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Review #1, by sushmita Admirable Sentiments

11th May 2017:
I'm not on the Lucius Cissa love train yet as I haven't caught up with reading up WLWL. The story is beautifully written and you've tried to stay true to character but I don't feel the connection. Maybe becoz I see them as very cool and aloof, I can't see them come down from their pedestal. Cissa I know because of her love for Draco did change and I can see her have lots of regrets about being from a Death eater family. I believe that could also be because of how close she was to Andromeda and some of her ideology may have rubbed off on her.
I'm also a huge Dobby fan, so I cant see someone mistreating Dobby with a kind light either.

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Review #2, by Dinthemidwest Admirable Sentiments

17th February 2016:
Very nice!! Good start-I'll look for more of these two!

Author's Response: Glad you're enjoying it!! Thanks xoxo

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Review #3, by ShannonRay Admirable Sentiments

7th March 2015:
SOO I think its been like 10 minutes since I wrote a review on defiant blood, defiant love and here I am having loved this! and about to go on to read another- Im a bit obsessed but my school works done so who cares? Anyway I just thought Id leave a review to say I loved it and Ill no doubt be writing another review on another of your stories very soon...

Author's Response: Thanks again, I'm glad you're reading my stories, it makes my day haha. I love Lucius so you'll notice I have a lot of pieces about him in particular ;)

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Review #4, by whyso_SIRIUS Admirable Sentiments

18th January 2013:
Dang that was scandulouse but on a classy level to be expected from Cissy and Lucius. Ohh I like Lucius's pet name for Cissy. DANG I kinda want a side chapter about baby Dracos night with Snape. Nope I just can't see it. It's odd to see them all lovey dopey when they are not quite together yet in WLWL. If I could pick a husband Lucuis would be who I wanted. This couple is just so perfect the way you describe them. I really do love though how you haven't bent their characters too much from the original, I can still feel their original character, even thought its a fanfic it really does seem like all this really could happen in the HP world. The Lost Chronicals of Lucius and Narcissa.

Author's Response: Thanks love, you inspire me to write more, especially Lucissa fics, MY FAVORITE! ;D I look forward to more of your amazing reviews my penguin xoxo

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Review #5, by AshuMalfoy Admirable Sentiments

23rd November 2012:
different point of view of seeing lucius malfoy now!!!

Author's Response: Yay, another success :)

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Review #6, by megthechef43 Admirable Sentiments

7th September 2012:

Wow-o-wow. I LOVED this one shot you wrote. Now, I'm not the most amzing person to comment on grammar except for the most blatant mistakes but one of the things I noticed over and over again as I was reading was that there are no grammar issues. It makes it so much more wonderful to read and flows so well. I think you did a fabulous job writing this one-shot. Anyway... move on.

After reading this one-shot I'm a little Lucius obsessed. :) JK! But, really your characterization of Lucius in this chapter so insightful and different from how I normally picture Lucius. I guess I just always see him as evil and that is the end of the story but now I can't forget what a person you have made him out to be. Lucius truely loved Narcissa and was a hunk of a man. ;) Though it was different you still stayed true to the few things that make him Lucius. Like his still isn't nice to his servants or that he does love his son even if he might not always show it. I think that was a big point in the book that some tend to overlook.

You stayed true to Narcissa's nature also which was awesome.

This is a great story! Great Job!!! 10/10

Megthechef43 aka Meg

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Lucius is my favorite character ever and I always try to portray him in a way that people don't expect. We always see him in the light of a Death Eater, but what about when he is simply with his family? He has another side to him, which is soft, and he only shows it to the few he cares for. As for grammar, that is a huge pet peeve of mine so I always quadruple check everything I write. Thanks again for your amazing review! xoxo

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Review #7, by SilentConfession Admirable Sentiments

9th August 2012:
Hey! So i'm here for your review request. So sorry that it's taken so long but it's been a busy few weeks!

The idea of Snape babysitting is fairly hectic and i couldn't help but laugh at the image in my head of him running after a fire breathing Draco (which isn't too far off the mark ;P ).

This is definitely a different look of this couple and you brought in a completely new characterization of them as well. They seem like this young couple in love and it's rather sweet. Lucius is very different from his canon self and it's a different take on him to write him scared and as if he accidently got in too deep. This happened all the time with some of Voldemort's followers, like Regulus for instance. I've never seen the same thing be for Lucius though. I don't know if you quite pulled it off. There were moments that i really liked and thought you did great showing them at their more innocent stages of life. It reminds me that everyone is just human and that people change. However, i don't think there is much indication in canon of Lucius regretting it or being scared, especially at the beginning when he was still popular and trusted. he believed in this cause of pureblood supremacy, that's why Draco turned out the way he did. For me to believe this, i need to see more motivation and a lead up to that or a hint of how he will begin to actually believe it one day.

One final thing i noticed was that there seemed to be a lot of really flowery, pretty language here that just didn't fit. To me, it felt like you were trying too hard and the wording was really convoluted and i found myself stumbling over all the adjectives you were using. Like dexterous palm for instance and in that one sentence alone i think there was probably 3 or 4 other words used to describe something else and it felt like the meaning and emotion got lost. It's okay to use nice language but a rule of thumb that i use is to make sure what i'm saying and how i'm describing something actually means something to the story. That the mere wording of it expounds the emotion of the piece rather than putting in there because it sounds nice. It just seems out of place and chunky to me, sometimes simpler is better. I think there is a balance between telling a story, like JKR did, and then making the prose elegant and poetic. I hope that makes sense, it's an abstract concept that is a bit hard to pin down.

I'm not certain of the flashback either, but that may just be me and not liking them in the middle of stories in general. I felt like it was a little contrived just to make the story longer. There were parts of it that were nice and i understand why you put it in because it shows that moment, but i feel like there could have been a better way of explaining how he was so brazen. Even if it was never really mentioned what happened on that night would have been fine as when authors leave some stuff out that hint to a bigger story that surrounds your characters can make the story richer. It's like an author secret of sorts.

Thank you for requesting and i hope you found this helpful! I hope you don't take offense to this as i think there are some great things about this story and i think it's great that you're giving a more human voice to Lucius, which we don't normally see. Just practice some more and keep writing them because you havee the beginning of a really lovely writerly voice.

Author's Response: Hey there, thank you for the honest review!

Honestly, in the books/films, we never really see the private conversations Lucius and Narcissa share. Seeing as Lucius really does love his wife, I'm trying to show, in my opinion, that Lucius regretted joining the Death Eaters because of the danger it put his son in. Now he is depicted as an arrogant pureblood, and that is 100% true, but in my fanfic I wanted to show a side of Lucius that could be true, a side of him that he only showed to his wife.

Sorry, I can't help it, but I love showing off with adjectives. Sometimes I tend to make things a bit too complicated, and though you may see it as expounding emotion, I kind of see it as mixing a bunch of different flavors into one sentence. Thank you for the honest opinion though :)

When I started writing this one-shot, I planned to have a flashback in there somewhere. I didn't add it to extend the story, because the one-shot is still quite long without the flashback. Though it may not play to your flavor, I am quite fond of flashbacks. In my opinion, it added more sweet and spice to the romance and let the readers know that Lucius and Narcissa did indeed have a love marriage.

I really do appreciate the honest feedback, and I completely understand where you are coming from. Thanks a ton for your review, I hope to hear again from you :) xx

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Review #8, by TenthWeasley Admirable Sentiments

8th August 2012:
Hello -- here with your requested review!

I can see very clearly your love for Lucius/Narcissa in this one-shot. :) The way you write about them makes it very obvious for your readers to see how much you enjoy doing so, which is always good -- you should always write what you love, because that is when your best writing emerges! I think it's very sweet that Lucius had the foresight to think of setting up such an elaborate date for his wife. And all without the help of house elves!

One thing about this one-shot, though -- and it's a bit of an abstract concept sometimes, so I'll do my best to explain it -- is that throughout you've used a good deal of something called purple prose. And what that is in layman's terms is basically... using lavish descriptions where simple ones would do. You've written in purple prose very nearly throughout the entire course of the one-shot, and while your attention to detail in commendable, it's sometimes very hard to read through. I've tried to find a few examples of this to show you what I'm talking about, because again, purple prose is a multi-headed monster. ;)

Lucius continued, warmly slipping her delicate hand into his robust, dexterous palm. -- The use of adjectives here is, to put it bluntly, very overwhelming. Within a small sentence you've already used 'delicate,' 'robust,' and 'dexterous,' not to mention to adverb 'warmly.' It makes the sentence feel very heavy and laden; using only one or two of those adjectives would immediately solve that problem!

He reached down and wiped the crystal drop that fell from her eye -- Here, the use of the phrase 'crystal drop' in place of 'tear' seems a little off. Although it's got very delicate and beautiful connotations, sometimes it really does just work better for a story to keep things simple. Using phrases like that again sometimes can make the story feel really heavy and thick, which is the opposite ideal reaction from when you would normally use imagery.

his emerald robes that gracefully coveted his fit form. -- The word 'covet' here is, I think, incorrect. I don't think Lucius's robes are envious of his body. :D I know that it's said a lot of places to use a variety of verbs in writing, and well you should, but be careful that you use them correctly! And, going back to the above paragraph, sometimes less really is more; keeping things simple isn't a bad way to go by any means.

Another thing I've just now remembered to mention is that it seems somehow odd for me to read about Lucius as regretting joining the Death Eaters. No matter how much it might have cost his family in the end, for a majority of his life Lucius was very, very adamant that he was working for the right cause in seeking to destroy Mudbloods, and keep the wizarding race pure. Even with the threat to Draco, and almost because of Draco; he wanted his son to grow up in a pureblood world, untainted, if you will. Narcissa, growing up a Black, would have held similar ideals.

I don't leave you all these comments to discourage you, because I do think that you have potential. :) Keep writing, and perhaps reading more on purple prose from various writing websites can help you with this. Thank you for requesting a review from me!

Author's Response: Wow! Purple prose, never knew such an intriguing phrase existed! Thanks for that tip!

I know it may seem very "adjectivish" to you, but I actually see it as adding flavor to a sentence by adding different "colors" and "feelings." If that makes any sense? But I completely understand where you are coming from.

Well, this all depends on how your perceive Lucius. As he is my favorite character, I tend to delve into his personality and try to define his actions. Yes, he wants Draco growing up in a pureblood society, and yes he continues on with the Death Eaters to attain that goal, but we don't know what goes on behind his closed doors. This "regret" of joining the Death Eaters is actually a possibility, and that is why I included it in this fanfic. As for Narcissa, we really don't know what goes on in her head. We see her supporting her husband, but how do we know she agrees with it? Again, a possibility.

Thank you so much for you honest review, I really appreciate it and love your reviews mucho! I will be back requesting for more :)

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Review #9, by Jchrissy Admirable Sentiments

30th July 2012:
Wow, this was a very sweet portrayal of two characters that are often looked at in a negative light. I think you really made a good choice at the time you set this, because as Draco aged and Voldemort grew stronger I think this kind of easy happiness would begin to fade, but here they are so young and in love still and it's beautiful to read about.

I love that you had Severus so in character yet doing something so ridiculous. Baby sitting Draco is such a funny idea! Although, I do feel like to make that complete you may need to explain why a House Elf or a nanny isn't watching him. Maybe something as simple as Lucius saying,
"Narcissa, if you don't trust the elves or nannies to care for him into the night, you should be able to trust Severus." Just something to show why they didn't use any of the servants because I did catch myself wondering about that.

The flow of this is set perfectly. It moves into the night, it's almost dreamy until Lucius discusses his fears. Even then, their companionship is absolutely wonderful to read about.

I think the memory was really well played out, it transitioned smoothly and came out just was well, at it was an enjoyable addition to this.

I think it's obvious you really have a flair for these characters. This is a wonderful one shot and written so smoothly that reading it is a pleasure.

I hope my review was helpful, please feel free to re-request :)!


Author's Response: Yayy, a wonderful review to respond to! :)

Lucius and Narcissa are often looked upon negatively, unfortunately, but when you look closely, you realize that they really do love each other, and in the end, their family is their priority. I love Lucius so so much. He is such a sexy hunk ;) hahaha. Narcissa is so beautiful, and together, they're the perfect couple, my FAVORITE :D

I love Severus as well. And thank you for your honesty in your feedback, I will definitely improve on that part!

I'm so glad you enjoyed my story. Thanks bunches for your amazing review love! xx

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Review #10, by marissa lily potter Admirable Sentiments

26th July 2012:
Hey there!

Well you're a Lucius and Narcissa fan, aren't you? This was a wonderfully romantic story. It was so cute and I could find myself sighing at how sweet the two are with one another. Narcissa's motherly affection was really nice to see but Lucius' love for her was even nicer.

I would never see Lucius as such a sweet character but I suppose everyone has their weaknesses and it's absolutely adorable to see that Narcissa is Lucius'. The way he speaks with her, treats her and tells her sweet things makes me love him so much! I would never expect something like this from a character like Lucius Malfoy but the way you write makes it all so believable.

The imagery was fantastic! I love how well you described everything and the words you used to describe the scene were wonderfully chosen. Fabulous work as always and it was a pleasure to be able to read this story! I think I may have just been hooked onto Lucius/Narcissa thanks to you ;)

Thank you so much for requesting a review!

-marissa lily potter

Author's Response: YES! I absolutely and irrevocably love them beyond measure! Something about them is so intriguing and engrossing, I just can't help myself. Lucius is a sweetheart, at least with his family he is :)

Thank you so so much for another wonderful review! As you can tell I just can't get enough of them :p I hope to read more of your feedback in the future!

Thanks bunches xx

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Review #11, by Voldy Needs a Hug Admirable Sentiments

25th July 2012:
To be completely honest, this was one of the wst Lucius/Narcissa fanfictions I have read. You were very descriptive throughout the fanfiction, continually inserting adjectives here and there.

I noticed absolutely no spelling, grammar, or punctuation mistakes. Your plot and characterization were excellent. Good job!


Author's Response: I got scared when I saw the "wst" hahaha, but then I realized you meant "bst." Thank you so much, I proofread it about 100 times so I'm glad you find my grammar appealing. Thanks bunches xx

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Review #12, by Kelly :} Admirable Sentiments

21st July 2012:
D: he must not get draco! :{ what a sweet husband! He actually tell Narcissa how he feels awhh! "I'm scared..." just DELICIOUS! Hmm cissy makess me feel i cant trust Severus...~_~ lol this is really good! I really feel they're a great couple!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I love Lucius he really is adorbz!! :))

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Review #13, by CloakAuror9 Admirable Sentiments

18th July 2012:
Oh my gosh. This is the sweetest thing I have ever read in my entire life.

This is truly sweet, amazing, romantic and many other good things. I can't even begin to say on how well-written this is. My, this is such a wonderful story! (I keep saying that over and over again, don't I?)

I think you did really well with the chemistry between Lucius and Narcissa. Its really nice to see Lucius out of his normal scary/angsty mood. Sometimes, you think Lucius is heartless...but he's not. Your story proves just that!

This is super-amazing. (I keep gushing!). I thought you really captivated the whole idea of Lucius/Narcissa very well. :D

Slytherin For The Cup 2012,
Izzy xx

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked it! I tried my best to portray the kind of relationship I imagine them to have, but at the same time keep the edge to their characters. Thank you so so much for your review xx

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Review #14, by Lunar Moony Admirable Sentiments

16th July 2012:
I loved this.Lucious and Narcissa are great. I think, as well, they had a lovely relationship and true love story.

Author's Response: Yes, I agree! Thanks a bunches xx

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Review #15, by manno_malfoy Admirable Sentiments

16th July 2012:
Hey there! I'm here with your requested review!

As someone who is relatively new to the forums and has only recently begun admiring fanfics that are canon to the core, I must admit that this is, as far as I can remember, my first Lucius/Narcissa. Nonetheless, I believe that, even though I have have no other stories to compare this story with, I can easily tell that it's wonderful! Besides that, it has absolutely encouraged me to go on an find more Lucius/Narcissa!

I'm done gushing now, I promise.

First of all, I admire the way you've decided to portray the life of these two people who have just recently turned into a family. Thanks to the books, the image we have of the Malfoy's is that they're a wealthy family that's immersed in darkness and abide to strict codes so that they wouldn't attract attention to their mischief. Nonetheless, I'm sure there has been a time where things were normal for them, especially in the beginning before the war was fully launched and Lucius and Narcissa had only begun a life together.

Which brings me to my next point! I love how they actually were in love with each other because I've seen stories -from Draco's POV- about how his father did not care much for his mother's thoughts and sentiments and that he didn't treat her all that well. I loved how you've made a whole one-shot about their love for each other because, in all honesty, that's how I believe things should be. The most important thing for the Malfoy's, as was clear in the books, is family and you've shown this very clearly here!

The tone you've used throughout the story really is admirable. It's this gentle, sensual tone that you've made very good use of in order to describe the interactions of the couple and their feelings for each other.

Now, characterisation! Narcissa was so wonderfully portrayed and I especially liked the part where you showed how she cared for the little details and how much she cared about Draco! Again, it reinforces the importance of family to the Malfoy's and keeps things very believable.

As for Lucius... You've portrayed him in a light we, obviously, have never got to see in the books. He's a romantic and he's young and playful. So he's certainly hard to compare to the cold, cruel Lucius we see in the books! Nonetheless, you've made sure to show us things that continue to go on with him even as the time passes, like the house-elves part, which I really liked by the way. The part that made me stop for a moment of thought was the part where he admitted to Narcissa that he was scared. I never thought of it that way! But I suppose this could be very possible, that he regretted his joining Voldemort but couldn't back out because doing so would endanger his family even more. It's a refreshing outlook, I think.

Usually, I don't like the flashback that pops up midway through the story -it usually looks like the author is trying to just extend the story. Nonetheless, here, I think you've made good use of it. Obviously, the characters had one gone through that day and all they have to do is point it out to one another to bring about a certain feeling or remark. But we, as readers, wouldn't have really understood why they were bringing this up if you hadn't put in that flashback.

As for technical errors, I've only spotted a couple of missing commas -which is really nitpicky, I know. Nevertheless, I don't think it disturbs the flow of the story or anything as such. Another thing I'd like to point out was the use of the word 'spilled' around the end of the story. It was just weird...

Oh, I almost forgot! I found the aspect of having Snape babysit Draco so humorous, I can't even imagine it! But I loved how you described the way he said things dryly; it's like he doesn't really mind whether he's babysitting or not, he'd still do whatever he likes. Or that's how I see it anyway!

Lovely, lovely one-shot! Keep on writing! And, please, do let me know if you write another Lucius/Narcissa! I'd love to read it!


Author's Response: I can definitely say this is one of my favorite reviews! Lucius/Narcissa have always been my favorite couple, and I don't think they get the attention they deserve. I aim to change that with my stories. I'm so happy that my story was enjoyable for you, and I dearly pray that you do go on to read more Lucius/Narcissa fanfics. Many fics portray Lucius as coldhearted, but we all know that he has an inevitable undying love for his family, and I adore him for that. In the end, he chose his family over everything else, and I will always admire him for what he did. As for Narcissa, I think she is purely amazing. No words to describe! Thank you so so much for your wonderful review. I appreciate and hope to read more of your feedback in the future xx

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Review #16, by daretodream Admirable Sentiments

15th July 2012:
Sorry it took me so long to get to this (usually I can review within a few hours), but I had work and a 5 year old sister who demands my constant attention. *sigh*
Anyways, I'm not exactly sure how you discovered my guilty pleasure, but I am also a Narcissa/Lucius fanatic (though my fascination is admittedly more with Narcissa, because she as a character intrigues me).
I loved this one shot, it was so loving and genuine, but also had clear hallmarks of a couple who have been together and deeply in love for a while now. I know it challenges a lot of people to write dialogue that flows naturally (myself included), but I really do think that you did a brilliant job.
I think your characterization within the one shot was really good as well. Narcissa played her role well, the doting, overprotective mother.
Still however, my favorite part must have been the conversation about Voldemort. It had honestly never occured to me that Lucius and Narcissa would have known the possible consequences for Draco beforehand, and I had definitely never thought that Lucius regretted becoming a Death Eater before things got bad for him. That being said, the way you phrased the situation made it seem entirely plausible.
I also really enjoyed that Snape was the babysitter. It added a jolt of humor.
Really good job! Now that you have fed my addiction, I do believe I have to go and review your other story :)

Author's Response: I can't even explain how happy it makes me to know that you enjoy reading my stories! I'm so glad that we share the same taste of Lucius/Narcissa fanfics. I truly think they don't get as much attention as they deserve. I am doing my best to make that otherwise! Thank you so so much for your review. It really, truly made my day. I hope you enjoy reading my other story as well! xx

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Review #17, by katti4493 Admirable Sentiments

12th July 2012:
As you've left such lovely reviews of my story, I thought I'd come over here and have a read of yours!

I have to say I LOVE your dialogue; its so romantic, but yet at the same time feels absolutely natural. It also succeeded in keeping with the characters, especially Lucius, who in some fics is turned into a bit of a drip, or turned into an evil snarling psycho! You treaded the line well, and allowed him to be romantic and sentimental with his wife, but also kept the edge to his character.

I also love how you portrayed Narcissa as Lucius' voice of reason, and by mentioning Dobby you really helped in keeping the threatening edge to his character!

The only thing I'd say is I would love some more description, but the description you do is amazing! Really good one shot, I really enjoyed it! I love Lucius/Narcissa!

Author's Response: Aww thank you so much, this means so much to me. I'm so glad you enjoyed reading it. Yes, I tried my best to keep Lucius's character in tact while adding in the sentimental part of his disposition while he's with his wife. Thank you so much :)

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Review #18, by EraseableSharpie Admirable Sentiments

10th July 2012:
So lovely! I really think they don't get enough credit for loving each other and their son and staying together as a family despite everything going on. I'm really glad you wrote this

Author's Response: Yes, I agree!! They deserve more fanfics, and that's why I'm here! Thank you so much for the review love! xx

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Review #19, by StormThief17 Admirable Sentiments

29th June 2012:
Hey, StormThief here with your review :)

Cute! THis was a lot of fun to read. I love the way you portray their relationship to each other keeping Draco in mind. And Snape babysitting...hahaha!

The writing is very smooth and descriptive, which I really liked. I could really picture the scene and their love in my head! Great job!

Author's Response: Woohoo! Another review! Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Yes, Snape is quite entertaining, isn't he? xx

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Review #20, by tia Admirable Sentiments

29th June 2012:
Oh god, Nava you will be the death of me. Why is this couple This one shot was amazing, and I was practically squealing at everything thing that came out Mr. Malfoy's mouth. I hope to see more one shots like this my dear! And I found it so hilarious when Snape was the one left with Draco. Can't imagine that man holding a baby, especially with that usual scowl he has upon his face. Too funny, lol. I want MOAARRR!

Author's Response: TIA hahahahaha. I so look forward to your reviews. They make my day! I promise you I will write more one-shots justtt for you and even dedicate them to you in my author's note! Love you, xx P.S. BRUCE!

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Review #21, by SiriuslyPeeved Admirable Sentiments

28th June 2012:
This is such a cute "date night." The idea of Snape babysitting is quite hilarious, I don't suppose you'd consider writing a companion piece? :D

You've done a nice job on the romance while keeping it tasteful. I love the way you've depicted Narcissa & Lucius at this point in their relationship as parents who have become wrapped up in their child, and needing to reconnect with the reasons they fell for each other in the first place. Lucius/Narcissa is one of my favorite canon pairings, I think their loving bond makes them difficult to see as villains in some cases (even though the things Lucius does are certainly terrible). Their love for each other and their son was what enabled them to pull away from the Death Eaters during the final battle and strike out on their own.

There are a few small errors you may wish to look at, including one instance of "your" and "you're" being switched. In the last few paragraphs, I was a little confused by the word "spilled" in pouring a glass of wine -- I've never seen that usage before and it made me think there was a mess to clean up, which Narcissa probably wouldn't have been too happy about ;)

Small bits of CC aside, I think you have painted a lovely picture of Lucius and Narcissa's romance, and I very much enjoyed reading it!

Author's Response: Hahaha, yes Snape babysitting is quite the bit, isn't it? Hmm, not sure, but I will definitely take it into consideration, now that you've given me the idea :)

Thank you so much. They are my favorite pair and I love expressing their love in my fanfics. I absolutely adore them to the brink of insanity.

Oh dear. Thank you so so much for finding that error for me! What would I have done without that? I really appreciate it! I myself am a grammar/spelling freak so I'm so thankful that you caught that for me! And for the word "spilled," you're right. I think I will change it to "poured"...? I think that sounds much better. Thank you for the honesty!

I'm glad you enjoyed reading my story! Thank you! xx

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Review #22, by married to black Admirable Sentiments

26th June 2012:
Oh. My. God.

This one-shot was absolutely marvelous! From the perfect writing flow to the excellent use of your obvious impressive vocabulary, you had me in the from the start. You seem to really know Lucius/Narcissa well and the way you approach the pairing is riveting. You spin their tale into one of intrigue and I'm so glad you wrote another piece on them. You're doing the impossible - making me love two characters I was not fond of! You draw up the setting and the personality of the characters excellently. The plot is one I rather enjoyed. They're so cute. I love the "admirable sentiments" scene. It made me giggle. Honestly, throughout most of this chapter, I couldn't hold back a smile. I really enjoyed it. Once again, you've shown how great of a writer you are. I can't wait for more from you! Maybe next time you'll write a one-shot that includes a grown up Draco? I would really adore that. Actually, I'm rather certain I'd adore anything you'd write involving the pair. I know it will always be fab. :) xo

Author's Response: Yay, your review is absolutely marvelous! I'm so glad you enjoyed reading my story :) I love love LOVE Lucius/Narcissa more than any other. I can truly say they are my weakness! I hope with my stories I can help others see how wonderful they are. Yes, ever since the "Chamber of Secrets" scene when Lucius Malfoy said "admirable sentiments" to Dumbledore, I always dreamt of writing a story titled that, hahahahaha. Perhaps I will write one, not sure yet, but thank you for the splendid idea! Thanks for the review :)

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Review #23, by luvdobby26 Admirable Sentiments

23rd June 2012:
I know I've already reviewed, but part of my review went missing :( Here's the rest of your review :)
You have made me fall in love with Lucius and Narcissa. The scene by the loch was just beautiful! I just loved this one-shot, it was just amazing! It flowed well, the writing was beautiful, the plot was great, the characters were awesome!
Anyway, 10/10 and an add to favourites xx

Author's Response: Oh dear, the same thing has been happening to me as well! I don't know why! I hope the moderators can get on fixing that if it becomes a major problem.

Anyways, I'm so glad you enjoyed reading my story. I hope to read more of yours in the future as well! xx

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Review #24, by luvdobby26 Admirable Sentiments

23rd June 2012:
Hello, I saw you had uploaded another story and culdn't wait to read it! And yay! I'm the first reviewer!
I loved the way this was written and the bit at the start was amazing! I loved how worried Narcissa was about Draco, but Snape a nanny, what a thought! HAHA!
Your descriptions were beautiful and this was so so so so sweet! You have made me fall in love with Lucius and Narcissa

Author's Response: YAY! My first review! You're the BEST BEST BEST :D Yes, quite the characters, aren't they? Narcissa the anxious Mother, Snape the regretful and drawling nanny. :P I also love Lucius and Narcissa, they've my favorite ever!

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