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Review #1, by marauder5 Enough

9th February 2015:
How did I miss this chapter when you posted it? Hm. Well, anyway, I'm here now. And I'm loving it!!

I can totally relate to Charlie's panic in the beginning of the chapter. Not that I've ever married someone and hid my magic powers from them. But that feeling of knowing that someone is that angry with you, and just waiting for them to come back and let it all out...

You did such a good job of portraying Charlie's feelings in the beginning, and then his transaction from worried and panic-struck to confused and sceptical when Liz comes back and reveals her (or rahter her mother's) secret.

LIz's memory of accidental magic was great as well! I suppose all Muggle parents would say what Amelia said when their children did magic - that it was just coincedence, their eyes tricking them... And Amelia, who knows and deliberately tries to convince her daughter that there's a logical explanation, would probably do an even better job. I don't know if you remember, but in my review for the last chapter, I mentioned that I found it weird that she didn't remember doing magic as a child... But now it totally makes sense!!

Another thing that makes perfect sense is how the sudden noise takes Charlie back to the Battle of Hogwarts... I suppose that's some version of PSD, which I imagine everyone who participated in the battle would experience afterwards. It's a consequence that not a lot of authors actually write about so I really like that you included it.

But what is UP with Amelia? I mean, yes, she's furious because her secret is out. And it's Charlie's fault. But she is NOT acting like an innocent witch who was just trying to protect her daughter. I feel like there's something else going on...

And I can't wait to find out what it is! Once again, you have me totally hooked, and I am so excited to see where you'll take this story. Thank you for another great chapter! x

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Review #2, by writeyourheartout Enough

26th January 2015:
Hi Jayde! Happy Hot Seat Day! :)

Ah, that opening paragraph! My heart! It's so sad. Especially the George part. :(

I really like the choice to have Molly trying to lead the pack back to some semblance of normalcy, because she's the Momma! And the fact is that while she lost Fred, she still has six other children that I'm certain she is desperate to care for; that as much pain as she is in, seeing her children in pain is just as terrible, if not more so.

What's nearly as upsetting is the fact that after this terrible, huge ordeal - both the war itself and the loss of George with it - is the fact that they now have to deal with reporters searching for a scoop! Unbelievable. The poor Weasley's. And Harry and Hermione too, I'm sure. They all did so much for the war and then lost so many they cared about and I'm certain the last thing they want is to relive it for some nosy reporter who doesn't care about their loss, but is just looking for something juicy to publish.

I completely understand Charlie's need to escape. I think it's good that he stayed for as long as did, to heal at least as much as he could while at home, but there does come a point when you have to recognize whether getting caught in this same routine is holding you back from healing or anything else. But I do feel bad for Molly. I hope his leaving doesn't make her feel like she's losing another child. ♥

As sad as the moment when Charlie finally breaks down is, I'm glad he did it. It's so much harder to move forward when you suppress all of your feelings.

Ugh, of course Rita Skeeter has to show up! :(

What horrible questions to ask! She is just the worse! And she shows absolutely no sympathy for him, but instead gets excited when he's clearly horrified by her awful inquiries! I hate her. But, on the plus side, you wrote her fantastically. :-p


So, the further along this scene with her goes, I start to wonder is there a reason she's being so incredibly vicious here? I mean, Rita was nasty in the books, but I don't think she was ever quite like this. She sounds vindictive - like she's not there to interview him, but to purposefully make him suffer. She usually tries to soften the blow of her awful questions by at least pretending to be sympathetic, but she sounds almost like Umbridge here. But maybe there's a bigger reason for that...?

It's still so sad that Charlie blames himself, but it obviously wasn't his fault. I hope that if this ridiculous report hits the press, his family makes sure he knows that nobody blames him.

That is if they can find him... Where's he going!? Poor thing, essentially exiling himself. :(

Anyway, another great chapter, Jayde! Well done! ♥


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Review #3, by likeness_of_a_seabird Six Months Later

25th January 2015:
Hufflepuff Hot Seat Review, round three!

Oh, Charlie. I was rather hoping you could begin to get in terms with your grief and guilt by gaining some distance on your family and the whole wizarding world but I guess itís not going to be so easy. Itís great that his family is still keeping in touch with him and reassuring him that they donít believe anything that Rita has written. Still, itís awful that the letters are doing nothing to ease his guilt but are adding to it instead.

I loved the way youíve written Charlieís thoughts and doubts about whether leaving so suddenly was such a good idea after all. In particular, I loved the bit where he mentions that travelling with a Muggle ship, which is something he has never done before, was enough to momentarily distract him but almost as soon as he left the ship and found himself a place to stay, his grief comes back with a vengeance. I also liked how he comes to the bar just to surround himself with people. My absolute favourite, though, was the bit where he realises that running away didnít help at all, and it only caused his family, and himself too, additional worry and grief. That part was so beautifully written I could almost sense his determination to return home radiating from the words.

But then there is a twist! A beautiful bartender from Tennessee waltzes into his life! They donít get to talk for long, but the need to see her again is enough to cause Charlie to miss his ship home. Iím curious about getting to know more about Liz, too. She seems like an interesting character.

Great chapter!

- Emmi

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Review #4, by Freda_and_Georgina Secret Number 1

24th January 2015:
After reading the most recent chapter I thought I'd go back and review an older chapter. Okay, why can't Charlie just break the law and show his wife magic? That is seriously ridiculous. I don't blame Liz for running, she's not given any proof that her husband is telling the truth. But I know the bombshells coming up and I know it's for the better.

Love this story!

Author's Response: Awww, thank you SO much for yet another lovely review!

I agree, the Muggle Secrecy thing should be a moot point when it's your husband or wife.. butt, for the purposes of this story and all its secrets, it worked better for me that Charlie couldn't show her at first. :P

And you're right, the bombshell was definitely coming up, and it was most certainly for the better.

Thank you so much! *hugs*

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Review #5, by marauderfan Enough

24th January 2015:

ok, let me back up. I liked Liz's story about accidental magic. I'm glad she believes Charlie and that they're going to be okay. Which brings me to the END OF THIS CHAPTER WHAT IS HAPPENING. Not okay. Who is Amelia, really? Is she who she says she is? Or is she just angry at Charlie?

I am left wondering this: Where are the rest of the chapters because I need to find out all the things? :O Would it help if I send you annoying but supportive PM's asking you how the writing is going? :P


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Review #6, by marauderfan The Other Secret-Keeper

24th January 2015:


She's a witch?

Did I mention alskjdflkajsdlfa?

Talk about PLOT TWIST. I never in a million years could have seen that coming. I just... okay. I'll start at the beginning. When Amelia mentioned that she knew magic was real I was just like OMG NO WAY THIS IS SO COOL and then figured Liz must be a Squib? and wow, she's a witch but was never allowed to train as one! Did she ever make weird things happen? No releasing pythons from the zoo or anything?

I wonder if she'll recall anything when she sits down to think about it after she's no longer freaking out.

I am kind of furious at her mum though. It was a selfish move on her part to not let Liz learn about magic. But I can kind of understand it, if at that time was the worst of the war and everything.

And oh my, has she some interesting things to tell Charlie now. I wonder how he will react to the news about her actually being a Mulciber...


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Review #7, by marauderfan Secret Number 1

24th January 2015:
Happy Review Hot Seat Day!

CHARLIE. *headdesk* I can't believe he has avoided telling her for THIS LONG. But I guess once he's caught up in the lie, it's harder and harder to get out of it. I'm glad he's FINALLY TELLING HER though, it was about time he came out of the wizarding closet.

(there should totally be a term for that though, when you tell someone you're a wizard? like what type of enclosed space is distinctly magical? Ooh, I've got it: He came out of the Vanishing Cabinet.)

( /tangent. I'm sorry I have the attention span of a Pygmy Puff.)

Ahaha. Um, so Charlie didn't really do that very well, did he? I can think of a lot of better ways he could have said that. Also, doesn't the Statute of Secrecy allow him to demonstrate magic to her since they're already married? Otherwise that's a pretty harsh rule! If I were in Liz's place I'm not sure I would believe Charlie unless I saw some actual proof, so I can totally understand her reaction.

Oooh I think I know what Liz wanted to talk about, if the facts that a) she wasn't feeling well and b) she reacted really emotionally, are relevant. Hmmm...

what a mess they've got themselves in. I wonder how they are going to work this one out.

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Review #8, by magnolia_magic After the Battle

6th January 2015:
Hi Jayde! I'm here for your hot seat day, albeit a day late. I've been meaning to come by and review Keeping Secrets, and I am so glad I did! I read this chapter a while back, and it's great to get back into the swing of things :)

This is such a heavy opening chapter, and from a perspective that I often overlook when thinking about the Weasley family. I love that you chose Charlie to tell this story, because he is kind of the forgotten Weasley brother. The way you've fleshed him out here is so natural and believable. He is Fred's older brother, and I can see the protectiveness and guilt that comes from that dynamic. I hate to see Charlie blaming himself, but at the same time I'm glad you chose to start the story at this time of grief. This way we can see Charlie's healing journey, which I'm looking forward to a lot :)

I can't wait to learn more about Charlie's life with the dragons, as well as with the rest of the family. I love the relationship you've set up between him and Bill in this chapter, and it will be nice to see how that continues. And your OC! I can't wait to get reacquainted with her, it's been so long!

Your style is so pleasant and flows so smoothly; you have such a talent! I can't wait to read on! Great work, Jayde, and I will definitely be keeping a much closer eye on your author page from now on :)


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Review #9, by Freda_and_Georgina Enough

6th January 2015:
Hello, Georgina has returned. First off, this idea is amazing; Charlie married to a muggle who's actually a witch. I absolutely love Charlie as a husband, please write something with him as a father (I know JK Rowling's family tree had him in married but I don't really care, he's just so sweet!) I especially love how you have him react like it's the war when he was surprised and I'm wondering why Amelia is furious at him.

Post the next chapter soon!

Author's Response: Hello again Georgina! Again, thank you SO much for reading and reviewing this!

Aww! I'm glad you like the idea, and that you love Charlie as a husband! *blushes* And, a lot of people have been asking me to write more Charlie, so, who knows - maybe one day there will be something with him as a father, you never know. :)

I know you have been waiting forEVER for the next chapter, but I'm really hoping to get some more writing done on this soon!

Thank you SO MUCH! ♥

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Review #10, by likeness_of_a_seabird Enough

6th January 2015:
Hufflepuff Hot Seat Review, round two!

Oh, Charlie. Your story just keeps getting sadder and sadder. Hopefully there will be a ray of hope for you along the way.

I really liked the fact that Molly deals with her grief by doing the things she would normally do. That does sound like something she would do. When I read the part where you described how the Weasleys would be surrounded by a huge crowd every time they left the confines of the Burrow, I actually felt angry at the people for their inconsideration. I canít blame Charlie for wanting to disguise himself before he leaves the house.

I also canít blame him for wanting to return to Romania. I loved the way you described Charlieís feelings before and after returning to work. His feelings of not being able to deal with his grief at the Burrow where he is surrounded by memories of Fred, but also finding it difficult at first to get back to normal routine, felt so realistic.

And then Rita Skeeter. The way she almost tricks Charlie into giving her what she wants to hear made me so angry. It was so heartbreaking to see Charlie worrying about his parentsí reaction to the article that will be published, although I would be very surprised indeed if Molly and Arthur would react the way he fears they will react.

And the ending! Where are you going Charlie? Hopefully somewhere you can finally make peace with yourselfÖ

Great chapter!

- Emmi

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Review #11, by marauderfan Secrets and Surprises

5th January 2015:
ONE YEAR? HOW HAS HE STAYED THERE THIS LONG WITHOUT TALKING TO HIS FAMILY. oh wait, he has talked to them, but only in letters. And ugh I can't believe he still hasn't corrected Liz's assumption that all of them are dead. After a YEAR? I can't imagine that's going to go over well when she finally does find out.

Gahh that infuriating Statute of Secrecy! As if Charlie needed any more secrets to keep, and that one ehhh is kind of a huge secret. But after everythign else he's keeping hidden, I wonder if he would have told her about being a wizard even if he was allowed to? Probably not.

Grrr I'm irritated at Charlie for proposing to her when he still won't tell her that he's been hiding his family for a year! HE SITS ON A THRONE OF LIES! :p ugh I need to have words with him.

Ok, but when he said she was the Molly to his Arthur *heart melts* awww seriously that's so cute. And the rest of the chapter was adorable, her reaction especially. EEE! :D I'm so happy for them. BUT I'M STILL ANNOYED AT HIS SECRET KEEPING

Awesome chapter Jayde... and sorry about all the capslock! :p

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Review #12, by marauderfan New Development

5th January 2015:

Therefore, Charlieís main reason for missing his ship that next day haha... he missed THAT ship but he got a different one which is the Charlie/Liz ship. Aha, so clever. :p

I think I had too much coffee, forgive me...

Ahaha, I love that Charlie's first reaction when he finds out Liz wants to be a writer is to think of Rita Skeeter. For shame Charlie, definitely should have read more books :p

I love that Liz convinced him to talk to the girl he likes! And her reaction was so priceless :D I'm so glad they got some time to just chat and get to know each other out of the bar and can actually have each other's attention. Poor Liz, that was an innocent question and there's no way she could have anticipated Charlie's answer, and gah it's so sad because Charlie isn't able to get past his survivor's guilt and lets that stand in the way of moving forward as if he believes he's not allowed to be happy anymore. He needs Robin Williams to step in and repeatedly tell him "It's not your fault," Good Will Hunting style.

Great chapter, Jayde!

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Review #13, by Diogenissa After the Battle

19th December 2014:
Allo Mumsy--Happy Hufflepuff Hotseat Day! (a day late) :D

WELL, I must say this is chalk-full of sincere, honest and intense emotion that goes straight for the heart and succeeds more than well--it is intense and tangible, especially from Charlie and your heart goes out to him. It is almost like he is lost in this little world and one he feels safe in and doesn't want to leave (given the circumstances I can't blame him).

Bill's entrance is wonderful--being the older brother he knows Charlie very well as being the 2 eldest. Their connection is lovely and very intimate. No doubt as the eldest, they each feel the obligation to protect not only their parents, their younger siblings but each other, which is also very important and crucial. I love how Charlie comes to realize this is what Bill is there for in part. You can see and feel that closeness.

"Instead of answering his eldest sonís question, Arthur simply bit his lip and nodded his head slowly. ďItís your brotherís funeral,Ē he finally replied a few seconds later, sounding as though he was on the verge of tears. ďI know itís going to be hard, but your - your mother really needs you right now, and so does George.Ē" -- This entire paragraph sent shivers all over me, as it emphasizes the overall sense and need of a family to come together and support one another completely through such a time of tragedy. It is very pronounced and tangible here and you conveyed it very well through Arthur's eyes.

Powerful ending -- really sums up the whole of the chapter and all the emotions and feelings running through Charlie throughout.

Overall, straight to the heart as I said, hits home and a fantastic opening chapter. Very strong, beautiful and spot-on characterization along with the emotions. Beautifully done and thank you for a wonderful chapter (story)!

Karen xoxo

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Review #14, by Your Secret Santa Six Months Later

19th December 2014:
Awww Charlie got a girl! Sort of. AW!
Okay now I REALLY want to give him a bear hug!

Now to the serious business. I love that Charlie tried to escape to the US. I can totally see that being a place that nobody would look for him. Seriously, why would Charlie be in the US? I also love the fact that he was so baffled by all of the muggle travel restrictions. The whole part with the passport made me smile.

I also love the way you characterize Elizabeth. She seems really sweet, but has an air of mystery. I can't wait to get to know her better. I love the way that Charlie gets all nervous around her, but tries to make sure he doesn't embarrass her. That is really cute.

I think the whole theme with guilt is really important and interesting, and I can't wait to see where it takes him. I have a feeling he won't be going home anytime soon, but how will the guilt continue to effect him? Really interested to see how it plays out.

Once again this is an amazing chapter! I love the story, and I don't know why I haven't read it yet. I love it! I hope you are having a fantastic day!

~Your Secret Santa
P.s. Do you know why there is a \ after every contraction? I'm not doing it on purpose, I swear!

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Review #15, by Your Secret Santa Enough

19th December 2014:

Ok, now on a more calm note...
Once again you were able to write a beautiful chapter. You portray Charlie so perfectly! I love him so much, and right now all I want to do is give him a big bear hug!

I love the confrontation scene with Rita. I think you wrote her character perfectly, and it made me scream with anger! It was perfect! I could totally see her saying all of the wretched things she said, and now I want to punch her in the face. The fact that you made me feel those emotions through writing is incredible!

You are a very talented writer and I can not wait to read more! Sorry this was a short review, but if you will excuse me I need to go read more.

~Your Secret Santa

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Review #16, by Freda_and_Georgina The Other Secret-Keeper

18th December 2014:
Walking into a story called 'keeping secrets', I kind of expected a chapter like this one where several 'game-changers' (so to speak) are thrown at once. I think Liz moved quickly through the shock portion of hearing a secret (in my opinion, it goes denial, shock, anger) but the anger portion was definitely necessary. Can someone have magical powers and not use them for years/not know about them after a couple decades? Doesn't matter, you made it possible in this case.

Excellent chapter in an excellent story.

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Review #17, by likeness_of_a_seabird After the Battle

18th December 2014:
Hufflepuff Hot Seat Review!

Aw, poor Charlie! It's so heartbreaking to see him in such a state. And he thinks he's to blame for Fred's death? That's even more heartbreaking!

I loved how you portray Charlie: to me, he really comes across as someone who is mourning for his dead brother and who can't face his living family because he thinks he is responsible for his brother's death. I also liked how you made Bill and Charlie to have a special bond between them because they are the two eldest siblings. That makes perfect sense.

As much as I liked the beginning and the interaction between Charlie and Bill, the best (and the most heartbreaking) part of the chapter was Charlie speaking to Fred. I could literally feel his grief and guilt radiating from the words and that made me tear up a little bit. I hope he'll be able to open up to someone at some point and, more importantly, forgive himself.

This was a great chapter and I'm looking forward to reading more!

- Emmi

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Review #18, by writeyourheartout After the Battle

18th December 2014:

Ugh, what a sad opening chapter! Why was there no warning of the Fred feels that would happen?! Bad Jayde!

hahaha I tease, I tease. Really, though, as someone still in denial of Fred's death (outside of writing it myself, because I am a walking contradiction), this chapter really hits hard. I liked seeing this from Charlie's POV, though. Normally I see stories about the aftermath of losing Fred from George's POV - and once from Percy's - but I've never read one based around Charlie's reaction, and it was really emotional and opens up the fact that while George probably feels it the most, the rest of the family is heartbroken as well, and that counts double for Charlie, I think, seeing as he's really the least featured of the Weasley kids in the books.

I really liked the relationship you created between Charlie and Bill. Being the two oldest, it makes a lot of sense that they would be close and that they would understand each other the way we see them do here.

This part here just about killed me: Bill had always known how to comfort Charlie, and Charlie knew that Bill would be able to comfort him now... but Charlie didn't want to be comforted. A part of Charlie somewhere deep inside wanted to keep suffering in silence, to continue punishing himself with seclusion and guilt. - Gah, that's so, so sad and painful and raw and true. Survivor's Guilt is a very real thing, and it's reflected perfectly here. It's so hard to be the one who's left behind with nothing but these 'If only...' scenario's running through your head. You always think if you'd done one little thing differently, then things would have ended up differently, and that turns into blaming yourself. It's a deep, dark hole to dig yourself into, and I hope to see in later chapters that Charlie doesn't dig himself too much deeper into that abyss, because it is hard to crawl out of. Poor guy. :(

Ah, and then this line! Looking into the eyes of Ron, Percy, and Ginny would only cause him to wonder if they realized, as he did, that Fred's death was entirely his fault. - No, Charlie! It's not your fault! Gah! I just want to grab him by the shoulders and shake some sense into him! And that feeling of wondering if other people might blame you, too... Oi vey. You better be nicer to him later in the story, is all I have to say! ;)

The ending line was really powerful. That apology really makes an impact and hits you right in the feels. It was an excellent way to end the chapter.

I really enjoyed this, Jayde! I think it's a great, albeit terribly sad and heavy, opening chapter! I look forward to seeing where it goes from here! Good job! ^.^


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Review #19, by marauderfan Six Months Later

17th December 2014:
Haha, I love that he chose to get to America not on a plane, which would be the easiest, but on a ship. I mean, as a sailor I fully support this choice. But it still makes me laugh.

I can definitely understand how his planned escape from his past didn't work out as it just isolated him even more and gave him even more space to think about Fred's death, which is the opposite of what he was trying for. It does make sense for him to return now too, as Rita Skeeter probably still wouldn't be hounding him six months later. You wrote his loneliness very well, time seemed to have just gone by in a haze, and the only interesting thing is when he meets people in the bar.

The introduction of Liz was so great - she is quite a character! Telling her life story to a stranger in the bar, it was quite funny and I love that she caught herself right after it and mentioned how weird it was. She seems like the sort of person who has few secrets, if any, so she's already a perfect contrast to Charlie. I liked how instantly taken they were with each other! However it does put a spanner in the works in terms of Charlie's planned return to his family. Then again, I believe it's winter by this point in the story, and who wants to cross the Atlantic Ocean on a ship in the winter? Ew. Yeah, stay there Charlie :D I am really looking forward to see more of Charlie and Liz interacting!

Another excellent chapter, Jayde! :)

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Review #20, by marauderfan Enough

17th December 2014:
Okay. After getting distracted at your Poe-inspired fic (and I saw there's another one! but I'll get to that next time, I guess :P ) I'm here to show some love for Keeping Secrets!

Gah, I can't even imagine how horrible it would be, not only to be suffering after your brother's death and all the other consequences that come with a huge war, but having mobs of reporters outside your house! Ugh! I don't blame Charlie for hiding.

I think it was quite sensible for him to go back to work though and I could really understand that as diving into work and having all these important distractions is, for me, a familiar antidote to grief. Well, except that then he had Rita Skeeter following him there and essentially rubbing salt into all the wounds, I can't believe she was so vicious and horrible! (actually, I can believe that) Poor Charlie, I just felt so awful for him as he completely broke down.

I'm glad he thought to leave a note for his mum when he disappeared - she would absolutely worry out of her mind and so I'm glad she's at least aware of why she won't be hearing from him.

Ahh so sad and I hate Rita Skeeter. That is all.

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Review #21, by Your Secret Santa After the Battle

17th December 2014:
Hey MrsJaydeMalfoy!
1st of all I just want to make sure that you know that this is an AMAZING first chapter! It allows the reader to understand the plot, the context, and introduces the characters wonderfully. It really hooks the reader in and makes them want to keep reading (which I will)!

I think you portrayed the grief beautifully. In this one scene you were able to show how everyone deals with the loss of a loved one differently, and that made it that much more realistic. I also love how you showed the guilt that people sometimes feel after a death, especially of someone very close. That feeling that there was something they should/could have done to save them. You wrote this beautifully.

On a happier note I really love your writing in this chapter. You have an abundance of imagery and beautifully crafted sentences that make the story 10x better! You were able to show Charlie, Bill, and Arthur's feelings in a way that was truly amazing. I can tell from this 1st chapter that you are an awesome writer!

Keep up the amazing work, I can't wait to read more!
~Your Secret Santa

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Review #22, by marauderfan After the Battle

20th October 2014:

So, this is weird but I don't think I'd read much on your author page except the HC story from last year! What?! :O So I'm glad I happened to click on review tag at the right time as it reminded me to go read more of your wonderful work! :D

I've read very few stories about Charlie, so this was a nice change. And aghh, this beginning chapter was just so sad. I suppose everything post-battle of Hogwarts is sad, especially when we're talking about the Weasleys, but you really worked those emotions in and it was powerful.

I also like that you touched on the issue of survivor's guilt - of course Fred's death isn't Charlie's fault, but it's easy to understand why he would feel that way, and his self imposed isolation in his room makes a lot of sense. The contrast you drew between his tough and strong exterior as a dragon tamer, but underneath is really sensitive, was really great and makes him a very real character, and it definitely adds to what I think will end up being an important theme in the story, that of putting up a front (I'm assuming, based on the story title, haha.)

I hope Bill will be able to help him get through it, as they are both suffering the same thing, and Bill totally seems like the sort of person who's good at listening. I love the way you've written him here.

Guh, post-war fics about the Weasleys always make me so sad, but I do love them! This is a great new perspective for a post war Weasley story and really well done on the first chapter! :)

Author's Response: HI there! *hug*

Aw! I'm glad you clicked on the review tag at that time too, because I got this lovely review from you! ♥

It's very true, you certainly don't read many stories about Charlie, and that's partially why I chose to write about him here. There not being a lot of Canon or fanfiction about him made me want to explore him more in-depth, and it also gave me a bit more freedom.

Awww, I know this first chapter is quite depressing, but I promise the whole story won't be that way! And yes, you're right, pretty much anything post-Battle of Hogwarts is going to be sad; I'm glad you thought the emotion was powerful - thank you so much!

I didn't even really realize that 'survivor's guilt' was what I was describing when I first started planning out this story, but that's exactly what it is. And that guilt will play a HUGE part in what's to come later - it's basically the thing that gets the ball rolling with the whole story. And I thought it kind of made sense, in a weird sort of way, for someone with such a rough exterior to be so sensitive on the inside - although I know he's meant to be a bit of a tough guy, I just really saw him a bit differently. I'm so glad that you think it makes him very real, thanks so much!! *hugs*

I hope Bill will be able to help him get through it, too. We shall see. :P

Aw, thank you SO MUCH for this amazing review, dear! It really made my day and inspired me so much! *Squishes*

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Review #23, by cathpath Enough

10th June 2014:
Ooh, this is really getting going now. Can't wait to find out how
Liz adjusts to all this new information and how, with lots of tea no doubt, they all spill their secrets. How will Charlie react when he finds out about Mulicber? What other unintentional magic has Liz done in her life? Is Liz pregnant?
So many questions!
You are doing such a great job! Keep it up!

Author's Response: Hi there, dear! Thank you SO much for your review!

I'm going to try my best to get started on another chapter right now, (I know it's WAYY overdue!)

Thank you SO much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #24, by AIP Alexander Enough

29th April 2014:
PLEASE DON"T DROP THE STORY! This is the only story i have ever started and continued reading on Charlie Weasley or any other member of the Weasley family apart from the usual characters (Ron, Hermione, and next generation). Your plot line enthralls your readers to a point it would be cruel to leave your story unfinished

Author's Response: !! Oh my goodness!! Thank you so much!! ♥ This review seriously brought tears to my eyes and made my day!

I am most definitely NOT dropping this story, dear. I'm just having a little trouble making this next chapter cooperate. :P But I'm hoping to have it ready soon!

Again, thank you SO, SO much!! ♥

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Review #25, by Tris  Enough

29th January 2014:
Very creative. I hope she is pregnant and that was her secret. I hope you update son because this was a cliff hanger that made me want to keep reading!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I'm glad you think it's creative. As for Liz's secret, hopefully we'll find out soon! :) I'm sorry it was a cliffhanger but so glad that you want to keep reading! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I'm hoping to update very soon! ♥

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