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Review #1, by free elf 25 Three full stops (dot dot dot)

9th August 2014:
I really want to make these two my OTP. Adorable with capital squeals.

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Review #2, by LoveisFred Three full stops (dot dot dot)

1st February 2014:
this was adorable! i really enjoyed reading it xx

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Review #3, by DumbledoresArmyOfOne Oxford Commas

5th June 2013:
Molly/Dexter is probably one of my favourite ships in all the fan fiction i've ever read xD
They're just so ridiculous and adorable.
I love Molly so much as a character and the way you write them is so awesome :D

Author's Response: B'awh. They're definiately the favourite couple that I've ever written. THey're SO cute :D

I'm really reallly glad you like my babies :)

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Review #4, by Lilah Three full stops (dot dot dot)

20th March 2013:
I loved this so much!!! Adorable, witty and such great characterisation. Thank you!

Author's Response: Very glad that you liked it Lilah! :)

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Review #5, by Scribbly Doodle Three full stops (dot dot dot)

24th February 2013:
I've read this story four times, so I figured that probably means I love it.
I love it.
I don't love a lot of things or people, so its a pretty big deal.
This is my favourite romance on this site.
Not that I like a lot of romances.
I think Molly and Dexter are so in sync, they were kinda tailored for each other. Which is an oft used, rarely true statement.
It gives me hope that one day, I might find love.
Because, contrary to what most people believe, and contrary to what naive Molly thought at first, sour, sarcastic bitches also need love.
And a man who can blur lines between grammar and romance seems pretty divine to a freak like me.
Over and out.

Author's Response: Oh wow, Scribbly Doodle! Thank you for such a really really lovely review! I have an unconventional relationship with romance. In stories... I can sometimes bare it. In real life, the second someone tries to start writing me poetry I want to tear out my eyes... but I can believe in this pairing because they're so like... ack, I just think they're definitely the cutest pairing I've ever written about.

So glad that you liked it! :D


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Review #6, by aquabluez17 Propositions and Prepositions

21st February 2013:
i have read this story so many times its creepy lol :P

i love Molly/Dexter =) Great job with them seriously! that was such a strange yet great way for them to get togther

Author's Response: Ack! It's always great to know I'm not the only Mexter shipper. Thanks for the lovvveely review :)

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Review #7, by PolyJuice_ Propositions and Prepositions

29th December 2012:
In my last review I put "people cows" when I really meant just cows.

..though how cool would it be to have people-cows?

SO! A sequel, eh? But I already knew about this. Because I am from the future. Cue dramatic music. (I wish. Wouldn't it be awesome to have music in your life? I could record it and call it "Soundtrack to a Nutters Life.". Catchy.)

Okay. Totally lost my train of thought. You're amazing. Sheldon likes trains. I love Molly. Trains are big. I love Dexter. Big is a short word. I love you. Irony is a cool word. Keep writing. When you say word a bunch of times it sounds really funny. Don't stop. Wordwordwordword. Don't doubt yourself. wordwordwordwordwordowordwordwordwordfiveoutofsixteenwordwordwordword.

I typed that all out. No copying and pasting here, no siree.


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Review #8, by PolyJuice_ Causes, Pauses and Subordinate Clauses

29th December 2012:
Um. Would you do me a teeny tiny favour? Whatever course that required you to study all these English-ey it again. Because it gives you inspiration and all that stuff. And inspiration gives you chapters. And plunnies. And a happy Liz.



(Okay, no. That was a wimpy review. Ahem...

Dexter and Molly are the perfect couple. Seriously? If all relationships were half as good as this one is (fictional though it may be) then there would be world peace, and people cows would eat rainbows.

There. That fluffed it up nicely.)

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Review #9, by PolyJuice_ Oxford Commas

29th December 2012:
So usually I just skim over chapters that I've already read and have gone back to review. But this time I reread it. Purely because I love these two. :3

OH THE FEELS. They hurt so bad. In a good way.

I'm sort of sounding like an idiot right now. Kinda ditzy. And the amount of structure in this review is less than the emotional capacity of Ron. Jumping from thought to thought, all that connects them is space. ..which doesn't really connect things. Does it? I mean space separates things, but there's not just some big, black cavernous hole that--


Uh. yeah. I love this story.

And that's pretty much it for now.

I think.

So sayonara.

That's totally not how you spell it.

Oh well.



[hypothetical heart.]

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Review #10, by PolyJuice_ Three full stops (dot dot dot)

29th December 2012:
YAY! A CHAPTER DEDICATED TO ME! (There was a heart here. But it cut the chapter off. So imagine one.)


Molly and Dexter have quickly become my favourite pairing of yours. (and most other authors, now that I think of it.)

They're so cute! You know Hank and Katherine Green, yes? Some times they remind me of Molly and Dex. The post its just made me head desk. Silly Molly, so stubborn.

But the end made me squee. A lot. But ew. Really? his fork? Her pocket? UNSANITARY. My OCD just kicked in and it's protesting.

Um. So I've run out of space in my brain at the moment and so now I'm going to go and get some food.

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Review #11, by GubraithianFire Three full stops (dot dot dot)

6th December 2012:
I only just got around to finishing Abstract Nouns and now this, and I haven't read stuff in a long time and haven't reviewed for longer, but God, this is just too cute. I loved both fics -- I love Molly, I love her concerns and neurosis and grammar fixation (which, holy wow, that is more in depth knowledge than I knew was possible), I love her relationships with her family and friends. And Dexter. Oh, Dexter. Their relationship is so perfect in that it's absolutely not perfect. Somehow I think I preferred them before they got together because the sheer volume of supposed insults and passive-aggressive post-it fighting (I adore that anyway) became... I don't know how to explain it but I feel like it became overkill, like you were beating the point over the reader's head. But only a little bit, and never to a point where they became obnoxious. However that's my only criticism, because I think you've created one of the most wonderful weird but healthy relationships I've ever read. It's definitely my new fic otp (not that I want more about Molly and Dexter, exactly, because you put a bow on their story wonderfully). AND I also really appreciated the way we keep seeing Roxanne and Erin and occasionally Lucy pop up and we get to track their lives too. It's all so richly drawn, I feel like I knew them and their problems, though how much Molly can be trusted as a narrator is something I think is up for debate. Still... this is really amazing. I am utterly in love, and... gah, I don't really have anything else to say. This was wonderful. Thank you for writing Abstract Nouns and this, thank you for such indelible characters and such a compelling/not nauseating relationship. Really, this was marvelous. And a whole lot of other superlatives.

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Review #12, by Up and Away Three full stops (dot dot dot)

25th September 2012:
I love this story so much its insane. I've never given much consideration to Molly, but you wrote her beautifully and interestingly. Best of all, your characters were brilliant and imperfect just like real people and Dex was a real guy that I just fell in love with. Fantastic.

Author's Response: Thank you so much up and away! I really loved writing this story and Mary and Dexter were too of my favourite characters that I carved out, so I'm so glad that you liked them :)

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Review #13, by rez Propositions and Prepositions

11th September 2012:
hahahahaha! I already love this even more than abstract nouns! That was bloody hilarious! although out of all that fabulous wit, my favourite phrase was "I'm excreting rainbows." Hahahahah oh god. wish this story was longer, even though I haven't actually read the rest yet :P

I love Molly and dexter, really I do. They're my favourite part of abstract nouns and if this sequel had been about anything I probably would not even have considered it but this is amazingg. I do love her grammar chat up lines too. Definitely keeping those for future reference.

Author's Response: Awh, thank you very much Rez! I think this story has a lot less actual point towards it but it was really fun to write anyway. Pah, I actually loved that song and I e, yes.

I love Molly and Dexter too! One of the favourite couples I've ever written about for sure. Thanks for a lovely review :)


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Review #14, by You Have No Idea Who Three full stops (dot dot dot)

9th September 2012:
Awesome chapter!! I'm so sad this is the end. I love Dexter/Molly. It's just so much fun to read! You're a very talented writer and I look forward to reading your next story : )

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I loved writing this chapter and I'm really glad you enjoyed it. My faveey couple of all time and it was FUN to finish it like this :)

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Review #15, by vsk Three full stops (dot dot dot)

9th September 2012:

i'm sad that the story is over but at the same time i think you ended it PERFECTLY! lovelovelove this story so much if you couldn't tell already. thank you so much for writing this!

Author's Response: Ack! I'm sad that it's over too (although now I'm below my WIP limit I caan write new stories yay!) But they're bickering just WARMS MY HEART.

Thank you for such a lovely review! I loveess youuu :D


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Review #16, by Ginny45 Oxford Commas

22nd August 2012:
I connect so much to these characters it is insane. My coherent plan has gone downhill I think. Anyway, I love this chapter. The way the proposal and babies was brought up was excellent and completely in character.

The banter at the bottom about baby number four had me laughing like an idiot. The acting loved up and acting like the stereotypical "couple" was genius and very well executed.

Even Roxanne who you don't see for very long in the whole story acts how I would imagine her to react.

I can't wait to read the next chapter, I am sure it will be just as excellent.


Author's Response: Hey there Emma! I absolutely love these characters and this pairing has become one of my favourites that I've written of all time (pretty something, considering they came completely out of thin air), but this chapter was my favourite thus far.

Hhee, Roxanne you see more in the previous story but, well, I'm so glad you like it and thank you very very much! :)


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Review #17, by Ginny45 Causes, Pauses and Subordinate Clauses

22nd August 2012:
I still really love this. I adore how they have not changed their entire behaviour just because they are in a couple but their is still that slight shift in the dynamic. It is very realistic.

I also really enjoyed the look into Dexter. Even though this isn't in first person, the third person is focused on the characters so you still get that narrow approach. Like in HP where it is focused on Harry.


Author's Response: Yeah, I thought it was about time we got a closer look at Dexter (I had a fear he was going to wind up 2-dimensional), but more than anything I love writing the Molly/Dexter banter :D

They're just such a glorious couple! I can't help fall in love with them every time they talk :)


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Review #18, by Ginny45 Propositions and Prepositions

22nd August 2012:
I am going to try and make this review as coherent as possible.
I have not read Abstract Nouns but tomorrow it will be my first stop because I loved this so much. There is a lot of dialogue but I love dialogue, it makes or breaks a story for me.

I can't express how much I love the characterisation of Dexter and Molly. They are so perfect and despite this not being a novel long fic where you get to know the characters inside and out, I feel like I do. I may be horrendously bias though because as I was reading it, it really felt like I was reading the fictional equivalent of myself.

I am so glad I clicked on this story. For me your pacing was flawless and I could hear the conversation in my head with all the banter being thrown back and forth.

I love it so much, one of my favourite stories on the archive.


Author's Response: Hey there! You should definitely read Abstract Nouns if you liked that one - AN has a bit more of a focus on things, but there's a lot of dialogue that I had a blast writing and, ee, so glad you liked it!

Molly is one of my favourite characters of all time and Dexter is pretty up there too. She always feels pretty relatable to me, too, and I've had so much fun writing this.

So so unbelievably glad that you liked it! thanks so much :)


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Review #19, by Emandem Oxford Commas

20th August 2012:
Dexter and Molly have now officially become one of my favourite couples ever. This type of plotless 'let's-watch-them-living-happily-ever-after' stories usually bore me to death, but really, the dialogue is so amazing and they're so un-sickeningly perfect and easy, in that unconventional way of theirs, that I love it instead.

I'm going to end this review here before I get awkwardly fangirl-ish and freak you out. Bye

Author's Response: Aren't they just the most adorable? I usually hate those plotless things too, which was why I thought I was just going to write this and then never upload it but then... welll, I couldn't resist it. And I'm glad I did post it because of lovveellly reviews from people like you! :D

Thank you! :)


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Review #20, by Jane Oxford Commas

18th August 2012:
I never thought grammar could be so.. Sexy?
Well done :D


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Review #21, by Loony_Scorpy Oxford Commas

18th August 2012:
I adore this. It's so unconventional and different. I love their relationship. I love that it isn't typically mushy and fluffy, even though it kind of is in an abstract way. I also love that you put in the 'all the abstract nouns' line. Nice tying in ;) It's so hilarious too. Gah. I think this might be one of my favourite ships ever.

Author's Response: Ack, thank you! So this is sort of around the framework which I see the perfect relationship fitting around (pah, love working in titles in a really... you know.. subtle way :P) but e, it's the favourite ship I've ever written for sure :)


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Review #22, by You Have No Idea Who Oxford Commas

17th August 2012:
I love Dexter and Molly together so much! I can't wait to read more of them. Their banter is so fun to read! Awesome story!

Author's Response: I loves their banter! So glad you're enjoying it. Thank you very much! :)

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Review #23, by violet skies Causes, Pauses and Subordinate Clauses

16th August 2012:
oh my gosh I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Molly and Dexter are absolutely LOVELY together. Their banter is so amusing to read and I love their bickering ♥ They are so entirely entertaining and I'm so happy they're together. It seems so natural, you know? I got so excited when I saw you wrote a sequel to All the Abstract Nouns and everything so please update this as soon as possible! I can't wait to see the next few developments in Molly/Dexter because they are just so perfect. I ship them very much :D

Author's Response: Eee, thank you so much for this lovely review Violet skies! I love Molly and Dexter and their flirty banter and their bickering and I'm infinitely glad that I decided to write this story because it was so much FUN! All four chapters are now up so I hope you enjoyed/enjoy them :)


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Review #24, by ariellem Causes, Pauses and Subordinate Clauses

9th August 2012:

Ah, another Molly/Dexter, I've been meaning to review this for quite some time, they're defiantly one of my favorite couples, what with their witty banter and arguments.

This piece, is one of my favorites, it's like one long winded thought and so wonderfully constructed.

Author's Response: Thanks ariellem! I loved writing this bit and Molly/Dexter have got to be my favourite pairing too, actually, because of the banter and its just absolutely lovely. Hopefully, the next chapter of this will be up shortly :)

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Review #25, by You Have No Idea Who Causes, Pauses and Subordinate Clauses

5th August 2012:
I love this story! Molly and Dexter are too cute together and I love their banter. Awesome job!

Author's Response: Thank you! I love Molly/Dexter so much they're so cute so glad you're enjoying it!

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