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Review #1, by Marshal Task One Challenge: Romanian Longhorn

29th April 2017:
Reading the title of the story I so thought that this was going to be a fic regarding the Triwizard tournament. I kept waiting for it to come up like maybe a future competition seeing as Susan was working with the dragons at this time - telling me that this is post the 2nd war but it wasn't.

Still this was a different kind of story. I don't read many stories that involve dragons when it comes to the world of Harry Potter which is funny considering I am fond of dragons in general (I love How to Train Your Dragon after all).

Still it was interesting to see the life of dragon healers. I never imagined that there would be a compound where dragons are kept enclosed after a fashion and tended to. It is interesting to think about.

I rather enjoyed the ending of the story where Charlie is delirious from pain but offering huge compensation, new healer jackets and best of all ice cream Fridays. That made me smile. I wonder if he really did say that or if Susan was putting words into his mouth. Either way it is an amusing final line.

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Review #2, by adluvshp Task One Challenge: Romanian Longhorn

29th April 2017:
This was a pretty interesting fic! I like how you have written about two of Charlie's interns - most of such dragon related stories usually involve Charlie himself, so it was fascinating to see him in the position of a boss from the point of view of two younger dragon trainers wanting to be more and achieve more in front of his eyes. The use of the crossword to fulfil some of the prompt was very clever and it also added to both of their characterisations by showing how bored they were with their lifestyle there and how much the dragon assigned to them was no such threat. Their emotions on the matter and overall behaviour made sense. I loved when things picked up in pace and action when we heard that Charlie got burned and both of the girls fired up and went to help him. The way you showed Noah noticing that wound on the dragon then trying out the healing salve, that entire bit was written very well and I was holding my breath along with her to see what would happen - and I breathed a sigh of relief when the dragon seemed to be alright. The ending bit was sweet and made me smile at how they both progressed in their work levels and finally did what they had come to train for. Overall, this was light, action packed, dramatic, and very nicely written - loved it!
-CTF Review by Angie

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Review #3, by Cannons Task One Challenge: Romanian Longhorn

7th December 2013:

I just wanted to say that this was very enjoyable.
I loved that you used Susan Bones.


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Review #4, by Manga_girl Task One Challenge: Romanian Longhorn

24th October 2012:
Hey! In order to get you closer to number seven, you only need three more reviews!!

Anyway, I really enjoyed this one shot! I just love you writing so much!

Author's Response: Thank you so much :) It was a fun challenge to write for!

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Review #5, by radicallyali Task One Challenge: Romanian Longhorn

14th July 2012:
PS Iím saving 30 days for last because I love me some ScoRose.

If dragons could be cute, I would say that Captain is cute.

Good ol Charlie Weasley.

The amount of activities to do in the colony could be counted on one hand. Besides eating in the caf, reading in our bunks, or sneaking in to see other dragons, the choices were limited
That sounds AWFUL I would hate my life within a month.

Seventeen held Brian, a Romanian Longhorn with thick scales and fierce eyes. Half the walls were charred.
This isnít going to end well is it?

Charlie says itís related to Brian
Yeah not going to end well at all.

And ice cream Fridays

I think you did a really good job of including the prompts. Nothing stood out jarringly, they all made sense in their places.

For you, this was really short. I kept expecting a lot more detail and for it to be longer, because well, Iím used to BTQC and H&S, but I liked it and thought it was cute. I could definitely see this being a short story though. But I liked it. =]

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed this chapter :)

Don't you love the dragon name Brian? Dying.

I am SO awkward about how short this is. It HAD to be under 2500 words. I was so weird. I had to cut a lot too.


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Review #6, by NaidatheRavenclaw Task One Challenge: Romanian Longhorn

13th July 2012:
Hello! I've been meaning to read some of your work for ages (believe me, my reading list is about a mile long and growing every day :P) so I'm really glad that the House Cup pushed me to read some of it faster. And you definitely lived up to your reputation!

I loved all the humor scattered throughout this. Even for a fairly action heavy piece, you had some great light hearted moments that added a lot of depth to your character. The bit about being jealous of the other Healer was genius as was the magazine with the shirtless bloke on the cover :P And the very end was my favorite part ;)

So glad I finally read your work! I'll definitely be back to your author's page in the (hopefully) near future :D


Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! I'm glad you enjoyed it and I really hope you're able to give any of the other stories a shot sometime since this was a quick 30 minute story! It was so much fun to write and definitely different. Actually, it was the first post-Hogwarts story I've done.

Thank you so much for the review! I'm loving all of the House Cup stories so far!

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Review #7, by Javery fannn Task One Challenge: Romanian Longhorn

9th July 2012:
This is so cool! Most fics about Romania go on and on about Charlies life, so this was a nice change. More than a nice change, actually; I loooved it! Must've been the dragons :D

I don't really know how these challenges work, but I hope you win! You have to get nominated first, right? Can I vote without an account?

Author's Response: It'll be for the House Cup challenge on the forums, so there actually isn't voting. I had to use at least 5 prompts in order to get points for my House. Then the House will select one story to go for "best overall" which will be decided on for extra points as well. BUT if you liked this story, I actually wrote one for the bromance challenge that should be up today/tomorrow that I wrote before this one and it takes place at the same dragon colony, just a different story. It's in James' POV :)

And thank you so much for the review! You're so wonderful!

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Review #8, by TyrannicFeenix Task One Challenge: Romanian Longhorn

8th July 2012:
Oo ice cream fridays sound nice. Really good work. Felt well paced and not over done. I am really liking these Susan fics. She's a really interesting chaaracter who didn't get enough attention in the books.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I agree. It was a lot of fun to write something from Susan's point of view!

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