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Review #1, by Failed_and_Forgotten Brothers. Dragons. Inheritance. Blood.

29th October 2012:
... Wow, that`s just, wow.
I never knew Salazar Slytherin was this brave and loyal to his brother and everything around him before all hell broke loose. I am so proud to be one of those Slytherins under his mighty name. Despite the horrible rumors and legend that spread out through the years in Hogwarts, this one, would surely make a big difference in every little detail.

Great job!

Author's Response: Failed and Forgotten,

I just love your review. :D You are so right about those 'horrible rumors.'

And truly, I just wanted to set the story straight and tell the truth of what really happened and how our House namesake fought for what he thought was right and to bring eternal glory to his name (how's that for the classic ambition and self-preservation traits?).

I'm so glad that you liked it! XD
Thank you so much for reviewing!

Dark Whisper

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Review #2, by Fleur Brothers. Dragons. Inheritance. Blood.

20th October 2012:
Masterfully flows into the current story with perfect, historic details. Very enjoyable, short read.

Author's Response: Fleur,

Oh, thank you so much for leaving a review. I really had a lot of fun writing this story, as I'm a romance writer at heart, this was very different from my usual stories.

I always wondered what could've been inside the locket to be so important (besides a piece of Riddle's soul, of course) and thought it would be neat to have the deed of Hogwarts in it. :)

I'm so glad you enjoyed it and thanks again for taking the time to review.

Dark Whisper

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Review #3, by Bianca Brothers. Dragons. Inheritance. Blood.

14th October 2012:
This is fantastic! The uses of dragons' blood were ingenious! The brothers were quite different, for all that they both went to Durmstrang.

Loved it!

Author's Response: Bianca,

Thank you! I'm so glad that you liked the uses of dragons' blood. I wanted to really 'use' them as an important part of the story, so thank you for mentioning it.

Yes, these brothers were raised to be wizards of Durmstrang teachings, but I wanted Salazar to see things a bit differently.

It might not be 'canon' but oh, well. *shrugs* It sure was fun writing the fight brother vs. brother on their dragons. It is quite different from my normal romance writings.

Thank you so much for leaving a comment. It is so very much appreciated.

Dark Whisper

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Review #4, by noname Brothers. Dragons. Inheritance. Blood.

11th August 2012:

This was a good story!

Author's Response: Thank you, noname! :)

This was really fun to write because it was so different from my normal Dramione romance stories. :)

I'm so glad that you liked it and thank you so very much for writing a review.

Dark Whisper

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Review #5, by Elphaba and Boyfriends Brothers. Dragons. Inheritance. Blood.

15th July 2012:
Great job working all the prompts into your story! I love your idea to give Salazar a brother, and to fill their battle with very Slytherin-esque slyness & cunning. :)

Author's Response: Elphaba and Boyfriends,

Oh, thank you so very much for your review for this House Cup story!

I had a ton of fun trying to fit all of those prompts into one story. I didn't even know what some of the things were... Blast Ended Skrewt? Needless to say, I had fun looking those things up. I'm pretty sure I will be using Foe Glass in a future story. I love that little magical concept. :)

It is truly a privilege taking JKR's genius and weaving a story using her world.

And I just loved writing about dragons. Who doesn't love a cool dragon and a wizard's duel?

I'm so glad that you liked this brother vs. brother story. Thank you so very much for your review! :)

Dark Whisper

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Review #6, by pennyardelle Brothers. Dragons. Inheritance. Blood.

13th July 2012:
Hi DarkWhisper! Nice work on this entry for Task One. :) It was interesting to see a story about one of the Founders in isolation from the others--usually you see a Godric vs. Salazar sort of theme, or a love triangle. I also liked that you wrote it so founding Hogwarts was Salazar's idea. That's an unexpected and unique spin (or maybe I just don't read Founders stories enough :P).

I felt like the fact that Sarcone's plan backfired on him because of his own doing was very Shakespearean--kind of reminded me of Macbeth for some reason!

Author's Response: Dearest,

Dost my eyes deceive me? But 'tis the famous and noble pennyardelle of the Forum that hast reviewed my story? Me thinks that 'tis I, unworthy of such a thing as this.

Humbled am I to see your words of kindness and splendor on the happening of my story.

'Twas an honor to be nominated by the noble and great House of Slytherin to represent and such great fun in participating in a task that challenged me afar away from my normal writs of Dramione romance.

'Flourishing in the face of adversity' 'twas the prompt that inspired brother vs. brother for the deed of Hogwarts.

Ah, the many uses of the blood of the most noble beast of myth and lore deserved to be plot point and of dire importance and worth more than mere mention.

And oh, the demise of young Sarcone... Shakespearean indeed. THANK YOU! Your generous and gracious compliment 'tis like none other.

Perhaps an older dialect for the story would've been a better choice, but time and word count permitteth not.

With all intended seriousness, I thank thee for your time, your words, and for reviewing a story when you didn't have to.

My utmost and sincerest thanks as I doth take my bow and be humbled before you.

Dark Whisper

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Review #7, by CloakAuror9 Brothers. Dragons. Inheritance. Blood.

12th July 2012:
Oh. My. Gosh.

That was bloody amazing. The title itself is just fantastic, but the story...man, this has got to be one of the best founders I have ever seen.

Its not hard to believe that you managed to put ALL the prompts in the story, but to make them work so well...how did you even manage? The dragons, the wands, the everything!

I really liked the dragons parts in the story, I can just so imagine them roaming around the Hogwarts ground. My favourite part in the story, though, would probably be Salazar, himself. You gave us another take on him, he seems less evil and more noble on this one and you made it all believable.

I honestly think there is not enough words to describe how amazing, fantastic and perfect this is.

Bloody amazing!
Izzy xx

Author's Response: CloakAuror9,

Wow! You give me wonderful compliments! Thank you!

The title does sound a bit obnoxious, doesn't it? But really, it was my way of including a bit of the House Cup in there. LOL!

I don't think I've ever read any founders stories, so I don't really have too much to go on as far as Salazar (other than he didn't want Muggleborns in the school and had a Baskilisk). That doesn't make him totally evil, does it? Haha!

We had very little time to write these and truly I think the prompt for 'flourishing in the face of adversity' is what inspired the brother vs. brother for Hogwarts storyline.

And... I just love dragons. I wanted to not only mention the uses of blood as required, but to actually USE IT as a plot point and be important to the story. :P

My biggest problem of all was fitting it into 2500 words! I had to trim and trim and trim and still have it make sense.

Well, anyway... thank you so very much for your wonderful review of this story. It really means a lot to me and is so very encouraging. :)

Dark Whisper

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Review #8, by luvinpadfoot Brothers. Dragons. Inheritance. Blood.

11th July 2012:
This is a great story for the challenge! I'll definitely be voting for it! I'm amazed that you managed to fit all eleven prompts in. And of course the title was lovely. =)

Salazar's relationship with his brother was so well portrayed. The part about the dragon's abuse at the hands of Sarcone just tied the whole thing together wonderfully. =)

Author's Response: luvinpadfoot,

Thank you so much for this review and for your support for this story! I had so much fun trying to put all of those prompts in it. It was a challenge to be honest and I can't believe it myself. LOL!

The title... well, it sounds a bit obnoxious, doesn't it? Oh, well. That's what we are trying to win, so why not include it? :)

And oh, thank you for liking this brother vs. brother adversity storyline and their dragons. You have made my day!

Go Slytherin House!
Dark Whisper

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Review #9, by Angelique Aspis Brothers. Dragons. Inheritance. Blood.

10th July 2012:
This a great story! It's so hard to put all of those elements into the challenge, and you came up with such a wonderful idea! If it's true that it's over the word count, please shorten so that we can submit it as the Slytherin entry! (I don't even know how to vote for it, but I would!)

Author's Response: Angelique,
THANK YOU! I'm so happy that you liked it. Truly, you put a smile on my face. :) I had fun trying to fit all those prompts in there. Tee hee.

The word count of the story is actually 2497 (3 words to spare. LOL!). The rest is from the top Author Notes, which they will not count. So, it's good to go!

The answer on voting is in our House Forum.

Thanks so much! Go Slytherin! Yippie!
Dark Whisper

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Review #10, by apocalypse Brothers. Dragons. Inheritance. Blood.

10th July 2012:
Hey!! Wow! Really, wow! This was an amazing story! I really liked the entire plot and the way you wrote it! It was a marvelous idea and I really enjoyed it. When I read a one-shot, I usually expect one scene from someone's life or something like that, but this was a whole story packaged into a single chapter! I loved the entire concept, great job! I think you've done a good job with Salazar's character. He's somewhat different than he's usually portrayed as, so it was a nice idea to do something different and unique. :) The only thing I was unsure about was his fear of the Dark Arts. I don't think he'd be that afraid of something that's kinda second nature to him, you know? I hope you know what I mean. :) Anyway, great job!

Go Slytherin!! :D

P. S. I noticed that you're kinda exceeding the word limit assigned for the task. It's not a huge deal but you'd want it to be perfect, right? :p Just thought I'd let you know. :)


Author's Response: apocalypse,

Ah, wow, thank you! It was so much fun writing this story. I'm so glad that you liked it and thank you so much for mentioning how it is a full story in one chapter. :D My author heart thanks you!

As far as Salazar's character... I have never read a Founders era story, so I have no idea how he is characterized. :) I'll have to change that now that I've started to love Salazar now. Tee hee.

As far as fear of the Dark Arts. For this, I felt that his brother accused him of that, but he doesn't fear it really, he just doesn't want to die. It's that Slytherin self-preservation that has him wanting to 'live to fight another day' instead of fighting to the death. But honestly, I have no idea about him. LOL! *shrugs*

And thank you so much for keeping me in check for the word count. The story is actually 2497 words (3 words to spare) and the rest is Author Notes that they don't count.

Thank you so very much for your support. It is so much appreciated!
Dark Whisper

Go Slytherin! :D

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Review #11, by WitnesstoitAll Brothers. Dragons. Inheritance. Blood.

10th July 2012:
This was such a great story!!

I feel like more often than not one shot's provide a fleeting glance at a moment or a collage of moments intertwined by some common theme, but this, this was a STORY. I could see the whole encounter play out film-style in front of my eyes as I read. You really did an excellent job creating something unique and wonderful from a list of prompts that you wove into this story very subtley. I was surprised how many of them you listed at the end since I barely noticed them as reading this!!! My only one qualm with this is Salazar's characterization as a proponent of DADA, and staunch critic of the dark arts and of dragon letting -- not that it wasn't a lovely characterization -- but I do wonder how he ended up the muggle hating, advocate of the dark arts later in life.

Great story! I'm sure Slytherin house is very proud.

Author's Response: WitnesstoitAll,

Oh, thank you so much for all of your wonderful comments! I had so much fun trying to get all of those prompts in there. LOL!

As far as Salazar's character... I have to say that this challenge is WAY different that what I write or normally like. I have never read a Founders story. So, honestly, I have no idea what Salazar would be like. I questioned in my mind why Salazar would want to start a school with 3 others that were so different from him and what their common reason would be to come together... and DADA seemed to be a good answer. LOL! And well, I needed him to be good to his dragon in this story. In my mind he is still Muggle-hating and for the dark arts, just not fighting until death. It's that Slytherin self-preservation thing. :)

Thank you so very much for this review. I appreciate every word!

Dark Whisper
P.S. Go Slytherin! :P

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Review #12, by TyrannicFeenix Brothers. Dragons. Inheritance. Blood.

10th July 2012:
Really good idea this one. Flowed brilliantly from start to finish, and riveting the whole time as well. Excellent job.

Author's Response: TyrannicFeenix,

Wow, thank you! I'm so glad that you liked it. And you give me wonderful compliments as an author about flow and such... You made my day!

Dark Whisper

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