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Review #1, by SereneChaos The First Kiss is Always The Best

7th July 2014:
You know, I don't think writing short stories is a bad thing at all! Just so long as all the bases are covered, short stories can be pretty good, just likes yours! I cracked up when Luna made her appearance here, because it was just so unexpected and so much like Luna to pop out of nowhere and say something like that. I also liked when Ginny was telling Harry how she imagined her first with him would be like, but I think that having some sort of short transition between that scene and between Luna would help smooth it along. There are some pretty large gaps here between paragraphs, which can be fixed by 'pasting as plain text' in the text editor on the site, or by double checking your formatting before submitting your story. Otherwise, this was so cute and well done.

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Review #2, by luvinpadfoot The First Kiss is Always The Best

18th July 2012:
Aw, it wasn't too short! It was just the perfect amount, and sweet too. First kiss scenes are always the sweetest to write.

Oh Luna made me laugh so hard. I was seriously cracking up when she interrupted them. It's so typical of her to do something like that. I'm almost surprised she didn't warn them about nargles or some other such nonsense!

Their argument at the beginning was very well done. The dialogue was quite good and didn't feel at all forced or awkward. It seemed very real, which is difficult in dramatic arguments. I could picture them perfectly in my head from your descriptions.

Such a lovely one-shot! It made me go 'Awww!' just the perfect amount! =) Nothing's better than a well written Harry/Ginny.

Author's Response: Thanks! Sorry for the slow response! This review means so much to me!!! Originally I had Ron interrupting them, but I couldn't get it to seem right, so I put in Luna instead!! It seems like I made a good choice! Thanks again!

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Review #3, by worship the nargles The First Kiss is Always The Best

25th June 2012:
Good job! i love H/G story's and i won't go hard on you because you did awesome for your first time! :)



Author's Response: Thanks!I wanted to try something different, and I've always supported H/G the whole way through HP!

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