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Review #1, by slightlyobsessedwithfanfiction I move out.

22nd April 2013:
Hi! me again... well actually i posted my first comment on chapter 3 so it would probably make more sense to say "Hi! nice to meet you not again but if you read my comment posted on chapter 3 then then it will be again" :D... ok... i'm rambling.

Just wanted to say i love your story and wanted to point out a little detail. "I will miss you so much" in french is actually "Tu vas tellement me manquer". But other that that... it's perfect!
Please keep writing!


Author's Response: Hey, sorry it took me a bit to respond. Been a busy last couple of weeks!

First.. hehe, no its not the last chapter, when I said that, I meant the last chapter as in chapter two.

Second, yeah.. I just used Google Translate, so I blame it.

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Review #2, by slightlyobsessedwithfanfiction I get a job.

22nd April 2013:

Love the story. Seriously, it's really fun and engaging and i love all the characters! But you're not finished are you??? Maybe i misunderstood what you wrote in the A/N section but it sounded like you said this was the last chapter... That can't be! You can't leave it there!!! I was just getting really into it!

I want to see how their relationship develops and how he reacts to her living with him... if he feels the same way! Please don't tell me you're done, please???

Ok, enough obsessing. Yes i am a bit nuts, but, well, deal with it! :P So please tell me if you're going to update soon because i will definately keep an eye out. Actually, make that two. :P

A new slightly obsessed fan who's begging you not to stop there,

Author's Response: Totally responded to the other review for this one. Its not the last chapter! I meant last chapter as in Chapter two. (Man.. dejavu!)

I love reviews, I dont think your nuts! Im actually working on the next chapter now, so stay tuned!

Thanks for the awesome review! Its things like this that make writers happy. :)

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Review #3, by aquabluez17 I get a job.

4th February 2013:

I really loved this idea! Its really unique to see Dom not a snotty diva but more just a relaxed person.

I do wish we could see more Jackson and Dom interaction but I bet that will happen soon so it's alright.

Besides that I think this is a great start! Continue writing soon!

Mya =)

Author's Response: Yes, there will definitely be more interaction between the Roommates soon, I just wanted to get a few things set up first. :) Happy you liked it!

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Review #4, by elen I move out.

29th January 2013:
I am seeing the potential here already!!! I'm already really anticipatory about what's next, even though I only started today :) UPDATE SOON!!! P.S, I'm loving all the characters already :D

Author's Response: Thanks alot! I;m already writing the third chapter. :)

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Review #5, by Rosie_Posie I make plans.

29th January 2013:
Nice start :) looking forward to where the plot is going!

Author's Response: Thanks! The story will get better for sure in the coming times! Pack full of drama, heartbreak, and love! :P

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