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Review #1, by HermionesSecretClone Not Going Back

31st May 2014:
*Sobs* Wait, does that mean Loratio might have a chance?-10/10 HSC I LOVE YOUR STORIES AND THANKS FOR LOOKING AT MINE!!

Author's Response: *hugs* YES!! YES THEY DO! :D

Aww thank you so much! And I've enjoyed your stories, I can't wait for more updates. :D

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Review #2, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Not Going Back

3rd May 2014:
Oh, no! Tammi! Louis has yet to have sense knocked into him and Nikolos is in jail and it's just all the sad feels in this chapter. ;(

Horatio is joining me with the sad feels. I'll look after him in our corner, I promise. Of course, he's part of the family. How could he not be? *hugs*

Louis is so committed for deciding not to go to Hogwarts to look after his daughter instead of his family doing it. That's so amazing and so Louis, I don't think he'd have lasted if Freya had stayed either. He's so much better than her. Ugh, I hate her.

It's still sad, though. I hope Horatio makes seventh year difficult for her, even if it is just telling the school what she did.

Loved this so much! Now to the sequel because I refuse to say goodbye to this story for even a moment!


Author's Response: I know! I know! He needs so much sense knocked into him. And my poor Nikolos is in jail, I wished it didn't happen... but it has to. I'll have to visit him. :D

It's just such a sad last chapter, Horatio needs you to look after him. I'm useless, I'm still crying about Nikolos.

Oh Louis, how I wish you would have gone back to Hogwarts, but he can't do that to his family. He definitely wouldn't have lasted if he went back, I think that they all knew that deep down. Yes! Hate Freya! We can all rejoice in our hate for her!

Horatio will do everything in his power to make it difficult for her, which I will write about for the spin off series. :D

Thank you so much Sam! I hope that you enjoy the sequel and thank you so so much for all of your help with the stories and for sticking by them and reviewing! :D *hugs tightly*

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Review #3, by potterfan310 Not Going Back

2nd May 2014:
Oh my god, last chapter! *breathes heavily*

Awww Louis, it breaks my heart too that he's making excuses for her.

I squealed out loud, LORATIO! "Louis held Horatioís hand tighter," - Yes, yes, one hundred times yes :D

Horatio and Baby Sam, the cuteness ♥ He is definitely mummy Horatio, forget Freya, mummy Horatio will never leave her.

Louis is such a good dad! At least he knows he has to step up and that he's not willing to go back to Hogwarts so he can look after baby Sam.

Can I just squish both Louis and Horatio because them on the platform saying goodbye is sooo adorable ♥♥

The last few bits of this, aw. All the feels ♥♥

It's over :( But I did notice the sequel's already up, happy days :D

Soph ♥

Author's Response: It's going to be okay! *holds your hand in support* We'll get through this together!

Louis is in denial the poor lad, he just needs to realise she's not coming back.


Oh yes, Mummy Horatio isn't going anywhere! He'll always be there for Louis and Samantha.

Yep, he's going to sacrifice everything so that Samantha has him around and that he can do what's best for her.

Yes, you can squish them both. That scene broke my heart the most, I don't like imagining them being away from each other.

:( Yep, it's over. But the sequel is up! :D I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did writing it! :D

Thank you so much for sticking with the story and for all of your amazing reviews!

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Review #4, by draco_lover12 Not Going Back

2nd May 2014:
I loved this story and I can totally see Louis and Hortatio together. I bet three year old Samantha is going to be a cutie!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I'm so happy that you like it. And yes, a lot of people can see them together.

She's going to be fun, how can she not? She's Louis' kid and Horatio is helping to raise her. :P

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Review #5, by HufflePuff_Blitz Not Going Back

1st May 2014:
Great chapter, I wasn't sure how I felt about Horatio at the beginning but I have really grown to love his character.

Yep don't like Freya especially after that summary for the sequel. Cannot wait to read it! Oh and really really good story!


Author's Response: Yay! Thank you! :D I'm so happy that you like Horatio, lots of people didn't like him at the beginning but grew to love him, so I'm glad about that as he's my favourite character to write about.

Oh Freya, you won't like her at all during the sequel, I hope. :D More shall be coming soon!

Thank you so much! :D

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Review #6, by HufflePuff_Blitz I'll Love Her Enough For The Both Of Us

1st May 2014:
That was really really sad! My favorite part had to be where Horatio held his hand. It wasn't one of those relationshippy hand holds but one of true sentimental friendship. Absolutely perfect. I finally see where the title comes into play.
Fantastic chapter I can't wait to finish this up and start on the sequel. :)

Author's Response: It was so sad to write, I just wanted to stop being mean to poor Louis. ;( But Horatio is there!
Thank you so much! and yes, the title has finally come into play... it only took the entire novel for that. Haha. :D

Thank you once again! :D

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Review #7, by HufflePuff_Blitz I need you

1st May 2014:
I don't hate you! I;m not happy with Freya right now, and my heart is breaking for Louis right now. I can't wait to read the last few chapters!
Great work - Kyle

Author's Response: Phew! I'm glad that you don't hate me. :P Not many people are happy with Freya, and I know that feeling will increase more during the sequel. Thank you so much for reading and the review Kyle!

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Review #8, by HermionesSecretClone I'll Love Her Enough For The Both Of Us

30th April 2014:
Its so sad!1 Cannot wait for the sequel!-HSC 10/10

Author's Response: Awww, don't be sad. The Sequel is up now! :D

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Review #9, by potterfan310 I'll Love Her Enough For The Both Of Us

24th April 2014:

She's gone!!! Despite me feeling sorry for her, it was coming, I knew it! *happy dance*

Aww Louis, I knew he would panic that Freya had taken her as well and I feel so bad for him but at least she was only with Dom and Kieron.

I need to hug Louis so tight for a whole day! He needs it badly ♥

Bill taking charge is perfect! He's such an awesome dad, he really is.

I love that they leave Samantha with Kieron to stop him from punching anyone. It's a smart idea but I think a few people need either a good slap *cough* Freya or a a good old punch, namely her dad.

I really do disliked Freya's dad, always have. "No, you brainwashed her into thinking that she couldnít cope." I think these words are very true and that Louis is spot on right!

Boom! Go Bill :D I am soo glad he hit him, Bill is proper badass!

Snorter.. Bless baby Sam, poor kid is going to grow up with such a weird nickname from Dom.

Blaise? Zabini I assume?

Loratio! ♥ I don't think you can deny it any longer :p

You used the title for the last line!! asdfghjkl I love it when people do that!! And Louis is just so adorable with his daughter.

Just one chapter :( But at least there's a sequel! ♥

Can't wait for the last one!!

Soph x

Author's Response: Yes! Yes she is gone! A lot of people are actually happy about her leaving haha, I haven't seen many people feeling sorry for her. :P Myself included of course. *joins happy dance*

Yep, you called it! Poor Louis, he was so scared that Freya had taken Samantha. I'm not sure how he would have coped if Freya did take her.

Louis would love to have a hug.

And Bill is the best dad! Ted should get some tips off of him.

Haha yes, Kieron has quite a temper on him, so it's a good thing that he needed to hold Samantha. Oh yes, some people do need to get hurt, definitely. And they quite possibly might in the sequel... :P

I hate Ted so much! Seriously hate him. He has brainwashed her, Louis is definitely right.

YES! GO BILL!!! Ted needed a good punch.

Oh yeah, poor Samantha stuck with that nickname. I think it'll be around for quite some time.

Yep, Blaise Zabini is still around.

I can't deny it! Loratio has become canon! It's going to happen!

I love it too. :D I couldn't miss an oppourtunity to use it either. :D

I know! I'm so sad about it ending, but so excited about the sequel! :D

Thank you so very much for all of your reviews! I love them all so much.

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Review #10, by TheHeirOfSlytherin I'll Love Her Enough For The Both Of Us

23rd April 2014:
She left! I'm sorry to anyone who sees this and liked her or felt sorry for her, but... *happy dances*

Haha, don't take the baby from Kieron. That is quote possibly the smartest thing anyone could have thought of... but I want someone to punch Ted.

BOOM! And it's Bill. I'm actually so glad it is. Go Bill, you awesome! I hate Ted. And Freya. And that family. Ugh.

I don't want them to be sad about her leaving. I want them to be mad, and them glad. She's evil. She had to go.

Aww, Loratio. It's so canon. Sorry Molly, but Louis, Horatio and Sam are the most adorable family ever. We needs it.

BLAISE! Ah, yes! Go Blaise! He'll make sure Bill is fine, might even get Ted in jail instead. ;)

Oh, no. Nikolos. ;( My world has suddenly turned upside down.

And the title. You ended the chapte with the title, oh god! The feels!

I need the next chapter! Like now. It's too much to not have it. :D


Author's Response: Yes! She finally left! We can all cheer! I know everyone wants to :D *throws party*

Oh no, none of them will take the baby from Kieron. Oh don't worry someone will hurt Ted. :D

And yes... it was Bill!! He is so awesome!

Aww they need to be sad, at least for a small amount of time. Louis is hurting.

Loratio is totally canon now! I can't deny their love anymore! They would make an adorable family.

Haha Blaise could so put Ted in jail!

I know! My poor baby! *hugs Nikolos tight* I think I'm the most protective over him, he just needs a better life and some guidance and love.

Yep! I ended the chapter with the title! I had to!

The next chapter is soon! I promise!!

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Review #11, by draco_lover12 I need you

20th April 2014:
Just started to read this and I love it! I think Freya had post-natal depression and thats why she's low as she is. I can understand her wanting to get away from it all but maybe its time someone mentioned the doctor but that's too late now.


Ps. When's the next update?

Author's Response: Oh wow! That's made me so happy, I'm so glad that you found my story and that you're enjoying it. The next chapter shall be soon, it's about 1/3 of the way written so I'm hoping in the next few days.
Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. :D

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Review #12, by HermionesSecretClone I need you

17th April 2014:
*reading* In head: "Oh Louis is so sweet, freya is so lucky, Louis is obviously in love with her,poor Louis, oh wait, they made up! Wait,what?" *Tears up* *Pterodactyl noises* *Violently throws computer* This chapter is sad, but for it to live up to the name, it had to be done. At least Samantha has someone like Louis in her life!Xoxo,-HSC 10/10

Author's Response: Haha I love the Pterodactyl noises! That is exactly how I felt writing the chapter! Yep, it had to happen and it's been planned from the start, so it's great and yet sad at the same time to have it finally happen.
Yep, Samantha has the lovely Louis still, who won't let anyone come between them. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :D

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Review #13, by potterfan310 I need you

16th April 2014:
Another update, you spoil us far too much but I love it! :p

Haha aww Louis, I shouldn't laugh but it's a teeny bit funny that he's still hungover.

I love the sound of your Audrey, she's sounds so different as to the sort of person I picture her to be but I like!

Aww no.

I really don't know if I'm happy or sad right now :/

Poor Louis, I want to hug him tightly *Squishy hugs* he needs them so bad right now. Don't cry Louis.

Dom and Kieron are cute!

I think I am for sure leaning to Freya having some sort of past-natal depression. Despite what her parents, who disowned her I might add, have done she still ends up going back to them and I do feel sorry for her but she has the freakin' Weasley family behind her as well as a beautiful little baby and guy who would steal the moon for if he could. Why can't Freya see it. She's not alone...

She's gone! I feel so bad Louis waking up to find that both Freya and Samantha aren't there. I'm pretty sure until Dom finds him and tells him she had Samantha for the night Louis is going to be in a frenzy.

I've got the feeling that Louis' will end up trying to find Freya and winning her back over, but I'm not sure if I want him too.

I have so many feels, ahh! I'm intrigued and scared for the next one!!!

Soph xx

Author's Response: I know! I'm so kind to you all! :P

We shouldn't laugh, but we so will. Hehehe

I'm so glad, I can imagine Percy marrying someone who would help him not be so uptight and teach him that not everything is serious. I'm going to actually write a story about them one day. Audrey is quite crazy. :P She's good for Percy.

Awww you can be both, it's okay. Louis appreciates squishy hugs a lot.

She does have Post-natal depression, she's just not able to deal with it. The only good thing about her going home is that her family will be able to get her the help she needs. It's just sad that she left Samantha in order to do it. *sighs*

Awww I loved that, he would so steal the moon for her if he could.

You predicted it so right! You are some sort of psychic! :D

There are many feels with this story. :(

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! You're the best!

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Review #14, by TheHeirOfSlytherin I need you

16th April 2014:
Oh, you never listen to Kieron when it comes to alcohol. Lots of other things, maybe, depending on why he's giving it/telling you, but never alcohol. :P Poor Louis.

Aww, he's so tired. And Horatio is just not helping by rubbing it in. Bad Horatio.

Haha, Audrey is crazy. I love her!

Uh oh... Uh oh... No, don't cry, Louis! It's for the best, honest! We don't like her! *hugs Louis*

Kieron knows... Does he? Of course he does. He knows a lot.

Aww, he'll be an awesome dad... in his own way.

So scared for the next chapter.


Author's Response: Haha Louis has now learnt that fact, he should have listened to James. Kieron can not be trusted.

I know! Poor Louis, Horatio should be making him feel better, not laughing.

Yes!I love Audrey too. :D She's brilliant!

I know :( I don't want Louis to cry. It makes me feel so sad.

Kieron knows that something is happening, he just doesn't know what.

Oh yeah, Kieron and Dom will make a beautiful family... or Kieron and Nik :P

Thanks Sam! :D

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Review #15, by Kathrynen I need you

16th April 2014:
I've been waiting for this moment for so long!
I'm so happy its finally here! Freya is such a female dog, I mean I do feel sorry for her, I couldn't imagine getting pregnant now, I really doubt I'd cope all that gracefully, but that doesn't mean you can just walk out on your kid!
Louis is such a cutie, clearly loves his baby and has the family to support him and back him up which always makes it easier. You've gotta feel sorry for Freya basically being disowned, but if she wasn't being such an idiot, she'd realise she's still got Louis, and her in-laws, and her BABY!
I wonder if she's suffering from some degree of past-natal depression? or if she really is just a moo.
Anyway, I love this story, it's well written, with good character development, and I like that its taken you a while to get to the crux of the issue, like you didn't just rush through the pregnancy and newborn bit, but have clearly shown how much Freya has been struggling so you do kind of feel sorry for her, but at the same time, it's like man up girl, you have a baby to look after and a guy that loves the socks off you, which not all women in your situation do!
Keep it up and update soon please!

Author's Response: I think a lot of people have been waiting for this moment.

Yes she is! She is not a nice person at all! Although I feel very sorry for her, she should have talked to someone about it, or gone about it all in a different way entirely.
She does have post natal depression, which if she had told someone how she was feeling they would have gotten her help.
Awww thank you so much, I didn't want to rush into anything and wanted to actually show that there was a reason why she left, instead of her just up and leaving one day and having you all wonder why.
Thank you so so much for your amazing review. More shall be coming soon!

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Review #16, by potterfan310 Nicknames and party time

15th April 2014:
Hi, hi, hi!!!

I read this last night at midnight and I had to contain all my feels because people were asleep but now I can let them be freee!!

Louis and his nicknames are just great!! Puddles, lol.

I love Louis and how he's 'I've been drunk before. No wait I mean nooo' I think everyone's done this at some point :p

Loratio!!! Drunk Loratio = even better :D No they have to get drunk and kiss :p

Bless Samantha and her nicknames, Snorter and Sammykins. I know which one I'd prefer.

Bill is awesome, we need more Bill! He's a super cool dad/granddad! Bill arguing with Molly about his hair, some things never change and I love that, that's in there!

This is where my theory (I have so many?) of Freya having post-natal depression comes and I feel bad for hug and want to hug her, but I'm still not fond of her. She gives me mixed feels. So long as she isn't gone with Samantha to her parents when Louis wakes up the next morning I'll be happy. If she goes and leaves Samantha I'll be a bit happier! She can have mummy Horatio instead :p

Yes drunk Louis and Horatio has to happen!! Especially with them being touchy feely. I makes me happy :D :D

Can't wait for the next one, but I can't help being a bit nervous for Louis.

Soph xx

Author's Response: HEY!

Aw yay! be Free!!!

Haha I know, right?! I love that he's called Puddles. His family will spill all of his secrets if they had a chance to :P

Oh yeah! We've all been there. :P

Yes! Loratio! They can't deny their feelings for each other anymore!

She does have quite a few nicknames doesn't she? Poor her. I prefer Sammykins haha :P Although I'm growing to love Snorter.

Bill is definitely awesome! I'm going to include some Bill moments in a collection of spins off I'm going to post as well. :D

I do love your theories! They make my day :D Your theory is correct though! She has got that.

Everyone wants Mummy Horatio :P

Oh yes! It is going to happen, don't you worry! :D

Next one shall be soon!

Thanks for the amazing reviews!

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Review #17, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Nicknames and party time

14th April 2014:
Ahhh! New chapter!

The nicknames are just adorable! Oh, Louis. We keep giving him ones he hates. Maybe we should stop? ...Nah. :P Bill's was just awesome, though. Bill is awesome. We need more Bill.

No. Just no. Bill will never get old, he'll never lose his amazing hair for reasons I'm happy only I know. ;) Kieron is such a big meanie for saying bad things... but I forgive him because I love him.

Freya... it's a hard situation, I won't lie. Some people in the world are probably thinking similar things right now... I still don't like her.

Haha, Horatio! Louis! Horatio and Louis! Totally gonna happen, you can't ignore anymore. :D

This was awesome!

Oh, my God... the next chapter...


Author's Response: Yay! New chapter! I was updating quickly for you all :P

Haha we really do. :P We're so mean aren't we :P Although I'm loving puddles.

Bill would never lose his hair... especially for those reason's we may have had a discussion about. :P Haha we can always forgive Kieron. :P

Oh Freya, it is a hard situation, I do feel sorry for her though.

I can't deny it, I really really can't. ;(

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Review #18, by potterfan310 Seeing Nikolos

5th April 2014:
New chapter! Yay!

Their Hogwarts letters have arrived, oh my god! I can't imagine what Louis' thinking since he's missed a lot of his sixth year.

Eurgh Freya, she still annoys me especially since I think she's going to end up ditching Louis and leaving cute baby Sam. She's no longer the spoilt little girl and has responsibilities and I swear sometimes she tries getting out of them by handing Sam off to Louis or another Weasley.

Actually having said that reading on a bit I like her a teeny tiny bit because she's actually bonding with Sam! I think I said it before but I do think that she may have Post-Natal depression.

Too lazy to apparate, oh dear Horatio.

Ha! boys are so clueless when it comes to putting up or putting down prams. It's just too funny watching them struggle before like the barmaid, you take pity on them.

Ahh the famous Nikolos!

Oh.my.god. What!? Whatever my theory was about Nikolas/Dom/Keiron it was not that. Love it though!!

Oh my god YES! LORATIO HAS BEEN USED IN THE STORY AND ASDFGHJK! Even Kieron ships them (sort of)!!! :D

I'm not sure if I want Freya to be there when Louis gets home or not. I just have this weird feeling that if the next chapter is set when Louis arrives home with baby Sam from Diagon Alley that he might find a note and all of Freya's stuff and her gone. I'm conflicted, :/

Can't wait for the next one ♥

Soph xx

Author's Response: Woo! New chapter! :D

Yep, Poor Freya, she must be hating it. I feel sorry for her.

Yep, she has been annoying everyone lately, she's very self absorbed. You're right though, she does try and get out of things. It's good that the Weasley's are around.

She does want to be around Samantha, she just has trouble adjusting and is scared. She definitely has some form of it.

Oh yeah, Horatio is very lazy. :P

They really are clueless, they don't know what they're doing, but it's lucky that they had the barmaid around to help them.

Oh yes! The famous Nikolos. I do love him so! :D

Yes! That is what happened! I don't think anyone expected that to happen. :P

Oh yes! Loratio is happening! Even Kieron wants it to happen!

Aw thank you so much for reading and reviewing! :D

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Review #19, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Seeing Nikolos

5th April 2014:
Is she not gone yet? ...Sorry, I didn't mean to say that out loud.

Anyway... Their Hogwarts letters have arrived. I dread to think what will go through poor Louis' mind soon... So soon... *cough* It must be weird to get a letter after leaving for a lot of sixth year.

Horatio is so adorable, but so lazy. Too lazy to apparate; now I know just how much.

We're going to see Nikolos! Yeah, I sung that.

ITS THE CHAPTER! ITS HERE! Haha, oh, the things that went on between Nik, Kieron and Dom. Although, you have to admit, Nik and Kieron would be kinda scary when together. Awesome, but very volatile. :P

I hate Richard. So. Much. He needs to go.

Aww, they have tension, but they still care. I'd totally be rooting for Nik/Kieron if I didn't know about... a certain someone. ;)

This was awesome, I can't wait for more!


Author's Response: :P No not yet. :P

Yes, that must have been really hard for Freya. Hahaha you know so much already. :P

Horatio is incredibly lazy, he seems to just get lazier when he's not around Louis. I have no idea how he'll even get through life if Louis wasn't there. :D

Yes! It's the chapter where you find out all about Nik/Kieron/Dom! Oh yeah, they would be so scary! I'd hate to be in the room. actually I would love to be in the room. :P

I hate him too! So very much!

Yes, tension! Hahaha I would root for them too if I didn't know about a certain someone either. :P

Thank you Sam!!! :D

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Review #20, by HermionesSecretClone Seeing Nikolos

5th April 2014:
I'm enjoying this story... Some people (like you!!) Just have a gift for writing... please continue!! 10/10 HSC

Author's Response: You are awesome! And have really made my whole week! I am definitely continuing and hoping that the next chapter will be out in the next few days.

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Review #21, by HermionesSecretClone Volunteering

4th April 2014:
Wonderful!! :) Please do continue and I will look forward to that sequel! 10/10 HSC

Author's Response: I'm so glad that you're enjoying my story so much and you're looking forward to the sequel. I have some big plans for that!

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Review #22, by potterfan310 Volunteering

29th March 2014:
Hi, Hi, Hi!!!

I am excited and I don't know why but it got update and the sun is out so it could be that but yay!

Louis should always be with Baby Sam because right now I'm pretty sure in thinking that Freya is not in her right state of mind.

Aww Horatio and his little sister Alyssa are just so cute together. Sibling love ♥

"I just like being around Louis." - Oh really Horatio. Loratio needs to happen asap, before Freya does something crazy. Maybe Louis and Horatio's relationship will be what makes her snap. My theories are all really weird, lol :p

AWw Horatio and Alyssa, that moment just awww. That is so cute.

Samantha is going to be a daddy's girl, I can see it now as well as being her uncle Horatio's.

What? I wonder what the letter said. If it's her parents and she doesn't really want to say I'm thinking something bad and I have conflicted feelings right now and ack.

Four more days til Louis' birthday... I think something is going to kick off, specifically someone, *cough-Freya-cough* or something bad will happen.

Ahh nooo, this can't end ♥

Sequel = a very happy me and it means more of Louis and Baby Sam and of course Horatio!!♥♥

Loved it and can't wait for the next one ♥

Soph xx

Author's Response: Hey!

Awww I'm excited for this review! :D Haha the sun is out whilst I'm answering them! Must be a sign! :D

Oh yes, he should definitely always be around. :D He won't be going anywhere. And no, Freya isn't in her right state of mind.

Yep, Horatio loves his little sister. :D

Samantha is definitely going to be a daddy's girl and is going to have her Uncle Horatio wrapped around her little finger.

Ah, the letter, the outcome of that is going to be happening soon, Freya has been having a lot of contact with her parents that she's keeping hidden from them all.

Only four more days! Something is going to happen, you're right. :P

Awww the sequel is soon! It's almost entirely ready to post. :D

Thank you so much Soph! :D

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Review #23, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Volunteering

28th March 2014:
Louis should be with Sam all the time. They're like glue - Louis, Horatio and Sam, one big happy family. Yes. *nods* :D

Horatio and Alyssa are so adorable together. That was just a perfectly lovely moment. Aww, I'm still not over how lovely that was. I loved it so much.

George was awesome!

I wonder what the letter said.

Four more days... *hides*

Can't wait for the next chapter, Tammi!


Author's Response: Haha they are like glue! The best little family ever. :D

Horatio is the best big brother ever. He spoils Alyssa a lot. :D

George is always awesome. Can he be any other way?

Oh those letters! Stop hiding stuff Freya!

*hides too*

I can't wait to see what you think! :D

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Review #24, by HermionesSecretClone Seven days

24th March 2014:
I really like this, even though the title kinda makes me think Freya is going to leave... still love it!! please write more!! -HSC 10/10

Author's Response: Awww that title is very apt for the story. :P Thank you for reading and reviewing! More is coming! :D

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Review #25, by PolyJuice_ Life changing news

18th March 2014:
Blackout Battle ~ Redo 1/2

Aaah, Tammi. You're such a fantastic writer. You're right - I really never read pregnancy stories from the father's point of view so it's really neat you've done this.

So far I'm totally loving where you're going with this story, however I feel like the amount of times Louis and Freya say each other's names makes it awkward. Almost half of their dialogue they're adding in names. I dunno, that might just be me, but I find it breaks up the flow a bit.

I'm really excited to see what's gonna happen to them, the pair of them are already such a cute couple. Aaah *squishes them* I just love your characterization of Louis in particular. You always read about spoiled gorgeous player Louis so this is a nice refreshing change.

Anywho, loved this story, can't wait to read more!


Author's Response: LIZ! ! !

Aww thank you so much! *blushes* You're awesome!
Thank you so much for your amazingly kind words and for saying that you enjoy the story. :D That makes my day.

Ah, I should go back and have a look at that. I'll edit out some names. :P

Awww you can squish them :D I just love to squish them. :D

I'm so glad that you love my version of Louis, I didn't want him to be spoiled, I imagine him to be more like the Weasley side of the family :D

Thank you so much! I can't wait to see what you think of the rest of the story. :D

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