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Review #1, by Ron 4 Hermione Liz's Secret

26th October 2016:
Hey there, can’t believe I haven’t seen that this chapter was up! So sorry about that!

Aww Poor Liz. Her whole life has changed and personally I think she’s dealing with it pretty well. I love how you make her act more okay than she is though, it makes sense seeing as she’s also hiding something. I also love how inquisitive she is. So many questions but that is totally to be expected, she’s just been told she’s a witch and can do magic! Who wouldn’t have a million and one questions that need answering?

Ahhh no you can’t end it on a cliffhanger! I need to see how Charlie reacts! I had a hunch that might have been her secret but I thought I was just trying too hard to see a cute little family for Charlie. I love how you've gotten her to tell him, how she really wants to but she’s nervous so she just has to spit it all out at once. I think (pray) that Charlie is going to be shocked but then be really pleased and happy about it

That was a great little chapter, looking forward to the next chapter and seeing how Charlie reacts! :D

- Shaza

Author's Response: OH my goodness, SHAZA! *Squishes* I have missed you SO much!!

There's nothing to apologize for, dear, I'm just so happy to hear from you again, and so beyond flattered that you liked this story so much to come back to it and read and review this latest chapter for me! ♥

You're right, Liz's entire life has changed here. She definitely acts more okay than she is, I think she's kind of in shock and still processing right now, let's just hope she finds a way to let out some of this frustration before it builds up on her... *Whistles innocently*. Haha, I'm glad you love how inquisitive she is - you're right, it's to be expected with all the bombshells that have just been dropped on her!

Teehee.. aww, I'm sorry to end it on a cliffhanger, but that's really what the muse was telling me to do at the time, so I had to just go with it. Hahah, you weren't trying too hard to see a family for Charlie - it really was the secret! (Obviously.. lol) I'm thrilled that you liked how she told him, and as for Charlie's reaction.. well... we'll just have to see, won't we? :P

Thank you SO much for the compliments, I'd hit a bit of a block on this story but I'm hoping to finish up and post the next chapter soon - I can't wait to see what you think! ♥

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Review #2, by Diogenissa Enough

6th March 2016:
(For the HPFF Review-A-Thon!)


HAI MUMSY! HAPPY-HOT-SEAT-DAY (unacceptably late, my deepest apologies for that :-( ).

So it turns out that I did, in fact, leave you a review for Chapter 1 so here we go with Chapter 2! :-)

Okay the very first thing that caught my eye here was the CI—the second I saw it I knew that nothing good would come from an appearance of the infamous Rita Skeeter. Instantly I thought to myself I thought ‘Uh oh –poor Charlie!’ (and Ewan MacGregor is such an excellent choice for Charlie—he’s so adorably handsome! :-D ).

The intense and raw emotions conveyed in Chapter 1 move fluidly and seamlessly into Chapter 2—from the get-go we see Charlie still very much in turmoil. I think one of my favorite parts here is when he finally gets back to his Romanian home and just lets himself go to his grief that he had been holding back on for so long, allowing him to be human . I LOVE those scenes where you can see a character’s humanity, regardless of who said character is—even if sad, it’s a beautiful moment because it both honors and acknowledges the very real and human struggles we all face in every day life.

’As soon as he turned around, Charlie wish he hadn’t… -- LOVE this line and quite honestly it was my reaction as well lol.

I LOVE how you have done Rita Skeeter—that woman is so freaking loathsome it’s not even funny. You did such a fantastically awesome job with her, all the way from her physical description (‘talon-like two inch fingernails’—yes I can SEE THAT and fits PERFECTLY with her character). I seriously wanted to slap her by the end of the chapter (or squash her like the beetle she is take your pick :-P ).

Oh for heaven’s love—dearest Charlie it most certainly was NOT YOUR FAULT! The poor boy is still grieving and rather irrational, something that nasty woman picked up on and took inhuman advantage of. WOW this is just absolutely powerful moment here—the emotion is so very raw and pure it’s practically tangible.

OooOO now I’m curious as to where our hero is going off to—guess I will have to read to find out! Overall this is just an amazing continuation and I look forward to continuing the journey (and I promise, it won’t take as ungodly long to read and review the next chapter as it did this one). Thank you for a beautiful story Mumsy and awesome job!

Love Always,
Karen xoxo

Author's Response: Karen!! ♥

Thank you SO much for stopping by to review this, and there's no need to worry about the time frame! In fact, I'm glad that you waited until the review-a-thon to do this, since it helped contribute to HPFF! So THANK YOU! *hug*

YAY for reading chapter two! And haha, I'm sort of not-so-secretly pleased that you knew something bad was coming when you saw Rita Skeeter there! :P And isn't that Chapter Image Isobel made for me just GORGEOUS?!? Yes, poor Charlie indeed, and I'm happy that you agree with the choice of Ewan for Charlie!! :D

Awww, thank you SO much - I'm so flattered to hear that you think the emotions flow really well here! And I have to agree, Charlie finally letting go and just breaking down was much needed and I think really cathartic for him, though obviously he's still in a lot of emotional turmoil afterwards. And your comments about showing the humanity are just spot-on: we each have our own struggles, and most people normally don't get to see us break down like that, and I'm happy that you thought my portrayal of Charlie's grief here honored that.

Hahha, I agree, I kind of wish Charlie hadn't turned around, either. But unfortunately it was necessary for the story to progress. :P

Hehehe, I'm glad that you wanted to slap Rita by the end of the chapter, it lets me know I've done something right with her characterization, since I almost ALWAYS wanted to slap her in the series. :D Thank you SO much for your comments about her physical description and characterization! ♥

No, it's not Charlie's fault at all, but he can't seem to see that right now, the poor guy. :( And yes, Rita definitely picked up on and took advantage of that just to get her story. Eeek! Thank you for your compliment about the emotion! *blushes*

Yes, you'll have to read to find out where Charlie's off to! I hope you're able to read the next chapter and give me your thoughts soon! ♥

Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH for this amazing review!!! *Squishes*

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Review #3, by LOU Liz's Secret

10th February 2016:

Author's Response: I'm glad that you like that I wrote about Charlie! I agree, Charlie does get forgotten a lot. I hope you enjoy! Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #4, by ka Liz's Secret

16th January 2016:
I absolutely love this story! I can't wait until a new chapter is
out, I hope you post one soon! I love the plot twists, but I'm still
wondering how Liz will take Charlie's next secret.

Author's Response: Hi there! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review this!

I've already begun working on the next chapter, I'm really hoping to get it out soon, so hopefully you won't have to wait long!

I'm so happy that you love the plot twists! And maybe you will find out how Liz will take Charlie's second secret soon! *winks*

Again, thank you SO MUCH! ♥

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Review #5, by dreamgazer220 Liz's Secret

2nd December 2015:
:blushes: You didn't have to thank me for reviewing! This is a great story :)

I did kind of expect Liz's secret, but now that everything's out on the table (sort of- ahem, Charlie!), I'm excited to see where you take it! And I'm also glad to see an update for this!

♥ Keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Of COURSE I had to thank you for reviewing! Your reviews make my day!

Yeah, I tried to drop a few hints in previous chapters, so I don't think anyone would be really shocked about Liz's secret. :P I'm so happy that you're excited to see where things go from here. Hold on to your keyboard, things are about to get rocky! :P

Again, thank you SO, SO much for these reviews, and for taking the time to read this! ♥

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Review #6, by dreamgazer220 Revelations

2nd December 2015:
Ooh, I liked this chapter! I'm glad everyone had that much needed conversation, and I liked that you told it in alternating perspectives so we could see how both Liz and Charlie felt about the whole thing. BUT ARE YOU GONNA TELL HER, CHARLIE? I dunno. I hope so! Well done! :)

Author's Response: Eeek! You keep showering me with reviews! Thank you!!

I'm glad you liked the alternating perspectives! As for whether or not Charlie's going to tell her - I can't give too much away, but I promise, Liz WILL find out evenutally, one way or another. *winks*

Thank you again!

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Review #7, by dreamgazer220 Too Much

1st December 2015:
Ooh, I'm glad they finally had the necessary conversation! I think you handled it well, and Charlie was asking all the questions (at least in his head) that were important to keeping a secret like that for so long. I can't wait to see where this goes! Another great chapter :)

Author's Response: Eeek, you came back! Thank you SO much for stopping back by to read and review more!

I'm glad you're happy they had the conversation, and that I handled it well! Thank you So much for your kind words and for stopping by to leave this review! ♥ I hope you enjoy the next chapters when you get to them!

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Review #8, by ms simone Liz's Secret

22nd November 2015:
looking to reading charlie's reaction to his wife new! glad she know that charlie is a wizard and true about herself..

Author's Response: Awww, thank you SO much! I'm so happy you like the story and you're looking forward to more!

Thank you SO much for stopping by, reading, and reviewing!

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Review #9, by marauderfan Liz's Secret

20th November 2015:
Mwahaha I knew it. Ever since a couple chapters ago when she comments on her recent tendency to have emotional reactions to things. I wasn't surprised, but I bet that Charlie was, as he's just been preoccupied with his own secrets lately.

SPEAKING OF WHICH, OMG WHEN IS HE GOING TO TELL HER THAT HIS FAMILY IS ALIVE?!?!?!?!?! HOW has he gone this long without telling her? I wouldn't be surprised if she breaks up with him because of how long he's kept that from her - how can she even trust him, because unlike the wizard secret, this secret makes no sense. Except now... it's a little more complicated because it's not just the two of them. GAH CHARLIE I AM SO ANGRY AT YOUR BAD DECISIONS

Oh! I love the idea of Liz learning magic though! And I'm really excited to see an American version of Diagon Alley. Or is she allowed to learn magic? I'm envisioning someone important meeting her and saying "But she is too old to train as a̶ ̶J̶e̶d̶i̶ a witch." And then a whole array of bad things could happen, culminating in Liz becoming Darth Vader. That would be sad. But really - what happens if you don't start learning magic at eleven? I'm really curious! haha

also aww thank you for the sweet dedication! ♥

This was a great chapter! I'm so proud of you for finishing this chapter up yesterday! *cheering* You are amazing Jayde!

Author's Response: Hahaha. :P I remember you called this a few chapters back, when she was sick. And I just kept thinking "MUahahaha" to myself. lol You're right though, even though you weren't surprised, Charlie DEFINITELY was! You're absolutely right that he's been caught up in his own secrets!

As an author, I can't help but cackle evilly at your frustration with Charlie, and at the fact that I know the answers to your questions, but I can't tell you. :P Sorry! I just had to get that out. I'll stop being evil now, I promise!

I can't say too much without giving something away, but I DO agree that it doesn't make sense for him to keep this secret. But I think the ONLY thing that's keeping him from telling her is the fact that, deep down, poor Charlie STILL isn't ready to deal with what happened, even though it's been so long. But, I will say this: don't give up on Charlie just yet. *winks*

I'm happy that you're excited about Liz possibly learning magic! I was a little worried people would find it unrealistic, so I'm pleased to see that you like it! As for whether or not she'll be able to train as a Jedi and become Darth Vader (*dies laughing*), we'll just have to see! :P

I'm glad you're so curious! I'm not sure if this issue has been explored in fic before but I'm excited to explore it!

And of COURSE I had to dedicate this to you! You're the reason it got written! *Squishes* Thank you SO MUCH for all of your support, and this amazing review! I'm so thrilled that you loved this chapter and I hope you love the next also!

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Review #10, by dreamgazer220 The Other Secret-Keeper

30th October 2015:

Well, I definitely didn't see THAT coming. When you made the distinction that Liz was British, I had an inkling that she may have been from the Wizarding World... but I didn't expect her to not know about it! Whoa! At first I thought she was kind of overreacting, but it's not every day that you find out your husband's a wizard, and so is your mother, for that matter. I actually enjoyed the fact that she thought her mother was in on the joke too; that portion of her reaction was completely realistic and funny to read.

This story just took a huge turn that I hadn't been anticipating! I can't wait to see where you go with it :) Keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Hahaha, yes, she's a Mulciber! In a selfish, author kind of way I'm pleased that you were surprised! :D

I'm interested that you thought maybe Liz was a witch! That'd make for a whole other story altogether, wouldn't it? :P

Yeah, she definitely seems to overreact at first, but when you think about it, that really IS something huge to find out - especially from two people on the same day!!

I'm glad you thought that her thinking it was a joke was realistic!

EEK! Thank you SO much for this amazing review and your compliments! *squishes*

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Review #11, by dreamgazer220 Secrets and Surprises

29th October 2015:
WAIT WHAT?! I can't believe he proposed!!! But it was totally adorable, though I do wish we could've seen a little more of how they fell in love. I can totally understand Charlie's delay in keeping the secrets, though. He might still be grieving, but I'm not sure if he's accepted Fred's death yet, and that makes me sad :(

I can't wait to read what happens next! Liz is so adorable, and even though we didn't really see much of how they fell in love, you still did the time jump flawlessly and I could definitely see why he fell for her. So cute.

Another great chapter! Onward to the next ♥

Author's Response: hahaha YES, he proposed! I'm glad you thought it was adorable!

I totally understand what you mean about wanting to see more about how they fell in love! Maybe I'll go back in and add a chapter about that, just for you! Or a one-shot/companion piece? *winks* I know it's really important to see how they fell in love, but honestly, there are SO many other things I've got to do in the story that I was feeling a little rushed to get there, you know? But, upon reading your review, I'm definitely thinking about adding in another chapter! Thank you for the comment!

yes, Charlie's situation really IS sad. He's definitely still grieving, and no, I don't think he's accepted Fred's death either. But he will, I promise :)

EEk! I'm so pleased that you like Liz! And thank you for your comments about the time jump and seeing why he fell for her!

Thank you!!

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Review #12, by dreamgazer220 Enough

24th October 2015:
Charlie ♥

Poor guy. I really like your writing style; I was definitely surprised when Rita showed up, though at the same time, this is easily a story that she would eat up. You wrote that scene well; it was easy to imagine Charlie finally losing it when she hit a nerve.

I'm so glad you decided to write about Charlie; he's one of my favorite Weasleys! Keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Awww, thank you so much! I'm so flattered that you like my writing style. *blushes*

You're right, this definitely IS a story Rita would eat up, unfortunately for our poor Charlie. :( But I'm so happy that you think I wrote the scene well! :D

I'm really happy I decided to write about Charlie, too! THANK YOU!

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Review #13, by dreamgazer220 After the Battle

24th October 2015:
What a great start! Man, you know how to tug on the heartstrings- it's nice (well, not nice, but I hope you know what I mean) to see how the Weasley family is coping with Fred's death after the battle. Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Hi there!

Awww, thank you so much for stopping by to read and review this! I'm sorry for tugging on the heartstrings there a little, but I'm so pleased that I was able to convey the emotion that well! And yes, of course I understand what you mean!

Thank you so much!

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Review #14, by Ron 4 Hermione Revelations

31st August 2015:

I was so happy to see this was updated, It's such an amazing story!

Your portrayal of Charlie is amazing, and it's just as good in this chapter! I love the way you write him looking after Liz, especially when he was telling her about her dad. But in the same way I also love how Liz is exactly the same to Charlie, like when she realised her mum could kill Charlie and she jumped to his defence. It's so touching and the way you write it is beautiful!

I was also glad to see more of Amelia in this chapter, and to have more things explained. Especially the way that it happened, it was nice to see her and Charlie come to, not an agreement, but an acceptance of sorts. It must have been hard for her to eventually have her daughter know all of this after she'd kept it from her for so long.That twist with Mulciber was also pure genius, but poor Amelia and liz, I can't be easy for them to now know (or have it confirmed) that he's in prison now.

You make these characters feel so real, it's easy to empathise with them and feel what they're going through.

This is another great chapter; and now I'm excited to see how Liz finds out/reacts to his other secret! Great job! :D

- Shaza

Author's Response: SHAZA! *squishes*

Thank you SO much for stopping by to read and review this! I'm so happy that you like it so much that you came back!

Awww, thank you for your comments about my portrayal of Charlie and Liz! Those two have really grown close to me since I started writing this - they're probably my favorite couple to write so far, so I'm thrilled that they come across well!

Yes, I definitely felt that this chapter needed to be an explanation of several things, and I'm glad that your questions were answered! And ! *blushes* I'm so flattered that you like the Mulciber twist! Yes, I think Liz is taking the news pretty hard, but Amelia sort of new it was coming. And yes, it's definitely hard for her to see Liz finding out about all the things she was trying to protect her from.

Awww, thank you SO much for your amazing compliments and this sweet review! I can't wait to see what you think about the next chapter! *hug*

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Review #15, by marauderfan Revelations

28th August 2015:
Hi Jayde ♥ Sorry in advance for any typos, this is a phone review.

I was so glad to see that you had posted an update on this! So many things happened in the previous chapters so it was really nice to have a chapter where everyone is trying to make sense of things and sort it out. While I was furious with Amelia before, I think this chapter defintely sheds a more sympathetic light on her, in that she really is doing what she thinks is right and has Liz's best interests at heart, even if she acts on it poorly. It was nice to see them just have a conversaton over tea and get all of their feelings and confusion out. Poor Liz though, she really got the short end of the stick as she is learning all of these things about her family and the darker side of the wizarding world mere hours after finding out that wizards exist - she's just kind of a mess of emotions and I don't blame her.

I liked the bit at the end when Amelia and Charlie came to some sort of understanding and were able to talk about muggle vs wizard life without blaming each other anymore.

How is Charlie going to reveal the other secret? I think the only thing to do is just go for it, kind of like ripping off a Band-Aid - just do it fast and get it over with. And since they're already airing out secrets at this point, he can't ask for better timing. Just do it, Charlie! (But he won't, will he? He'll have some sort of angsty deliberation about it first and wait too long. Because this is 'Keeping Secrets', not 'Revealing Secrets'! :p ) I'm really eager to find out what happens next!!

If you need any supportive nagging to help you keep writing, I would be more than happy to do so. :p Great work on this chapter, and I'm proud of you for powering through writers block and getting this writtten! MOAR PLZ

Author's Response: Kristin! Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by to read and review this!

I'm glad that you think having this chapter to make sense of things was nice - I was a little worried that the plot wasn't going anywhere :(

Yes, although she hasn't made the best choices, Amelia really does have Liz's best interests at heart, she's just trying to be a good Mom - but it IS still kind of hard not to be furious with her sometimes. :P

And yes, Liz definitely gets the short end of the stick and she's a complete wreck right now, but I'm glad you think that's understandable - I didn't want to make her seem to whiny, you know?

It's very important for Charlie and Amelia to come together, and yes, things will be somewhat better between them from here on out. :)

Well, I can't tell you how Charlie's going to reveal his other secret. But yes, right now WOULD be a good time.. whether or not it WILL be now, we'll have to see. Your inference from the title is pretty hilarious and interesting though! :P

Yes, I could definitely use some supportive nagging - it would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you SO MUCH for this amazing review, and for always taking the time to read and review this! I will do my best to have another chapter for you soon! *Squishes*

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Review #16, by marauder5 Too Much

9th February 2015:
How did I miss this chapter when you posted it? Hm. Well, anyway, I'm here now. And I'm loving it!!

I can totally relate to Charlie's panic in the beginning of the chapter. Not that I've ever married someone and hid my magic powers from them. But that feeling of knowing that someone is that angry with you, and just waiting for them to come back and let it all out...

You did such a good job of portraying Charlie's feelings in the beginning, and then his transaction from worried and panic-struck to confused and sceptical when Liz comes back and reveals her (or rahter her mother's) secret.

LIz's memory of accidental magic was great as well! I suppose all Muggle parents would say what Amelia said when their children did magic - that it was just coincedence, their eyes tricking them... And Amelia, who knows and deliberately tries to convince her daughter that there's a logical explanation, would probably do an even better job. I don't know if you remember, but in my review for the last chapter, I mentioned that I found it weird that she didn't remember doing magic as a child... But now it totally makes sense!!

Another thing that makes perfect sense is how the sudden noise takes Charlie back to the Battle of Hogwarts... I suppose that's some version of PSD, which I imagine everyone who participated in the battle would experience afterwards. It's a consequence that not a lot of authors actually write about so I really like that you included it.

But what is UP with Amelia? I mean, yes, she's furious because her secret is out. And it's Charlie's fault. But she is NOT acting like an innocent witch who was just trying to protect her daughter. I feel like there's something else going on...

And I can't wait to find out what it is! Once again, you have me totally hooked, and I am so excited to see where you'll take this story. Thank you for another great chapter! x

Author's Response: Hi there!!

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to respond to this lovely review of yours!

Haha - maybe I ninja'ed this chapter in here, and that's why you hadn't seen it before? :P I'm just glad that you stopped by to read it now! ♥

Hahah! That was hilarious! "Not that I've ever hid my magic powers". LOL. Yes, he's definitely panicking, and he should be!

Thank you so much! I'm so flattered by your comments about conveying the emotions! :D

Hahah! Yes, I remember your review from the last chapter, and in part, that's why I wrote the accidental magic bit into this chapter - I realized that the last chapter kind of left that question floating in everyone's heads (thanks to your review), so I figured I might as well go ahead and answer it! :D So thank you for the feedback!

Yes, I think Charlie does have some sort of PTSD, and I mean I really can't blame him. I think everyone would probably be a little jumpy for a while after that battle, and the whole situation! I'm flattered to know that I mentioned a consequence that doesn't really get mentioned very much.

Haha! Yes, everyone kind of had this "What is wrong with Amelia" thing going on after this chapter - I hope the next one gives a little insight!

And awww, yay! I'm very selfishly glad that you're hooked! I can't wait to see what you think of the next chapter! Thank you so much!

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Review #17, by writeyourheartout Enough

26th January 2015:
Hi Jayde! Happy Hot Seat Day! :)

Ah, that opening paragraph! My heart! It's so sad. Especially the George part. :(

I really like the choice to have Molly trying to lead the pack back to some semblance of normalcy, because she's the Momma! And the fact is that while she lost Fred, she still has six other children that I'm certain she is desperate to care for; that as much pain as she is in, seeing her children in pain is just as terrible, if not more so.

What's nearly as upsetting is the fact that after this terrible, huge ordeal - both the war itself and the loss of George with it - is the fact that they now have to deal with reporters searching for a scoop! Unbelievable. The poor Weasley's. And Harry and Hermione too, I'm sure. They all did so much for the war and then lost so many they cared about and I'm certain the last thing they want is to relive it for some nosy reporter who doesn't care about their loss, but is just looking for something juicy to publish.

I completely understand Charlie's need to escape. I think it's good that he stayed for as long as did, to heal at least as much as he could while at home, but there does come a point when you have to recognize whether getting caught in this same routine is holding you back from healing or anything else. But I do feel bad for Molly. I hope his leaving doesn't make her feel like she's losing another child. ♥

As sad as the moment when Charlie finally breaks down is, I'm glad he did it. It's so much harder to move forward when you suppress all of your feelings.

Ugh, of course Rita Skeeter has to show up! :(

What horrible questions to ask! She is just the worse! And she shows absolutely no sympathy for him, but instead gets excited when he's clearly horrified by her awful inquiries! I hate her. But, on the plus side, you wrote her fantastically. :-p


So, the further along this scene with her goes, I start to wonder is there a reason she's being so incredibly vicious here? I mean, Rita was nasty in the books, but I don't think she was ever quite like this. She sounds vindictive - like she's not there to interview him, but to purposefully make him suffer. She usually tries to soften the blow of her awful questions by at least pretending to be sympathetic, but she sounds almost like Umbridge here. But maybe there's a bigger reason for that...?

It's still so sad that Charlie blames himself, but it obviously wasn't his fault. I hope that if this ridiculous report hits the press, his family makes sure he knows that nobody blames him.

That is if they can find him... Where's he going!? Poor thing, essentially exiling himself. :(

Anyway, another great chapter, Jayde! Well done! ♥


Author's Response: TANYA! ♥

I'm so sorry that it has taken me SO long to respond to this amazing, beautiful review!

Aww, I know, I'm so awful for doing this to the poor Weasleys, and Georgie. :(

Yes, I really thought it was sort of in-character for Molly to try to keep everyone going - of course she would be struggling and suffering, but she'd also realize that she's got everyone else to look after, too!

Yes, I think the fact that the reporters won't leave them alone is awful - but I also think it's probably exactly what would have happened, unfortunately. :( Sometimes reporters are just so hungry for a scoop that they'll do anything, even fail to respect the family's privacy at such a horrible time.

Yes, I think it was probably good for Charlie to get back into the real world, but, as you've already seen, a certain blonde-haired reporter has gone and caused a whole other mess. And, though I know it upsets Molly that he left, I'm sure she realizes that he has to keep on living.

And yes, I think it's really important to have that breakdown moment - it's kind of a part of the healing process.

Hahaha! Yes, Rita Skeeter. *Rolls eyes* I really don't enjoy writing characters like her, but, you're not the first person who's wanted to punch her, or comment that I wrote her perfectly, so I guess I'm doing something right!! :P

Hm... I wonder if there could possibly be some reason behind her being so vindictive? Your question is really making me examine her as a character in this story.. hm.. :P

Yes, definitely poor Charlie. Whether or not they'll be able to find him, I can't say. But yes, he's definitely exiling himself, even if he doesn't realize that.

Anyway, thank you SO MUCH for this beyond amazing review! *Squishes*

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Review #18, by likeness_of_a_seabird Six Months Later

25th January 2015:
Hufflepuff Hot Seat Review, round three!

Oh, Charlie. I was rather hoping you could begin to get in terms with your grief and guilt by gaining some distance on your family and the whole wizarding world but I guess it’s not going to be so easy. It’s great that his family is still keeping in touch with him and reassuring him that they don’t believe anything that Rita has written. Still, it’s awful that the letters are doing nothing to ease his guilt but are adding to it instead.

I loved the way you’ve written Charlie’s thoughts and doubts about whether leaving so suddenly was such a good idea after all. In particular, I loved the bit where he mentions that travelling with a Muggle ship, which is something he has never done before, was enough to momentarily distract him but almost as soon as he left the ship and found himself a place to stay, his grief comes back with a vengeance. I also liked how he comes to the bar just to surround himself with people. My absolute favourite, though, was the bit where he realises that running away didn’t help at all, and it only caused his family, and himself too, additional worry and grief. That part was so beautifully written I could almost sense his determination to return home radiating from the words.

But then there is a twist! A beautiful bartender from Tennessee waltzes into his life! They don’t get to talk for long, but the need to see her again is enough to cause Charlie to miss his ship home. I’m curious about getting to know more about Liz, too. She seems like an interesting character.

Great chapter!

- Emmi

Author's Response: Hello again dear!

No, I'm afraid poor Charlie still hasn't come to terms with his grief and guilt - I promise, he will at some point - but you're right, it won't be easy.

I'm glad you love the way I wrote Charlie's thoughts! Thank you so much for your kind words!

I'm glad you're curious about Liz! I hope your curiosity is satisfied soon!

Thank you so much! ♥

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Review #19, by Freda_and_Georgina Secret Number 1

24th January 2015:
After reading the most recent chapter I thought I'd go back and review an older chapter. Okay, why can't Charlie just break the law and show his wife magic? That is seriously ridiculous. I don't blame Liz for running, she's not given any proof that her husband is telling the truth. But I know the bombshells coming up and I know it's for the better.

Love this story!

Author's Response: Awww, thank you SO much for yet another lovely review!

I agree, the Muggle Secrecy thing should be a moot point when it's your husband or wife.. butt, for the purposes of this story and all its secrets, it worked better for me that Charlie couldn't show her at first. :P

And you're right, the bombshell was definitely coming up, and it was most certainly for the better.

Thank you so much! *hugs*

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Review #20, by marauderfan Too Much

24th January 2015:

ok, let me back up. I liked Liz's story about accidental magic. I'm glad she believes Charlie and that they're going to be okay. Which brings me to the END OF THIS CHAPTER WHAT IS HAPPENING. Not okay. Who is Amelia, really? Is she who she says she is? Or is she just angry at Charlie?

I am left wondering this: Where are the rest of the chapters because I need to find out all the things? :O Would it help if I send you annoying but supportive PM's asking you how the writing is going? :P


Author's Response: Hahaha!

I'm glad you liked the accidental magic story! And yes, she and Charlie are going to be okay!

As for the end of the chapter - I'm sorry! I didn't mean to leave you hanging like that! I promise, I'm going to do my best to update soon!!

Thank you so much!

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Review #21, by marauderfan The Other Secret-Keeper

24th January 2015:


She's a witch?

Did I mention alskjdflkajsdlfa?

Talk about PLOT TWIST. I never in a million years could have seen that coming. I just... okay. I'll start at the beginning. When Amelia mentioned that she knew magic was real I was just like OMG NO WAY THIS IS SO COOL and then figured Liz must be a Squib? and wow, she's a witch but was never allowed to train as one! Did she ever make weird things happen? No releasing pythons from the zoo or anything?

I wonder if she'll recall anything when she sits down to think about it after she's no longer freaking out.

I am kind of furious at her mum though. It was a selfish move on her part to not let Liz learn about magic. But I can kind of understand it, if at that time was the worst of the war and everything.

And oh my, has she some interesting things to tell Charlie now. I wonder how he will react to the news about her actually being a Mulciber...


Author's Response: Hahaha! Again, your reviews are hilarious!!

I'm really, really glad you didn't see this coming! Charlie's not the only one who's 'Keeping Secrets'! :P You'll find out soon enough about the 'did she ever make things happen' question! :D

Yes, I think it was very selfish of Amelia to do what she did.. but, as you said, like Charlie, she had her reasons, so let's try not to be too mad at her.

Oh yes, there are a lot of things that everyone needs to talk about! :P

EEk! I'm so glad you're addicted! I'm really, really hoping to have a new chapter for you to read soon!

Thank you!!

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Review #22, by marauderfan Secret Number 1

24th January 2015:
Happy Review Hot Seat Day!

CHARLIE. *headdesk* I can't believe he has avoided telling her for THIS LONG. But I guess once he's caught up in the lie, it's harder and harder to get out of it. I'm glad he's FINALLY TELLING HER though, it was about time he came out of the wizarding closet.

(there should totally be a term for that though, when you tell someone you're a wizard? like what type of enclosed space is distinctly magical? Ooh, I've got it: He came out of the Vanishing Cabinet.)

( /tangent. I'm sorry I have the attention span of a Pygmy Puff.)

Ahaha. Um, so Charlie didn't really do that very well, did he? I can think of a lot of better ways he could have said that. Also, doesn't the Statute of Secrecy allow him to demonstrate magic to her since they're already married? Otherwise that's a pretty harsh rule! If I were in Liz's place I'm not sure I would believe Charlie unless I saw some actual proof, so I can totally understand her reaction.

Oooh I think I know what Liz wanted to talk about, if the facts that a) she wasn't feeling well and b) she reacted really emotionally, are relevant. Hmmm...

what a mess they've got themselves in. I wonder how they are going to work this one out.

Author's Response: Kristin I just LOVE your reviews! ♥

Yes, Charlie has avoided telling her for this long - and it's definitely harder for him to get out of this now! Haha! I really like your term for telling someone you're a witch or wizard! We'll have to start using that around the forums now! It'll be canon soon! :P

Nope - poor Charlie didn't do that very well. And, I'm not really sure if there's a way around the statute of secrecy for married couples or not - but for this story I just assumed there isn't.

Haha - as for your idea of what Liz wanted to talk about, I think I can see what you're getting at. I won't give an answer either way, though - you'll have to see what she wanted to talk about soon enough! :P

Yes, this is definitely a mess - but never fear! They'll figure it out!

Thank you so much! *hugs*

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Review #23, by magnolia_magic After the Battle

6th January 2015:
Hi Jayde! I'm here for your hot seat day, albeit a day late. I've been meaning to come by and review Keeping Secrets, and I am so glad I did! I read this chapter a while back, and it's great to get back into the swing of things :)

This is such a heavy opening chapter, and from a perspective that I often overlook when thinking about the Weasley family. I love that you chose Charlie to tell this story, because he is kind of the forgotten Weasley brother. The way you've fleshed him out here is so natural and believable. He is Fred's older brother, and I can see the protectiveness and guilt that comes from that dynamic. I hate to see Charlie blaming himself, but at the same time I'm glad you chose to start the story at this time of grief. This way we can see Charlie's healing journey, which I'm looking forward to a lot :)

I can't wait to learn more about Charlie's life with the dragons, as well as with the rest of the family. I love the relationship you've set up between him and Bill in this chapter, and it will be nice to see how that continues. And your OC! I can't wait to get reacquainted with her, it's been so long!

Your style is so pleasant and flows so smoothly; you have such a talent! I can't wait to read on! Great work, Jayde, and I will definitely be keeping a much closer eye on your author page from now on :)


Author's Response: Maggeh! Do NOT apologize for being a tiny bit late with this review - you see how long it took me to respond to it, and how long it took me to get your reviews to you, don't you? *hangs head in shame* I am SO sorry it has taken me so long to get to this!

Thank you so much for your comments about Charlie being fleshed out and believable - they really make me feel good! Awww! I'm glad you're looking forward to Charlie's healing journey! I hope you enjoy it!

I'm glad you liked the relationship between him and Bill, and I'm ready for you to get acquainted with the OC again too! :D

Aww, Maggie! *Blushes* Thank you SO much for your kind words! *hugs*

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Review #24, by Freda_and_Georgina Too Much

6th January 2015:
Hello, Georgina has returned. First off, this idea is amazing; Charlie married to a muggle who's actually a witch. I absolutely love Charlie as a husband, please write something with him as a father (I know JK Rowling's family tree had him in married but I don't really care, he's just so sweet!) I especially love how you have him react like it's the war when he was surprised and I'm wondering why Amelia is furious at him.

Post the next chapter soon!

Author's Response: Hello again Georgina! Again, thank you SO much for reading and reviewing this!

Aww! I'm glad you like the idea, and that you love Charlie as a husband! *blushes* And, a lot of people have been asking me to write more Charlie, so, who knows - maybe one day there will be something with him as a father, you never know. :)

I know you have been waiting forEVER for the next chapter, but I'm really hoping to get some more writing done on this soon!

Thank you SO MUCH! ♥

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Review #25, by likeness_of_a_seabird Enough

6th January 2015:
Hufflepuff Hot Seat Review, round two!

Oh, Charlie. Your story just keeps getting sadder and sadder. Hopefully there will be a ray of hope for you along the way.

I really liked the fact that Molly deals with her grief by doing the things she would normally do. That does sound like something she would do. When I read the part where you described how the Weasleys would be surrounded by a huge crowd every time they left the confines of the Burrow, I actually felt angry at the people for their inconsideration. I can’t blame Charlie for wanting to disguise himself before he leaves the house.

I also can’t blame him for wanting to return to Romania. I loved the way you described Charlie’s feelings before and after returning to work. His feelings of not being able to deal with his grief at the Burrow where he is surrounded by memories of Fred, but also finding it difficult at first to get back to normal routine, felt so realistic.

And then Rita Skeeter. The way she almost tricks Charlie into giving her what she wants to hear made me so angry. It was so heartbreaking to see Charlie worrying about his parents’ reaction to the article that will be published, although I would be very surprised indeed if Molly and Arthur would react the way he fears they will react.

And the ending! Where are you going Charlie? Hopefully somewhere you can finally make peace with yourself…

Great chapter!

- Emmi

Author's Response: Hi there lovely! I'm sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your reviews!

Yes, Charlie's story keeps getting sadder and sadder... but don't be too discouraged. There's still hope. *winks* :P

Yes, I think Molly would definitely try to keep going in order to avoid a breakdown - it's so her. And yes, we should be angry at everyone for their inconsideration!

And I'm glad that you thought Charlie's feelings were realistic! Thank you!

Ahh yes - Rita. I think we all hate her, but she did serve a purpose, which you'll see later on! :P

Thank you so much lovely!

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