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Review #1, by AdinaPuff Not Going Back

21st January 2015:

Sorry this had to wait until now--I haven't been on the computer since I promised that review. But here I am now! :D

So right off the bat, this was intriguing. I have NEVER read any pregnancy stories through the dad's point of view. Mostly because I don't really read many pregnancies, but this is especially unique.

I knew Freya was evil from the start. I KNEW IT. She had absolutely no interest in admitting it to anyone. How can you hide a pregnancy?! You can't. Everyone was bound to find out, and she pushed her limits until she was FORCED into telling everyone, which put her and Louis in a terrible spot. Gosh Freya grow up.

Ugh her parents made me what to scream. Gosh. Poor Louis.


(insert feeling bad for poor Flitwick here)

Horatio, Horatio. How I love you, Horatio. He was the perfect supporting character. He was straight with Louis, not sugar coating his way around everything. But at the same time he was humourous and perfect and ugh. I started shipping them so hard when Horatio helped Louis through those months of school where it was just too much for Louis. The constant not knowing what was happening I'm sure was rough. But Horatio was there through it all.

Molly entered the story and I didn't really expect it. But she was there, and even though Horatio flirted with her, I always felt like he didn't like her... but he actually ended up dating her! I was waiting for his revealing moment that he declared his undying love for Louis and they ran off with the baby into the sunset together...

Yeah, that didn't happen.

But it was still good. Molly was super happy as was Horatio. So it's okay, I'll cope (by reading the sequel cough cough).

Oh and I did NOT like Albus's and Freddie's friend's attitude. What was her name. L. Leanne. Something. Anyhow, she was AWFULLY rude to Louis. I'm surprised Horatio didn't full on attack her.

Probably would have if it had been a guy.

The Hogsmeade trip was eventful, though. Good distraction for Louis. It wasn't good for Horatio... Nikolos. I'm still not sure how I feel about him. I just want to see how he handles himself in the sequel. But Molly made sure Horatio was well looked after and Dom threatened Nik with Kieron. So all was well. AND THE OUTFIT LIKE AWE. And Louis got his job! :p That's important as well.

The family was super helpful, pitching in lots of second hands. Roxanne's old baby clothes from Angelina, and awe Arthur was just too sweet. Handmade?! I want everything handmade for my kids. That'd be perfect and loving.

SUMMER!!! Yay we get to see the (not so) lovely Freya all plump and ready to pop. Poor Horatio commented on that and faced her wrath. UGH and when Molly made that blanket for Samantha I WANTED TO DESTROY FREYA JUST UGH so rude. I would have thanked her. And if I were pregnant, I probably would have cried because I'm emotional enough without the pregnancy hormones.

I love Dominique and Victoire. They're extremely happy and supportive characters that sort of help balance out the negativity in the story. Because while a lot of bad stuff is happening, it's also a happy story because A BABY'S BEING BORN! So with the help of Dom's and Vic's characters (and Horatio, of course) it kept the tone lighter. Good balance there.

AND FINALLY WE ARE BLESSED WITH SAMANTHA'S ARRIVAL. It felt like forever. I was so excited. It was all so sweet, everyone camping and waiting at the hospital. And Louis holding her. And Horatio and Molly and Fleur and Bill and Dom and Kieron and EVERYONE. It was perfect.

Except Freya who did not, in fact, hold Samantha. Sigh. Everything went downhill with her after Samantha's arrival. She wasn't radiant and excited about Samantha being there and it made me incredibly sad to see that. And then she LEFT. Ugh what a terrible person. Poor Louis. But he has Horatio and his family and he is GOING to be the best dad there ever was. He's going to love her enough for the both of them ;D

And then the end. Horatio has to go back to school and Louis is working a lot at WWW and he's raising Samantha. At least not alone though, because he has his family to help him.

Sorry that this is kind of all over the place. I sort of summed up everything that I loved as it all came back to me. I hope this made enough sense and gets across that I LOVED THIS STORY SO MUCH. So I would like to thank you for two things:

1. Thank you, Tammi, for writing this story. It was heartwarming and perfect and I can't imagine ever writing something as beautiful as this.

And 2. THANK YOU FOR CREATING HORATIO. My favorite character on this site. Ugh. He's perfection. I just don't understand how people don't like him (in the story of course; the readers love him).

So yeah thanks so much and this was perfect and keep writing because you're incredibly talented and I would love some more Loratio ;D

- Leigh xxx

Author's Response: Hey! That's alright, I don't mind :D

I'm so glad that you found this unique, I wanted to have a story that I hadn't seen done before, where it's the mother who's having second doubts whilst the father wants to be there for everything.

Oh she is so evil! You're right, she had no interest at all, she was very naive and scared and thought that if she ignored the problem it would go away. Which we all know it didn't. She does need to grow up.

I KNOW!! I hate her parents, especially her dad Ted, I wanted to hurt him as much as I wanted to hurt her.

Oh yes! Bill and Fleur are the boss! They're the best because they're so awesome!

Oh Horatio! I'm so glad that you love him, Horatio is certainly the best think that's happened to Louis, If he wasn't around then Louis wouldn't be the person he is now. And of course I ship them so hard too! :D So very very hard.

Horatio does have feelings for Molly, but nowhere near what he has for Louis. Hahaha that moment may still happen! :P

Oh Albus, Fred and Leanne! Those three are not nice people, and I'm actually going to be writing about those three soon, well, the first two chapters are already up on my page. Their story is 'The Reason I Breathe' I'm surprised that Horatio didn't hurt her either, as for him and Albus... there may be a confrontation in the Louis sequel between those two.

Oh it was very eventful!Poor Horatio having to deal with his brother, Nik will be in the sequel a lot more. Oh yes, Molly was there for Horatio, and Dom, Kieron and Nik have a very weird relationship going on between them. But she was right to threaten Nik with Kieron, he's scary.

Oh yes! The cot was handmade by Arthur! I want one too!!

Haha oh yes! Freya being all plump and annoyed with everything. And Horatio just had to put his foot in with his comments, but he's never been Freya's biggest fan... so he's not too bothered about how he acts towards her.

Dommie and Vic are such great sisters, they're so supportive of Louis and will do anything for him, including giving up a room for Samantha. Thanks! :D

Louis is going to see that he doesn't need her at all, he has got his family and Horatio.

Awww you're so welcome Leigh! I'm so glad that you enjoyed it so much and that you gave me the most perfect review! And you're so welcome for Horatio! Awww your favourite? Wow! That's made mine, and Horatio's, entire life! I don't understand how the other characters don't like him at times. But that means more for us and Louis! :D

Thank you so so much Leigh! You are so wonderful and amazing and truly a fantastic person! :D

Loratio is coming! Don't you worry!

Tammi x

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Review #2, by AdinaPuff Final scan

19th January 2015:
So I've been working on this for a while and am IN LOVE.

Actually it's only been like five hours :p after I saw you post missing Loratio moments, I was like, why not?

I love the plot. It's amazing. You've got it painted out so well. I have a really bad feeling about Freya, I don't think she really wants Samantha. I hope nothing goes wrong. I want Louis to be happy and keep Samantha.

Horatio is amazing. I'm in love with him. Just letting you know. He's perfection.

But really I left this because WHOA ITS JASON TURNER. And Roxanne is more than eager to serve him. HAHAHA she doesn't even know. That's great. How old is she right now? Still in school I'm sure. Younger than Louis?

Great story here! I was going to leave a really long review at the end. I still will but I thought Jason's appearance warranted a reaction from me. :D

- Leigh xxx

Author's Response: :D That makes me so happy! five hours! Wow! That's a lot of time to have Horatio and Louis (And sadly Freya)

Thank you! I wanted to write a story where the dad is the good guy and the mum is the one who's not happy. I always see it the other way around, so wanted to do my own twist.

I'm so glad that you love Horatio, in the beginning people really didn't like him, but he ended up growing on people. I'm glad that you think that he's perfection. :D

I KNOW!! JASON IS IN IT!!! Roxanne is about 14 in this and is going into her fifth year, and Jason is about 19

Awww thank you so much! Quite a few of my stories are connected, so a few characters make appearances from other stories. :D

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Review #3, by Maelody Not Going Back

13th January 2015:
And it's done! She's gone, Louis is left with a beautiful daughter and Horatio! It'll be hard, but we'll be with him every step of the way! *hugs*

Seriously though! You wrote such a beautiful story that I am so glad that I got to come and enjoy with everyone else! It doesn't just go into the normal 'she got pregnant, but everything was fine, she raised it with the help of her family' story. No, you turned it completely around! The she was a he (the most adorably written Louis ever) and he tried to convince her everything would be fine and they would take care of the baby together, but things don't always work out the good way. No. We've seen him grow up so much, and I love you for allowing us to see that! I just love this whole story so much! It's fantastic! It's opened me up to Louisio, my favorite ship in all of fanfiction, and the inner workings of the Delacour-Lupin family!

I could be fuzzy and sentimental all day, but I'd love to get over to your sequel! It's been long enough. ;) Just know that I love your story very much and I'm so happy that I got to read it all!

Cheers to you, you amazing author you! ;)


Author's Response: Goodbye Freya! It will be hard for poor Louis, but you're right, he has Horatio and his family to support them.

Awww thank you so much! I'm so glad that you did enjoy it so much. I absolutely loved writing this so to hear that you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it, makes me so happy.

I love you for giving me such wonderful reviews and for making me feel so happy that I think the smile on my face may be a permanent fixture!

Awww Louisio is your favourite ship in all of fanfiction? :D They are very happy to know that piece of information.

Thank you so so much! I will never be able to tell you just how grateful I am to have such an amazing person like yourself reviewing my story!

*squishes you so tightly and never lets go*

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Review #4, by Maelody I'll Love Her Enough For The Both Of Us

13th January 2015:
Aand she's officially gone! Saw it coming, but it took long enough, didn't it? :P

Poor Louis, thinking she took off with their baby. Though I must say, he really missed out on some clue things on her if he thought she would do that. Sadly, I don't think she' running for Louis, but Sam.

Hehe, Keiron holding baby Sam so he wouldn't punch anyone... But what of Bill? Oh well, I'm just so super happy that it WAS Bill that hit her dad! It's better closure. ;) And what Louis said to him fits everything poor Freya must have going through her head. Poor Sam never had a proper chance with her mother from the start.

My favorite part was when Horatio held Louis' hand. Seriously! It was perfect. And, oddly enough, not even ship perfect. Jut perfect. No one else could have done it without the same meaning. I just d'aw love it!

OK, so I have another chapter to review then I get to catch up on that beautiful sequel of yours! :D


Author's Response: It did take her long enough! Damn Freya, dragging her heels about it all!

He really did, but poor Louis had so much to focus on with no help from her that he didn't see. :( Freya loves Louis. Sam? Maybe not so much...

Haha oh Bill can't be tamed! Of course he was going to hit Ted! He deserved it and Bill is the only option when it came to who would do it? Poor Sam didn't have a proper choice with Freya, with everything that Ted and Diane were putting into her head.

Awww that was my favourite part too, Horatio is always going to be there for Louis. I thought that it was a nice moment to show about them being such close friends.

Thank you hun! :D I can't wait to see what you think of the rest! :D

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Review #5, by Maelody I need you

13th January 2015:
Bless Louis he's just so tired! If she could just wait until morning! She faced his family, too! How dare she do any of this? She's lucky she's the witch and not I because I'd use unforgivable curses on her! Grrr! Can't she see he's trying? He's just so exhausted and needs one little break! I need to hug my Louis! He needs to know that everything will be all right! He's going to wake up tomorrow, and it'll be hard, but it'll pass.

I can't tell who is more evil. Freya, or her creator :p. You put me through so much emotional turmoil! ;)


Author's Response: He is so tired, running on barely any sleep for days and Freya needs to stop being so selfish and realise that he needs to sleep before making any big life changing decisions! Oh yes, she is a grade A horrible person! I would join you!
She's sadly only thinking of herself right now.

Louis would appreciate all of the hugs!

Hahahahah I am feeling pretty evil for putting Louis through this. and anything else I may have up my sleeve for the sequel. :P

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Review #6, by Maelody Nicknames and party time

13th January 2015:
"I mean, no." OH MY ALDKJDJFLAKDJFA! Louis, you are my favorite ever person! You're adorable!

Alcohol + Louis + Horatio = Magic! Every school teaches this formula in Math/s!

Um, Snorter? C'mon girl, you can do better than that! Poor Sam! I'd call you Sammie-Bear! Yes I would! Oh yes I would! How is my Sammie-Bear? You're just so darn cute! Yes you are!


I mean, I'd call her Sammie-Bear. Yeah. Pfff, whatevs.

Ok, I'll save myself and move onward! ;)



I remember that math! A very important equation in life.

Hahahaha thankfully that name doesn't last for long, which Samantha will be very thankful for when she's older. Aw Sammie-bear is a lovely nickname!! Aw

Hahahaha You're brilliant! :D

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Review #7, by Maelody Seeing Nikolos

12th January 2015:
Ooooh, the letters have arrived. Well, if that didn't assure me that Freya was leaving, now I see that she most definitely will be. I'm sort of glad. Her behavior that last several chapters has been getting on my nerves. I mean, I can see in ways that she is trying, and in other ways I know that's actually a thing with some women after they have babies, but this isn't that. She's been like this even before she had Sam. Me and Freya just aren't friends. I also can't help but think she won't make or keep any friends at Hogwarts if she goes back leaving her little family in the dust. Doesn't she know that she'll see some of his family and all of his friends if she goes? To me that'd be absolutely horrible! GAH! Freya, get over yourself and love your adorable baby and possibly even more adorable boyfriend! (Except don't really because I really want Louisio to be a real thing.)

Oh, and interesting story about Dom, Nik, and Kiron. Not at all what I thought lol. :p


Author's Response: Yep! They've arrived. Her behaviour has been shocking and poor Louis was so oblivious to it all. She's been getting on my nerves too, only thinking of herself. We can join the "I hate Freya Jackson club" that the fans have founded, I may make badges :P She's not thinking of what she'll be seeing when she goes back to Hogwarts, she just wants to go back. I'm going to have to include it in the spin off of one shots :P She does need to get over herself.

Hahaha noone thought that about those three :P Oh they're going to have fun in the sequel with their feelings! MWwahahahahah

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Review #8, by Maelody Volunteering

12th January 2015:
D'aw! Horatio and his sister are just too cute together! Of course he would spoil her rotten!

OK, so you know how there's a mommy's girl and daddy's girl? Well I'd say Sam is going to be a daddy's girl because, well, of the obvious, but she won't be. She'll be an Uncle Horatio's girl because he'll give her absolutely anything she wants! I just know it! Seriously, there needs to be a story where it's just all about the love story of Louis and Horatio. Or is that what the sequel is all about!? Hmmm, I must move on to find out!


Author's Response: Horatio has a lot of love for his little sister, he's always felt he needed to protect her and spoil her rotten because of what Nik's putting the family through.

YES! Samantha is totally an Uncle 'Tio's girl! She does sometimes choose Horatio over her dad for cuddles haha. He'll spoil her rotten as well as though she is his own child.

So many people want a love story of Louis and Horatio, could the sequel be about that? Maybe it is? :P

Thanks once again hun!

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Review #9, by Maelody Seven days

12th January 2015:
And again I find myself even further down the line! I must have just skipped a couple of them is all ;). Though I must say, I missed out on getting to be there at the same time the story actually ended! But I'll be there for the sequel's end, I promise! ;)

Yes! Why do you always have to be so mean to them! :( Let me have Horatio and Louis (you can keep Nik, he's cool and all, but nothing beats my Louisio). I'll keep them safe and warm for forever!

Being a godmother, I relate full-well with Horatio on being excited no matter what Sam does. Even getting to change nappies is fun for a little while. ;)

D'awww, I'll just have to move these reviews right along so I can finally check out that sequel! *Squee!*


Author's Response: Haha welcome back! :P I should get working on more updates for the sequel! I need to make a list of what I'm writing and when to make sure updates are to a deadline?

I can't help it! It makes things interesting, even if I die inside at some of the things I put the poor dears through. YAY! I can keep Nik! *squishes Nik*

*highfives because I'm a godmother too* It's brilliant! We can both relate to Horatio :D and I agree!

Thank you so much lovely!

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Review #10, by Maelody Almost single digits

12th January 2015:
Oh look at that! I must of just accidentally skipped thirteen is all! ;) Cause I'm all the way up here now! :D

Grrr... I know you're probably tired of hearing me say this, but I just can't get the feeling out of my head that I don't like Freya (which I was sort of right in the long-run). I get that it's scary and all, but it's scary for Louis, too! I mean, the boy can only make beans on toast!


It's OK though, because I know that Horatio will always be there for Louis and baby Sam. It'll be the best thing ever and they can start a family together. Right? RIGHT? That's right. ;)


Author's Response: Haha I tend to do that when I'm reviewing :P

I will never be tired of hearing what you have to say about my story :D I don't like her either, I just want to hurt her or shake her, or both! It's terrifying for Louis, he really needs to improve on his cooking skills! He might have to get some tips from his nan, or Horatio (of course he knows how to cook, what can't Horatio do?)

He will always be there for them, no matter what, even if they argue or fight, nothing will break those two apart. That is the best idea ever!! Will it happen? m :P

Thanks Mae!!!

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Review #11, by Maelody Three months

12th January 2015:
D'aw! I think the outfit is so cute! Just hope she becomes a Puff so that way it's not worn in vein. ;) Though the fact that he saved up to buy her the dress in the first place is just too cute! I mean, I'm sure you know how much I love Louis (and Horatio) in the first pace, right?

Nikolos is a bit strange at this point, but I've grown to like him. (It's important to know I've actually already finished reading this, I just didn't realize I stopped reviewing and I'm sorry about that!) You deserve many wonderful reviews, dear! So I'm here to give them to you! :3


Author's Response: I am yet to decide what house she'll be in when she ends up going to Hogwarts. It'll be either Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw? Louis would give her everything he had :D

haha I do know, and I LOVE hearing about it!

He is strange and I'm glad that you've grown to like him. I absolutely love the Demarcus boys, they're my favourite characters to write about.

Aw thank you so much Mae! You're amazing!

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Review #12, by HermionesSecretClone Not Going Back

31st May 2014:
*Sobs* Wait, does that mean Loratio might have a chance?-10/10 HSC I LOVE YOUR STORIES AND THANKS FOR LOOKING AT MINE!!

Author's Response: *hugs* YES!! YES THEY DO! :D

Aww thank you so much! And I've enjoyed your stories, I can't wait for more updates. :D

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Review #13, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Not Going Back

3rd May 2014:
Oh, no! Tammi! Louis has yet to have sense knocked into him and Nikolos is in jail and it's just all the sad feels in this chapter. ;(

Horatio is joining me with the sad feels. I'll look after him in our corner, I promise. Of course, he's part of the family. How could he not be? *hugs*

Louis is so committed for deciding not to go to Hogwarts to look after his daughter instead of his family doing it. That's so amazing and so Louis, I don't think he'd have lasted if Freya had stayed either. He's so much better than her. Ugh, I hate her.

It's still sad, though. I hope Horatio makes seventh year difficult for her, even if it is just telling the school what she did.

Loved this so much! Now to the sequel because I refuse to say goodbye to this story for even a moment!


Author's Response: I know! I know! He needs so much sense knocked into him. And my poor Nikolos is in jail, I wished it didn't happen... but it has to. I'll have to visit him. :D

It's just such a sad last chapter, Horatio needs you to look after him. I'm useless, I'm still crying about Nikolos.

Oh Louis, how I wish you would have gone back to Hogwarts, but he can't do that to his family. He definitely wouldn't have lasted if he went back, I think that they all knew that deep down. Yes! Hate Freya! We can all rejoice in our hate for her!

Horatio will do everything in his power to make it difficult for her, which I will write about for the spin off series. :D

Thank you so much Sam! I hope that you enjoy the sequel and thank you so so much for all of your help with the stories and for sticking by them and reviewing! :D *hugs tightly*

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Review #14, by potterfan310 Not Going Back

2nd May 2014:
Oh my god, last chapter! *breathes heavily*

Awww Louis, it breaks my heart too that he's making excuses for her.

I squealed out loud, LORATIO! "Louis held Horatioís hand tighter," - Yes, yes, one hundred times yes :D

Horatio and Baby Sam, the cuteness ♥ He is definitely mummy Horatio, forget Freya, mummy Horatio will never leave her.

Louis is such a good dad! At least he knows he has to step up and that he's not willing to go back to Hogwarts so he can look after baby Sam.

Can I just squish both Louis and Horatio because them on the platform saying goodbye is sooo adorable ♥♥

The last few bits of this, aw. All the feels ♥♥

It's over :( But I did notice the sequel's already up, happy days :D

Soph ♥

Author's Response: It's going to be okay! *holds your hand in support* We'll get through this together!

Louis is in denial the poor lad, he just needs to realise she's not coming back.


Oh yes, Mummy Horatio isn't going anywhere! He'll always be there for Louis and Samantha.

Yep, he's going to sacrifice everything so that Samantha has him around and that he can do what's best for her.

Yes, you can squish them both. That scene broke my heart the most, I don't like imagining them being away from each other.

:( Yep, it's over. But the sequel is up! :D I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did writing it! :D

Thank you so much for sticking with the story and for all of your amazing reviews!

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Review #15, by draco_lover12 Not Going Back

2nd May 2014:
I loved this story and I can totally see Louis and Hortatio together. I bet three year old Samantha is going to be a cutie!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I'm so happy that you like it. And yes, a lot of people can see them together.

She's going to be fun, how can she not? She's Louis' kid and Horatio is helping to raise her. :P

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Review #16, by HufflePuff_Blitz Not Going Back

1st May 2014:
Great chapter, I wasn't sure how I felt about Horatio at the beginning but I have really grown to love his character.

Yep don't like Freya especially after that summary for the sequel. Cannot wait to read it! Oh and really really good story!


Author's Response: Yay! Thank you! :D I'm so happy that you like Horatio, lots of people didn't like him at the beginning but grew to love him, so I'm glad about that as he's my favourite character to write about.

Oh Freya, you won't like her at all during the sequel, I hope. :D More shall be coming soon!

Thank you so much! :D

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Review #17, by HufflePuff_Blitz I'll Love Her Enough For The Both Of Us

1st May 2014:
That was really really sad! My favorite part had to be where Horatio held his hand. It wasn't one of those relationshippy hand holds but one of true sentimental friendship. Absolutely perfect. I finally see where the title comes into play.
Fantastic chapter I can't wait to finish this up and start on the sequel. :)

Author's Response: It was so sad to write, I just wanted to stop being mean to poor Louis. ;( But Horatio is there!
Thank you so much! and yes, the title has finally come into play... it only took the entire novel for that. Haha. :D

Thank you once again! :D

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Review #18, by HufflePuff_Blitz I need you

1st May 2014:
I don't hate you! I;m not happy with Freya right now, and my heart is breaking for Louis right now. I can't wait to read the last few chapters!
Great work - Kyle

Author's Response: Phew! I'm glad that you don't hate me. :P Not many people are happy with Freya, and I know that feeling will increase more during the sequel. Thank you so much for reading and the review Kyle!

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Review #19, by HermionesSecretClone I'll Love Her Enough For The Both Of Us

30th April 2014:
Its so sad!1 Cannot wait for the sequel!-HSC 10/10

Author's Response: Awww, don't be sad. The Sequel is up now! :D

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Review #20, by potterfan310 I'll Love Her Enough For The Both Of Us

24th April 2014:

She's gone!!! Despite me feeling sorry for her, it was coming, I knew it! *happy dance*

Aww Louis, I knew he would panic that Freya had taken her as well and I feel so bad for him but at least she was only with Dom and Kieron.

I need to hug Louis so tight for a whole day! He needs it badly ♥

Bill taking charge is perfect! He's such an awesome dad, he really is.

I love that they leave Samantha with Kieron to stop him from punching anyone. It's a smart idea but I think a few people need either a good slap *cough* Freya or a a good old punch, namely her dad.

I really do disliked Freya's dad, always have. "No, you brainwashed her into thinking that she couldnít cope." I think these words are very true and that Louis is spot on right!

Boom! Go Bill :D I am soo glad he hit him, Bill is proper badass!

Snorter.. Bless baby Sam, poor kid is going to grow up with such a weird nickname from Dom.

Blaise? Zabini I assume?

Loratio! ♥ I don't think you can deny it any longer :p

You used the title for the last line!! asdfghjkl I love it when people do that!! And Louis is just so adorable with his daughter.

Just one chapter :( But at least there's a sequel! ♥

Can't wait for the last one!!

Soph x

Author's Response: Yes! Yes she is gone! A lot of people are actually happy about her leaving haha, I haven't seen many people feeling sorry for her. :P Myself included of course. *joins happy dance*

Yep, you called it! Poor Louis, he was so scared that Freya had taken Samantha. I'm not sure how he would have coped if Freya did take her.

Louis would love to have a hug.

And Bill is the best dad! Ted should get some tips off of him.

Haha yes, Kieron has quite a temper on him, so it's a good thing that he needed to hold Samantha. Oh yes, some people do need to get hurt, definitely. And they quite possibly might in the sequel... :P

I hate Ted so much! Seriously hate him. He has brainwashed her, Louis is definitely right.

YES! GO BILL!!! Ted needed a good punch.

Oh yeah, poor Samantha stuck with that nickname. I think it'll be around for quite some time.

Yep, Blaise Zabini is still around.

I can't deny it! Loratio has become canon! It's going to happen!

I love it too. :D I couldn't miss an oppourtunity to use it either. :D

I know! I'm so sad about it ending, but so excited about the sequel! :D

Thank you so very much for all of your reviews! I love them all so much.

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Review #21, by TheHeirOfSlytherin I'll Love Her Enough For The Both Of Us

23rd April 2014:
She left! I'm sorry to anyone who sees this and liked her or felt sorry for her, but... *happy dances*

Haha, don't take the baby from Kieron. That is quote possibly the smartest thing anyone could have thought of... but I want someone to punch Ted.

BOOM! And it's Bill. I'm actually so glad it is. Go Bill, you awesome! I hate Ted. And Freya. And that family. Ugh.

I don't want them to be sad about her leaving. I want them to be mad, and them glad. She's evil. She had to go.

Aww, Loratio. It's so canon. Sorry Molly, but Louis, Horatio and Sam are the most adorable family ever. We needs it.

BLAISE! Ah, yes! Go Blaise! He'll make sure Bill is fine, might even get Ted in jail instead. ;)

Oh, no. Nikolos. ;( My world has suddenly turned upside down.

And the title. You ended the chapte with the title, oh god! The feels!

I need the next chapter! Like now. It's too much to not have it. :D


Author's Response: Yes! She finally left! We can all cheer! I know everyone wants to :D *throws party*

Oh no, none of them will take the baby from Kieron. Oh don't worry someone will hurt Ted. :D

And yes... it was Bill!! He is so awesome!

Aww they need to be sad, at least for a small amount of time. Louis is hurting.

Loratio is totally canon now! I can't deny their love anymore! They would make an adorable family.

Haha Blaise could so put Ted in jail!

I know! My poor baby! *hugs Nikolos tight* I think I'm the most protective over him, he just needs a better life and some guidance and love.

Yep! I ended the chapter with the title! I had to!

The next chapter is soon! I promise!!

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Review #22, by draco_lover12 I need you

20th April 2014:
Just started to read this and I love it! I think Freya had post-natal depression and thats why she's low as she is. I can understand her wanting to get away from it all but maybe its time someone mentioned the doctor but that's too late now.


Ps. When's the next update?

Author's Response: Oh wow! That's made me so happy, I'm so glad that you found my story and that you're enjoying it. The next chapter shall be soon, it's about 1/3 of the way written so I'm hoping in the next few days.
Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. :D

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Review #23, by HermionesSecretClone I need you

17th April 2014:
*reading* In head: "Oh Louis is so sweet, freya is so lucky, Louis is obviously in love with her,poor Louis, oh wait, they made up! Wait,what?" *Tears up* *Pterodactyl noises* *Violently throws computer* This chapter is sad, but for it to live up to the name, it had to be done. At least Samantha has someone like Louis in her life!Xoxo,-HSC 10/10

Author's Response: Haha I love the Pterodactyl noises! That is exactly how I felt writing the chapter! Yep, it had to happen and it's been planned from the start, so it's great and yet sad at the same time to have it finally happen.
Yep, Samantha has the lovely Louis still, who won't let anyone come between them. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :D

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Review #24, by potterfan310 I need you

16th April 2014:
Another update, you spoil us far too much but I love it! :p

Haha aww Louis, I shouldn't laugh but it's a teeny bit funny that he's still hungover.

I love the sound of your Audrey, she's sounds so different as to the sort of person I picture her to be but I like!

Aww no.

I really don't know if I'm happy or sad right now :/

Poor Louis, I want to hug him tightly *Squishy hugs* he needs them so bad right now. Don't cry Louis.

Dom and Kieron are cute!

I think I am for sure leaning to Freya having some sort of past-natal depression. Despite what her parents, who disowned her I might add, have done she still ends up going back to them and I do feel sorry for her but she has the freakin' Weasley family behind her as well as a beautiful little baby and guy who would steal the moon for if he could. Why can't Freya see it. She's not alone...

She's gone! I feel so bad Louis waking up to find that both Freya and Samantha aren't there. I'm pretty sure until Dom finds him and tells him she had Samantha for the night Louis is going to be in a frenzy.

I've got the feeling that Louis' will end up trying to find Freya and winning her back over, but I'm not sure if I want him too.

I have so many feels, ahh! I'm intrigued and scared for the next one!!!

Soph xx

Author's Response: I know! I'm so kind to you all! :P

We shouldn't laugh, but we so will. Hehehe

I'm so glad, I can imagine Percy marrying someone who would help him not be so uptight and teach him that not everything is serious. I'm going to actually write a story about them one day. Audrey is quite crazy. :P She's good for Percy.

Awww you can be both, it's okay. Louis appreciates squishy hugs a lot.

She does have Post-natal depression, she's just not able to deal with it. The only good thing about her going home is that her family will be able to get her the help she needs. It's just sad that she left Samantha in order to do it. *sighs*

Awww I loved that, he would so steal the moon for her if he could.

You predicted it so right! You are some sort of psychic! :D

There are many feels with this story. :(

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! You're the best!

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Review #25, by TheHeirOfSlytherin I need you

16th April 2014:
Oh, you never listen to Kieron when it comes to alcohol. Lots of other things, maybe, depending on why he's giving it/telling you, but never alcohol. :P Poor Louis.

Aww, he's so tired. And Horatio is just not helping by rubbing it in. Bad Horatio.

Haha, Audrey is crazy. I love her!

Uh oh... Uh oh... No, don't cry, Louis! It's for the best, honest! We don't like her! *hugs Louis*

Kieron knows... Does he? Of course he does. He knows a lot.

Aww, he'll be an awesome dad... in his own way.

So scared for the next chapter.


Author's Response: Haha Louis has now learnt that fact, he should have listened to James. Kieron can not be trusted.

I know! Poor Louis, Horatio should be making him feel better, not laughing.

Yes!I love Audrey too. :D She's brilliant!

I know :( I don't want Louis to cry. It makes me feel so sad.

Kieron knows that something is happening, he just doesn't know what.

Oh yeah, Kieron and Dom will make a beautiful family... or Kieron and Nik :P

Thanks Sam! :D

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