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Reading Reviews for Fragments
2 Reviews Found

Review #1, by adluvshp .001 Ring

28th August 2012:
AditiDraco95 from the forums here with your challenge review (I am reading and reviewing all the challenge entries before I judge).

Before I go on, may I please request you to add "For AditiDraco95's Death Eater's Victim Challenge" in your summary or the author's note for this chapter? I think I must have forgotten to mention it. Thanks :)

Now onto the review. I quite like this story. I think you have a very interestingly written piece here using the one word "ring". I liked your characters - you gave enough depth to them as needed - and I liked your overall plot. The emotions were not too intense but raw still. Your narrative descriptions were well crafted as well. I liked the air of misery surrounding your story.

All in all, I think this was a good story, and I liked reading it. Good work!

Best of luck for the challenge results, I shall notify you once they're out :)


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Review #2, by eternalangel .001 Ring

18th July 2012:
Though this was short, this was a constructed and written very well. I like the fact that the reader is able to immediately identify with one of the main characters, Lucy Holmes, with the use of the ring on the necklace. In one move, you were able to create an emotional attachment from the reader with your character and put in some crucial information to set the story like which era it is set and what Lucy's point of view is on certain matters, which gives us a strong sense of her character.

Overall there isn't anything that I can critique on this chapter. It is solidly written and intriguing to boot. Excellent work!


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