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Review #1, by Susannah in the end.

18th July 2014:
Okay ive read all your stories now and this one was really thought provoking. I really enjoyed reading them

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Review #2, by pinkcreamsoda in the end.

1st January 2014:
I really liked this, your prose and use of language is so good :)

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Review #3, by tothoseinterested in the end.

3rd October 2013:
Great job on your first non-fluff piece.

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Review #4, by inferioridiot in the end.

13th July 2013:
Wow. I can't believe this. This is good. Too good. Great. Brilliant. I can't say anything anymore. Thank you.

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Review #5, by sapphire25 in the end.

21st April 2013:
Wow. That is deep. Different perspective and all that. It's really good, especially if that was your first non-fluffer. Is that a word? Fluffer. Anyway, I liked Penelope- you don't see many stories with her in.

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Review #6, by Penelope Inkwell in the end.

3rd February 2013:
That was phenomenal. It hurt to read, and as I generally read for pleasure, I thought to skip it. But it was so expertly crafted that I stayed with it, and I’m glad that I did.

It was real and harsh and poetic and Romantic (capital R) without actually being poetic or Romantic. By which I mean you took something awful, and didn’t try to make it less awful. But you made the reality of its awfulness more beautiful.

Lovely job. You have a real gift with words.

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Review #7, by Shay_Gryff in the end.

4th September 2012:
Hello! Great job!

This is absolutly beautiful... in a bloody, morbid way. I mean, blood *is* blood, it doesn't matter what your race, gender, age, sexuality, religion or anything else are, blood is blood. That is now my new favourite quote. (one of many)!


P.S. I'm going to read all of your one-shots now. :D

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Review #8, by scattered  in the end.

12th August 2012:
Oh my God, I love this story. It's so classically, beautifully written. I love the characterization of Penelope and I love her relationship—if you could call it that—with Theodore Nott (am I seeing a Clash link here...?). Well done! xx

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Review #9, by GracelesslyFalling in the end.

31st July 2012:
This was really beautiful, I've read Clash, and I love it, but it was really lovely to read different from you, especially since you're such a wonderfully talented author.

I found the last part especially beautiful, I mean everything about it was beautiful, but I loved the end.

You did such a wonderful job on this! I really loved it :D

-izzy xx

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Review #10, by losers_lurgy in the end.

30th July 2012:
oh my god please write a book! please! i would be the first person to buy it, because this was simply amazing.

i love clash, i love silence of the night, i love star light star bright and guess what? i loved this.

There was just so much beautiful description without it being too flowery ( something i need to still learn, i think) and over the top. I loved the summary and the actual plot. The idea itself was very originally tackled and Penolpe's character was relatable.

The story had a sort of rhythm to it. I don't really know how...? Maybe it was because everything bleeds together like a bleached sheet, thin as a moth wing and ohh I'VE GOT TO STOP.

also i now have all the Penelope/nott ship feels. well done shenanigan. Now i won't rest until you or someone else amazing decides to write this ship.

Ahha beautiful, overall. please go get a publishing deal. now. now. yes /now/. get off the laptop and go pick up the phone, call the publisher and send him your finest work. Then you can make yourself a sandwich or perhaps, if you're feeling extra snazzy, you can have a glass of water.

Then finally i'll be at peace! :)

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Review #11, by Snapdragons in the end.

18th July 2012:
This was honestly beautiful. I thought I'd like this as soon as I read the top quote - perfect, by the way - and I wasn't let down.

I love Clash, and you do an excellent job at writing next gen romance, and sometimes I forget that you always can write such beautiful oneshots, as well. hopefully that didn't come out the wrong way (seriously, Clash is fantastic) but I think the first story I ever read of yours was actually The Silence of the Night and it just blew me away.

So did this.

I absolutely adored your Penelope. She was real and as I read, I really felt drawn into her mind. The whole story seemed to have this sort of rhythm to it that I can't quite explain.

The way you talked about blood and sort of tied that in throughout the story was brilliant, and what's more, I think it's really something important that applies to life today (obviously, not the blood itself, but in terms of things like race and religion). We always get so upset over all the things that make us different that sometimes, we forget that it's all the same blood that runs through our veins, the same thing that connects us and makes us human.

Her choosing to save Draco was poignant. It goes back to that, I guess - choosing to be the bigger person, realizing that in the end, he was also a person and that makes him worth saving, no matter what his life choices might turn out to be. It just... really struck me, I guess.

I could go back to this and pull out tons of little sentences and descriptions that really stood out to me and that I thought were beautiful but I'd run out of room, so I'll just say that your word choice and your descriptions were phenomenal and so, so beautiful. The bits about the Polaroid, blood, shadows - all of it.

After all, shadows may be touched by darkness, but they are also proof that somewhere, near or far, there is a light.

And it is still shining.

But the ending is perfect.

sort of a rambly review, but I really, really enjoyed this one shot .Made me think. Wonderful job.

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Review #12, by lily16 in the end.

16th July 2012:
Can I just say that you are an amazing writer. Honestly, I hope you write a book one day because you have more natural talent than at least 80% of the real life authors out there.

I mean, there are A LOT of really great authors out there but there's something about your writing that seems so effortless and smooth that it draws readers in like a really powerful vacuum (lol weird analogy, sorry). You make very impactful and heavy lines just glide of the page and that makes reading your work very enjoyable.

If you ever do write a book though, you should find some way to let us all know :)

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Review #13, by Detruit in the end.

16th July 2012:
I can't describe this is many other words than simply, beautiful. You are a beautiful writer.

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Review #14, by inkbutterfly in the end.

15th July 2012:
Oh wow. Like WOW!
This is possibly one of the best pieces of writing I have ever read, and definetly one of the best on this site.
I am following along with Clash, and you mentioned this so I decided to read it.
You have such a versitile style, and your technique in this is near perfect.
I loved it, really I did, and the whole time I was wishing it would keep going. The ending was so perfect and the whole thing just flowed out and fitted together. There was the right blend of emotion and it just left you with the taste of it on your tongue, wanting more.
The simple progression, showing about her as a child with her father, and how you intergrated that into the end as well, tying the whole thing together.
It's just- ah! I love it! You should be so proud of this.

-Kerryn xx

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Review #15, by Voldys_Moldy in the end.

15th July 2012:
It's been a long time since I've written a review. But I think that this deserves it. You've captured something that's not about love; or passion; or romance; or drama. It's about living, I suppose. At least, that's how I see it. It's about saving people and why you do it and losing people you've never known and how that feels. It's about doing something that's right and not knowing that it is. That is how I interpret it. You always think about the soldiers. But you never think about the people who have to pick up the carnage and try and stop the damage humans do before it's too late. This story is, for that reason, unique. Heartbreaking. Beautiful. And so many more things that I won't write down for fear I'll run out of room. Brilliant, that I will write. I will also say that you have outdone yourself. Bravo.

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Review #16, by FOREVERwithYOU in the end.

15th July 2012:
Agreed, it IS one of your best works so far. I like it a lot, really! I never actually saw the war like that. Its a different side of it, really. I like it. I'm looking forward to reading more :)

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Review #17, by PygmyPuffLover in the end.

14th July 2012:
i loved this. it was really beautifully written. you should be really proud that you can write something as amazing as this... well done!

ellie :) xx

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Review #18, by 0127 in the end.

9th July 2012:
This is perfection. Your writing never ceases to amaze me. Keep up the amazing work!!

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Review #19, by rainstormsatnighttime in the end.

9th July 2012:
This is absolutely beautiful. It completely captivated me, it's brilliantly written, it was just amazing to read. I've never even thought about Penelope Clearwater before this story, or a healer's take on war, and I can't think how you could've described it more incredibly xx

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Review #20, by Annoying anon in the end.

9th July 2012:
You sir, are destined for greatness.

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