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Review #1, by ms simone Blood

22nd October 2014:
the drama that is going on: with hermione finding out that she voldie's grand daughter, the kids and auors off to black castle!!

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Review #2, by ms simone Partners

22nd October 2014:
enjoying the story, so much!!

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Review #3, by DracosGrl Blood

7th March 2013:
Heyyy Laura:) excellent chapter! I still cannot wrap my head around the fact tht Voldemort is Hermiones grandfather! I love tht twist!! I look forward to your next chappy=D

Author's Response: I'm pleased that you found this chapter excellent and I'm extremly pleased that you love the twist. For personal reasons I feel unable to write to a high standard at the moment but I am trying my best to create the next chapter for the readers, like yourself, that are enjoying my story. x

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Review #4, by MadiMalfoy Blood

21st February 2013:
Argh cliffhangers! I swear, most authors put them in there just to spite the readers! :P Anyways, just a few things for you:

1) Make sure your tenses are correct--you have a few awkward future/past/present verbs in one sentence so that ruins continuity and flow.
2) Miss McGonagall just sounds kinda weird, and Headmistress/Professor McGonagall is the proper title for her.
3) Make sure the characters sound like they should--they sound a little young and not British. Try adding in some more colorful and colloquial language that is typical of their characters to help.
4) Add more detail! There can never be enough detail, and if it describes the right things, you've got it in the bag. Use very descriptive, colorful, and fun language to help you with this.

Other than those few things, I'm loving your story! Keep writing and update this again soon :) xx

Author's Response: I know this chapter wasn't perfect, I unfortuantely had to rush it as I had exams but still felt I had to post something for readers. I am actually British, it may just be my personal language and speech from my location in Britain coming through. I'll try and keep it more stereotypically British which is what I can only assume you mean by "not British". I'm glad you're enjoying the story.

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Review #5, by Secret Marauder Change

10th February 2013:
no can't leave it there...!! love it :)

Author's Response: Shall update as soon as I can after my last exam on the 13th! I'm glad you're enjoying it :)

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Review #6, by DracosGrl Change

8th February 2013:
Short but very heartwarming! I love the progress with the Dramione relationship!

Author's Response: Sorry about it being short! Will update after the 13th :)

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Review #7, by poemgirl A Christmas to Remember

5th February 2013:
Oh god. This is the best fanfiction I've read so far. Can't wait till the next chapter comes out! :)

Author's Response: Thank you :) just uploaded the next chapter :)

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Review #8, by DracosGrl A Christmas to Remember

27th January 2013:
Holy.shit.wow! Amazing just amazing

Author's Response: haha that's a great review! thankyou!!

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Review #9, by MadiMalfoy A Christmas to Remember

24th January 2013:
WHAT OMG HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO US NOT COOL BUT JUST KIDDING IT KIND OF IS BUT IT'S SO TWISTED HOW DID YOU COME UP WITH THAT? AH! Well, *ahem* now that I'm done freaking out about that, I'm SUPER glad that they made up and Draco's and Hermione's gifts for the other--very unique ideas and very cool ideas! Update this again quickly, I'm begging of you, I love it! :D xx

Author's Response: Hahah I was hoping for a reaction to the ending of this chapter! It's actually been an idea for ages but I never put it into a story although I'm glad I did after the brilliant responses to my story so far! Exams start 5th February so I'm hopefully going to update some point this weekend after revision! glad you love the story :) xx

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Review #10, by DracosGrl Magic Mistletoe

20th January 2013:
LAURA I HAVE MISSED THIS STORY! Thank you for updating

Author's Response: I'm sorry for the late update but I'm glad to see my first readers are still following the story! I uploaded the next chapter on the 19th of January so it should hopefully be available to read by the 24th January :)

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Review #11, by dhluv Magic Mistletoe

16th January 2013:
I love this story it's so good and it's really different :) keep up the awesome work!

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoy it! Keep a watch for a twist in the next couple of chapters! :)

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Review #12, by MadiMalfoy Magic Mistletoe

16th January 2013:
Hey again! Well, this was a phenomenal chapter, even with the slow update! I'm glad you're going to try to update this again more, I'm a big fan of it :) Finally, they kissed! :D I'm curious to see where this goes and what will happen between them now since everyone was staring at them and such :) Loved it! xx

Author's Response: I'm really sorry about the slow update!! Studying for my practise exams that are in two weeks but taking a break this evening to write the next chapter! Big twist in either this chapter or the following one! Thank you ever so much, I'm glad you are enjoying it xx

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Review #13, by DracosGrl Mission

25th October 2012:
It was so nice to have this to read! I have missed this story immensely! Pls put sOme more Hermione Draco one on one in the coming chappies! Keep up the good work Laura!
~ Brittany

Author's Response: So sorry for the late response and a lack of a new update but I have a lot of exams :( Uploaded the next chapter this evening so it should hopefully be up by the 13th of January!


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Review #14, by DracosGrl The Small Leather Book

10th September 2012:
Omg I have missed this story! Sorry I haven't been reviewing, my neighbors Internet was off =p

Author's Response: Sorry for such late response! and late updates! Next chapter should up in the next 3 days!

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Review #15, by DracosGrl Fire

10th September 2012:
Omg I love this chappy! The Malfoy Prophecy was exquisitely written!

Author's Response: Thank you so much :) The prophecy was the part I was trying to get perfect:) and to your review after this one it's fine that you weren't reviewing! I apologise for how long it has been since I last updated but I've been having some more exams and work in school because I'm in my most difficult year right now :(

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Review #16, by syndie The Small Leather Book

9th September 2012:
Just picked this story up tonight and enjoyed the premise, always love elemental magic and a darker Hermione!

Author's Response: Thank you ! :)

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Review #17, by griffindorechicky101 The Small Leather Book

9th September 2012:
it was sooo good! i cant wait to read the next chapter update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you :) Hopefully posting the next chapter this evening so shall be available to read in roughly 4 days :)

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Review #18, by DracosGrl Malfoy Manor

27th August 2012:
Heyyy! I am writing this as I sit at home because our new bus driver skipped my stop! Lol anywho, I love this chapter! The intrigue was phenomenal as was the detail you put into it! I cnt wait to see whO Medusa was talking too or whAt Salazar ment when he said "You are the one Draco Malfoy"! Pls update Asap!

Author's Response: Hahah lucky you! I'm glad you enjoyed the detail! I wanted to explain the places for reference in the future so that you all remember what it was like :) As for Medusa that will be a while a way yet but the next chapter will explain partly what Salazar meant :) I'm going out this evening but when I'm back I will type up the next chapter and hopefully post it tomorrow!

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Review #19, by DracosGrl Apples

24th August 2012:
Hola Laura! I really liked this chapter and I was touched when Hermione suggested tht the fundraiser be for the Crutiatus Ward, it wAs soo sweet! I am seriously liking how Hermione and Dracos relationship is progressing. I think tht you should pair up Blaise and Ginny. Pls keep updating! I love this story so much!
- Lots of Love, Brittany

Author's Response: Hello :) Thank you! The fundraisers should be a few chapters away yet but it's one of the chapters I'm most looking forward to posting! I'm glad you like how they are progressing :) As for Ginny's secret boy you will have to wait and see ;) Next chapter should be up hopefully no later than the 26th :)

-Love, Laura

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Review #20, by DracosGrl The Results of Fire Whiskey

20th August 2012:
Omg I am so glad your back Laura! I hope you had fu while you were away!! I was so looking forward to this update and I wasn't disappointed :) now I loved the girls night, I laughed atthe girls singing and dancing=D and I think tht Hermione only kissed Neville because he is the only one the others wouldn't have an issue with her kissing lol idk I I'm right. Anywho I my wait for your next update=D
- Brittany

Author's Response: I had a lovely time thank you! And you are correct there, subconciously she knew it would be wrong to kiss Draco:) I hope the next chapter entertains you just as much as usual! I just uploaded it so it should hopefully be available on the 22nd :)


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Review #21, by Dashaaugust7 The Results of Fire Whiskey

19th August 2012:
Ah! You updated!! I have been waiting and waiting for you to get back!!! I think it's cool how we all expected her to kiss Draco and she kissed Neville instead... Though I do hoPe she ends up with Draco or so help me there will be a future upsetting review consider yourself warned. I love this story as I have stated before and can't wait for the next chapter :) I love the way you write and how I feel like I'm actually in the story. I'm really mad at Ron and don't particularly like him but now calling Hermione fat I really hate him-_- . Like I said love the story and can't wait for more.

-love, Dasha

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Review #22, by DracosGrl Partners

6th August 2012:
Hey Laura! First I love, love this chapter! I like the inclusion on genealogy as course! Second I'm sooo sad you cnt update till the 17th cuz i look orwar to your updates so much!

Author's Response: Thank you! Just back from Portugal! :) I managed to write lots whilst I was away so after dinner I'll hopefully update the next chapter :D

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Review #23, by Arianna21 Partners

3rd August 2012:

I just want to tell you that your story is amazing, it makes me chuckle it makes me smile with sadness and maybe a little bit of pity as well but mostly it just makes me enjoy reading. Thanks a lot for that and it'll be hard but I wait persisting for this story to continue in the end of august :)

Hope you're having a great holiday! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much, you have no idea how much that means to me! I'm just back from Portugal now and managed to write lots whilst I was away so after dinner I'll hopefully type and upload the next chapter! :)

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Review #24, by DracosGrl Civil

29th July 2012:
Omg I love your fanfic soo much! I've been reading it since the beginning and I plan On reading it till the end! =)

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Review #25, by potter_nerd_for_life8 Civil

24th July 2012:
i look forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! It's been uploaded and now I'm just waiting for it to be validated!

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