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Review #1, by mysuv1 Chapter 21, Epilogue: Rose Weasley

21st December 2015:
thank you a different view of Rose. I like this one. May be one day you can write companion that shows their lives.

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Review #2, by tiggertilson Chapter 21, Epilogue: Rose Weasley

6th December 2015:
I just learned about fan fiction while auditing an English class about Harry Potter. Your work is amazing! I am so pleased to have found this. How nice to see all these familiar characters again, and see what their lives have become. An excellent story. Rose Weasley and Viktor Krum? Who would have thought...
Thank you so much. Your efforts are much appreciated.

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Review #3, by Elane Chapter 21, Epilogue: Rose Weasley

4th November 2015:
I really enjoyed this! I actually couldnt stop reading until I reached the end. I love how you brought such depth to a whole new aspect to this world we all love so much.

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Review #4, by LittleMissAutumn Chapter 21, Epilogue: Rose Weasley

29th August 2015:
Ahhh! I just read your entire story and I absolutely loved it! I never would have thought to put this pairing together but I just adore them, especially now that that they're going to be like the wizarding Bonnie and Clyde. Your banner for this is perfect and I pictured Michael Fassbender as Viktor the whole time and I think he's a perfect fit (and so dreamy too)!

This was such a creative idea and Rose's background story was perfect, as well. You really got into detail with the publishing process and the steps of writing a book. Magnificent. 10/10

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Review #5, by Clare Chapter 21, Epilogue: Rose Weasley

17th May 2015:
I happen to come across ur FF n I think it is really good, especially for a first timer. Lovely effort dear. Hope u writes more. Except though, if u could perhaps make it more original, that would b brilliant. See the plot was enjoyable but I am afraid that it was predictable too...there were cliche'd bits n parts in it.but the way u told ur sorry is good. Take care, write more n b proud of ur writing skills once in a while(ur ego needs a boost)

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Review #6, by Tiffany L. Chapter 21, Epilogue: Rose Weasley

29th October 2014:
Just finished! Life has been so stressful lately, and immersing myself in such a great read has done wonders! I loved the complexity plot, the character development, the suspense and plot twist at the end... You most definitely deserve that most original work title! Thank you again for such a great story; I'm looking forward to reading more of your writing!

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Review #7, by ruby_slippers Chapter 21, Epilogue: Rose Weasley

1st July 2014:
Oh my goodness! WOMAN! All the feels. Seriously I need a moment.
Wow. So for a moment there I actually thought Rose was dead. Proper dead. 6 feet under dead. I wasn't dealing too well with that. Seriously, I was actually sitting in the tea room at work reading this on my phone begining to tear up and being like "pull your s***t together girl!" haha.
If she had died after all the crap the two of them went through ... Straight up would not have been able to handle that hahaha.
So bottom line I completely loved this story. Loved your depictions and recreations of Krum, Rose and all the classic characters and how you spun it all together. Never would I thought a Viktor/Rose pairing would have worked but oh my did it. Totally shipping this now!
This is one of my favourite fan fictions ever. Can't wait to read even more of your stories.

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Review #8, by N_Nana Chapter 21, Epilogue: Rose Weasley

24th March 2014:
You were great.
Really, it was worth the effort. I think that you are going to be published one day - I'm sure abut it. Two things you need to improove:

1st: You were doing a great job at character description. There was really a feeling of Victor's presec. He was very mysterious and it was clear as day why rose would fall for him. Charming really. But there was something missing in terms of character development. He kind of stayed the same mysteriaous stranger for the rest of the story. I think he would have needed some softening. Some habbits or quirks to show that Rose was really getting to know him. You described him perfectly from the outside, but there was something missing to make him a real person rather than an ideal. I hope what I mean is understandable - can't get the words quite right.

2nd: The ending is missing something. Maybe it was not the perfect moment to break off. I havent quite figured it out. The problem is, that you have kind of explained everything they are going to do in detail bat it still feels like your leaving them hanging in mid-air. The end doesnt feel solid. Maybe it would have been easier to tell the last part of the last chapter at a time in their future. Some years later when they look back. It would have been easier to make their situation and surroindomgs feel real... Just guessing there. As I said - I just feel like it's not quite right. Might just be something minor.

And last: I was so shocked when I thought Rose had died! You had my crying there! As bad as it felt for me - I think it shows just how great a job you were doing. Your characters found their way right into my heart.

Keep going. I'm sure you're headed in the right direction ;-)

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Review #9, by maikedrei Chapter 21, Epilogue: Rose Weasley

16th February 2014:
I really enjoyed your story! I didn't expect it to be so good, because the pairing is really different.. but you discribed both characters so well and they had a real connection
The end unfortunaly was a bit sudden,but that doesn't matter! Please do more storys like this and congrats to the win of Dobby's!!

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Review #10, by maskedmuggle Chapter 21, Epilogue: Rose Weasley

10th December 2013:

Woah I've finally reached the end of this story after reading it very slowly over the past several months! It's been a really great read and I think I may have said this before but congratulations on finishing your first ever novel, especially since it's such an awesome one!

The last chapter (Chapter 20) definitely felt so incredibly intense with Regina/Rose's "chat" and the knife fight, and I definitely did not expect Regina to be that crazy at all! I was super eager reading the beginning of this final chapter to find out what the legal implications would have been - and finding out Viktor had tampered with the evidence and was now sentenced to life in prison was really surprising but also something that I found quite believable. I love how through Viktor's actions you can see how much Viktor has changed and how well Rose/Viktor fit together.

I did personally find it slightly surprising to believe that Albus would help break Krum out and that Rose would be willing to live life forever on the run but.. I guess love and family really does trump everything else!

Although it's taken me so long to get to the end, I really have enjoyed reading your super original story! As I've said before, I love how unique the Rose/Viktor pairing is, and how you characterised them individually as well. You're a really brilliant writer and this story was truly amazing.

- Charlotte :)

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Review #11, by alexaemd123 Chapter 21, Epilogue: Rose Weasley

9th December 2013:
I loved it! One of my favorites definately! Loved it!

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Review #12, by alexaemd123 Chapter One: Prologue: The Man In The Suit

2nd December 2013: excited! Can't wait to read this! Sounds pretty amazing so far!!

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Review #13, by R_Elizabeth Chapter Two: Joseph Heart

17th November 2013:
Bad first - so sorry - million-dollar flat? Surely you mean pounds or sterling or some form of wizard currency?

But now the good - yay! Absolutely love the 50 Shades of Grey criticisms, whether they were on purpose or not (I assume they were though), I just love it. Brilliant surmising of the concept and the whole popular book concept.

I might now quote this to my friends - and when I say might, I will, because they all love 50 Shades of Grey; I however will forever be an Austen fan.

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Review #14, by SuperMegaFoxyAwesomeHot Chapter One: Prologue: The Man In The Suit

18th October 2013:
Okay, sistahh friend. (Assuming you are female, if not, then honorary sistahh friend!) What can I say about your story, besides that I think 'tis fate I stumbled upon it on this unlikely day? I haven't been on this website in literally like three years. I had pretty much forgotten it even existed, until today, when a random tickle in my head suggested I check what this website has been up to in my absence. I saw this story on the Featured section, and it caught my eye. The cover is stunning, the summary you provided even more so. But, to be honest, what really caught my attention was that the actors you chose to "portray" Rose and Viktor, so to speak, are Karen Gillan, and - wait for it - Michael. Freaking. Fassbender. 'Twas love at first sight with this story. I knew that anyone who would choose to use Mr. Fassbender's amazingly gorgeously scrumptious likeness on their cover was someone whose story I needed to feast my grubby little eyes upon. And feast I have thus far, my writer friend!

Since the first sentence, I could NOT stop reading this gem. I was a helpless little fish (with stunningly beautiful scales, of course) minding my own business in the river when BAM! You caught me, hooked me, reeled me in, and threw me from my oblivious existence into a magical flowing rainbow of a river, shades of Intriguing Plot, tints of Witty Dialogue, and colors of ZOMGASDFGHJKL all make up this delightful rainbow.

I have only been able to read to Ch. 7 or 8, as it is time for this gal to go to bed. But I am so glad I found this story, because it is entertaining and Forbiddduun Romaance makes my heart go BOOMBOOM, baybe. I will review more tomorrow and go into detail. This review is weird and rambling because I'm tired. BUT YOU SEEM DELIGHTFUL, AND I WANT TO KNOW IF YOU HAVE A TUMBLR SO I CAN STALK, ER, FOLLOW YOU ON IT, AND AND AND MICHAEL FASSBENDER ASDFGHJKL! xD

Also, Viktor/Rose is honestly one of the weirdest pairings, but...they way you're writing it is captivating. And - and I mean this as a compliment! - so far, the way you write them doesn't make me think of Rose and Viktor from HP, it makes me think of YOUR version of them. You've made them your own in this, given them your own voice, which is great! It makes this feel more like OF than FF. Both of which are fantastic, of course. :)

Take care, and God bless! AndtellmeyourTumblrnameifyouhaveoneplease. Xoxoxo. :)

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Review #15, by Julah Chapter 21, Epilogue: Rose Weasley

14th September 2013:
that was a really good story, very well and carefully written, original plot - i liked it very much! congratulations! i hope there will be more finished novels in the future!

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Review #16, by maskedmuggle Chapter Fifteen: Peter

28th August 2013:

Ahh poor Rose! I feel so sorry for her, and almost don't believe it myself that Viktor would do such a thing. It definitely seems strange after their -mostly positive - interactions yesterday.. but I thought it was made very clear just how distraught Rose was.

I also liked seeing this "new" side of Peter. It's interesting because Krum in canon seems like a fairly decent guy.. I can't help paralleling how when Hermione was with Krum he seemed "good".. and how Rose will hopefully eventually turn Krum around. I'm actually wondering whether Rose will find out about Hermione/Krum.. I'm hoping she will.. because I'd love to see her reaction to it! As always, I enjoyed reading this! :)

- Charlotte

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Review #17, by maskedmuggle Chapter Fourteen: Regina McFey

28th August 2013:

It's been forever.. but um, I'm so glad I finally get to read this story again! It appears that you're not really satisfied with this chapter, but I think you did quite a good job with it! I found the whole Regina McFey part really intriguing. What I really liked was how you said this: She was authoritative, commanding, and more than a little scary., but then you also showed it really strongly through her dialogue and the way she was talking to Rose.

It's interesting seeing Rose and Krum back together again (as in, talking to each other). I'm actually really starting to root for them now - and I don't think I really was before now. :P So I thought this was a great chapter - well written as always! Moving on~

- Charlotte

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Review #18, by WeasleyTwins Chapter Four: Mr. Brooks

12th August 2013:
Hello Becky! I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get back here! I should be kicked.

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy the excerpts at the beginning of each chapter? We get to see Rose as writer and also Krum as an emerging character without him appearing yet. It's genius and something I don't see often in fanfiction. I like how the excerpts have a different writing style than the story's, giving it an genuine quality.

I have to tell you that I laughed several times -

"And somehow Rose couldn't imagine Viktor Krum being up for a chat in the loo."

"Rose found herself looking around the room as though expecting to see him ducked behind one of the large swivel chairs or else crouched beneath the table like a child playing hide-and-seek."

Honest to goodness, I was just dying with laughter. The images those two sentences create are too funny, at least, to me! Very smart on your part for they broke up Rose's tension very nicely.

I'd like to say that I love the symbolism behind Rose's office. It's much like her grandfather's. They both started at the very bottom and move upward (assuming that Rose rises in ranks, but again, she obviously writes a book, so I'd say that's a yes). It also connects the two of them in a very subtle, understated way, showing that the hardest workers often take longer to reap the benefits. Or maybe it's just a Weasley thing. :P

I have a feeling that although Krum is going to be hesitant and whatnot, that he'll warm up once he finds out that Rose is Hermione's daughter. That's just a hunch though. I'm very curious as to why Krum has no idea about this book deal and why the lawyer seems to be orchestrating the entire scenario. For that reason alone, I don't like Brooks. Maybe I should, but I don't. He's too much of a shrew and has an attitude (guess that's why he makes a good lawyer!).

I wish I had more to say to you, Becky, but I've got nothing! Your descriptions and characterizations are impeccable. This story should win a Dobby award this year - you will in my book, anyway! I can't wait to continue reading! ♥


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Review #19, by Beeezie Chapter Four: Mr. Brooks

15th July 2013:
Oh, dear.

I know Heart said he didn't want a sports writer, and he wanted someone to give Krum depth, but as a huge sports fan, the cynic in me could totally see what he was saying, and the sad part is that I can also see how it would play to people, especially he's an athlete. Stories about fallen athletes with substance abuse problems are a dime a dozen. Redemption stories are something everyone seems to like.

And, if it wasn't already clear that Heart was very bottom-line, get-the-story-at-all-costs, this definitely would have hammered it in. Sending Rose in unprepared like that was ridiculous, and I'm curious to see how she handles it.

And, of course, once again, you made a great choice in what you chose to reveal in the excerpt of Rose's book at the start of the chapter. But that's nothing new.

Lovely, lovely job.


Author's Response: I had to play around a lot with just why and how Rose would find herself in the position of writing Krum's book. It felt like she needed to go into it without any real bias, so making her a sports fan didn't feel like a good fit. But why else then would she be given the job? I'm glad Heart's reasoning felt sound. He wants to give Rose a chance at something big, but he also wants to maximize profits.

Thank you for the string of lovely reviews. I'm so tickled you picked to read a few chapters on this story for the House Cup! Thanks again!!

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Review #20, by Beeezie Chapter Three: Albus Potter

15th July 2013:
Yeah, again, I loved the excerpt at the beginning of the chapter. It's nice to get the backstory bit by bit like this - as I said last review, it's a great way to give the reader (or at least, this reader) relevant information that doesn't readily fit into the narrative in a graceful way.

I really enjoyed the interaction between Rose and Albus this chapter. (Well, I'd better have, since it was most of the chapter!) I felt like I got to see more of Rose's personality than I had when she was at work dealing with her boss's rantings and ravings, and again, you worked some interesting information about her life in quite nicely. Maybe Albus is right that she's no fun anymore or maybe he's not, but the perception does say something about her character, and this chapter really started making me wonder along with Krum who had gone over the edge in this affair.

(Maybe both? That's usually the right answer.)


Author's Response: Isn't writing backstory the worst?! It's so true about having to try and insert it in graceful way!

I'm glad you enjoyed the Rose/Albus bits. Al turned out to be a more important character than I anticipated. He doesn't really influence the plot, but he has a way of holding a mirror up to Rose and making her take a look at herself and her life.

And I think both is the right answer! At least that's what I hope readers walk away with by the end.

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Review #21, by Beeezie Chapter Two: Joseph Heart

15th July 2013:
I loved the excerpt from her book that you had at the beginning, for two reasons. First, it gives us some important backstory on what happened to Krum after DH in an elegant, natural way. Now I feel like I understand the bitterness last chapter better than I did - or at least, now I'm attributing it to something different. Second, the implication of that excerpt being from chapter one seems to me to be that the book is largely about Krum as an adult, not Krum's entire life, which is really, really interesting.

I also loved the first glimpse we got of Rose and her boss. He was so fast-paced and difficult, and it's interesting to see her handle him. It makes me wonder whether she'll be able to handle Krum in the same way...

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked the book excerpt. I really toyed with how I wanted to unroll his backstory, and this felt like a good compromise: small snippets that give the reader just enough details to fill in the blanks themselves. I hadn't really thought about the fact that I skip over so much of his younger years, but looking back, I always wanted this story to be Rose's journey, so I guess I subconsciously chose to have him near the end of his "growing pains."

I'm glad you liked Rose's boss too! He's a fun character to write in that he's so outwardly abrasive but actually good-intentioned at heart.

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Review #22, by Beeezie Chapter One: Prologue: The Man In The Suit

15th July 2013:
I really love what you've done here. We know so very little about Krum, other than that he was a relatively decent sort of guy who liked Hermione and got a lot of glory when he was still very, very young.

But that's enough, I think, to make this work and to make it plausible. It's not shocking that someone exposed to so much fame so soon would end up getting swallowed by it. The bitterness and distress I can see in him fits so well with that backstory, and I'm really intrigued to read on.


Author's Response: Thank you, Beeezie! The fact that we know enough about Krum to give him an interesting backstory but not enough to have to obsessively worry about keeping him in-character all the time is one of my favorite parts about writing him.

I'm glad the set-up feels believable. A lot of people can handle fame well, but I think being exposed to it so relatively young increased the risk of sending him down a bad path.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #23, by WeasleyTwins Chapter Three: Albus Potter

14th July 2013:
Hello Becky! I'm back again.

I read your response to that last review - I pretty much love that you're one of those authors who wants to be "readable." It's refreshing. Being an English major was so difficult in college because all we ever read was Literature-with-a-capital-L. Enjoyable sometimes, but an easy read? Almost never. But anyway, I like that you don't strive to try and meld "Literature" and fanfiction. You just give us a good story. A really awesome story, actually.

Anyway, the story! I love Albus and Rose here. So realistic, so not your typical, I'm-Harry-Potter's-son-and-therefore-I'm-the-best-in-every-aspect. It's refreshing to see these characters with some personality and some reality about them.

I do have one little nitpick - you're fabulous at dialogue (I ENVY you, really, I do), but this one sentence at the beginning was a bit off for me: "Whatís the matter?" - I don't know, it just seemed a bit stilted. The rest of the dialogue is so off-hand, very natural, but for me that sentence is stiff. "What's wrong" or something like that seems more appropriate. But, I'm nitpicking, ignore me.

You always tell me that you enjoy a good ending to a chapter. Well, Becky, you sure know how to write one (What am I talking about? You write /everything/ with brilliance). You're tying in the first chapter now, but we don't know until the next one, and even then, maybe not! It's great suspense without being facetious.

It's all impeccable and I feel bad for even nitpicking at one line. I enjoy every chapter more and more. I fear I'm going to run out of things to say very quickly, and I'll surely run out of adjectives with which to praise you!

Shelby ♥

Author's Response: Hi, Shelby. And thank you! I don't have an English or literature background, so all my college reading and writing was always, "just the facts, ma'am." I think a part of me still crafts stories like they're essays!

I'm so glad you Al and Rose in this chapter. Giving characters personalities is one of my favorite parts of writing, and the farther from perfect they are, the more fun it is.

Thanks for pointing out that line. I don't mind nitpicking or CC of any kind. I'll definitely give it a second look. Dialog is always so tricky, especially when you're trying to hear it as it's spoken in a country you've never been to!

I'm so glad you liked the ending! This is the only story I've ever written start to finish, and it was a learning process, especially with pacing. But I do try to write with the philosophy that every chapter should end with some sense of where we are headed next -- to keep that forward momentum -- even if we don't know how it will play out.

Thank you for this lovely review. You're going to give me a big head if you keep saying such nice things!!

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Review #24, by academica Chapter Three: Albus Potter

6th July 2013:
Hey, here for this month's review battle :)

I like how you made Rose and Albus pretty close because it indicates that the friendship suggested for them in the canon epilogue actually happened and ended up continuing into their adult lives. There's something comforting about that continuity to me, and I think it helps to ground this story despite the introduction of unfamiliar territory (next-gen adults, a depressing Krum, et cetera). Don't get me wrong, I like the edgy tone of this story, but even this tumultuous moment just made me feel more at ease with the story and I appreciated it especially since I haven't been by in a while.

I like your Albus a lot, too. I don't read a ton of next-gen but it seems like often Albus carries some childish qualities into his adulthood, especially if people like James are there to overshadow him. But your Albus seemed like a regular guy, and it was sort of nice in a weird way to see him struggling with independence just like Rose. He's been dating the same girl for years but is having trouble forming an adult relationship out of that, and Rose is having to face financial independence and avoiding having to move back in with her parents (if that's even an actual option for her).

Overall, the characterization is just very nice here, and it'll be neat to see what happens next with the book. I also liked Rose's very rude neighbor--she was sort of amusing in a Dursleyish way, but mostly she just made me feel really bad for Rose, who faces the additional obstacle of concealing her true self from her bewildered Muggle neighbors.

Nice work!


Author's Response: Hi, Amanda! Thanks so much for tagging me for the review battle.

I'm so glad you liked the introduction of Albus and Rose's friendship here. He isn't a main character in the story, but he does pop up every now and then, usually to point Rose in the right direction, even if he doesn't know he's doing it. I see them as having an almost brother/sister dynamic, both far from perfect but a good balance for each other.

I'm glad you liked Al as a character too. He really is meant to be an "everyman," just trying to figure life out, making that transition into full adulthood. They are both in that phase of life where they have left the nest but haven't really created nests of their own yet.

To me, Mrs. Larson is part Dursley, part Mrs. Figg... and not in a good way :P

Thank you so much for the review! I really appreciate the comments!!

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Review #25, by WeasleyTwins Chapter Two: Joseph Heart

22nd June 2013:
Hello AW! I'm back for another chapter!

You know, I'm going to be blatantly honest when I say that many times in fanfiction, I have to force myself to read and respond to stories. A lot of times they lack readability/reader interest and it's simply becomes a chore. However, you really have that readability factor. You remind me of Mitch Albom. Granted, he's not really your literary, Literature-with-a-capital-L kind of writer, but there's something about his style that makes you want to keep reading. You've definitely got that. All I want right now is to read all of the chapters and leave you a massive, detailed review at the end. That wouldn't be fair, so I'll contain my anxiousness to know what happens!

I enjoyed the bit of Rose we see in this chapter. We see internal monologue, how very observant she is, and that little tidbit about her dreams of becoming a writer. It's a wonderful without being facetious. I think a problem, at least for myself and other writers I know, is that you want your readers to know everything, all at once, about the characterizations. You just want to give every flaw, quirk, and admirable quality they possess; you want to write a three hundred page dissertation. But again, you're such a fantastic writer with so much ability that it's all very intentional and perfect.

And I have to say, the language - I think it's brilliant. There are plenty of people like that. It's one of those little details that are done so well! Oh, also, your use of the word "flumuxed" - I believe it's spelled "flummoxed." But anyway, I love that word! I like to think that some words are simply more awesome than others and that makes my list!

A nonsensical ramble and not a bit of CC (no need for it!), but I hope you know how much I enjoyed this chapter! Excellent!


Author's Response: Hi, Shelby! I was so excited when I saw you posted another review!

I like honesty in reviews, and being honest back, I'll take readability over Literature-with-a-capital-L any day. I know I'll never write "Literature." It's just within the scope of my ability. I appreciate it, but I can't create it. I'm happy to strive for easy and entertaining. My favorite books are the ones where you don't notice the language, so "readable" is about the best compliment I can ask for!

I'm so glad you liked the way this chapter did and didn't introduce Rose. I've been struggling with backstory on my current story, what to reveal and when, so it gives me a great boost of confidence to know I made some okay choices with this story. It's so true about finding that balance! You want the readers to connect with your characters right away, but you also know the true tension comes from the unknown.

Gah! My not so dirty little secret... I am a terrible speller! Thanks for pointing that out. No worse way to ruin a great word than by spelling it wrong.

Thanks for the lovely review. I really appreciate it!!

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