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Review #1, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap First, Best, Worst and Only

17th June 2012:

Admittedly the suit was a bit old, but he had washed it twice before wearing it and had managed to get that nasty punch stain out. Not to mention the amount of cologne he had lathered it in to get rid of the distinct smell of his Uncle Ronald's undergarment cupboard. Still, he thought he looked quite dashing, and with the help of his over-friendly neighbour, the bowtie now looked like itself, rather than an awkwardly squashed piece of fabric that was sitting below his neck

^ I thought that was hilarious because I could see Teddy trying to tick off every box on her list (which is insane by the way but I know people that do the same thing!) and trying to create the perfect date for them. That was too sweet and I normally don't like this pairing at all because Victoire is always made off to be so annoying and clingy.

hat was the problem of being a writer. You spend so much time in your own head that you being to lose the sense of whatís possible and what isn't, and before you know it those rose-tinted glasses have been permanently glued to your face.

^ Wow! That's so true. I know I do that sometimes but I like to focus more on humor in my writing so my poor boyfriend has to deal with my jokes and well...apparently I am not funny in real life (pssshhh).

Bowties were cute. Teddy was wearing a bowtie. Therefore Teddy was cute.

^ I love how he broke that down. What a mathematician.

This was a wonderful read. So cute! I'm glad I chose this for the review tag. Your writing was really wonderful and you made me enjoy a pairing I normally do not.

Author's Response: OH GOD I love you so much for this super cute review! Haha I am actually rather pleased with the way that first description went, because this time I actually bothered describing the situation and didn't just go "ugh this is uncomfortable". I am so glad you like it, and yes, I agree about Victoire being typecast as clingy and annoying! When I pictured her in my head I just thought 'okay, what if she's not a pretty French swot and actually spoke in giggles and was cute and cuddly' and went with it. Breaking stereotypes since 1994, yo!

But isn't it true? Everybody complains about my rose-tinted-glasses attitude so much and they're always like ~that's because you spend so much time reading/writing. I'm glad you can empathise! As you can tell, I have this little problem of imposing my own characteristic defects in my protagonists ..

BOWTIES THOUGH. They are cute. And I feel so lucky for being chosen to reviewed by you, because this has been an adorable review and has pretty much made my night! Thank you!

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Review #2, by VeeKAY First, Best, Worst and Only

12th June 2012:
wirjwoirj. oh meghna. you are so perfect D: (It's Vee btw). How do you manage to write such beautiful stories, and also admin and make amazing graphics @ tda? you are a goddess you are :') I was 'aww'ing' the whole time I was reading this one-shot, it was so adorable! xD You are an excellent writer, and I'm off my usual. Lurk and read some more of your amazing stuff xD :P xx ~Vee

Author's Response: Oh wow, thanks so much! And it's all half-baked, really. I'm not as good a writer as I wish I was, and I don't devote half as much time as I should to admin-ing, and have run out of gas in the graphics department ;___; there you have it. But thank you so much, it really means tons! Thanks and keep reading

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