in rhyme. Brilliant!

This was my favorite:

"It was true that to the eye, Susan wasn't much to see; her frame was unimpressive and her voice was rather meek. She'd always been a bit too small for both her clothes and ears. In fact, when she was young, her mother called her 'Mouse' for years."

As to punctuation, everything looks solid, but I think quotes or maybe italics for : thank goodness for rocks!

But now to the point. Does this story hold up as a story? ABSOLUTELY. "Dealing with the Post war growing pains of the wizarding society," is a good way to describe the picture you've painted here. Change is very hard for any society and with all the prejudice that has has built up in Wizarding Britain over the years, it will take much more than just victory over Voldy to work out the kinks. I thought you brought that across very very well. But there's also that extremely hopeful ending - an apology from a slytherin? Wow. An excellent glimpse of life post Hogwarts.

I also especially liked how you paint Susan - even her family thinks little of her, despite her obvious talents and abilities. Her defense of her house (and herself) was exceptionally well done.

So, the short answer to your question is: Yes.

And the rhyme scheme...Wow, I truly am impressed. Excellent work here!


Author's Response: Eldy! Oh boy, here you go again being too kind to me and making me blush. ^.^ Thanks for the rhyming praise - there were definitely some tricky moments as far as making it work. Oddly enough, the bit that you quoted was one of the biggest struggles I had! SO glad it ended up working out, as I was certainly stressing it before! Yay!

Always good to get the all clear on punctuation! Although now that you mention it, I do agree on the 'thank goodness for rocks!' suggestion. Thank you!

Phew! So glad to hear that! I've been really nervous about whether or not the intention of the story came through past the rhymes. I'm really happy you think it does! I think you summed the point of the story up really well, so yay! And I'm glad Susan was likable! Representing my Puffs! ;)

Thank you so much, Eldy, for the wonderful review! It's made me feel a lot better about the story as a whole! ^.^

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Review #19, by Smattering_of_Fairy_Dust Elephant

14th August 2012:
Hello! Remember that person you were emailing on YouTube? The one who said that she read 'Forgettable Me', but not 'Lying Josephine' for fear that she would love it and that it wouldn't be updated in another eighty years? Probably not, but any way, this is she! *people cheer and clap, angsty guy in the back shouts "Who cares?"*

I was reading someone's favs page and saw this and was just like 'Ooh, I remember that author. I'm a gonna go read it.' So I did, and I loved it! Poor Suzy Boone! Ha. See what I did there? See what I... No? Okay.

I loved it because I hate when people go 'Kay, Gryffies are the good guys: brave, friendly, got their hearts in the right place, if occasionally a bit thick or conceited. Claws are the boring nerds. Puffs are dim and far too nice. You never get anywhere being nice. Slytherins, those Snakes, oh, they- they are just pure evil.

'Okay! I have a super original idea! I'll right a fanfic where the Gryffindors are the good guys who sweep in to save the otherwise insignificant and unremarkable masses of Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs from the evil Slytherins! I am just brilliant.'

I remember I was scrolling thru the Next Gen stories and I came across one that had a summary that went something like this: This person is mean, rude, and is never nice to anyone. She is really awful and you should stay away from her if you value your life. Biggest surprise? She's a Gryffindor.

I'm not even gonna explain why that annoyed me.

On to the part where I actually talk about the story. I thought it was really great that Susan stood up the teacher and the Klyde guy. His girlfriend is pooey. So Susan completed the challenge without hurting the dragon, which I think would be important to do if she wants to go into a field that involves helping (emphasis on the help) dragons, not killing them. She definitely showed them all that Hufflepuffs are not people to mess with.

All in all, I loved it and I am favouriting it and PLEASE WRITE MORE. Please?

THE MOST AMAZING-EST (I hate double superlatives) PERSONAGE IN DA WHOLE WIDE WORLD (except for JKR. No one is as amazing as J. K. Rowling.)

Author's Response: Hello, there! I do in fact remember you! How could I possibly forget? You were so kind in your messages! :-D

It's so amazing to hear that you found this story through someone's favorite's list, and just as awesome that you actually remembered who I was! Very cool. And this review is just wonderful!

I am so on your side about the way many people categorize the Houses - Gryffies are good, Snakes are bad, and who cares about the other houses! And Hufflepuff especially gets left behind because 'at least Ravenclaw's are smart!' It's frustrating, but very comforting to see that we share the same view!

Yay, Susan! I think she was definitely feeling like she needed to prove herself, and facing a dragon may seem a little extreme, but hey, she proved her worth! hehehe It saddens me that Hufflepuffs always seem to need to prove themselves, but it does make for some great underdog characters and moments! I really loved writing an empowered Puff! And thank you so much for the favorite! And, you'll be happy to know that I have a brand new story in the queue as we speak, as well as plans to update Lying Josephine!

So basically, thank you so much for taking the time to leave me this wonderful review! You ARE amazing-est! ;)

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Review #20, by MrsJaydeMalfoy Elephant

8th August 2012:
Tanya!! I've been meaning to get around to reading everyone's Task One entries, and I am SO glad I read this one! This truly is brilliant, dear; it's really perfect!

A lot of people (myself included) use the whole 'Susan as a Dragon Keeper' idea, but you went with something TOTALLY different here. It was very original and refreshing and I LOVED it! And not only did you find original ways to incorporate the themes, you also totally made this a 'Hufflepuff Pride' piece as well... reading this made me SO proud to be a 'Puff!!

I absolutely LOVED the rhyming as well; it was just so perfect! And I liked how Susan was compared to a mouse, especially with the 'Even an elephant is scared of a mouse' line! I didn't see any spelling or grammar errors either, everything flowed beautifully, and I really liked how Klyde learned not to judge people just because they're Hufflepuffs!

Amazing piece and definitely one of my favorites! 10/10!

Author's Response: Ah, Jayde! My love! Thank you so much for this incredible review! You, my friend, are far too kind.

Oh 2012 first task, how well I do remember you! I'm so glad you found my dragon idea to be original! It was definitely tempting to use the dragon keeper idea for mine as well, but I was lucky to be struck with this alternative plot! I chalk it up completely to my subconscious and not my own clever originality! haha Seriously, though, the idea just sort of waved at me from the depths of my insanity and also insisted that I rhyme! I am truly ridiculous.

Speaking of rhyming... YAY! Gah, it was so stressful getting this story written in the time limit, having it rhyme, and getting it make sense! I am honestly beyond relieved to hear that I somehow managed to pull it off! Phew! I remember submitting this literally in the final minute before the time limit was up!

What's really great for me is that people found meaning beneath the silly rhyme-scheme, which was something that concerned me greatly the entire time I tried writing it, so thank you so much for what you've said. I love that the Mouse/Elephant bit stood out to you, seeing as it really was a big part of what drove the story for me (one of my first lines when I wrote this fic, actually! Everything was based around it)! And Klyde. Yeah, he needed to learn his lesson, and who better than a Puff to teach it to him? ^.^

You're so wonderful. This review is simply amazing and I can't stop grinning! Endless thank you's sent your way!

Oh, and P.S. I am SO sorry for how long it's taken me to respond to this! I sort of disappeared for a while there, but I am back now and am no less grateful for your kind comments! *hugs*

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Review #21, by MalfoysCarolinaGirl2010 Elephant

18th July 2012:
first let me begin by saying i thought this was a cute story. sometimes i think that the Hufflepuffs are too often forgotten except for is most definetly not a popular house in the books.

Second I love the characterization of Susan, she was written really well.

Last but not least I thought the flow of the story was done really well and I would love to read more of your stories.

BTW You did a great job with the rhyming

Author's Response: Hey there! I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to reply, but please know that makes me no less grateful for this lovely review! ^.^

I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed the story and I completely and totally agree with what you've said about Hufflepuff's. It always saddens me the way Hufflepuff House is portrayed a lot of the time, which is why stories like this need to exist! We must reverse this thinking! Either way, it was really fun to write an empowered Puff story!

It's great to hear that you liked Susan! I tried to tackle her almost like an OC, because we really don't know much about her from the books, so I'm glad I turned her into someone you can root for! Thank you!

Ah, it makes me so happy to hear that the flow was smooth! It was definitely a concern of mine when I tried working a rhyme-scheme into a story-line! Phew! And nothing makes me happier than to hear that this story has intrigued you to potentially check out my others! You've completely made my day!

This was such a nice review to receive; thank you so much for taking the time to leave it! :)

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Review #22, by Pixileanin Elephant

18th July 2012:
I really like your characterization of Susan here. I didn't know what to expect from her, since I remember next to nothing about her from the books. But even with that said, I think you captured that kind of feeling about her: that she was somewhat unremarkable in a lot of ways. Everything points to that, like the professor getting her name wrong, which I thought was sad and funny at the same time. It reminds me of your Josephine character a bit.

I like the setup of your story for including the prompts. I think this was the first Magical Creatures setting for this challenge that I read. I like the theme of protecting the creatures, which implies that it wasnít supposed to be a class on combat. That alone, made this a fresh plot.

"Although in war she proved potential, they saw her as inconsequential."

I loved this line, and I also loved that you were able to make things rhyme in here. It was almost like you weren't even trying for it, which was really cool! I loved that you were also able to incorporated the theme of Hufflepuff discrimination and the need to prove yourself in this so seamlessly.

I really enjoyed your one-shot!

Author's Response: Pix! The day has finally come for me to be a good person and respond to this incredible review! I'm only a year and a few months late - that's acceptable, right? :-/ (I'm sorry for my tardiness! Eep!)

Woot, it's great to hear that you liked Susan's characterization, because to be perfectly honest, I didn't know what to expect of her when I started writing this either! haha There's very little to go on from the books, so I tried to look at her as an OC and give her a sort of something-to-prove vibe. Unremarkable is really a perfect word for her here, which is a bit sad, but I think a lot of people look at Hufflepuff with that sort of label, so it was fun to place her there only to have her prove herself later!

Yay! I'm glad I came up with an original plot! To be honest, I was very tempted to do the dragon keeper thing that most other people did, but I was very lucky when this idea popped up as an alternative! I'm so happy it worked out! Thank you! :-D

I have to admit that's one of my favorite lines as well! I think that was one of the first handful of one-liners I wrote out and tried to write around, so I'm glad it stuck out! And phew! The rhyming thing had me terrified to post! It's such a relief that everyone seems to have enjoyed it and not felt a loss of plot due to said rhyme-scheme either!

This is just such a lovely review. I'm sorry for how long it's taken me to respond to it, but please know that that in no way lessens how much I appreciate it! You're the best, Pix! Thank you!!! ^.^

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Review #23, by maskedmuggle Elephant

14th July 2012:
Hey Tanya! It's so wonderful to read something of yours! :)
AHH THIS WAS BRILLIANT! I'm just sitting here going... WOAH. I am severely impressed, not only by the epic, epic rhyming, but the way you managed to tell a story through the rhyming, and have such great characters and plot! But first, the rhyming!! Where do I start? I can't even fathom doing something like that, but it's just such a brilliant idea and amazing execution on your part. I found myself reading your story aloud to hear the rhymes! (This would make a fantastic podcast :P)

I also really enjoyed the plot - I definitely think that there are preconceived notions and stereotypes about Hufflepuffs being weak, unintelligent and generally the 'leftovers', but I completely agree with Susan that "I'm all three of your Houses". I haven't heard that before, but it really is a very interesting and great way to put it. I just loved the ending, where Susan goes back and helps Klyde up. That is definitely an action that embodies who Hufflepuffs really are. I also liked Professor Odment, he was a funny guy, but it was also great to see Klyde kinda apologising at the end - it made me dislike him just a little less.

Bruce the dragon was also fantastic, and it was clever of you/on Susan's part for the transforming rocks into birds. The whole plot just flowed really well from the class to the outside experience. This is a really, really clever one-shot. You also incorporated in all the prompts so easily! I enjoyed the plot and characters immensely, but seriously, THE RHYMING! ♥ I have so much admiration for you right now. Not only is it unique - this has to be the first time anyone has ever done it - but... IT'S A STORY THAT RHYMES! Argh, the fact that it rhymes is just so crazy and unbelievable and really, wonderful writing - you are so talented! I really enjoyed this - amazing work! :)

- Charlotte

Author's Response: Charlotte!!! It's taken me way too long to reply to this AMAZING review, and for that I am truly very sorry! *sends many apologetic hugs and cookies*

Ugh, you're way too kind to me. haha It is so beyond amazing to hear from you that both the rhyming and the plot stood out together rather than cancelled each other out! I was SO nervous to post this because I was terrified of exactly that: the lines would rhyme, but did the story actually exist beneath that? Ah, thank you so much for all of your kind words, it's taken me to a whole other level with this fic! You're incredible. And a podcast you say? Hmm... Perhaps I shall invest some time into this idea... hehehe ^.^

It's so true what you've said about Hufflepuff. I've always felt that we get looked over and are constantly having to prove ourselves just to be noticed, which is sort of exactly why I gave Susan a something-to-prove air about her. And of course I needed to then actually have her prove herself! We must shake this Puff perception! haha Also, it's amazing how many little moments and side-characters stuck out to you! Thank you, thank you, thank you! That makes me grin from ear to ear! :-D

Ah, have I mentioned that you're the best yet? And that you're far too kind? hahaha This review is insanely amazing. I'm so happy that the whole interaction with Bruce and how Susan handled him worked well! That was the part I struggled the most with, so phew! Ah, I can't even process all of the wonderful things you're saying! haha I'm just sending you a limitless supply of thank you's! You're just the best, thank you so, so much!

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