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Review #1, by luceandteddy 11

25th February 2018:
i can't stop reading that scene between teddy and luce outside the pub
its pure love between them its making me so emotional
i can't wait to read what happens next between them
the technicolored truth line is so poetic you are so talented

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Review #2, by Puzzles 11

8th February 2018:
Just read this beautiful story in one day and I canít explain how much it has touched me
Lucy is extremely troubled and has her own flaws but has his raw energy in her which makes me root for her. The new Teddy is a mystery to me and this chapter revealed the most about him - he obviously still cares for Lucy and I hope that they can work it out
The setting is so so so mesmerising I feel I will never be able to forget this story not matter how hard I try
canít wait for teddy to find out Scorpius isnít her boyfriend and p.s I ship James and Scorpius so bad

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Review #3, by padfootandmoony 11

21st January 2018:
This story is phenomenal! Your writing is amazing :)

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Review #4, by Sunflower'sbiggestfan 11

9th January 2018:
I can't believe they were going to have a baby together that is BIG it just makes every interaction they've had since she's been back even More electric
It genuinely kills me inside that this is updated so slowly because I'm literally in love with it:(
Can't wait for the next chapter as I think Lucy may actually tell teddy the truth for once
You're incredible

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Review #5, by Ms V 11

7th January 2018:
I canít tell you how often I check to see if youíve updated this story. I love it love so much and canít wait to see what happens next. Youíre a great writer!

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Review #6, by Roses 11

16th December 2017:
Genuinely crying there's so much pain here they both love each other so much I've just realised that from the first time they saw each other again after Lucy came back ted was probably going through similar emotions to her
This has really hit me on a deep level and I can't wait to see where the story goes next

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Review #7, by ScarletEye158 11

4th December 2017:
Yay!!! My excitement of seeing this chapter up is crazy! I read this while working out in the gym and a few people looked at me oddly when I squealed after seeing it uploaded! :)

Ah the Teddy/Lucy feels! I love them so much and really hope they are able to working things about and get back together. They are made for each other!

I canít freaking stand Pippa! I wanted to cheer when Lucy tore her dress lol.

Iím so happy she didnít get an abortion! I was afraid that might have been what tore Lucy and Teddy apart, but now it just makes me even more curious! And what happens with the baby???

Thanks so much for updating even though I know you must be crazy busy! Iím glad your little family is doing well :) I canít wait for the next update!

Much love,


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Review #8, by Crescent Moon  10

24th November 2017:
Please continue soon, I really have to know what happens! Loving this story so far!

Author's Response: Thank you :) A new chapter should be up in the next few days!

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Review #9, by insertcreativeusername 10

5th November 2017:
I am in LOVE with the sheer wonder of this story! The idea is so original and your writing is very professional, as if you're a real author! I actually came across this story awhile back and have been searching for it ever since, and I'VE FOUND IT AT LAST!

Ted and Lucy's relationship is so beautiful, poetic, and deep! The back and forth between timelines is amazingly executed and OMG THAT PLOT TWIST! BOTH TIMELINES HAVE ME READING WITH RAPT ATTENTION!

Please, I beg of you, DO NOT ABANDON THIS! It's unbelievable, and I'll check everyday to see if you update. You left us at a cliffhanger and it's not fair :(

Pretty please with a million cherries on top, I'll get in my knees if I have to, FINISH THE STORY!

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Review #10, by Rishi 10

10th September 2017:
wow the scene on the mountain was actually something else. You could feel the energy between the two I feel like Teddy could have even kissed her but Lucy just keeps throwing up these defences she needs to just pour her heart out to him before it's to late and oh god I'm so scared about this report she's writing I hope she doesn't end up making teddy hate her for good but I feel like that will happen:(


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Review #11, by dancingwithdust 10

1st September 2017:
All I can say is that this is just so different to anything I've ever read on here before. And I've read a lot of romances between all sorts of pairings. It's the way that Lucy has returned to this magical place where the best and most tragic parts of her life played out. In every turn of nature she can feel the love her and teddy shared. It's just so enigmatic and mesmerising, it makes me cry just to read a simple sentence describing the town. I can't actually believe just how in love these two are with each other and still can't bring themselves to admit it. I think it is up to Lucy to take the charge with this but there just seem to be so many misunderstandings, plus a clear mystery here that you haven't revealed. You are such a talented author your descriptions of the setting and the characters you paint occupy their own domain above my peasant existence. I wish I could have your mind, you're an artist.

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Review #12, by Oldswingsandwaterslides 10

20th August 2017:
It's Sunday mornings and his beautiful smiles oh that line is just perfection. The personification of a dress in this way is just so magical the way Lucy vic and dom are running with their sub flowers and coloured dresses and hope is
a breath of fresh aid to read. U are such a great writer! You have one lucky child with a talented mum like you cannot wait till u update

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Review #13, by Oldswingsandwaterslides 10

20th August 2017:
It's Sunday mornings and his beautiful smiles oh that line is just perfection. The personification of a dress in this way is just so magical the way Lucy vic and dom are running with their sub flowers and coloured dresses and hope is
a breath of fresh aid to read. U are such a great writer! You have one lucky child with a talented mum like you cannot wait till u update

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Review #14, by DOBfan 10

17th August 2017:
I feel as if there is so much that Lucy is holding back. All those sentences she doesn't say all that pain that I don't even think teddy is aware of. I really really hope that even if these two don't end up together that Teddy at least gets to hear everything Lucy feels gets to know how much in love with him she still is that there hasn't been anyone since and how she thinks of him every waking moment. Lucy deserves that And so does Teddy. I think the scene on the mountain top was my favourite of the whole story yet it feels like the most intimate moment the grown up teddy And Lucy have shared. The fact it pained him to ask why scorpious was the guy for her makes me happy (I'm still rooting for James and scorpious as end game) The bit where she said that I didn't run away from you teddy you just didn't chase me broke my heart a little bit because actually I think teddy did more wrong here than we know, which I feel makes James' harsh treatment from the last chapter even more nasty for me, Lucy needs someone on her side. The mysterious element in this tale comes out again with the pregnancy, I can't wait to read more. I hope you are well this is such a mesmerising piece of art it truly is. It deserves a dobby.

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Review #15, by lions 10

14th August 2017:
Oh Lucy if only you'd speak your mind, if only you wouldn't keep hiding and pushing him away they nearly had it but she couldn't give enough. I hope She doesn't send that article she owes it to herself. It's almost if she's intentionally giving herself more pain because it's all she thinks she deserve she
Beautifully written this is my favourite story I hope you update soon

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Review #16, by annimal16 10

12th July 2017:
Wow what a story.i read it in a day. Please go on and cover us in your literairy goodbes

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Review #17, by annimal16 4

11th July 2017:
What a story. You write sooo good. Damn thing almost makes me cry.

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Review #18, by ScarletEye158 10

5th July 2017:

I never think I will like another chapter as I do the one before it, but you always manage to surprise me! They love each other so much, why can't they both realize that :(

Your writing is so beautiful... I feel myself get extra emotional reading this story because I can just feel Lucy's pain.

So happy you got this chapter up so quick! I've been checking every day for updates and you don't know how freaking happy I just got :)

Thank you for being an amazing writing and updating all of us even when you're busy being a mommy :)

Great chapter, please update us again soon!!

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Review #19, by The Justice League 10

4th July 2017:

and this chapter was so well written! From the reveal of the pregnancy to how Pippa reacted got the marriage to Teddy marrying Pippa with the same ring! This chapter was so good!!

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Review #20, by neurotic 9

3rd July 2017:
Saw catfish and the bottlemen at community festival in London yesterday and all throughout their performance teddy and Lucy was all I could think about. A drug fuelled experience made especially ecstatic due to your writing
Thank you very much
What is your child's name and gender? Hope you're both okay

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Review #21, by new light 9

19th June 2017:
You know a story is good when it makes you want to know the author, jeez I want to eat you want to consume the beautiful sunsets paintings and romances your blood has absorbed because this is so so so different to anything I've read on here. So raw so full of a tangible pain. The way you are able to bring the wotters together and not even give them many lines yet the picture of them is so vivid in my head really speaks for your talent. The suspense is amazing there's clearly some sort of mystery here and I can't wait to find out what. My aching heart is hoping they will reunite but who knows. Teddy lupine with his changing eyes and Lucy the painter they are meant to be. A delicious story and after reading your authors note I'm so happy you have passed on your talent to a young child, congratulation dear, I know things are probably tough and you're rightfully exhausted but stay inspired, stay happy because that child will look up and see the beauty in its mothers words and begin life with a passion. Truly an amazing work here, something that will stay with me on lonely walks in beautiful settings. Sending you good karma and wishes love wherever you are

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Review #22, by radiant 4

13th June 2017:
Oh that like when she says "our shadows don't match anymore" just encapsulates her growing up so well. She is not the same girl anymore, her mum is not shelter, things are so much more complicated than that. This is truly something else can't wait to read on

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Review #23, by foresg 9

13th June 2017:
When it says "he's looking at me like he used to like I'm a friend not a foe" is she talking about James? I don't understand why he's being so mean to Lucy surely he can gather she still loves him and the reason she left him was obviously down to more than everyone knows. and when he says he would have killed Lucy if it wasn't for teddy is James a werewolf? Is teddy too? I'm so confused but in a good way hope you reveal more soon

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Review #24, by Sunsetskies 9

13th June 2017:
I don't know if you're aware of these songs but reunion, our song and unfold by the xx fit this story so perfectly. I'm sat here reading this listening to these songs under a pretty sky and all I can think about is how real and hard Lucy's pain is. It is really striking my heart making me want to comfort her. This is way more complicated than a teddy Lucy reunion clearly and it breaks my heart to see all this pain but you write such a beautiful story, in such a magical setting this small town has so many memories and magic within it, it's making me nostalgic of a time I haven't even experienced. James was quite harsh with Lucy I felt but there is obviously more to the story here than we know of, I really hope you keep this going and reveal the mystery. The use of flashback is wonderful and just so heart breakingly sad because I can just feel how different old Lucy is to new Lucy and it makes me want to cry. Oh please let them have a happy ending I can't stand pippa TEDDY HAS BROWN EYES THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
Much love please do listen to those songs if you get a chance/haven't already, reunion especially I feel encaptures this story so well. One of the rawest things I've read, thank you for your creative mind.

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Review #25, by Amanda 9

24th May 2017:
For some reason my last review got cut off, so I'm finishing it here as an anonymous reviewer :P

I've been following this story for years and you don't know how excited I was to see an update! I was fighting reading this chapter for a few weeks now because I didn't want to get too attached again only to not have a new chapter to read for awhile again, but I couldn't help myself! I re-read all of the chapters and fell in love all over again!

I really hope you update soon! I know how busy you must be, so don't feel bad if it takes awhile, I just REALLY want to know what happens and need more Lucy and Teddy in my life :)


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