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Review #1, by missclaire17 Prologue: Adelina's Entrance

13th July 2012:
i. am. CURIOUS.

its been a while since i've read a good marauders era fanfic, and i'm really picky about marauders era fanfic. like, REALLY picky.

i hate it when a good fanfic just completely messes up all of the marauders-era basics, such as marauders' secrets that they just wouldn't tell anyone, but somehow, the OC seems to know.

but i trust you. already. LOL
i cant wait!

Author's Response: Awh, thanks. This is my first real venture into writing Marauders, so I'll try not to disappoint. I'm glad you're interested! Thanks for the review! I'm going to try and keep this as canon as I feel it could have been. I'll try not to disappoint! :D

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Review #2, by angel_speaks Prologue: Adelina's Entrance

6th July 2012:
Emesias here with your requested review!

Grammar: These were the only ones that I spotted throughout:
...She laughed, although quickly halted the quickly giggles when she saw how... Did you mean the "girly" giggles??

The anger that had been broiling inside his came further forward... I think you meant "him" instead of "his". Aside from that, everything was all good.

Flow: So far the story is consistent and is flowing well. Just be careful of your tenses shifting. It's just one of those things that can really affect the flow of your story. (Trust me! I'm still trying to overcome this problem myself).

Characterization/ plot: So far, I think that you are off to a good start here with the plot. It's pretty early to be able to tell how the characters are developing. However, I like how you wrote Sirius into this story as its similar to the canon. Even though he's in a bad position, he still attempts to crack a joke. I'll just have to wait and see how the characters develop into the rest of the plot.

Overall, this story has definitely caught my interest and I'm excited to read more from it ^_^ Good Job! Please feel free to drop another request on my thread!

Happy Writing! 9/10

Author's Response: Thank you so very much for the review, it's very helpful!

Grammar is what I struggle with most - I'll try and proofread more! :D

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I hope you continue reading it!

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