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Review #1, by Isha Together

17th April 2016:
This was a super cute story. I really appreciated how although the story was mainly told through Rose's POV, we got a few glimpses into Scorpius as well! It made for a more fulfilling experience! And I'm also really glad you didn't have this story end with them skipping school and travelling! This ending was super sweet! Great job writing it! :)

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Review #2, by amortentia Together

22nd September 2015:
okay. this is THE greatest scorose fic i have ever read. thank you, thank you, thank you so much for writing it!! i absolutely adored both rose and scorp, and the mountains, and ron, and hugo, and the paintings, everything was perfect. much love

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Review #3, by A concerns reader Trust

15th July 2015:
This story seems similar to yours. Just something to keep an eye on. summer Nights by Maddie Moody. (It won't let me paste the link but it is here on this site. )

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Review #4, by katethemuggle Together

27th June 2015:
Okay as I clicked on this last chapter I truly had to brave myself because it finally hit me that this was the final chapter and I would no longer get to have any more of this amazing story and that makes me very very sad. But, alas, itís been so good. I canít help but enjoy this story chapter after chapter after chapter.

Well, now for the review of the chapter image: beautiful and I loved the hand holding and the sunset. It truly summed up their romance and what they stood for.

I loved when they were on the porch talking about the first time she started to teach him to paint and about what happened and then Ron coming out...ah, priceless and I loved it.

The lingerie shopping was quite enjoyable and very hilarious.

He laughed. ďIt doesnít matter if you have any of this on,Ē he said, examining a pair of stockings. ďIíll still kiss you inappropriately in the hallway to the point of detention.Ē
^ Iíll take you up on that off, dear Scorpius. *wink wink*

YAY for him getting a commercial! Ah, I wanted to just jump up and down with him I was so excited! I have no more story and I am very sad about it, itís very bittersweet! But okay, let me give my final thoughts on everything (and then you will be rid of my lengthy reviews for a bit)

The plot: Just the original plot of the two of them finding romance and adventure together in the woods was enough for me to enjoy. It really was. But it became so much more and I fell in love with it even more. It was amazing. I loved all the twists and turns and even though it tore at my heartstrings at several times and had me rolling with laughter at others, I loved this roller coaster ride from start to finish.

The characters:

Well, I feel itís only fitting to start with Rose so here goes: I loved her. It was great having her POV tell the story and even though I am extremely picky about first person narrative I loved it as told by her. She grew so much as a person and character development I feel is one of the most important aspects of a book. She truly found romance in the woods, but she found more than that. She found herself. She found love and realized her passion and realized some things are worth breaking the rules for and are worth fighting for.

Scorpius: Can he just like date me already? Being a Malfoy, there was initially a red flag there, but I had no problem giving him an open mind. And I am so glad that I did. He was a great guy for more reasons than his attractiveness. He was brave, funny, caring, and just enough cocky confidence to make it more attractive and enjoyable rather than just obnoxious. So that was great. He experienced a lot on this trip. He learned to open up, he decided to go after his dream and even learned that when everything in the world seems like itís turned against you - it hasnít. He still fought for his life.

Ron: Phenomenal. Canon. Excellent. I donít need to say much else I donít feel like. I expressed my strong like for his character in the majority of my reviews, so Iíll leave it at that.

Hermione: She was great as well and also very canon. She is an excellent mother and a great woman. Enough said.

Hugo: Ah, Hugo. Yes, he was a pain, but he is 15 afterall so he deserves some slack. I liked the boy even though he made me angry at times.

Draco: ...I actually liked him and I didnít think I would! And he is a great father and an even better husband. His love for Astoria is just plain beautiful and I want someone to love me like that.

Astoria: I loved her, she was a sweetheart and definitely did not deserve the disease, but with all those Healers on the case, my fingers are crossed. And kudos to her for staying so strong, that takes courage.

Overall, wonderful story.

So thank you, to you, for giving us this story. It was a joy to read. I wish you all the luck in life. I wish you luck with your husband, your new life in Colorado and with the original novel. I hope I can buy it someday.

Thank you.

I loved this so much.

And I prefer it ending the way it did, I leaves something to the imagination about the future, which I feel like will be positive.


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Review #5, by katethemuggle Hope

27th June 2015:
Okay so after this chapter I only have one more left.



How am I already at the end?! (Although I guess binge reading for now three days gives me that answer but ah well.)

I canít believe Iím nearly at the end of the journey, but Iíve loved it through all the ups and downs and Iím very glad I accidentally stumbled across it. It has definitely made being sick better. It certainly gets my mind elsewhere so yay. I loved it. Itís phenomenal and although itís going to be bittersweet to finish it, Iíve loved it and I have to know what happens. I have to know how it ends. So, thatís enough of my rambling. Hereís my review:

This chapter image...ohemgee. Whoever that guy is, if you would please notify him to marry me, that would be excellent. Superb. Perfection. Geez, he is attractive. But enough fangirling.

Okay so when Rose was debating eavesdropping - even though she and us readers knew that she was going to because, quite frankly, itís in her blood - that was funny. But what she heard broke my heart. Scorpius is so strong and putting up such a tough front, but not even he can stop from breaking.

And that broke my heart.

Okay, I love Scorpius. I am very attached to him. BUT, Rose is right about him leaving. Since they donít have a solution or a way to heal him, leaving and getting away isnít a bad thing - the bad thing is that he is planning on just disappearing, not telling anyone but Rose (who will then have a huge burden and lots of guilt on her shoulders in turn, as well as feeling like there was some possible way she could have stopped him). I understand that heís scared. I understand he wants to run away, and I know he genuinely thinks that heís helping people, heís trying to be selfless, but he is being really selfish. With everything everyone is doing for him, they at least deserve a goodbye. Heís 17. Heís legal. He can leave, but he should do it in a mature manner. Disappearing is not the right way to handle things.

Also, ten points to Ronald Weasley for hearing his daughter argue with a boy in the middle of the night and not get hot headed.

But YAY for Rose going to find Scorpius (successfully I might add!) and DOUBLE YAY - no, scratch that - FIVE THOUSAND TIMES YAY BECAUSE HE SAID HE LOVED HER AND BROWNIE POINTS BECAUSE IT WAS SO VERY ROMANTIC

Gosh, I loved this chapter.

Excellent, excellent


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Review #6, by katethemuggle Positive

27th June 2015:
So, it has officially hit me that I am just about done with this story. After this chapter I only have two more and ugh I can not believe itís happening that way already. I am not ready to see it end, although I am completely ready to know what happens with Scorpius. (And his mother and Rose and really everybody, but hey, he is my number one priority at the moment.)

The tree in the chapter image was very pretty. I would love to climb all over it.

Scorpius and Rose are just...agh, they are so so adorable. I canít get enough. I ship them. Maybe not in every story, but certainly in this one.

Okay, I loved that her family (that was still around town) came over and I love Albus! Goodness, from moment one I knew he was pretty awesome.

ďCan you tell me why Scorpius Malfoy is in your living room?Ē
^ I knew from moment one that this was going to be an interesting chapter. OH, I got extremely excited.

Okay, I know itís to be used as an escape and given his health they should not travel the world. But, if he were healthy, I would say Rose would be a fool for not having the pair of them tour the world. I would go, hands down. School will still be there. I would go and wouldnít think a thing of it. My mom wouldnít stop me. If I suggested it and told her I turned it down she would say I was being dumb and to go with the cute boy. (Although, I donít have the funds Rose does so that would complicate things)

But hey, he finally admitted to being nervous. Finally, Scorpius. Finally.

Okay pretty sure my heart was racing as he got the results...and then it was broken when he read them.


Iím too sad to say much else. Ugh. :(

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Review #7, by katethemuggle Home

27th June 2015:
Hi again!

Well, since Iím trying to shorten my reviews Iím just going to get straight to the point, so without further ado, my review:

Chapter image: simple but pretty. I liked it. Sometimes less is more and that is the case here.

Okay, Scorpius suggesting (although I know he was only half serious) that he and Rose go waterfall jumping despite his order to be on bedrest but funny and just made me further realize how much I adored him and his uplifted spirits. Even in the wake of all sorts of tragedy he keeps his chin up.

Scorpiusí journal entries were literally like the key to my heart. I would go on and on but that isnít necessary. Just know I loved them and that Rose should take him up on the idea of touring the world and trying exotic food. I wouldnít be able to say ďYES!Ē fast enough if someone asked me to do that, especially if it was the boy I was interested in.

Oh yeah and he totally LOVES HER.

And she totally LOVES HIM TOO.

Okay okay maybe love is jumping the gun a little bit buuut it is certainly headed in that direction. *cue big, cheeky grin*

Okay Rose going to see Danielle was extremely grown up and I am so proud of her for doing that. I couldnít have done that, Iím certain. Iím calmer and wouldnít have hexed her, but I also wouldnít be going to her house, even if it was the right thing to do. Sorry Danielle. But, major props to Rose. Very mature.

ďFood? Oh. Thatís different. No one needs to spell properly when hungry.Ē
^ made me laugh. Out loud.

I am too worried for Scorpius.

Ugh ugh ugh

Why do this to me? Iím going crazy over here!

But, excellent chapter.


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Review #8, by katethemuggle Awake

27th June 2015:
Okay I am only a few chapters away from finishing this story and yet I still have no idea how itís going to end. Everything I think I have it riddled out there is this whomping plot twist and I realize I do not know quite as much as I thought I did. I have a guess that somehow Scorpius and Rose will end up together - but I canít even be completely sure of that given all the twists and turns! First it was this romantic, fluffy little story and then we got hit with the Scorpís mother is sick, but that was a minor plot twist. But then BOOM enter Danielle. Then calm waves for a moment then BOOM mauled by a bear and almost dead at the bottom of the hill. Then calm waters then BOOM Scorpís mother is getting worse but then BOOM BOOM BOOM bigger plot twist: Scorpius is in the hospital and apparently is barely hanging on (and all from a fall down the stairs?! Hmm..seems suspicious to me) Then Danielle again. Ugh so many twists and turns, I donít even know if my poor head is on straight. But, I donít like being able to completely predict the end of a book so I do enjoy all the surprises, but it still triggers my anxiety, I must admit. :p

Okay, the chapter image was beautiful. Dang it, Danielle. Why do you have to be pretty? You just couldnít be ugly, could you? Darn you muggle. The girl looked like Cara Delevingne but Iím not quite sure if it is her, I canít tell for a hundred percent certainty. But from the moment I read her name in the journal I disliked her because I am a girl and I am ridiculous. Hmph.

Seeing Rose at lunch with the Malfoys (minus Scorpius of course/unfortunately) was good. I know when they originally planned for her to dine with them it was under extremely different circumstances, but at least they accept her, Weasley and all.

Okay Danielle: GO AWAY. I DO NOT LIKE YOU! From the get go, with her perfect hair and dress, I didnít like her. She was too perfect. And I just didnít buy the original Ďniceí act. I saw through it as being an act. And then she was really yelling at him and fighting him even though he is in the hospital? Classy. Ugh. Get lost, Danielle. I know she was upset and probably in the right but hey, my loyalty is Sco/Rose. Youíve convinced me. :p

I am SO scared for Scorp. Ugh. Heís even braver than I thought for fighting this for over a year...silently.



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Review #9, by katethemuggle Okay

27th June 2015:
Okay well after the previous chapter ended with you mentioning that someone was about to go missing and a vacation would be kept short, I couldnít exactly just stop reading! So...back again, guilty as charged of being addicted to this story, which I am confident I will be finishing today.

Okay, time for your review! (By the way, Iíve been shortening them and Iím pretty dang proud of myself for that because I obviously have a tough time not rambling :p)

The moment I saw the chapter image which, although beautiful, was very...ominous. I got an immediate feeling that something was going to go very, very wrong, considering the fact that it was the inside of a hospital and looked like it was straight out of Greyís Anatomy - which is a show where you could sum up the plot by saying this: Oh, you like that character? Well, get the tissues ready because they wonít be making it out alive. Sorry.Ē *sad face now because Iím thinking about characters I enjoy off that show who died :( ugh)

Starting this chapter it was already bittersweet when I read the initial part that said it was already day twenty six and that regardless of what happened in this chapter, everything as we know it was about to be over and real life would be starting soon, effectively ending Rose and Scorpiusí fantasy in the woods. :/

I love Hermione. I just adore her and her motherly-ness (although that is not a word and for that I apologize.) I love her support about her daughterís relationship and I find it very funny and quite ironic that she doesnít want Rose misbehaving when she, her husband and Uncle Harry probably broke every rule ever imagined by Albus Dumbledore. haha

But, when she was called away...I knew something was wrong. In my gut, I knew it. :p I did, however, have a pretty dang good guess about where she was and I was right, unfortunately. I knew where it was going but hurt to know for sure. I want to just go in there and make her one hundred percent better. Ugh.

But ugh, Scorpius come back, you canít leave without saying goodbye!

Ugh, my heart is broken for every. single. person. in this story.

I was surprisingly happy that they decided to cut the trip short though...there are priorities. The Smoky Mountains will still be there but the chance to go visit the three Malfoys unfortunately might not.

But YAY for Rose selling not just one but TWO of her paintings to the gallery! Yay!

Moody Hugo reminds me of teenage Ron.





I feel like itís something more than just a fall but I could be wrong.

This reminds me so much of a John Green book, I swear. haha

Excellent chapter.


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Review #10, by katethemuggle Fight

27th June 2015:
Well, last night you left me with a cliffie and I was torn between staying up and reading it to satisfy my need to know what happened next versus my need to sleep because really all you can do when youíre sick is stay in bed and surf the web/read/listen to music or watch tv or you can sleep. But, eventually I realized it was not that big of a cliffie and I had to sleep, I was falling asleep quickly. But now Iím back, and since like I said thereís not too much I can I am again.

Well, enough rambling! Time for your review!

Chapter Image: It was beautiful - that actress is stunning. But, if Mrs. Malfoy has dark hair and features then how come sheís blonde? Just wondering, but itís not very important.

I loved that Ron and Hermione left him come play board games and spend the morning with them, that made me happy! I love how everyone is getting along! Itís really great. And hey, that games about escaping Gringotts sounds really fun actually and I would like to play it too. (Hey, wonder where the game makers got the idea for that? xD)

Yay for Rose actually casting her line in the water rather than the tree! She may not have caught a fish for a while but she got it in the water. Vast improvement. And she almost caught a fish so hey! Thatís good!

Even though they got in a little fight and I get nervous when they fight, I was still happy that he stands up to her tantrums and doesnít back down - I like that. Again, it shows his backbone and I like that.

And kissing is always a good way to end a fight anyway

Iím glad theyíre going to be open when they get to Hogwarts, that makes me happy. As a girl, I understand where Rose is coming from about the whole label thing (especially after the Danielle incident) but also Iím a big believer that Ďif it ainít broke donít fix ití so I wish she would just enjoy where they are now. :p

This was a very cute chapter and Iím content with where Rose and Scorpius are in their relationship. Very, very sweet.


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Review #11, by katethemuggle Grounded

26th June 2015:
Well, once again you left me with a cliffie and obviously I canít just stop reading before I know what happened to Scorp and just how busted Rose gets to I didnít waste any time getting to chapter 15.

Well, to keep with the usual order of things, I must begin with chapter image comments. It felt like a prison but since the title was ĎGroundedí I automatically deemed it fitting. :)


Okay okay

All my previous anger toward Scorp when I first read about Danielle is now gone. THE POOR BOY NEARLY GOT KILLED BECAUSE OF A BEAR?! Poor, poor boy. That had to be terrifying...ugh...I canít even imagine it...Iím shuddering. So, so glad he got away. And Rose found him. Many Ďthank yousí are coming out my mouth right about now. Ugh, Iím attached to him! He does not need to be offed by a bear!

Oh and pretty sure my pulse was racing for Rose there in the beginning! I was absolutely convinced that Mr. Malfoy was going to see her. I figured she wouldnít even up pepper sprayed or shot by him or anything, but I still anticipated a very awkward encounter between the pair of them.

Rose hiding under the bed gave me deja vu xD.

Mrs. Malfoy knowing she was there was amusing as well, motherís intuition I guess?


The car ride with Draco was less painful than I anticipated so YAY for Draco loosening up a bit! But Iím with Rose and I never would have pegged classical music to him. In fact...Iíve never given it much of a thought at all though. Haha

And her grounding I felt was not totally undeserved. I wouldnít have grounded her for going to see him - if she had driven or something and I knew she wasnít going to be eaten. So, I unfortunately agree with Ron about it. Sorry Rose. :p (I know it wonít last though haha and for that I am glad)

Enter wizard texting via owls because that is basically what they were doing - and I loved it dearly! Although sorry to hear about Astoria though...I like her!


...but I love it.


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Review #12, by katethemuggle Silence

26th June 2015:
Okay, so once again by the time I had finally realized I should stop annoying you with review after review you hit me with a bombshell such as a missing Scorpius and despite closing my laptop for a bit and doing other things for a little bit, I eventually succumbed to my weakness and gave in to read another chapter. (Which I wonít deny will probably turn into me reading more because I obviously have a difficult time with self control.

So, without further ado, my review:

As per tradition, the chapter image: Very pretty, very scenic trees. Although it appears they slant up, giving me a clue that itís the hill and hills are not my friend and it looks like a complete joy to climb (sarcastic voice by the way) But eh, I like to hike so I would more than likely attempt it.

*sarcastic voice again* Yes, Rose. Tigers are extremely indigenous here - sometimes we have cancelled classes to school because thereís a tiger in the parking lot eating students.

I feel for Draco in this and that is something I do not know if I have ever said! With his wife on her deathbed practically, and his son missing and presumably in terrible danger (or goodness forbid if he had died) that is too much for one man to bear. When he gets there that morning he doesnít know if heís going to start this vacation as a family and leave along. Ah, this is making me want to cry and for once I really want to hug Draco Malfoy. Who woulda thought?

Despite their childhood animosity, I appreciated that Ron stepped up to the plate to go out and search with Draco. It was obvious that on a list of possibly company Malfoy would have been dang near the bottom but this was about a missing teenager, whom his daughter strongly cares for. Harry would be proud Ron!

Hugoís words of encouragement made me laugh. Good job lil bro. With all the sneaking around sheís done recently, I fail to see why she would obey Ron right now - especially during such a serious situation. I mean címon Rose. Save loverboy. Save Romeo.

No answer. Great. Now I was going to be mauled by some dragon and killed after my father told me not to go outside. Iíd be grounded forever.
^ made me laugh. A whole bunch, Iíll admit.

Pretty sure I barely breathed from the time she found him until she left the Malfoyís house. omg omg omg omg omg.

Then Draco...hugged...WeasleyÖ! ! ! (enough said I feel :p)

Yay for Hugo showing normal, non hormonal, emotion!

Okay, Iíll sum up the rest of my thoughts by saying this: Rose = Gryffindor 100%.

10/10. I finally gave in.

GREAT chapter. Best one yet.

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Review #13, by katethemuggle Date

26th June 2015:
I canít believe Iím already closer to the end of the story than the beginning! I guess thatís what happens when you binge read for two whole days. Sick perks, I suppose. But eh, I just canít stay away. I need to know what happens. It is not even a want anymore - it has become a pure need. I must know if they end up together once they leave this mountain!

Adorable chapter image once again. I loved the hand holding. Very sweet.

First off, Rose, donít feel bad about smelling the sweatshirt. Boys cologne is amazing. I mean címon, letís be honest. Who has enjoyed a whiff or two of a boyís hoodie in their day? I mean I know I have on occasion. One of my closest friends friends is a guy and I must say I enjoy every time I ride in his car because it smells so dang good. But, that may just make me a weirdo. But, eh. I can live with that.

Rose wearing one of her moms dresses was nice in two ways. One, she didnít have to wear a ruddy tank top and gym shorts. Two, it gave them some mother/daughter bonding time that any relationship could use. And I know the majority of mothers would like to be able to do something like that for their daughters. I dunno, it was very sweet and I thought it a very nice touch.

Ronís little interrogation of poor Scorpius had be rolling with laughter. He was trying to pull all the classic father bits, but itís so far from him as a person that it made it so comical. Plus, Scorpiusí constant Ďsirís and his awkwardness and fear made it all the more enjoyable - well, for me anyway, not so much for him more than likely.

Ah, his true biggest fear comes to light. And itís a good one.

Especially considering most girls in my year were either passionate about Quidditch, the boys who played Quidditch, or the fashion that would get them asked out by said boys who played Quidditch. Dom fit into all three.
^ I just found that extremely funny and felt it probably very true about all the girls

The little picnic/sunset scene was just about the cutest date I have ever heard of. Ugh. GOALS.

And their little painting scene was too precious and filled my heart with joy and ugh. I loved it! I thought it also great that she wouldnít stop painting to kiss him - very professional! Although I must admit that I feel I would have abandoned the painting in exchange for his mouth haha

But now...WHERE IN THE WORLD (literally) IS SCORPIUS?!?!

Is he hurt? Did he intentionally leave? Kidnapped? Joined the circus? Run away to Mexico? Ahhh, Iím scared!!

Everytime I try to tell myself Iíve read enough for the day - BOOM!- something happens that sparks my need to continue reading!

Also, seeing as it is the end of June practically and July is approaching once more - happy early birthday!


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Review #14, by katethemuggle Blunt

26th June 2015:
I bet by now you are far past ready for me to finish your story so you will no longer have to deal with my reviews which I feel like are probably starting to be very, very annoying and Iím trying to shorten them but it just isnít working at all, somehow I keep ending up with seriously long reviews so again I apologize

Another very attractive guy as a chapter image. Yummy.

Ron offering to buy her painting - whether it be a genuine gesture because the art was that good or because he just wanted to boost her spirits a bit - was such a sweet gesture. Heís a good daddy. That made me really happy, even though she turned it down, the offer itself was so sweet and genuine and gah. I love Ron.

But YAY for Rose reading the letter! Regardless of what it said - she had to know! She would have gone crazy not knowing!

Okay so I can not quite completely collect my thoughts in an organized way about the letter so I guess I will just have to do my best. Well first off, nothing about his motherís situation justifies him not telling her - Iíll admit that - BUT he isnít exactly in a relationship with Danielle either. Itís no exclusive or serious, itís a girl with a crush on a nice guy who is just too nice to hurt her. That is all that it is, thank goodness. I feel for his mother, I really do though. I feel for all of them. That must be terrible seeing someone you love just deteriorate away and being unable to do anything to stop it. I can not even imagine the sort of pain he must be in. And now, like I guessed earlier (yay me) I know why he said that about the girls being braver than boys. He was dealing with this since he was a child and has stayed strong and positive and kept it in - that takes bravery. As for the last line.Iím a sucker and it totally would have gotten to me. I would have for sure run to him in some cheesy way after that line and knowing he wasnít in a relationship. Gah. Drama drama and lots and lots of feels. But ugh Scorp, donít go back to London yet. Stay. Work it out with Rose!

Iím glad Ron didnít stop her from going after him (even during a soon to be storm) - 10 points to Ronald Weasley for excellent parenting skills

Rose braved her biggest fear - a storm - to go see him? Ahhh, RELATIONSHIP GOALS!!!

Scorpius bandaging and taking care of her injuries made me so happy, it was adorable despite Roseís yelling and occasional near-leaving moments.


Iím so happy they worked it out! So SO SOO happy! Iím looking for date round 2!


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Review #15, by katethemuggle Letter

26th June 2015:
Okay, so when I started chapter ten I told myself that this would be the last chapter I would read for a bit and then I would take a break. But then of course you dropped the mother of all cliffies on me and so I had to click next! Gah, the torture!

Leo as Draco is a nice touch! I donít imagine Leo playing him but hey, makes for a nice chapter image I will admit. Especially since itís in black and white - nice touch.

MY HEART IS BROKEN FOR ROSE! Darn you Scorpius Malfoy! How could you do this? She trusted you! I trusted you! We all trusted you! Even Ron and Hermione liked you! Ugh! I am so so angry about this right now, I have such strong feelings and I did not see this coming at all. Ugh.

I really want to meet Dom seeing as she seems to have the feisty Weasley temperament combined with the attitude Fleur also would sometimes get when pushed and I just desperately want to see her and see the dynamic between her and Rose. She sounds great.

Oh, probably should have mentioned this earlier but even though it broke my heart that he is seeing another girl - I like that you didnít come up with some way he could deny it was the type of relationship it was. I like realistic stories because Iím boring haha.

Mr. Navy was a delight and I was glad Rose got out of the cabin and even got to look at some lovely paintings, that made me happy and I enjoyed her being around her passions, even though it seemed like she couldnít have a good time due to Scorpius which is understandable.

Then she slapped him and although a tiny part of me panged for him mostly I was going YOU GO GIRL because even though I liked him, and he will probably earn my trust back, he still broke her heart. And that is the worst pain I know I have ever experienced.

I seriously want to know what is in that letter! Ugh, read it Rose!

Iím glad she finally decided to go after her dream of being a painter! My heart smiled when I read that!

I feel like given what you said, we will probably meet Danielle soon but Iím not too happy about that. I know her and Scorp will talk and I hope they work it out. The vacation is nearly over nowÖ :/

Great chapter.


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Review #16, by katethemuggle Journal

26th June 2015:
Hi, again! Here I am, I am back again because eh, I just couldnít contain myself. I canít have a solid conversation without losing my breath and I get tired super easy so, what better way to spend the day reading this excellent story and falling more and more in love with a fictional character?

I like the chapter image of the journal - very cute. I would love to write in there.

Now before I can even begin my proper review - I cannot believe both that I am already on chapter 10 and that Rose is already over halfway through her vacation! Please, please keep them together even after they leave the mountains! Letís bring this romance back to Hogwarts!

I just adore the relationship she has with her dad! I completely love it - and he reminds me a whole lot of my own dad to be perfectly honest. In fact, besides the fact that they are wizards this family dynamic is very similar to the one I have grown up in thankfully. So, I love that relationship and I think itís fantastic.

The conversation between Rose and Ron regarding tattoos was simply...priceless. I was roaring with laughter the entire time. One thing about Ron, I donít feel like tattoos are really his cup of tea. And then him scaring Scorpius about the name tattoo was just phenomenal. I would love to see the expression on his face that Iím sure replaced his normal smirk.

Just an invitation to dinner at the Malfoyís would terrify me to be perfectly honest! Then of course darling little Hugo had to come in and open his mouth. Eurgh. Little siblings are a joy. But at least he received his karma when found Ron and Hermione kissing. Always an uncomfortable moment for a child.

Roseís little jitters trying to find the perfect outfit and hairdo and Scorpiusí annoyance was just brilliant. I think everyone can relate to their feelings. But, I would be terrified if I was Rose to be going to dinner at the Malfoyís.

Okay then thankfully, Mr. Malfoy actually did not address her coldly, his only snide remark was about his own son, which was a habit I am positive he got from his father.

Okay then we have Rose wandering into Scorpiusí room and I thought it very sweet that he had a journal. I love that. Itís a good therapy and with what he is going through he definitely a hardship and as an avid advocate that mental health is important even though he is strong guy, everyone can break so I hope he is mentally okay.

NOW WHO IS DANIELLE?! I literally slapped my hand over my mouth when I read that. I didnít even know what to say. Ugh!

Excellent chapter.


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Review #17, by katethemuggle Insecure

26th June 2015:
Okay some people use alcohol or other substances as addictions but mine typically to involve a book or music and well, this has certainly fueled the addictive part of my brain. I can not seem to stay away from it! Gosh, that certainly makes it a good novel. I would definitely not mind having a book of yours on my shelves someday. (Iím actually an aspiring author myself though so maybe someday weíll both have bestsellers - fingers crossed!) Okay well as you can tell, I could not stay away from your story (at this rate I am positive I will have it finished by the end of the weekend seeing as this is the second day Iíve been reading and Iím on chapter 9 of 22 already)

I love your use of Jennifer Lawrence as Rose! Iíve never seen her used to depict Rose so itís a refreshing change of pace, especially since Jennifer is such an incredible actress and I love what she stands for as a person - sheís very strong in both the way she presents herself and the characters she portrays and I think sheís an excellent fit for Rose who herself is a very strong and extremely well developed character.

I am so relieved to know that the Weasley family ft. Scorpius dinner went smoothly and that there were no screaming or guns! Iím very proud of Ron. Granted if Ron had been faced with Draco as well there would have probably been a different story, but regardless he stayed on top of his behavior and Iím very happy about that. I figured at least once he left Ron would grumble and complain in some manner but he didnít so yay!

When the storm started to roll in I got pretty anxious for Rose but then YAY for Scorpius to the rescue! But it was pretty funny that in typical drama queen Weasley style she decided that the knocking on the window was how she would die - honestly Rose, fulfill the Hermione side of your genes and realize you are in the middle of the mountains and it is going to be Scorp! Heís such a sweetheart for braving the rain and coming to see her despite the rain and I loved seeing them together! Ah, so cute.

Their day together this time I feel like took them several steps forward because she actually got him to open up!

I felt so bad for him as he talked about his family and everything they had been through in the past few years, it sounds awful. But I will give him major props for stepping up and not demanding sorrow and throwing huge pity parties, I respect that.

Also, them trying on cheap, tacky general store clothes was hilarious and I wish I could see it.

Adorable chapter.

Also, big congrats on a successful move as well as your new dog!!


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Review #18, by katethemuggle Paint

26th June 2015:
Hi there, for round number 8! Gosh, I know Iíve told you before but I just can not get over just how much I am interested by this story. The plot, the characters, the writing style, the witty banter and dialogue...itís all too perfect. Please publish a book someday, I will definitely be reading it.

I liked the chapter image. Paint is beautiful.

So when Ron first came into Roseís room in the beginning (after I got over my near heart attack because Iím pretty sure my pulse was racing just as fast as Scorpiusí because I was so scared they were going to get busted) I really liked the dynamic between the two. I see more Ron in her than Hermione so itís fitting that sheís a daddyís girl. Besides, heís probably the easier one to talk to. But Iím glad he was over his little tantrum and they could converse like adults about things. Although with Ron, I know it wonít last the entire story - I expect a few more tantrums from both members of the father-daughter duo. I also am amused - and quite frightened - by the idea of Ron with a gun - he definitely would not be safe with one.

Iím going to ignore my excitement about the fact that they finally kissed for a moment say that I loved their little paint date - every part of it. I greatly enjoyed it and thought it a cute date - especially when they started painting on each other - that was a much better idea I thought because it was more intimate and stuff. But the best part of that part was when before I even knew it THEY WERE FINALLY KISSING!! AHHH!!! I am so happy! And it wasnít just like a little peck - they were straight up kissing and it was great and long overdue and I am so so happy they finally took their relationship to the next level. It is about time! Ron and Hermione took forever to make the move on each other and to a degree I would say that trait was passed down to their daughter. But I donít care because YAY FOR SCOROSE KISSING!

I loved the next scene between Rose and Hermione. It was a lovely mother/daughter moment. Also, the more I thought of Ron with a gun, the more I thought of his second year with his broken wand and all the repercussions that came with that. And I fail to see how either of her parents can complain about how forest adventures given all the things they did in their youth. And besides, Hermione alone with Harry and Ron just about all the time. In school, in places they werenít supposed to be even, and even in the woods themselves! Granted, despite the sparks that were inevitably there before they got together (Ron and Hermione), Hermione was always safe with the pair of them - they werenít going to hurt/take advantage of her or anything, but still. Facts are facts that she, a girl, was alone with two boys at any time of day in any place. I see no problem with it, Iím just saying!

When Scorpius appeared in her room I couldnít help but imagine just how dang attractive Iím positive he looked in his shirt and tie. And I feel so bad for his mother! Is it cancer? Ugh. And then of course Rose picked a fight with hm. Dang it Rose. Stop. But then he pushed her against the wall and kissed her and my heart exploded again and gosh, it was perfect. Too freaking perfect I adored every single little moment.

I know it was just a mention but I must say that I love the mention of the word of the day owl for Ron. Very funny.

I can just picture poor nervous and anxious Scorpius in his shirt and tie with the flowers and gosh, itís too adorable. Heís perfect. So happy he got qualities from both sides of his gene pool :p

The dinner thankfully did not seem to be going nearly as bad as I had feared it would be. I could feel the shock and discomfort from her family - Ron in particular - but luckily he was on his best behavior and seemed to be taking it as good as could possibly be expected.

Gosh, I love it so much.


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Review #19, by katethemuggle Distraction

26th June 2015:
Hi, there for the now seventh time! You might have grown tired of my extremely lengthy reviews by now, and if you have I sincerely apologize, but I just love your story dearly and I want to be a good reader and thoroughly review what you took time out of your life to write. Fairís fair I think. And after the end of the last chapter I just had to keep reading, I need to know who that woman is! So without further adoÖ

Your chapter image, as always, is first: marvelous. She could definitely be an adult Hermione in my eyes.

Now, on to the story.

When Ron told her to leave a note if she was abducted I bust out laughing. Literally only he, Ronald Bilius Weasley, would say something like that! And not to mention his lovely timing of coming in at the most unfortunate moment when I know Rose wanted to scream at him to leave, but obviously could not do that.

Okay Scorpius coming in and not wanting to leave until he knew she was okay was just the absolute sweetest thing. I swear, I want a guy like that. But, when he realized she knew about his mother...awh I felt so sorry for them both!

Hearing the argument he had with Draco further broke my heart. I could feel both of them being in pain and handling their grief and pain in different ways. And Draco isnít really a softy so it wasnít out of character of him to be sort of mean to his son but still between that and how he just is hurting so bad, my heart is broken for him. I can not imagine going through what he is going through. I just want to make it better. But, on a lighter note, at least she is just the nurse, so thats good :p

I loved their swimming Ďdate!í It was absolutely adorable and flirty and fun and gosh they needed to just KISS ALREADY!

I loved that she invited him to stay over as an escape, that was very sweet. But then of course Hugo had to go be a little jerk face and open his mouth. Now, heís my annoyance with her family (besides the broken promise by little bro): if they had a problem with her being gone, they should have brought that up to her. If they didnít mind her being gone until they knew she was with a boy, thatís a little bit unfair. It is a family vacation and they should spend time together, but they havenít been doing that, not really! Agh, parents.

Okay so this was DEFINITELY my favorite chapter so far! It was so cute and I love that they ended up sharing her bed- although Iím scared they are going to get caught in the morning :p

I was CONVINCED this was the moment they were finally going to kiss and just before they did my dreams were crushed! Ugh, I need them to be together already!

Great, great chapter! I adored every bit of it!!


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Review #20, by katethemuggle Storm

26th June 2015:
Hi there! (Again!) Sorry, I just couldnít stay away. So...prepare for a lot of reviews today seeing as I am still sick and in bed, I am a committed reviewer when I find something I like, and heck - I really like the story a lot. One of the best fics Iíve read and Iíve read a lot, even though my account is fairly new. I think I started exploring the sight around 2009 so itís been quite a while (although not as long as you, I will admit) Okay, enough rambling.

Your chapter image was once again great. Older Ron is very handsome fellow! I donít know what actor you used, but heís quite easy on the eyes, I have no problem looking at him and visualizing him as Ron (although Rupert will always be #1 in my heart, I wonít deny)

Now that Rose explained her storm of fears further, I completely get it. Seeing as sheís a witch and in that world there are scarier things it would be easy to think she would be scared of something more along the lines of werewolves or something but, now I totally get it. Her childhood story with her and Al would be scary for most anyone, but especially children! Gosh, I canít imagine. I would have cried.

Ah, Scorpius is her knight in shining armor - relatively speaking of course. I loved how he didnít make fun of her fear and focused solely on taking care of her and getting her somewhere she could be dry and he could keep her safe and comforted. To me, he was being a hero. Like, I donít need someone whoís going to go slay all the bad guys, Iím content with being taken care of. So to me, Scorpius Malfoy: hero.

Okay, although I know I should feel sorry for them, I found it pretty hilarious when they realized they were wandless and had to rough it like muggles.

Okay, once they started taking off their clothes, I had a solid idea where this was going to go and I was very excited. And when she started staring at his back muscles I once again related to her because that is one of my biggest weaknesses on a guy. So. Hot. Now also, they are both SO awkward, but itís so cute! When they were discussing the idea of Ďkeeping each other warmí I could just feel the tension and it brought me great joy I must admit. I also must admit though that I would not have had nearly as many complaints as Rose nor would I have so much hesitancy. I would leap at the idea probably.

Oh, another thing I noticed in this chapter that I liked was the way you incorporated Godric in there. We often say ĎGodí, and in most fics they have the characters say ĎMerliní so I liked the change of pace. I donít know if it was intentional or not but I noticed and I liked it.

And next was the part when she slapped his stomach and threw another fit and at that moment I wanted to go sit her down and lecture her on proper etiquette towards the cute, nearly naked, boy who rescued me. Bad Rose.

But then they had a cute sleeping moment together so I forgave her.

And then she blew it and hastily left, causing a lot of tension and awkwardness and making it worse than it was. Again, bad Rose. Bad.

Then she started thinking about him and how little she knew about him and that made him more attractive. I personally am a very private person - even my family and best friends have complained that Iím too private. I just keep my stuff between me and whoever else it involves and I donít post pictures everywhere and tell everyone everything. Iím just a truly weird individual I suppose and so that made me relate to Scorp even more for being private. I like a good mystery.

Okay, Rose, sweetie, YOU HAVE A TOTAL CRUSH ON HIM AND YOU NEED TO STOP DENYING IT! I mean gosh, she looks for him when heís not there, she always wants to be with him, they have fun, sheís more adventuresome with him and when heís not there she misses him. That sounds like a crush. And I would like to take a moment to stomp into the ground her idea that it couldnít be a crush because her heart isnít beating weird because Iíve always been told that when youíre with the right guy for you you wonít feel anxious all the time and have a racing heart and all that stuff, youíll be calm and be able to talk to them and that is what she has with him! Obviously they have some awkwardness and butterflies because they are still in those early stages, but overall, itís different. But end rant.

Okay, Scorpius Malfoy, WHY do you wear pants all the time?? Geez.

Okay also, when they fought, my heart broke. Bo, stop it! Behave, kids! :(

Okay and Ron should not be allowed to nickname his children. Enough said. Haha

When Ron told her about his mom I felt so sad! Poor Malfoy family! This story I swear it feels like Iím making this stuff up but Iím not, this story keeps relating to my life! My dad was in the hospital 2 years ago for a month so I know his pain. But the more I read, and once she got to his house, the more I feel thereís more to the story. Iím scared maybe...maybe she actually passed away. Iím not sure. But Draco is there, which I was uncertain of. The few times heís mentioned his family though, itís normally about his dad...but that could just be a coincidence.

WHO IS THIS GIRL?! Iím confident sheís not like Scorpís girlfriend or anything but if sheís not Astoria then Iím assuming she is either Daphne, a cousin/family member or (if Astoria did die) maybe Dracoís girlfriend, Iím iffy on that one though.

Great chapter, as always!

And congrats on moving to Colorado, itís a beautiful state!


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Review #21, by katethemuggle Berries

25th June 2015:
Hi, once again!

At the top of the very slim list of ĎFun Activities When Youíre Sickí (to me at least) is being able to read often in my comfortable bed and that is just what I have been up to recently seeing as I am pretty ill and luckily for me I stumbled across your marvelous story, so thank you for allowing me to think about other things and spend time focusing on something oh so much more enjoyable. It is greatly appreciated.

Once again, stunning chapter image. The eyes on that boy...whew! I could get lost in them, they are so pretty.

Scorpius (n): sleeps like the dead. His bashfulness about falling asleep was so cute, he must have been tired. But the way he acted asleep makes me think something bad is going on...those are not all healthy sleep habits and he seems distressed but I do not know about what. But when she mentioned that snog...Iím fairly certain his thoughts were not thinking negatively about that situation. In fact, if he hadnít thought about it before, Iím pretty sure the idea is going to be in his head for quite a while now - at least until it finally happens.

As far as their late night trek back home...I would have been terrified out of my mind, although for once I would be scared of animals and even though I live in a heavily wooded area I am typically more afraid that a person will hurt me than an animal.

Scorpius let out a sigh. ďCome on. Youíre cranky. Youíve had too much sun today and not enough mauling bears.Ē
I just loved that. Very, very funny.

When Ron went to wake up Rose and during his outbursts of team names, I saw a great deal of his lovely twin brothers (which then caused pangs in my heart about poor Fred :( I admit) and I liked that he was still a child - just a big one.

Okay, let me just say how much I absolutely ADORED game day! Such a clever idea! I also was surprisingly pleased to see that Ron originated it! I had figured it would have been Hermione since sheís typically the problem solver and these are muggle activities - but I am happy to be wrong. The games were very fun to read about and I would pay good money to see Ron and Hermione sack racing. Iím picturing Rupert and Emma and getting a very good laugh out of the deal. As someone whoís keen on watching but not so much on playing sports, I sympathize greatly with poor Rose during the sack race and obstacle course. Oh and then Hugo had to go open his mouth about her ďboyfriend!Ē I saw it coming but still, as an older sister, I wanted to just strangle him because I know what that sort of thing is like. Although luckily, itís a phase my sister really only had when we were younger and about minor things so I guess thatís more helpful. But, I still see the truth coming out eventually. At least Hermione will start to eventually realize sheís been up to something! I mean...sheís never home, not even for meals! Thatís a little suspicious from a parentsí point of view I would imagine, especially when you are in the middle of nowhere.

Itís probably what you were going for but all the same, my mind is drifting back to when Scorpius said when they were 11 that girls were the braver ones. I feel like that has deeper meaning that Rose knows right nowÖ

Although I am nearly positive he was just messing about, when they reunited and he decided she hated him and turned around to leave my heart hurt and I wanted to hug the boy! And I sort of wanted Rose to kiss him but all in good time I suppose.

Scorpius suggesting his parents do the same makes me really want a Ron versus Draco sack race. Talk about priceless.

I love his interest in her paintings and I feel as though even if they were the worst ever and they would joke about it...on some level he would love them.

LOL Rose threw another tantrum and he made her behave!

Uh oh, poor Rose!

Good job, one of my favorite chapters!

Okay and so I realized with my past ratings that I probably seem extremely stingy with the ratings and itís not that I dislike the story at all itís more just that Iím saving that perfect 10 for the right chapter because, like I have said, Iím a picky reader and very, very stubborn. Excellent job though, one of your best.

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Review #22, by katethemuggle Town

25th June 2015:
Hi there (again!) This story is quickly becoming my guilty pleasure and I just can not get enough, I am so in love. Goodness, I love the plot, the characters, the everything. The more I read this, the more I feel I'm just reading a normal love story with teenagers rather than something in the Harry Potter world - although that's surely because it's so out of the typical Potter element of Hogwarts/Hogsmeade and the London area in general.

First off, another stunning chapter image. Completely beautiful, I hope to see an image similar in the future!

I like that you keep us (the reader) up to speed on what day of the vacation Rose is on, it's appreciated and keeps it realistic and with a time frame - which is easy to get away from. So, as a semi neat-freak and picky reader, thank you very much for that. I know it's a small detail, but still, it is appreciated.

So...from the beginning of this chapter until the end, I've had this weird feeling like...there's something Scorpius is keeping from Rose. I'm not sure what it is. I'm debating that his family is not even out there (although then why would he be sneaking? So I basically ruled out my own theory haha :p) Maybe there's something bad in his home life? Maybe...maybe... I don't know. I might be over-exaggerating and completely wrong, but I feel like there is some other reason. Especially when I re read the plot summary about him going there to escape. Escape what? (Completely rhetorical - obviously I will find out as I read) I hope he is alright. I've grown fond of the kid I must admit. Part of me thinks he knew Rose would be there but that's probably way off.

Back to the actual story: the Romeo/Juliet bit, I can't get enough of. It's completely adorable. I wouldn't want all their references to each other done that way - but I appreciate the incorporation of it a lot. Very cute.

I have decided that the pair of them will experience every dream date I could think up. Bike riding? That sounds like a great time together.

Scorpius being passionate about his book(s) just made him so much more...human. More relatable and real and I liked it. I love seeing the passion in peoples' eyes that I know Rose saw in his. It's beautiful.

The waterfall jump was the greatest. Gah, I love it.

As a major fan of air conditioning myself - I understand Rose's pain when she's desperate for it. I couldn't imagine going extended periods of time without it, I'm a big baby :p

Oh and ROSE TOTALLY HAS A CRUSH ON HIM! And I'm positive he has one for her as well, but since it's told by her, I'm confident she does. Ah, I can not wait for these feelings to all come to light.

Their diner moment and Scorpius' diner innocence was great. I loved the difference in the regional word choice - quite funny. Also, I eat my food the way Rose made him eat his and I can't imagine my burgers any other way. Then the general store they explored...pretty sure I've been to my share of similar ones to be honest.

When Scorp found that place in the end...yeah, I'm convinced he's either been there longer than he's let on or has been there before. :p

Him falling asleep was precious and yes, how could you not have a crush on him?

Also, an additional congrats that your wedding was successful, that makes my heart happy! :)


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Review #23, by katethemuggle Fish

25th June 2015:
Hi there! I couldn't help myself so I am back once more to leave what will probably be another lengthy review (although my notes are shorter so probably not quite as long as the previous one which I will admit was probably too long, so my apologies there

First off, the chapter image was just...magnificent. I would love to be able to view a place that serene, that beautiful and lovely - gosh that would be a dream for me. So quiet and peaceful and just away from everybody and electronics and basically the rest of the world. Plus, to me at least, it resembled a postcard quite a bit what with the chapter 3 and such and I thought that a nice touch.

I have a small complaint about this chapter, but it's nothing too big. I didn't like Rose's cursing, but that's just a personal preference and since it was not F-bomb central, it wasn't just horrendous or anything (I've actually turned away what was probably good fics because just the first chapter was filled with f-bombs everywhere and I couldn't stomach it :p) But, Ron seemed fairly keen on expletives at times (well, he used 'bloody hell' and I know JKR has said she originally had him swearing a bunch more) and with that and the Weasley temper (as well as the fiesty Granger side) I didn't see it out of character, I just don't care for the language but, again, personal preference.

In the beginning of this chapter, Rose was making me very angry to be perfectly honest. Her sour attitude was blown out of proportion and she was getting all too mad at Scorpius! She got mad that he took them and then even though she got her clothes back she was mad he noticed her body, there was no pleasing her. But, this isn't a complaint on your writing - just on Rose. Given how bloody sensitive Ron is this was perfectly fitting. Ron Weasley I feel is a colossal drama queen.

But as Rose threw her little tantrum I was happy to see Scorpius not get angry, lose his cool, or anything of sorts, but return the animosity, not just take it. I like a man with a spine so, bravo. Shows he's got more spine than his father but eh.

When she accidentally straddled him that was pretty hilarious. I would have felt so incredibly embarrassed in that situation.

Hugo Weasley, much like a young Ron Weasley, also needs to cool it with the attitude! He was asked to put away the dishes but with the way he was acting you would think he was asked to find a new energy source. I also had a good laugh when he - a fifteen year old boy - thought himself grown up. HA! Honey, you are not nearly grown up.

Scorpius appearing in the window brought me back to the Twilight Saga craze (which I'm not a fan of, but still it reminded me) But at least there was a logical explanation as to how/why he was there - and she was conscious. But I will not rant on my opinion of the saga

Here came two more points where I saw so much of her parentage in her actions: first off, studying her Charms book is something I'm positive Hermione did as well. Then the way she held a grudge about earlier events also made me think of the ever moody Ron

ďYou only want to hang out with me because none of your friends are here.Ē
ďThatís not true. I need someone to hold the bucket.Ē
I just found that exchange very, very funny

Scorpius' knack for fishing actually reminded me very much of Tom Felton because in interviews I feel as if he has a proclivity for fishing as well so I find that correlation neat

A fishing date - albeit I do know it was not an actual legitimate date - would be so fun and cute! Gah, I want to do that!

When Rose got her worm stuck in the tree that was such a relatable moment - I felt her pain; I could feel that happening to me in the future actually.

Maybe it's because I grew up in the south, but man, that catfish sounded good. I love me some grilled catfish and unlike Rose I would have had no hesitance about eating the fish

The whole [the fish] is your romeo/juliet bit was really cute and quite a bit funny, I enjoyed it

When she starts talking about the other possible animals such as the "giant mice" and "scaly lizards" I laughed out loud. Literally.

Scorpius wanting to be a television host is adorable and I could see it - I would hope he pursues it. As a dreamer myself (I have some impossible dreams I am determined to accomplish I must say) I do not knock anyones dreams - no matter how big. So I say he go for it.

Altogether this was a very good, cute chapter and I thoroughly enjoyed. I look forward to when they (hopefully) take things a bit further and realize they have crushes on each other. I also look forward to hopefully someone finding out about them or maybe a lunch that includes Ron and Draco at least. That would be priceless

Also, I know this was published quite some time ago but congratulations on your wedding! That is very exciting and I wish the pair of you the absolute best.

Good chapter.


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Review #24, by katethemuggle Lake

25th June 2015:
Hi there! It's me, Kate, back again because I just couldn't help myself - I had to read more! You have no idea how much this story has captured my attention.

Okay, I'm a colossal nerd and I took notes as I was reading so I would remember what all to talk about (I know, I know, it's pitiful) soo...I hope you're prepared for/don't mind having another long review left on another chapter of your incredible story (which I just so happen to want to binge read every chapter of)

Soo here goes...

First off, I believe that in my review of chapter one, I forgot to mention that the artist who created your banner is crazy talented and that it is just...beyond beautiful. Ugh, I love it. Completely lovely, I love the colors, quotes, fonts, and character images. Perfect.

Now, the chapter image for this chapter: Was that meant as Scorpius? Hmm...I wouldn't mind being in the woods with him, he's pretty attractive. And as a major fan of collar bones...gah, yes. I have always loved them and have strived to make sure mine are visible (in healthy manners, no worries) and I never realized they were attractive on guys but they are. Very.

I found it very funny that in the beginning when Rose was sneaking out to be with Scorpius that there was that part of her wanting to be reading - very Hermione of her. Although, she had a fun day with him earlier and between that and his sheer attractiveness and pretty great personality, I don't know why she would turn down the opportunity, I know I wouldn't.

ďPut on a brave face, Gryffindor. Iíll let you figure it out for yourself.Ē
I really liked that, it felt like he was challenging her to prove herself as a true Gryffindor and I just really like that, I like that challenge, I like him pushing her in a non-obnoxious way.

Awh, Rose is scared of storms? I know the feeling. Haha I used to never be, but then we were hit with several back-to-back storms and even a tornado ripping through my town a few weeks ago and now I'm scared of them so I understand her fear!

Hiking is a super fun activity as well so Rose needs to not be a kill joy, it's fun! I loved that they went on that little trek, I thought it was adorable.

I found it interesting when Rose was talking about how most people say they fear heights, but they really fear falling. I like to say, as my sister once said, that it is not the height or the falling that's scary - it's the fear of hitting the ground. Rose...realize that!

I like that they both realize they could be spending time with their families doing mundane activities and are instead together, super cute. I mean, they deserve to make some memories and have some adventures of their own - I mean their parents all had plenty of adventures on their own, at least Rose and Scorp won't be killed by an evil wizard!

ďWhy are you skeptical of everything?Ē...ďI donít see the point, I guess.Ē
SO much Hermione right there!

ďDo you trust me?Ē he asked.
Reminded me so much of Aladdin!

I loved that that went cliff diving (or cliff pushing haha :p) Talk about a dream date (even though I know it was not an actual date in their case) but it sounds so romantic and very fun. And Rose probably wouldn't have done it so I'm glad that he made her. It's better to regret things you did do than things you didn't, afterall.

I like how Rose will break rules, but she's picky about the ones she breaks, I found that pretty hilarious.

Why was this boy always half-naked?
I literally laughed and found that way funnier than I probably should have, it was very amusing.

I also found it completely hilarious that she said he has a naked problem. That was too funny, and it was clear she was trying for a comeback but was at a loss for a really good one.

Lucius and Narcissa died? How? Although I'm not too saddened by it, just for Draco's sake. Although they're better off without Lucius...but Narcissa wasn't as bad - she just wanted her baby protected.

Their talks about their families seemed so genuine and touching. When Scorpius talked about his family, I felt how awkward I'm sure he felt due to his dad's past - but I'm glad they can all get along. And when Rose admitted to punching James, it reminded me of when Hermione punched Draco. Oh, the irony.

I liked your idea of making him the prefect and not her - different from other fics.

It's also adorable that their first meeting has made such a lasting impression on the both of them! I probably would have forgotten, honestly.

When Rose stormed off it was funny because it was crystal clear that the reason was because he was right about her and she didn't like that. Haha I laughed at that as well.

Then Ron trying to cook...I can't even imagine. :p
Hugo's annoyance about the bugs reminded me of Ron's spider fear. Then when Rose mentioned the Malfoy's it was good to not see total hatred, just distaste from Ron!

Only Ron would nickname his child Turkey and accuse Hermione of putting a spell on his kids to rid the redhead gene! haha

The ending was so great with Scorpius stealing her clothes right back. Karma is real, Rose.

Another adorable chapter.

Thank you for this story!


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Review #25, by katethemuggle Trust

25th June 2015:
Hi there! :)

So, I typically gravitate toward stories that are strictly canon and have happened in the books, this was merely implied as potential, and I often have trouble with ships that I do not for 100% sure happened...but when I came across your story I was immediately interested. It kind of made me realize that perhaps I was being too close minded I am.

And I am beyond happy that I gave it a chance - it's good! I haven't read enough yet to know exactly how much I like it, but if it continues at this rate, I certainly will be reading every chapter. Very good, I enjoyed this first chapter very much - plus the chapter image was very lovely.

Now, fair warning, I typically leave long reviews so I hope that is not an annoyance. I just want to get all my thoughts out there and give you something to actually work with, with specifics.

Here we go:

The plot: Ah, I love it. Being an American, I know more about life here and that makes it a little more relatable to my life and I don't need to research where she is - I know about it. If she went to (say for example) Portugal (random, but first place I thought of for some reason) I would personally feel the need to research so I could get good visuals in my head of what it looks like, the culture, etcetera. So, I love where this is set. It's new, it's refreshing, I like it. Plus, the Smoky Mountains are beyond beautiful, I could stare at pictures for hours. Plus, I adore the idea of going there and having a vacation myself, so yay. Very relatable and I enjoy it a lot.

Now for the characters...

Rose: Another one of my weird quirks is that I am very picky about first person narrative. This is true in both fics and the books I read, I'm just very critical I guess, but I'm learning to be more open-minded. Often, I find first person annoying - but not in this. Rose is funny, and anything but static and bland - which is what I find so often. I like her personality a lot, I see lots of her parents in there. She's smart like Hermione and sarcastic like Ron, for examples. Just in this one chapter I have also seen the Gryffindor come out in her, I like that. I would not care what house she was sorted in, I just want her to meet the qualities of the house she is sorted in - and she already does. Ha, the sneaking out bit reminds me a good bit of the Trio at Hogwarts, constantly getting themselves in trouble. So, I like that I see Ron and Hermione in her, but I like that ultimately she's her own person. I see a lot of myself in her already too, especially her love of painting, because I love to draw as well. I look forward to seeing more of this story through her eyes. Also, before I forget, I love that she isn't a redhead! Not that making her a readhead is bad, but everyone makes her that way - I like that she got Hermione's hair in more ways than just the texture!

Scorpius: Gah, he got my attention. From the beginning when they were 11, I knew I would like him. I'm against people who act like boys have to be macho al the time without fear and that girls are dainty and helpless - and even as an 11 year old it was clear he didn't view them that way. Thank you! Also, when he and Rose first stumbled across each other in the woods, I got a very clear image in my head of this scene, I felt like I was looking at them! I like his personality. Like Rose, I see the Slytherin qualities and qualities of Draco, but as well I see qualities that I imagine Astoria has, from the little of actually know of her. And the idea of Draco trying to cook on a grill actually made me laugh. It's a quite humorous idea. Also, I'm glad you wrote him as attractive but not too attractive. I always dislike stories with perfect characters who have Greek God like bodies and who all the girls/guys fawn over, etcetera. I like realistic people. So good. It was acceptable of Rose to like what she saw - what girl wouldn't be attracted to the situation and young man described? I mean let's be real. So, I really like him a lot.

As far as Ron and Hermione go - I think you captured them completely canon, especially Ron. Good ole Ron Weasley.

Hugo had be laughing so much and made me think back to when I was fifteen and was just as moody. My sister who is a young teenager and experiencing all that angst has me constantly glad I'm over that stage in my life. But, it also made him realistic.

Also, I liked how in the beginning when you talked about past vacations you talked about how Hermione wanted to explore the cultures, Ron the food and Hugo the girls - all very canon for Ron and Hermione and realistic for all parties.

I also love that they take family vacations! Family vacations have always been a big and important part of my life and I'm glad to see those values in the lives of the Weasley family, very fitting.

Altogether, thoroughly enjoyable chapter and start to a story. I'm very intrigued and will be reading more as soon as I get the chance.


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