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Review #1, by CambAngst Blood Red Snow White

2nd February 2014:
Hi, Roots!

It has been ages since I've read anything of yours. It felt really fortunate, then, to find that you had an "Other" era story, which happened to match today's prompt in the Gryffindor reviewing challenge.

I really love the idea of this. It's like a Death Eater Sleeper Cell fairytale. It makes sense that the losing side of the war -- at least what was left of it -- would continue to pass down their own narrative of the events of the First and Second Wizarding Wars. When I read your story summary, I was worried that this would be an AU story where Voldemort won the war. Granted, I would have read that anyway, but I thought this was a lot more clever.

First off, I liked the narrative technique here. Breaking up the delivery of the story with the present-time interactions between grandfather and grandchild gave me an opportunity to really stop and reflect on each section of the story. To think about how it would be received and understood by its target audience. That added something important, I think.

The way that the narrator turns all of the morals inherent in the story of Harry Potter around and recasts the conflicts and events through the value system of the Death eaters was well done. I thought your use of language and metaphors was fantastic. You brought the story along almost from the dawn of man through to the present in a way that maintained a consistent story line that supported the central lesson throughout. Given the point of view you were writing from, that must have been challenging in places. But the grandfather never waivers in his defense of the things that had to be done "for the greater good". It reminds me a bit of Dumbledore in certain situations.

The story had a really good pace and narrative flow. Nothing felt rushed or awkward and it read very much like a bedtime story that a pureblood supremacist grandfather might tell to his beloved grandchild. I didn't see any typos or mistakes.

I really enjoyed reading this! I hope you find more time in real life to write soon!

Author's Response: Haha- I'm glad too! I'm sorry I haven't had much time to write in the past several months. I just don't know where the time goes! Hopefully I'll be able to post a new chapter of Wilted Flower soon- I seem to be putting it together in little bits and pieces. :P

I'm really glad that you think that it makes sense. After all, they wouldn't want the minds of their descendants "poisoned" by the perspective of the other side.

I'll admit that while I was writing this, I was thinking of "The Princess Bride". However, once the idea occurred to me to include this secondary perspective -- this outsider outlook -- I couldn't leave it out. I think that it really adds something to the story, and I'm glad that you do too.

When writing over a long period of time like this, I always feel tempted to skip large periods of time, but I try not to do so just for the sake of skipping from one major plot point to the next. :P The tone of this story was also challenging at times to maintain because it had such a set one - the reader would know immediately when it stepped outside the realm of "fairy tale".

I'm so glad that you enjoyed reading this and that you found the time to leave a review! I hope I find time soon too, but if you're at all interested, I returned to HPFF just in time to write an entry for the Speed Dating challenge.

Thank you so, so much once again for all of your lovely reviews! I really do appreciate them!

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Review #2, by LadyL8 Blood Red Snow White

17th July 2013:
Wow. This was so different, creative and original.

I'm going to admit I'm slightly (or massively) embarrassed over the fact that I have never read this one before (seeing as I'm a Puff). But I'm glad I finally did.

Your story was somewhat sweet, captivating and so exciting to read. I loved how the man talked directly to the little boy several times. That's very believable. People tend to do that when they tell a story. I also loved the transition from telling the story (in the story :P) to the boy's reaction to it. It was such a swift transition.

You're a really good writer. I absolutely loved it! 10/10

Yours Sincerely

Author's Response: Wow- another amazing and heart-warming review! :D

Haha- that's totally okay! I didn't realize that this might be considered a staple of the Common Room (but perhaps that's what comes along with it winning "Story of the Month"). :P

When I first starting writing this, I hadn't intended for the man to talk with the boy- for the story to fall out of its rhythm of narration- but I couldn't help myself in one spot and then it seemed to work so well that I went back and edited everything to add in the little interruptions. :)

Thank you for the compliment! I'm so glad that you enjoyed this one-shot!

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Review #3, by starryskies55 Blood Red Snow White

18th August 2012:
This is a very original and wonderful story. I really enjoyed it, and then that twist at the end- cor! I didn't expect them to be Death Eaters! (or the equivalent)

Anyway, this is brilliant, I totally didn't expect something like this, and it's very different. I especially like the flipped morality of it- with the death eaters as the Wise. It was very interesting, I loved it.

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks so much for reviewing! I'm so glad that you liked it- I had a lot of fun writing it. And the sentence you gave me helped to create the idea for it!

Haha, yeah. It was definitely a different experience, writing from the "enemies" point of view, but it certainly was interesting. And it really gives you a different point of view of the whole series, doesn't it?

Thanks once again for reviewing!

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Review #4, by MrsJaydeMalfoy Blood Red Snow White

3rd August 2012:
This was a very intriguing piece, dear, and it's very original as well! The whole time I kept thinking "Are they referring to the Death Eaters as the wise?" and my eyebrows were furrowed and I looked kind of like this: o.O

By the end, though, I knew that the grandfather was indeed calling the Death Eaters the naive, and it just blew my mind; its like this one shot gives me a view of the ENTIRE HP series from the other perspective.

I'm really, really glad I read this! The flow, characterization and everything are just superb, and I didn't notice any spelling or grammar errors either! I loved how the whole thing was made out like a grandfather telling his grandson a story; it gave it a nice touch!

One thing I'm very curious about is who the grandfather/grandson are. Anybody we know, or is this so long after the battle that we wouldn't know any of these characters?

Anyway, as I've said, a really lovely piece dear! Well done; 10/10!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I know- it's slightly unusual to write from the Death Eaters point of view, but if you are, you can't be calling them stupid because they wouldn't think of themselves as such.

That certainly is an interesting way of putting it- the opposing view of the entire HP series. I suppose that I was thinking about it like that as I was writing it, though I wasn't thinking "this has to be the opposing viewpoint!". It just came naturally... And isn't it lovely when that happens! :)

Thank you so much for the compliments! I'm so glad that you enjoyed the writing!

The grandfather and his grandson aren't anybody you would know, because I eventually decided to set this a few generations apart from one HP was set in.

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Review #5, by academica Blood Red Snow White

24th June 2012:
Hey there! I'm here with your requested review :)

I think this is a very original piece. I like how it almost takes an observer's view, in that it's told from the perspective of someone who can see wide expanses of time and space and not merely the events of one battle or even one war. I also like how you've turned the tables on the series and told this story from the side of Voldemort and the purebloods who were loyal to him.

I don't think the wording here is confusing, but the overall structure of the story did throw me a little bit. I had to re-read it several times before I felt like I really understood what was going on, given how vaguely you've written the events and characters. The vagueness is neat, especially with the forboding ending, but it was definitely a little tough to wrap my head around with just one read.

I think the flow here is okay - I felt sort of hooked in to the story as the grandfather told it, and I was as excited as the boy to see it come to an end. I also didn't spot any major technical errors here. Additionally, I really liked the imagery here, especially the lines at the very beginning. Overall, I think this is a nice piece, albeit a little abstract.

Nice job! I hope this review is helpful :)


Author's Response: Thanks for getting around to this review so quickly! I'm glad that you liked this piece- I definitely agree with you that it is "original" because I've never written anything exactly like it. However, I really enjoyed writing it because it is essentially a fairy-tale- one of my favourite genres to read.

I'm glad that you don't think that the wording is confusing. I see what you mean about the story's vagueness and I'm glad that you don't find it off-putting. When I was writing it I didn't put in too many specific details because I didn't want to cement it too solidly in reality, if that makes sense.

As well, I'm glad that you liked the imagery. Unfortunately, I can't lay claim to the first sentence, as you would have read in the Author's note, which I would say is the highlight of the story.

Thank you once again for this review- I definitely found it helpful as it put to rest some of my concerns about the story!

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Review #6, by MercyWaters Blood Red Snow White

22nd June 2012:
The first line and just the general wording and style of writing immediately caught my attention. That doesn't often happen when I read a story, so I applaud you. I like how the language is elaborate and descriptive, but at the same time I'll admit it becomes confusing at times. It doesn't sound like what would actually come out of someone's mouth, especially when telling a story to a young boy, and at times appears a bit cliched. It's well written, but you should also be very careful when using such complicated language that it's understandable and flows well. Otherwise the reader could get lost and frustrated.

One thing I'm very confused about--what is the story itself supposed to be about? Is it connecting to the war and Voldemort? That's my best guess, but at the same time I'm honestly not sure. I got lost a few times while reading.

I really like the idea behind this, but I think the language could be toned down. You can get the dramatic, "legend" feel across still even if the language isn't as extreme. Like I said earlier, it's very well written. But sometimes that can become confusing.

I enjoyed reading this. Keep writing!

Bri, xx

Author's Response: Thank you for your review! I'm glad that you enjoyed reading this story because I enjoyed writing it. Thanks for pointing out that the language is a little wordy- I love fairy-tale-type stories and so I suppose I was quick to use its sweeping style.

You're correct about it being about the first Wizarding war and Voldemort. What I had intended to get across was that the "others" were the muggles, the "hidden" the wizards, the "wise" the purebloods who supported Voldemort (the "Dark" side) and the "naive" the pro-muggle side (the "Light" side). I'll have to go back and make that clearer, then.

Once again, thanks for your comments (they definitely brought some of the problems with the story to light) and I'm glad that you enjoyed reading it.

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