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Review #1, by WitnesstoitAll Fire

10th July 2012:
Hello, dear!!

This was an amazing insight into a character we know essentially nothing about!! There were so many good things in this one-shot, so many things that made my mind whirl and my imagination spark, things that made me contemplate humanity and the human condition... and that's no small feat. I think this one passage in particular rang particularly true in my mind:

"Only determination. For a Hufflepuff it was simple; the people she loved needed her to be strong, so she was strong. She helped as many as she could and closed the eyes of those she couldnít."

It did so much for the character of Susan and for the house of Hufflepuff in general. Bravo! You worked the prompts into this story so seamlessly that I scarcely noticed them as I read.

Very well done!! Hufflepuff house should be very proud of you!

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Review #2, by TyrannicFeenix Fire

10th July 2012:
That was brilliant. Best fic I've read so far in the Task (even better than some we Gryffindors have posted {sorry guys but it's that good}).

I don't know how you managed to convey so much so well in such a short space, but that was just fantastic. I Love it. Going in the favorites for sure, the first one of the Task too.

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