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Review #1, by maskedmuggle After the Interrogation

13th July 2012:

This was a really interesting and fresh story! The majority of fics have dreams in them, so it was fantastic to see a story that wasn't focused on that. I loved the plot of this! It's really clever, and definitely seems plausible and realistic to me. I can definitely imagine Fudge interrogating Cho after Cedric's death! He had to begin a crusade to make Cedric look bad, and keep himself from looking as if he had just gotten an innocent child killed. That right there, is Fudge's cowardly character, and I loved how canon you made him.
“We always take wands from non-Ministry employees when they meet with the Minister. Just a precaution,” he explained. Ahh, that is so clever. Not only does it make complete sense, but it really allowed you to use the prompts and fit them throughout the story so well.

A tense error: She would stop by the hospital wing and get a Sleeping Draught when she gets (got) back to the castle. It would help her keep her mind from wandering. Also, I don't think Red-headed needs a capital? And there seems to be a missed spacing between Eventhough.

I liked how Cho was grieving, but still remained strong and determined for everyone to know the truth. That was great. A well-written story :)
- MM

Author's Response: Sorry that it's 2 years after your review, but thank you! I'll look into making those changes!

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Review #2, by Alopex After the Interrogation

12th July 2012:
Hm, this is a different approach than I have seen before. None of the Ravenclaw stories I've read so far have brought Fudge or the Ministry into it (as far as I can remember, anyway). It actually makes sense that the Ministry would stick its nose in, although I would expect them to go to the school rather than summon the student. However, if you had done it that way, Cho wouldn't have gotten to overhear the conversation in the Atrium, and the whole flavor of the story would have been different.

Anyway, nice work on fitting in the prompts. I was especially amused by the bored man yawning as he gives Cho back her wand.

Author's Response: Thanks! (2 years later...)


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Review #3, by DracoFerret11 After the Interrogation

11th July 2012:
Hey there! It's DarkRose from the forums. :] Great job with your task one entry! :D You've done Ravenclaw proud. This is one of the more unique stories I've read, well done. I wouldn't have thought to work the prompts into a story like this. Very original. Most of the prompts even flowed with the story (which I've noticed isn't always easy!). I was surprised that Cho would have been interrogated at all! How terrible of Fudge. This is a nice one-shot. It almost makes me want to read more about what would happen next. ;] Good job! (Oh, and 'Claws for the Cup!)


Author's Response: I'm unique?! That means a lot to me! I really need to get around to reading everyone else's entries. I actually have had the idea of Cho being interrogated for quite some time. I actually wrote the interrogation itself a few years back (its called After the Tournament). When this challenge came up I saw the opportunity to expand on that piece so this is technically a companion.

Thanks so much!

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Review #4, by charlottetrips After the Interrogation

11th July 2012:
I like that Cho is fierce in this. Though Cedric has just passed, she wants to uphold his memory and not let it be sullied and therefore back Harry in his own claims. We all know how the news of Voldemort’s return was abhorred by the government and how they tried to squelch it. I think you tackled that subject well, at least in the frame of reference for Cho. She understood it, even when other adults didn’t and ignored it. Makes you like her. :)


Author's Response: Yay! I'm glad you like Cho in this. Personally I am not Cho's biggest fan, I especially dislike weepy Cho from OotP, so I wanted to make her likable in this, yet still true to canon. I tried to represent the Cho inbetween her stronger self in PoA and early GoF and then the weak teary Cho in OotP. I could never get over the drastic change and felt I could give her a decent reason as to why she changed.

Thanks so much!

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Review #5, by Aiedail After the Interrogation

10th July 2012:
I like the idea of Cho deciding to be a champion of Cedric's memory, especially in light of Dumbledore's speech on his behalf, which is beautiful and haunting. It's also a bit sad to me, because she's going to dedicate her life to a cause that may or may not be fruitful in its efforts--I guess it's up to us to decide, as it's a bit open-ended at the moment.

I'm really enjoying seeing the diversity of the ideas that everyone's having! Especially within the houses themselves, since we're probably mostly using the same characters as the main focus, and Cho has such a strong presence in canon and such a specific story. I like how you've made her out to be a determined, strong girl, even though she's just lived through tragedy. I'm really intrigued by how close this all is to the event itself, because it raises some questions, I think, like whether or not Cho will actually be able to make people understand the truth--especially since you end on the note of the sleeping spell, which seems a lot like a way out, like an escape from the pressure she's set upon her own shoulders, to make sure that somebody she loves is remembered for who he truly was. There's something unsettling about that; at the same time she is deciding to be proactive and also is hoping against her own will that everything will just go away. That smacks of reality, to me, and makes it one of the more interesting pieces I've read about Cho and Cedric so far.

Good job incorporating the prompts, I thought that went smoothly, and overall, a solid piece :)

Author's Response: I cannot wait to find time to read everyone else's pieces! I'm glad to hear that it seems everyone went in different directions with the prompts.

My thing with Cho is, she seems very strong in the books up until Cedrics death, and to be honest, I personally cannot stand the weepy Cho that we see through out OotP, and I don't think I'm the only one with this feeling. I wanted to show the progression from her former self and give an explanation to it. I think this really makes it more understandable for her behavior and emotions in OotP, shes constantly sad and frustrated by how Cedric is being represented and how no one is taking his death seriously. In her eyes she sees that he died for nothing.

I think the ending with the mention of a sleeping spell is supposed to show that she on the fence between the two versions of herself. The strong Quidditch player Cho from PoA and early GoF is who yelled at the men in the ministry, but OotP Cho is who wants to sleep. I was trying to find that balance.

Thanks so much!

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Review #6, by WitnesstoitAll After the Interrogation

10th July 2012:

Here to spread some Ravenclaw love and cheer!! I'm glad that the four dragons were able to be added to your list!! They were most definitely there. ;) I think that this was an intersting idea -- Fudge interrogating Cho after Cedric's death. It seems a very Fudge like thing to do. :( I'm glad for Cho that she stood up to those men in the hallway, but do wish that she'd have felt a bit empowered by the encounter and forgotten about her need to sleep. I do wonder if the red headed man leading her to the office was percy! And if so, it must be a sign of her exhaustion and stress levels that she didn't recognize his face since he was only three years above her in school. I think you did a good job with depicting her state of being, and this is a good one-shot.


Author's Response: It was Percy! I'm so glad you caught that! I'm sure that in the back of her mind she recognized him, but I wanted to use it as another sign of how out of it Cho was. She was in another world and just going through the appropriate motions.

Thanks so much for the review!

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