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Review #1, by Here Comes Sandy Claws! Percy

29th December 2014:
THIS. This is just too much feels.. I just can't even right now!! Just... GAH!

Again, it is so wonderful and realistic for Percy to be talking to Fred at such a vital moment in his life, seeking guidance. And this is even more real and heart-wrenching because of his guilt and thoughts about not being a good older brother.

And again with Fred looking down, and his comedy - I really LOVE it, and it's a wonderful way to end every single chapter, with a reminder that "the ones that love us never really leave us", as Sirius said.

Everything about this chapter, like the two chapters before it, was just perfect. This is a wonderfully-written story dear, every single chapter, and I'm adding it to the list of stories I need to come back and favorite once I'm no longer anonymous! ♥

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Percy and Fred's relationship breaks my heart. I can't imagine the guilt Percy must have felt afterwards.

Thank you! I'm glad you liked this one :)

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Review #2, by Here Comes Sandy Claws! Ron

29th December 2014:
AW!!! WHY are you so good with the feels?!?

I was honestly expecting this to also be about Fred's funeral, but I was pleasantly surprised when it wasn't!

I think it's SO believable, so realistic, for Ron to be reaching out to his older brother at a time like this, when he's so nervous. Even though the pain lessens a while after someone's death, you still always wish they were still around and want to talk to them, so that was SO realistic and just really lovely.

I loved the glimpse we got here of Ron and Hermione's wedding, and how George is standing up front with Ron and Harry, as well. And the flashback about the teddy bear being turned into a spider was adorable.

There's a lovely, happy but sad, bittersweet combination of emotions here, and it's incredibly written, seriously.

And again, with Fred watching down on the whole thing, and even calling Ron by his nickname... Aww!! &heaarts; and :'( at the same time!

Another great chapter, and off to the next!

Author's Response: :)
Yeah- I'm planning on doing a different point in time for each person in the family, since they'll all need Fred at different points in their lives. That is, if I ever actually finish this story.. :couch:

I'm glad you liked it! Thank you for the lovely review :)


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Review #3, by Here Comes Sandy Claws! Ginny

29th December 2014:
Okay, I just read "Daddy's Girl" and I was already crying over that, and now I've got a whole new reason to cry - more feels! :'( You really do a wonderful job of conveying emotions, my dear, whether they're happy ones or sad!

I have three favorite parts in this chapter. The first, is when Ginny wished that Fred had been pulling some cruel prank, because that's just a testament to how truly hilarious he was. Of course he'd never pull such a cruel joke, but even at a time like that, he always knew how to lighten the mood. Again, your subtle way of conveying things about characters amazes me!

Favorite part #2 was when Ginny realized that Fred wouldn't want everyone to be upset, he'd want them to be celebrating and laughing. And I love that part because, again, you show us so much about Fred's character, just through his little sister's thoughts.

Annnd favorite part #3 goes to the end, and Fred's looking down on her from above... that got me right in the feels! That really was SO beautiful and powerful - I LOVED it!

I think you did an amazing job conveying what Ginny's (or really anyone's) thoughts would be at a funeral of someone they loved dearly. This is a really, really wonderful chapter, and although I know it's gonna be another tear-fest, I'm off to the next!

Author's Response: Ha, not the best combination of stories to read in a row. I'm glad you liked it, and thank you for thinking I convey emotions well-I'm glad that works!

I'm glad you liked this (even if it did make you cry). Thank you so much for the wonderful review!


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Review #4, by PolyJuice_ Ron

13th March 2014:

I'm back for more feels! I'm ready for whatever sadness you and Ron throw at me! Away I go to read!

Okay, now that I've actually read the chapter I'm not so sure I can hold up to my statement. That was absolutely gut-wrenching.

I loved all the little references everywhere abut the teddy bear, the joke shop, Ginny wanting to elope (that would be so typical Ginny) it really tied in to everything JKR has said and my own personal headcanons.

It was cute that Ron was still coming to Fred, even so long after his death. I'm glad he was marrying Hermione - whatever JKR has revealed since! :P

Anyway, that last bit about Fred. Oh Lordy. You're just trying to rip out my heart, aren't you? It's nice to think he was watching all those happy times.


Author's Response: Hi! I'm glad you liked it, and it fit with your headcanons :) Yeah, I think even after losing him, Ron would still go to his older brother for advice, even if he wasn't able to answer. I'm definitely a Romione/Hinny shipper- my penname makes that point a bit I suppose. I'm still in denial about that article. Anyway, I'm glad you liked it, and thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by PolyJuice_ Ginny

13th March 2014:

Aw, this was so good! You wrote this in first person which was a really hard thing to do, but you managed to pull it off and it turned out to work really well in your favour. I could practically feel everything as you were writing it. Your choice of words were so powerful, I completely empathised with Ginny.

I can't believe this is only six hundred some words, it seemed like both too short, but just the right length. On one hand I wanted more, and on the other it seemed to fit it well, and you brought forth everything that needed to in the short space you used.

This is completely heart breaking! By the end of this battle I swear I'm just gonna be a mess of tears.

Anywho, this was absolutely fantastic! Nice writing, I can't wait to see where you're going with this next chapter.


Author's Response: Hi! Thank you so much. I find it a lot harder to write in third person than first actually-at least with the girls. Ginny especially I relate with a lot, so 1st person is easier to write with her than like, Percy or someone.

I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for the review!

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Review #6, by Rumpelstiltskin Ron

7th March 2014:
I'm here for Blackout Bingo (number 10/15 of square two, to keep track).

I really like the way this chapter is set up, where Ron is speaking directly to Fred. Perhaps it's easier to deal with his death that way, making Fred feel a little bit closer to him if he talks directly to him. Either way, it created a wonderful effect for the tone of the story.

I love that he's still basically looking to his older brother for moral support on his wedding day. He has the love of his entire family, including the members that are no longer with him.

I think that the end was especially sweet, with Fred watching over Ron, just like he watched over Ginny, and the rest of his family. ♥

This was an amazingly sweet piece and I'm glad that I read it. Fantastic job!


Author's Response: Hello!
I'm glad you liked it. I know that if I ever lost someone that close to me, my sister or someone, then I would most likely still talk to them. I have this headcanon where all the dead characters can look down and see what's happening in their loved ones lives- and that is something Fred would definitely do. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #7, by Rumpelstiltskin Ginny

1st March 2014:
I'm here for Blackout Bingo!

Holy halibut, Fred feels. Er, let's start at the beginning. Describing Ginny's feeling as an out of body experience is extremely realistic. This is how I've felt when I've lost those closest to me. Nothing seems real or right, and the events, including the funeral feels like a dream. I think it may be a reaction to grief -- a way for the brain to deal with it -- but it happens and its almost as terrible as being lucid through everything.

It's true, that even if the person (especially somebody like Fred) would want their loved ones to move on and be happy. However, just as Ginny is experiencing, that generally does not happen...because you just can't.

Saying goodbye is terrible...and oh gods, you've made me cry! This was wonderfully sad...

Great job *sniffles*!


Author's Response: Hello! Thanks for reading :) I'm glad I got the feeling right- I based it off of how I see people at funeral-I've been to quite a few, but I've never lost anyone very close to me- I'm glad that it worked out okay. I'm sorry I made you cry! Thanks for reviewing, and I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #8, by nearlyheadlesshannah Ron

10th July 2013:
I thought this one was actually better than Ginny's pov probably because it was more light-hearted and I'm a light-hearted person. The reactions from Fred in heaven at the end are what really gets the tears flowing and I can't wait to read about the rest of the fam! Keep it up

Author's Response: Thank you! Yeah, I figured it would be a really depressing story if every chapter was depressing :) Thank you for the review!

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Review #9, by nearlyheadlesshannah Ginny

10th July 2013:
aw made me tear up! love your writing

Author's Response: Aww, thank you so much!

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Review #10, by Secret Santa Ginny

3rd January 2013:
I can't believe how heart breaking this is. This is one of the best stories involving Fred's funeral I have read particularly because it focus's on Ginny and this is one of the best just because there is so much emotion that has been poured into it.

I can imagine Ginny reacting this way at his funeral especially when she said she wouldn't have been able to cope with an open coffin and that is a very realistic. I also loved the touch of Fred at the end. That was absolutely lovely

Well done!

Author's Response: Aww thank you! I wanted to focus on each of the Weasley's individually since they are all having different reactions. I'm glad Ginny came across well! Thank you!


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Review #11, by BoOkWoRm24 Ginny

31st July 2012:
Here with your requested review (finally)

Aw, this was sooo sad. I swear its stories like these that really make you want to yell at JKR for killing off poor Fred.

Everything about this peice was perfect. I loved the emotion you portrayed (heartbreaking though it is). I feel like you really captured another side of Ginny here. A lot of people like showing her as a sort of angry red head who dates a million boys. I loved that you didn't do that. She seemed sensitive here, and of course devistated. The way you mentioned her boyfriends didn't make her sound like she had a billion ga gillion of them. It was like she was just a normal teenager who dated a few guys.

I don't think I saw one error with spelling, or grammar. The pacing was perfect, the flow was perfect.

This was just brilliant. I read a lot of fics, that are like half way there. They are good, but there are

areas that need work. I can happily say that I don't see one thing that I could critisize about this piece. It was short, but sweet.

So really just a great job. Keep up the good work


Author's Response: Hi! Thank you! Your review made my day :P

I'm glad you liked Ginny :) I hate it when she's made out to be a girl who dates every boy she meets. It annoys me. She dated three guys, if I remember correctly.

I'm glad you thought it was good! I was nervous about this piece, because it's hard to write this way. So I'm glad you liked it!


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Review #12, by ScarletEye158 Ron

18th July 2012:
Aww this was cute too. I would have liked to see a little more emotion out of Ron, but I still liked how he talked to Fred, almost as if he was still there. And I really like your ending bits where Fred talks to Ginny and Ron. It's really cute and makes me want to cry. Poor Fred :/

Anyways, good job! Can't wait for the next chapter!:)


Author's Response: Thank you :) Ron's emotions were difficult for me, just writing in his pov :/ I hit a bit of a block.

Thank you :)


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Review #13, by ScarletEye158 Ginny

18th July 2012:
Hey, it's me! Thanks so much for entering my challenge! I know it was probably really hard to write based off of a quote and I'm just glad you got an idea from it :)

First off, this was extremely sad. I usually only think of how hard it was for George to lose his twin, but then Fred also had 6 other siblings who lost a brother and whom it was also equally as hard on. Of course George was closest to him, but that doesn't mean it didn't effect the other siblings just as hard, ya know?

I really like your idea that you're doing (I'm guessing your doing a chapter from each sibling/member of the family?) because it really uses the quote quite well. Losing a family memeber is always really hard, not to mention a sibling. I really thought you nailed Ginny's emotions in this chapter and I'm anxious to read the next chapter (Ron is my favorite character and I hate seeing him sad) :) Good job!


Author's Response: Thank you!

I'm planning on doing one for each member of the family. George will be at the end, since he was closest to Fred :(
I'm glad the emotions were good :)

Thank you!


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Review #14, by ginerva_molly_weasley Ron

18th July 2012:
Please please please continue with this story! I love how it shows little pieces of the Weasley's talking to Fred at significant points in their lives.

If only Fred was there to talk to Ron and wind him up it would have been so lovely but its also interesting that Ron turned to him when he was so nervous to talk to rather than someone who was on the earth and could talk back.

You really showed Ron's nervousness but also his personality, talking about Victoire.

Fred's reaction was typical Fred which was lovely! Well done

Author's Response: I will continue :) I've turned into an angst writer at some point, but I don't remember this...

Fred definitely would have wound him up, but Ron still loved his brother (h)

Thank you!

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Review #15, by ginerva_molly_weasley Ginny

18th July 2012:
This is so super sweet and sad! I don't know what to say to it really!

Ginny seems to be so broken down from her brothers death which is different to the fiesty persona to which she usually loves to have. To see her so broken must have been hard for Harry and I like how you mentioned him being next to her so he could almost seem like her pillar of strength.

Talking about the past and how he and George used to joke around and look after their little sister is really bittersweet because at the time Ginny wanted them to go away, to stop being so overprotective and saying they will beat up her boyfriends but now she would probably want nothing more for him to be back doing that and I think you showed that really well.

I also like the ending bit with Fred looking down on her and reminding us that whilst he might be in that coffin and no longer alive, he can still see what's going on and see how his family are affected. What he says to Ginny though is so sweet and it would have been lovely for her to hear him say that but sadly she couldn't making it so sad. Well done!

Author's Response: Yeah, sometimes Ginny needs to be weak too :(

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it, these are a bit more difficult to write than other stories :)


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