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Review #1, by princesslily_36 One Day At a Time

27th January 2016:

I'm here for the Gryffindor CR's Red vs Gold battle! (Team Gold)

First of all, I love the name Roxandrea! Is it real, or did you come up with it yourself?

I find her an interesting character. Your narration was so good, you made me feel like I was growing up with Roxi. Her grandmother was so mean - pointing out that her witch status was what killed her mother, sowing the seeds of low self esteem at such a tender age :(

The events that unfolded flowed so well from one to another - I liked how you alternated the events with descriptions of her state of mind and character - making it easier for me to correlate the two and feel one with Roxi.

The ending especially was my favorite. I feel I was watching a movie or something when you described her standing at the beach and introspecting/retrospecting :)

A couple of really tiny error that caught my eye:
weather or not she wore too much black, and weather her favorite color - Here I think you meant 'whether' not 'weather'
this effects me just as much - I think the word here would be 'affects', unless you really did mean 'effects' :D
Also, I think the A in aunt Monica should be capitalized, but this I'm not sure.

Apart from this, really well written, and I'm so glad I had the chance to come across this. It has definitely prodded me to check out the sequel, but I can't seem to find it.


Author's Response: Hi there, and welcome to my story, lol!! I am very glad to see that you liked Roxi's full name. I did actually make that one up myself, yes. From the beginning, I knew that I wanted her to be called "Roxi" but I didn't want that to be her actual name. And I didn't like the thought of just making it short for Roxanne, so I started making a list of names that could be combined with Roxanne. Thus, "Roxandrea" was born, lol!

Yes, Roxi's grandmother is a bit of a witch, to say the least, lol. Had she been involved in the Wizarding war, I like to think that she would have agreed whole-heartedly with Voldemort on his beliefs about blood status. She really is evil.

Thank you so much for catching those typos for me! I will have to edit those asap. As for the rest of the story, I really need to update this Author's Note because I have changed the title of the main Novel since this One-Shot was posted. Thank you SO MUCH for bringing this to my attention as well, lol!

The story is still "All is NOT Fair in Love & War" but last year I started rewriting it, giving it a new title and banner and everything. So if you really would like to read more, then PLEASE go check out my Novel: "Love, Not War". Roxi is one of the main OC's in it, and I really think you might like it. ;)

Thank you very much for taking the time to read/review this little one-shot. I really appreciate your encouraging words and compliments, and am glad that you liked it. I look forwards to hearing your thoughts on the rest of the story as well, thank you!! =)


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Review #2, by crestwood One Day At a Time

8th September 2014:
Deana! It's taken me a while, but here I am!

You don't even know how excited I am for Roxi to enter the Love, Not War storyline! She is this kind of tragic character who exudes negativity and some bitterness even about that fact. She honestly has enough of a reason to react this way to her misfortunes. I mean, having a mother die in childbirth must be hard.. she is technically the direct reason that she had to die. There is no getting around that and I think she takes all of these people in her life telling her that it wasn't her fault as kind of pandering.

All of that said, she also has this really selfless side to her. She wants nothing more in life than to run directly into a terrible war in a foreign country with huge numbers of casualties and try her best to keep the peace and help out as much as she can. That's so admirable her bravery reaches almost as far as her wonderful father's. I can only imagine how she will interact with Draco once they meet. I imagine she'll be able to throw snark right back his way if need be! I think they're going to be great together, if this is any indication.

I'm so glad that Monica got her to decide upon going to find in the war. This was just full of great new characters and the emotions were so expertly laid out for us and all of this really has me so, so excited to continue reading Love, Not War!! Great job on this one, as usual!

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Review #3, by pointless_proclamations One Day At a Time

20th August 2014:

My phone insists that your name is 'Drama.' I tried to tell it that that is not the case. Anyway. . .

As ever you characterise beautifully. I feel like I have known Roxi for a long time. She absorbs pessimism, but she still wants to help the world. It's interesting to see someone like that: someone who sees both internal and external negativity, but focuses on righting external negativity. Selfless, I suppose. The fact that she wants to go towards the war instead of away from it says a lot. I can see how 'Doing the Right Thing' Draco and her can work and I don't even know how they meet yet.

You have this amazing ability to make your characters very easy to empathise with. It is amazing!

Is the colour of her hair symbolic? I feel like it could be. . .

Monica and Micah are also very likeable. The grandmother. . . not so much, but that was your intention. Moth and Butterfly seem fascinating. Do we get to see more of them?

The descriptions of setting are awesome. I feel like I am with Roxi, sharing her feelings, and I have this mad urge to offer her a hug or some chocolate (if she's not allergic).

Another great story! Congratulations. :)


Author's Response: Bahahaha!!! You are not the first person to tell me that their phone auto-corrects my name to that, lol!! XD

*Squee!!* OMG, I just died, lol! Your comment about how you could see my Draco & then Roxi working together just made me so happy!! =)

Fangirl moment is over now, haha. Yes, Roxi can be very selfless, as Im sure you will see more of. She gets that from her father, I suppose. She is one tough cookie tho, as you will also see more of. Roxi gets put through a lot of crap in her life. She certainly has not had it easy, bu no means...

He hair I guess is usually pink because that's her favorite color. Why hot pink tho? I guess it's because that was her mother's favorite color also, though this is never mentioned anywhere else in the story that I believe... Hmmm, perhaps I should add this tidbit in there somewhere now. ;)

As of right now, Moth and butterfly are not otherwise mentioned anywhere else but in this. The story follows Draco, in England, so I haven't really been able to write anything about Roxi's life outside of the War besides this one-shot. I am glad that you like her father and her aunt Monica though, thanks! And no, she is not allergic to chocolate, haha!!

Thanks so much for the review again, dear. I loved every bit if it!! =D

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Review #4, by Secret Santa One Day At a Time

15th December 2013:
Hi. First off I want to apologize for my review on Perfect my computer cut off the rest of the review and I didn't notice it until I already hit submit so I apologize for that.
Secondly wow, this story certainly makes you feel something. You feel hope for Roxi's dad that he will get well, sympathy for Roxi and Monica and in my case I feel a slight familiarity to Roxi in being an outcast at school.
I can understand at her being upset at her dad wanting her to leave, if my father was ill I wouldn't want to leave his side either. It's a perfect way to describe how she felt before she actually left for England.

-Secret Santa.

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Review #5, by Jchrissy One Day At a Time

28th June 2012:
Wow, what an emotional slam! In a good way!!

First of all, I love that you have called her school 'Salem' it's great/ironic because of the Salem which trials.

I think Roxi is a really strong OC, and to answer your question in my RR thread, I am completely fine with reading them! Now, put snape and Lily together, and we'll have an issue ;).

I didn't see anything with your grammar, and I your transitions were very smooth and easy. Roxi doesn't seem Mary Sue what so ever, you've given her such hard circumstances and made sure not to make her this super woman, she's suffering, lashing out at her aunt, everything a complete character would do.

I love that you are starting this from outside the realms of HP, the war is being refrenced and everythign so we know you'll get there, but it's such a captivating start and very creative.

Your descriptions are wonderful, I can see everything that you are typing. Not only what she is doing and what's around her, but your insight to her emotions is very true and believable.

I think this is a great first chapter, like I said it really has an emotional impact to get invested.

Please, feel free to re request any time, Roxi is quite an interesting character :)!


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Review #6, by MrsJaydeMalfoy One Day At a Time

22nd June 2012:
*Runs in and tackles first review and favorite spot. Then rolls around cackling with glee* It's mine, ALL mine! Muahahaha!

Anyways... YAY! I'm so glad I got here first! :) *Cheers* So even though I've already said it, just let me be the first to tell you how absolutely AMAZING this is! I completely adore every line! This is such an emotionally intense moment from Roxi's life, and I think you got all the emotions down perfectly!

This fits SO well with AiNFiLaW, and it makes it easier to understand and relate to Roxi and everything she goes through later. (And by the way, to anyone who's happened to read this review, you should TOTALLY go read 'All is NOT Fair in Love and War'!)

Absolutely FANTASTIC, love! GREAT job; 10/10!!

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