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Review #1, by roisin Steam Out

23rd October 2014:
GAH I LOVE THIS! I really REALLY love this!

All of your characterizations are just excellent. You manage not to take anything for granted, which I really appreciate. I think the epilogue left most of us with some sort of base headcanons for what nextgen relationships would be like, and I really enjoy how you flesh it out here, without just kind of summarizing it. And then, at the same time, you have some really fresh interpretations (Albus), that still very much make sense.

I really loved the voice here, and there's a real easy wit to your writing. So many excellent turns of phrase! Scorpius' humor is just tremendous throughout, and you write everyone's interactions really well. And also, it has the more poignant element of being a kind of defense mechanism.

Also, I commend you a lot for gently weaving in a lot of information. Scorpius' family situation, that Hector character (I'm getting bad news vibes off that one - mostly because Albus doesn't seem to care for him, and Albus seems a very solid and level headed individual).

I wish I had more useful or specific things to say, but I enjoyed this so much that I just kind of read all at once without stopping to take notes!

EE! On to the next!

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Review #2, by Helen J Haslam Embers

7th October 2014:
'And besides, I realised you've never had one of my mum's Sunday roasts and I reckon that's the worst thing I ever heard.'

I've come to accept that the source of your best humour is understanding the sheer joy and delight that is the Weasley family ;-)

Thank you so much for writing not only one of the best fanfictions I've ever read (there is an argument to be made for *best ever*) but that was better than most published YA novels I've come across in the past few years. You have a mastery in character building, budding romance, drama and heartache. I absolutely cannot wait to read the next book.


Author's Response: *I* can't keep track of the Weasley family without my notebook. I pity the public at large.

Thank you very much for your reviews! I know it's not easy to sit down and write a review regularly when you're powering through a story, so I appreciate it immensely, as well as your kind words.

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Review #3, by Helen J Haslam Blaze of Glory

7th October 2014:
I knew something like that had to happen, otherwise the whole ordeal would have been worthless.

But damn you all the same.

Author's Response: Happy endings come with a price... which tends to make them bittersweet, alas.

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Review #4, by Helen J Haslam Melt Into Me

6th October 2014:
Aww Harry, I've got tears in my eyes again!

Author's Response: Harry's letter has been in the works since the story began. I didn't expect the parallels between him and Scorpius to come into play but when they did, they were blatantly obvious! He would be such a softy for someone being to his son what he was to Ron, basically.

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Review #5, by Helen J Haslam On an Open Fire

6th October 2014:
"Scorpius suspected their existence was a Christmas obligation which no cursed plague dragged from the depths of hell could expunge."

It's been a while since I remembered to quote back at you ha ha :-D

Seriously though that was a pretty emotional chapter, happy and sad. I loved it, great job x

Author's Response: Seriously, it'll take an act of God to stop Molly from knitting those things. Glad you liked the chapter!

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Review #6, by Helen J Haslam New Flames

6th October 2014:
This chapter was so much fun! A nice change of pace from the seriousness that has dominated the past several chapters, a lovely reprieve :-D And the kiss was brilliant!

Author's Response: Yeah, this chapter really brightened things up, it was a lot of fun to write, as I recall. It was one of the first I got to after a hiatus from writing and everything was just FUN and sweet. Bless 'em.

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Review #7, by Helen J Haslam Rising Heat

6th October 2014:
Oh okay. I cried the whole way through that. Brilliant plot wise but right now I do hate you a little bit :'-(

Author's Response: I *am* cruel, I'm afraid you'll keep finding that. The stakes needed raising.

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Review #8, by Helen J Haslam Break the Ice

6th October 2014:
Oh gosh, that was so intense, I've got tears in my eyes!!

Author's Response: Yeah, this is where everything goes pretty harsh.

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Review #9, by Helen J Haslam Hot Issue

6th October 2014:
Rose and Al's heart to heart was so touching, but Scorpius' radio show is genius, I love him so much right now!!

Author's Response: The radio show was one of my first ideas when the quarantine plan came in. It's so silly and so Scorpius. But yeah, about time Rose and Al really touched base.

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Review #10, by Helen J Haslam Crash and Burn

3rd October 2014:
No! It's all going wrong, idiot boy!!!

Author's Response: They're both pretty silly, though I feel for Rose here. Just Scorpius isn't taking it well in the slightest.

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Review #11, by Helen J Haslam Fire and Ice

3rd October 2014:
YES! Woohoo! That was so perfect, thank you! :-D

Author's Response: At last things progress! But will it all go wrong? Dah dah DUM.

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Review #12, by Julie Embers

2nd October 2014:
I've read fanfictions for a few years now, but I can assure you, this one is the best one I've ever read! The characters fit great together and stay out of the clichés, there is romance (so glad to find a fic with romance AND an actual plot, unlike the classic ones where Scorpius and Rose hate each other with no reason, but become prefects and fall in love during the chrismas dance but then are getting jealous and blahblahblah), action (I was so scared when the five of them were in the forest and Scorpius saw the Dementor), emotion (even if at the end, there were a little, but really tiny little bit too much of those, I think this is the only critic I could give and it's almost nothing), suspense (oh my, you plot is AMAZING), realism, we really can see the difficulties they have to face without getting fed up with their temper (you almost made me cry when Tim moved again after being killed by the illness only to become an Inferius), and you gave a whole new face to Hogwarts, used all of it capacities: I usually get tired of the place because usually you have nothing less to discover, if there is, it doesn't feel natural and if you put your story out of Hogwarts a little something is missing...

So... The story is just perfect! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOUUU you should become an author because your writing skills are truly amazing and I had difficulties to put my reader down and focus on studies... I'm not sure I should thank you for that one, hahah!

I'm sorry this review is a little long and maybe is too much of compliments but I really needed to make you feel how I enjoyed myself by reading your fanfiction! I'm heading right to the sequel (screw maths)!

PS: I'm sorry if I did some mistakes and if my vocabulary is a little poor compared to yours (I learnt a few new English words) but English isn't my native language, I tried my best!
Please keep writing!

Author's Response: I need a bit of action in my stories; even if I'm here for the characters, I like the risk of life and death to force the characters in new directions! So I'm glad the whole ups and downs were fun and compelling to read!

I do kind of agree with you on 'too much' emotion at the end. If I had my time again I'd handle some of the character arcs differently; I find Scorpius' a bit sloppy in hindsight. He gets dumped, he sulks. Tim dies, he's even sadder. Then he just Sort Of Gets Better over Christmas - it was a bit of a messy Down in the Dumps and Recovery process. I don't know how I'd change it, but I'd probably consolidate more events if I could. But that's hindsight for you!

I'm working on being an author, some day my original fiction will find success! I'm not that sorry I kept you from your studies. Okay, a little sorry. Go study!

No such thing as a review that's too long and full of too many compliments. I truly appreciate you taking the time for this review, and don't apologise for your English! My second language is French your linguistic skills put mine to shame. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #13, by Helen J Haslam Hot and Cold

2nd October 2014:
Selena really shone in this chapter, I love her :-D

Author's Response: Selena's kind of a breakout star; she starts small but her part really does grow as the story goes on.

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Review #14, by Helen J Haslam Burning Question

2nd October 2014:
Aw that was an emotional one! I loved it :-D

Author's Response: The events needed an emotional conclusion, and it was a needed-insight into Rose and her behaviour.

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Review #15, by Helen J Haslam False Dawn

2nd October 2014:
I think my favourite aspect of the story at the moment is Scorpius' uselessness. Very clever plot device, really adds to the narrative and makes him a sort of (I guess) inevitable anti-hero.

Author's Response: I like Scorpius as an irreverent joker. While he can think out of the box and be quite ingenious as a result, I dislike when that archetype is also matched with being somehow brilliant and entirely capable. It has drawbacks, it's not all irritating charm. But then, a lot of Ignite is about Scorpius finding his strengths and his place, and he is really the (anti-)hero of Ignite.

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Review #16, by Helen J Haslam Cooking on Gas

2nd October 2014:
"It was a common expression she encountered whenever anyone thought they might have to march into the intellectual battle of figuring out the Weasley family tree..."

Told you.

Argh! This is just too good! Scorpius and Rose's relationship is being drawn out perfectly, and do I love a proper disaster story :-D

Author's Response: *I* struggle to grasp the Weasley Next Gens. Imagine these poor people meeting cousin after cousin after cousin...

Scorose take a while to boil, but I prefer my romances that way, myself.

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Review #17, by Helen J Haslam Out of the Frying Pan

2nd October 2014:
When Scorpius Malfoy said “I’ve got an idea”, standard procedure was to duck and cover.

At this rate I'm just going to keep quoting back my favourite lines at you...

Author's Response: It's good advice still. Glad you're enjoying it! :D

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Review #18, by Helen J Haslam Hot Pursuit

2nd October 2014:
'Dementors aren't answers, unless I was doing my OWLs fucking wrong.'

Actually brilliant.

Another excellent chapter! Methuselah is fascinating, he reminds me of BC as Sherlock, or a Vulcan, or both lol.

Author's Response: Scorpius is cranky after almost getting killed by Dementors. Methuselah was fun to write; I didn't think of BC's Sherlock initially as an inspiration, but I can see it. Just less good at reading people (though equally terrible with them). He's a bit nicer, deep down.

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Review #19, by Helen J Haslam Afterburn

2nd October 2014:
Ooh I actually forgot about the sickness from your cover description! Good twist :-D

Author's Response: It is the conceit which turns this Breakfast Club into... quarantine hell, I guess!

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Review #20, by Helen J Haslam Sackcloth and Ashes

1st October 2014:
I actually think I'm falling in love with Scorpius...

Author's Response: He can be a sweetheart, if you like that kind of over-the-top melodrama! :D

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Review #21, by Helen J Haslam The Melting Pot

1st October 2014:
This is so unbelievably delicious, I'm loathed to stop reading! This is going to keep me up late at night I can just tell ;-D

Author's Response: My writing has been accused of this before. I'm not even sorry.

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Review #22, by Helen J Haslam Steam Out

1st October 2014:
This is EXCELLENT! I'm in love with all of them already, I can't wait to read more!!!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the first chapter and that it works to introduce the characters.

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Review #23, by mymischiefmanaged Steam Out

12th September 2014:

I've read this before but I didn't review as I read, and it's one of the best stories I've come across on this site so I thought I should fix the fact I didn't tell you how much I enjoyed it at the time.

This is a really great first chapter. I like how you take the time to introduce all your characters in their normal world before introducing the main plot. It says something really good about your writing style that you prioritise your characters and their development rather than the big dramatic plot points.

I really love Scorpius. I get the impression he might be your favourite to write? He seems more fully developed than your other main characters (although all of them are wonderful). The moment here with Tim is heartbreaking now that I know what's coming.

It's actually really interesting to come back to this chapter now that I've read the rest of the novel. I'm hugely impressed by how consistent all of your characters are, and to get the reminder of how well they all develop over the course of the novel (most notably Jones).

Thank you for writing this. It's a really great read, and I'm sure I'll be back to review your other chapters :)

Emma xx

Author's Response: Hi! Always happy for folks to come back and review; glad you've been enjoying the story anyway!

I admit I'm quite proud of this chapter, and very lucky because a lot of it just sprung into my head quite fully-formed and became the platform from which the rest of the story just rolled. While Ignite has a hefty plot, I'm all about the characters - the plot serves to advance THEIR story, in my preferred storytelling techniques.

Scorpius is, yes, my favourite. He was also the first character to be 'built' for the story, the one who rocked up fully-formed in my head and demanded the tale be told. The others, I knew where they started, and I'm happy with their developments but Scorpius' tale and conflict were in place right from the beginning. Admittedly, I knew how Methuselah's tale would end the moment the story began.

Poor Tim. I can be quite cruel, and I get surprised myself by how carefree this chapter is when I look back on it, knowing what's to come. Regardless, again, very glad you've enjoyed the story, and thanks a bunch for the review!

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Review #24, by madness Embers

17th August 2014:
I totally just sobbed reading the last two chapter, so thanks for that. You're a fantastic writer, and an even better story teller. Thank you.

Author's Response: I'm not that sorry, I'm afraid. Just glad you're enjoying the show - and the story continues with the sequel. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #25, by Starlight and dreams Embers

14th July 2014:
This was such an amazing novel! It was really well written. The deaths nearly had me in tears, the way the characters connected was awesome. Actually can't believe how good that was and how attached I became to everyone. Please keep writing.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed it! The sequel's in progress and still going strong. Thanks for reviewing!

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