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Review #1, by VV Orion's Reflections

12th January 2014:
Touching and nice.
Orion Black should be in more fanfiction works.
I really liked this.

Author's Response: I definitely think that Orion Black is an interesting character to explore!

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Review #2, by marauderfan Orion's Reflections

19th July 2013:
Hi! Here for our review swap.

I really enjoyed this! I've never read anything from the POV of Sirius's father before, and I really like the layers you've given him. We know that Mrs Black was the yelling, crazy person who was quite vocal about Sirius being a disappointment, but nothing is ever really said about his father in canon. I think you've portrayed him in a very realistic way. Yes he's disappointed in his son's choices, but he still loves him, and I'm so glad you decided to show that. He seems much more like a normal parent in that respect, because he does care, even though he'd never say it. I also like the way you brought about Alphard's giving money to Sirius. Great job on this one-shot.

Author's Response: The entire Black family just interests me because I love Sirius, so it seemed to me that we were sorely lacking in material about Orion Black. Because Sirius never voiced much about his father, I always figured that Sirius himself wasn't quite sure what to think. The fact that his entire family were pureblood-fanatics, however, made it clear that no matter what, Orion still believes in pureblood supremacy. I thought it was rather fitting to have Orion involved with Alphard giving him moeny. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! (:

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Review #3, by Lady of Tears Orion's Reflections

13th May 2013:
I thought that this was a very interesting and intimate take into a moment I've never really read before. I really enjoyed it. :)

Author's Response: Thanks for your wonderful review! I'm glad that you enjoyed it!

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Review #4, by Bobby Dazzler Orion's Reflections

10th May 2013:
Hey Claire, how're you going today? :) Here to stalk again, mwahahaha...

Orion latched the letter onto the family and sent it off. - FAMILY OWL. I think there's meant to be an owl in there somewhere lol. Was taken right after Orion's letter, and the paragraph that followed I think changes tenses so might just wanna take a look at that again ok.

Now onto the review, I enjoyed this. I like stories that are from the POV of minor characters, or sub-plot characters or whatever you'd classify Sirius' parents as lol. It just brings another aspect of the story alive to everyone and it's always interesting seeing how someone interprets missing parts of the story and I can see this being a plausible thing to have happened and fit nicely into canon, so well done. You've done it justice I reckon.

There were only a few minor grammar mistakes in this, mostly to do with tense changes (have/has etc), but aside from that it read nicely. I liked how at the end Sirius began to question his views a little about his family, father in particular. I thought it was a fitting ending and left the reader pondering what happened after then, and until what we know happened with canon, it's clever. I enjoyed this, think I'm just a fan hehe :) xx

Author's Response: LOL WHOOPS! yeah, there's definitely supposed to be an owl in there. Thanks for seeing the grammar mistakes! The tense thing is definitely one of my weaker points!

I definitely didn't want to stray too far from canon because I'm a canon-lover, though I do have my head-canons like this, where Orion isn't as bad as everything might think.

Thanks for the review! (:

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Review #5, by aquabluez17 Orion's Reflections

25th March 2013:
Heyy Claire!

This is really interesting. From Sirius' POV it always seems tht both his parents didn't love him. I liked seeing how you showed that Orion still felt Somethjng for his first born.

Poor Reggie, always getting overshadowed, however I'm glad Orion still tried to help Sirius. Obviously if his wife knew he would be off of the family list but he still took the risk.

I loved the idea of this and I think you developed the characters well.

Great job!

-- Mya

Author's Response: heyyy!! :D
thanks for reviewing. I'll get on yours tonight.

I always felt that because we don't know much about Orion, there may be more to him than the crazy hatred that Walburga and Bellatrix has. Just like Narcissa, I think that the hatred developed over time rather than having it be innate.

Thanks love!
You're amazing (:

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Review #6, by Secret Santa Orion's Reflections

26th December 2012:
Hello, it's your Secret Santa here :)

I loved how you showed this side or Orion. You always read him as an abusive, drunk, angry father. I'm glad you wrote him so that he wasn't really part of the Sirius torture. He was characterized very well too, the way he didn't approve of Sirius' views. He was still proud of his son, that was so sweet.

I like your writing style! It flows so well. In this story especially, it has such a mature tone to it. It's so nice to read :)

You're a difficult person to leave detailed review for. I'm having trouble finding anything that needs fixing!

Hope you had a good Christmas (or whatever you celebrate!)

Author's Response: Haha I celebrate Christmas xD
I always found Orion an interesting character; being Sirius's dad, he must have played an important role but all we hear about is Walburga. Thanks for this awesome review!

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Review #7, by luvinpadfoot Orion's Reflections

18th July 2012:
I like this delving into Sirius's family. It's refreshing to see at least one of them portrayed with a sense of humanity. And the way he helped his son was just so very sweet.

It was especially lovely with the section at the end from Sirius. It's almost to easy to imagine he had them all considered evil, pureblood fanatics and I like that his father surprised him.

Sirius always seemed like too quick a judge of people so this one-shot is fantastic. I really enjoyed every moment of reading it! =)

Author's Response: thanks so much for your review! this one-shot was definitely one of my favorites to write because i think the House of Black is just so interesting! im glad that you liked it! (:

sirius had to get his charms, good looks, and kind heart from SOMEWHERE and it definitely wasnt from walburga xD

thanks so much again! (:

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Review #8, by Elenia Orion's Reflections

18th July 2012:
Hey there ^^

I decided to check out one of your stories since you've been such an awesome reviewer (:

And wow! This one caught my interest immediately. I don't think I have ever read an story from Orion's POV before, but you got me very intrigued now!

I liked your approach on his character a lot. I've always just imagined him somewhat similar to Walburga and that he wouldn't have shed another thought to his son after he betrayed them by becoming a blood-traitor.

And the letter to Alphard, that was a surprise! I really didn't see that one coming, as I'm sure Sirius didn't either.

I really like the originality of this, so well done!

I'll be sure to check out more of your stories ^^


Author's Response: thanks so much! yeah, i found orion an interesting character because even though sirius always said how his parents were horrible, it seemed like he really just badmouthed walburga most of the time. and sirius had to get his charm and good looks from somewhere and all that.

thanks for ur AWESOME review! :D

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Review #9, by Siriusly lover  Orion's Reflections

9th July 2012:
i still love it! so good

Author's Response: thank you so much! (:

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