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Review #1, by ariellem enemy.

5th August 2012:
YAY!! Another chapter!! This one with Pen/Oliver and Rolf/Luna. :) :)

What is Pen doing dating Rodger though? And who's Oliver's date??

Poor Percy, he gets up and gets all dressed up and then his date turns out to be evil!

What am I? Sergeant? Captain? Major? Lieutenant?

Author's Response: Ship all the ships! Yes! THANK YOU!! :)

Um. Well. Sorry if it was confusing, but Oliver and Pen like each other, but they don't think the other person likes each other. They each think that the other will date someone like them; Pen thinks Oliver wants a cheerleader, athletic type, and Oliver thinks Pen wants a genius guy. BUT. They try to make each other jealous by bringing a date close to the other person; Pen brings a Quiddich player, Oliver brings a girl in Pen's Greek class, because they're trying to make each other jealous.

And it's working.

Quite well.

Oh, Percy. *facepalm*


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Review #2, by ohmymerlin enemy.

5th August 2012:
AND PEN/OLIVER (poliver? onelope? not a very good ship name I must say) ACTION YES!
You're sense of humour is so hilarious, I can never stop laughing!
Percy is just so funny, I can't wait until he meets Audrey! dvxcjbhdgskjhbf
And the Sergeant/Captain/Lieutenant/Major thing, I was laughing so hard that no noise was coming out.
And Rolf as a pet ahahahahahahaha
As usual, this chapter was amazing and I can't wait to read the next one :D

Author's Response: hey, you :)

Oh, Luna. *facepalm*
Poliver! YES. Well. Not quite yet BUT it's getting closer.. :)

Thank you so much! Um.. I think there will be one or two more chapters until Audrey! :) hold tightish. Sorry.

Ahahaha I loved the whole Captain thing YES.
Rolf is officially a pet.


I give you ten out of ten cats as well. :)

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Review #3, by ariellem arrows.

31st July 2012:
Embrace your inner Hawkeye Percy.

Well, clearly that could have gone better, poor Jenny, and poor Pen, she's got to deal with all those stupid boys.

Rolf is definitively one of my favorites though.

Poor Percy, a girl hit him and he goes unconscious. :)

Author's Response: EMBRACE YOUR INNER HAWKEYE! Can I use this as an actual quote?

Pen.. oh, Pen.. and Jenny.. *headdesk*

Rolf! I love Rolf!

Thank you for everything, I love you.

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Review #4, by ohmymerlin arrows.

31st July 2012:
This story is so funny! Every time I read it I cry from laughter!
Thank goodness I'm home alone right now otherwise my family would think I have severe issues because I was clapping like a fat seal.
Rolf is definitely my favourite character! I've hardly seen any fics with him as one of the mains!
I love his dark, very creepy humour... probably because it reminds me so much of myself :p
NAW PERCY HE IS SO AWKWARD YET SO ADORABLE I always hated his character right from Philosphers Stone but fanfiction has made me love him and you've written him so wonderfully!
Oh and the chapter review before, I forgot to say how much I loved the 'exercise' they did! One minute twenty nine seconds? I was cracking up because that seemed like something that everyone who is on the internet would be like (me included) ;)
Now for this chapter; I love that Rolf is like a puppy to Percy, he's absolutely hilarious.
And the cat food ahahahahahaha
I like this spin of Pen as well, she's normally portrayed as this shy-who-never-speaks-more-than-two-words-to-a-cat kind of girl :p
And Percy shooting Jenny in the foot oh my gosh, that's hilarious!
I seem to say hilarious a lot with this story...
ANYWAY, fantastic chapter! Cant wait for the next update ;D
p.s. I want Pen and Oliver to get together like right now otherwise I may go criminally insane.
Oh who am I kidding, I'm already insane ;)
10/10 :D

Author's Response: Hey, you :D

First off, thank you so VERY VERY much for all your reviews and this one made me definitely smile and feel really amazing.

I'm so happy you find it funny, because I was scared that this chapter wasn't funny.. long story.

THANK YOU FOR LAUGHING AND READING because that means so much, thank you for liking it. :D "clapping like a fat seal" omg what is air.. Well. That's how I laugh. Quite so, my friend, quite so.

Rolf's attitude, like strange and creepy, is based on myself because well, I love dark humour! He's also based upon Sherlock Holmes, books and tv show and movie (RDJ not as good as Cumberbatch..) Well. That was in case you'd like to know a little Rolf fact (Which you probably didn't want to hear..)

I've never seen a story with Rolf as a main except Rolf/Luna and those are quite rare, but I've written a oneshot with awkward Rolf and weird Luna if you care to read.. SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION. Well. There will be Rolf/Luna but not a big thing. Rolf will mainly be Percy's best mate/pet/heterosexual life partner.

Percy is also another side of me, awkward and clumsy and just plain dorky.. Thank you for enjoying. He is a bitch in the stories and that's that, but he needed a new start, I suppose.

THE EXERCISE PART! Ermagerd. That was so fun to write and only 1:29 of running and the nerds were dying! I don't think I could've made it either! Rolf is adorableish. Kinda. But he's also really weird and I think we will see both sides come out. CAT FOOD! YES!

I like Pen too, I think Pen instead of Penelope is more of a fresh-start.. She's a nerd and awkward but not shy at all.. she's smart and fiery. FIERY. That's the word. She won't let liking Oliver shape her into a damsel in distress. She's a strong woman instead of "Ermagerd I love Oliver~!!" kind of thing. She's probably the second smartest in the "gang" (of English nerds, very threatening.) and isn't afraid to show it; but she has a temper. Right. Not shy, and I don't think she likes cats.. she's more of dog person, to me.

Jenny! Archery! Thank you :) Update soon. Soonish. Queue is five days so let's see about soon.

Pen/Oliver? Hmm.. I kind of want some to have a happy ending and some not to, so I'm not sure if this ship will sail.. yet. I mean, it's sailing, but just.. barely. They like each other, definitely, but expect Pen/Oliver with a twist? Well. More Pen/Oliver in the next two chapters, for sure.


thanks. xx

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Review #5, by ariellem sweat.

17th July 2012:
"I know! So many near-deaths, it's like Hanukkah came early!" Rolf said.

I'm Jewish and as you know I'm a Sherlock fan, so this was very much appreciated. By the way I forgot to point out in my last review that Rolf is David Tennant isn't he? Skinny and stick-uppity hair? I know what that means.

It means Ten.

And DFTBA? Someone's a Vlogbrother's lover.

"Try swimming!" Penelope said with faked enthusiasm, for she and Percy were watching Doctor Who and did not care to be interrupted.

I started humming the theme song along with Percy.

"Am I a bad person for laughing?" said Percy as Oliver was flat on his stomach, blood rushing from his head.

Rolf was too busy laughing to answer.

So many lovable comments and references. Honestly this is one of the best stories, I've ever read, I've said that last chapter and I'll say it again. It's really hard to find a story that I've laughed at like this.

You and I need to talk Doctor Who/Sherlock/Vlogbrothers and all the other fun things, like the Avengers!! You're still on the forums right?

Oh I just noticed it was dedicated to me, I'm so excited!! I may just cry! :')

Author's Response: of course it was dedicated to you! :) you're my inspiration!

thank you so much for all the reviews, they really mean so much and they make me so happy. It sounds quite odd, but I suppose that is the truth.

thanks so much, I'm so happy you're enjoying it, and I love dropping all those little references :D

thanks again for everything :) Yes, I like Charlieissocoollike :D DFTBA.

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Review #6, by ohmymerlin sweat.

17th July 2012:
this is one of the funniest stories I have ever read!
I absolutely LOOVE Percy and Oliver
and Rolf...
and Pen...
I can't wait until he meets Audrey, it's so exciting!
Just one thing, I do believe 'Quiddich' is spelt as 'Quidditch'
sorry, it's my inner spelling nerd coming out to play :p
anyway, I can't wait to read the next chapter :D
10/10 :D

Author's Response: hey you :)

Thanks so much for all your reviews :) They make me so happy! THANK YOU!! Glad you're enjoying it. :) I will change it stat! and that's okay, I have an inner nerd too, it's just.. more outer than inner, I suppose.

Thanks for everything! xx

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Review #7, by YouHadMeAtHogwarts bowties.

16th July 2012:
"Percy, you informed her that she sells her body for money."

"Oh. Not good?"

"Not good at all." Bill said.


Author's Response: glad you liked! xx :)

thanks so much for the review!

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Review #8, by YouHadMeAtHogwarts cats.

16th July 2012:
Shit just got real." Oliver Wood said dryly, tossing Percy's television remote in his hands.

"Okay, then," Percy said even louder. "I WILL DELETE YOU."

hehe,this made me laugh.

annnd love Doctor who and Sherlock. Also LOVE LOVE LOVE The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy :D

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! Glad you liked it!

I love all three of those, let's be friends. :D

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Review #9, by javct bowties.

13th July 2012:
I read this story a few days ago and forgot to review, so here I am! To review!

I do love a good Percy&Audrey story (side note: AH! Arthur Darvill is the perfect Percy *runs away to put him under faceclaim* and Karen will always be Audrey/Lily Evans to me)

There aren't enough Percy&Audrey stories in the archives *sad face* Ariellem writes some amazing ones and now I've found you! (I also read when Percy met Audrey) *throws fist into the air*

Back to the story. This story is brilliant so far. I'm not usually one to read humour stories (love me some angst) but this was brilliant (it even made me laugh which is an accomplishment in stories) The way you wrote this was perfect and the other side almost-ships you had were amazing as well (Are you hinting at Pen&Oliver? Because if that happens, then I will love you forever!)

*story favourited, author favourited* Can't wait for the next chapter! PS: I am sorry for my ramblings, I'm very tired.


Author's Response: AHH! :D Okay, first, thanks for the lovely review, and thanks so much for taking the time to write it :)

I love Percy/Audrey too, and they're so underrated! Hahah I love Arthur Darvill. And no, there aren't enough :(

Thank you so much, it really makes me glad that you actually laughed, because I never do, so that's really awesome. Thank you for liking it and reviewing it, you're amazing.

THANK YOU and I love you, and I love your ramblings and they're totally okay. THANKS :)

*secretly fangirling over your review*

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Review #10, by lizmusic45 cats.

12th July 2012:
I don't know why this story doesn't have more reviews, because to be honest I think you got everyone's personality down perfectly. I freaking love Ginny, I love her to death.

Ginny is the way I always had hoped to write her, but I can't write anything longer than a one-shot so kudos to you.

I loved this chapter!


Author's Response: Thank you so much for the lovely review!

I'm glad you liked Ginny, there's going to be more of her, and I'm so happy you thought I nailed the characters, that means so much.

Glad you enjoyed, thanks again for taking the time to write such a lovely review!

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Review #11, by ohmymerlin bowties.

12th July 2012:
i was laughing the whole time :D
cant wait to

Author's Response: Ahh! Thank you so much again!

I love your reviews, they make me want to write more :) I'm glad you liked it, more is on the way, and thank you so much for taking the time to write such a lovely review!

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Review #12, by ariellem bowties.

12th July 2012:
Literally cannot breathe, this is one of the best comedy pieces on HPFF, I have not laughed so hard in a long time! I was planning on copying down all my favorite quotes, but I can't do that because they are all hysterical!

Sherlock and Watson are cats!!! River's an owl!! Percy can't speak french!!

I need another chapter, stat. You have inspired me to write another Percy/Audrey one-shot! Only this one has time travel!

Author's Response: OMG, you thinking that it's one of the best comedy pieces means /so/ much to me, I don't know what to say. But I'm grinning like a madman. Or madwoman would be more appropriate, I suppose.

Thanks so much for liking the quotes, I cannot believe that I'm an inspiration to anyone, let alone my absolute favourite author on here.

Sherlock is a black cat, John is light brown turning grey, Moriarty is dark brown and Lestrade is grey. I think I may have done that on purpose. You caught the River part! AHHH I didn't think anyone would so that makes me happy, of course he can't speak French, he's a doofus.. but we love him :)

More to come soon, with more dates to piss off and more Penelope/Oliver.. but their relationship may be a little less straightforward.

Spoilahs. Like a River.

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Review #13, by ohmymerlin cats.

8th July 2012:
ive never seen a percy fic like this!
i love it! and is there going to be a penelope/oliver pairing ;)
anyways, cant wait to

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the lovely review!
Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed, but that would be spoilers ;) okay, yeah, there will be.
Thanks again for taking the time to write such nice review!

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Review #14, by ariellem cats.

29th June 2012:

Ah, I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. :)

Author's Response: oh my Gallifrey, thank you so much for taking the time to review!
I'm glad it was funny, and Percy is just a male version of me, so, pretty damn awkward.
I'm so happy you thought it was funny!
Thanks again for taking the time to write such a lovely review, I hope every chapter can be funny!

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