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Review #1, by Galawen One

18th July 2013:
First of all I adore your title. It's perfectly sums up, not only the subject of your own story but what assumption can do to all of us. For Rose it seems like it's been self-assassination by assumption unfortunately. And she is certainly not alone in this. I think that's what made me enjoy this so much, because to be honest how many girls have been victims of their own same assumptions. Reading too much into accidental glances, seeing things that aren't there because we want them to be there so much.
These lines especially sum it up "She thought she knew him. Oh come on, Rose. How can you know somebody you were never friends with and only ever argued and fought with?" Rose's feelings and (that dirty word again) assumptions had clearly blinded the logic and intelligence she was so proud of. And in a way your story highlights the fact that emotions are not controlled by the brain - you can be the most intelligent person in the world and still find yourself acting like a fool for love. The words and imagery you used perfectly encapsulated Rose's obvious frustration and self-disgust and made me feel for her in a big way. Especially at the end, when she had just spent the past while realising how foolish she had been, but one moment is all it takes for her to convince herself again that it is right for her to hope "Hes going to stop the wedding, she thought, her heart beating so fast and vision going all wank. She couldnt bear to stand."
Unfortunately there is no stay of execution from her assassination and she remains betrayed by her assumptions.

You drew me right into this story and made me relate it to my own experiences, a wonderful skill from any author and I fully enjoyed it. Well done :)

Author's Response: this is one of the loveliest reviews i've got, i have to say, so for that i thank you to the ends of the earth ♥

the good bits about writing a story based loosely on personal experiences is that it isn't very difficult to write. you don't have to sit around and potter about with words, wondering if it'll make sense to the reader or not. you already have a plot -- there's very little thinking involved. the other good part is that you can be certain that there are others who have shared that personal experience, and for me, reading that in another person's work is the most gratifying thing that exists, and i'm glad i was able to accomplish that to some degree!

everything that you've gleaned from rose's character and the gist of the story is spot on, and put in such lovely words. i'm so glad you enjoyed this, and i really, really adore you for this gem of a review ♥

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Review #2, by navyfail One

28th May 2013:
Hey Meghna! I remember leaving a review but it might have got deleted since I got a new accout. :)

The first time I read this story I loved it. Now reading a second time I think I fell in love with it even more, if that is even possible. :P

Those last lines made me feel like I was Rose. And I was hoping that something would happen. That Scorpius would stop the wedding until:
"Scorpius was no longer looking at her.
'I do.'
It's over, Rose."

The ending killed me. ScoRose is one of my OTPs for life so...yeah. The feels are just...gah. I can't put them into words.

I thought I would point out something I noticed:
"Corny, she though, shaking her head and chewing at her bottom lip. " I'm guessing the 'though' was supposed to be 'thought.' ;)

Anyways, this story was beautifully written. And I am definitely going to read more of your stories from now on. :D


Author's Response: this story gets such nice reviews i'm not even sure i'm worthy ;A; but thank you so much! i actually thought that scorpius going through with the wedding would be so cliche, but i wanted to do it anyway and it turns out everyone expected him to be like STAHHHP I LOVE ROSE. well, that just goes to say that whatever little i knew about writing has turned out to be even less than i thought it was.

thanks for pointing that out! i will fix it when i'm not on an updating spre xxx

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Review #3, by StormStone One

15th October 2012:
Anddd... I'm crying.

Author's Response: ALL THE SCORPIUS HATE
I'm sorry about the tears. Have a kleenex! I'm thinking of writing a spin-off, in Scorpius' POV. But you know, I just might not because I'm getting too much out of all this angst ;D Thank you for the review :]

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Review #4, by tony_starks One

14th June 2012:
Oh, my gosh. That was heartbreaking. I was so sure that he'd stop the wedding, that Roxanne'd do something, that /something/ would happen - and it did. He said 'I do'.

I was so sad, but fantastic fic!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Aw I'm sorry I couldn't finish it with a happy ending, but I guess that's partly what made it realistic in the end? Thank you so much, once again! ^-^

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Review #5, by Giola One

11th June 2012:
Hey Meghna!

I stumbled across this at the urging of Ellie, who said it was fabulous. And, well, I completely agree! I don't think I've seen a ScoRose piece this realistic in a long time. Rose is so incredibly real, and I'm still in awe now, five minutes after I finished reading, of the way you conveyed her thought process. I was instantly absorbed into her thoughts from the beginning, all the way through to the end.

Her thoughts seem to almost tumble together, building off each other in a way that I've only really seen achieved in the first person voice before. To achieve it in third is amazing, you did a great job :)

I've favourited this story, and you can bet I'll be checking out the rest of your stories now! Wonderful writing, and wonderful characterisation.


Author's Response: Oh God Julia how do I even respond to this? Thank you so much, lovely!

I think the only reason for her thought process being realistic and coherent is because .. well, it's what I was going through at that very moment and just decided "OKAY GOING TO CHANNEL MY EMOTIONS INTO SCOROSE FANFIC". Also the same reason why the story doesn't finish with Scorpius stopping the wedding.

Thank you so much, I appreciate this more than you think!

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Review #6, by Violet Gryfindor One

9th June 2012:

Whoa, I was not expecting that kind of story, but I'm very glad that I read this all the same. It's amazing. I got so caught up in Rose's whirling thoughts that I felt that I was her. It was scary, especially since this was written in third-person - her thought process was recorded to perfection. It was both coherent and realistic, which is a hard thing to balance, but there's a great rhythm to her thoughts that makes the story flow very fast - it feels like a whirlwind, Rose's internal confusion of logic and emotion spinning her down the drain until she has no choice but to "believe it". He's married, and to her, that means it's over. End of story (literally). Everything about this story just fits together so well - I'm very jealous.

So you write "rubbish fluff stories", eh? :P Still waiting for that to happen because it hasn't yet.

This story was crazy unique in its portrayal of the Scorpius/Rose relationship. or the Scorpius/Rose non-relationship, I should say because it only exists in Rose's head. It was painful how easily I could relate to her situation, but I also liked this for making the ship an unrequited love from Rose's side. (I think I've seen it from Scorpius's side before, but not hers.) And she keeps it all inside for all of this time - everyone at the wedding probably thinks she crying because it's a wedding, not because she feels her heart breaking. Ugh.

Another story to add to my favourites! You've done wonderfully with this! ^_^

Author's Response: *sobs violently*

oh god where to begin? lol at coherent but i'll take realistic - i manage to turn practically all my female protagonists into depressed versions of myself, and to be frank i could relate to the situation 100%, which is probably the only reason i even wrote it in the first place. ASSUMING THINGS IS THE WORST and oh god look at rose. but that's besides the point. thanks so much susan, seriously. i have a screencap of your last review tucked away in my little squee folder and it's safe to say that this is headed in the same direction XD thanks *hug*

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Review #7, by aish1594 One

8th June 2012:
It was a nice one-shot. You should try writing a novel of the same ship! :)

Author's Response: I might consider it, but I have enough WIPs to finish at the moment x__x But thank you (:

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Review #8, by Mystique One

8th June 2012:
This was such a beautiful angsty one shot. It wadn't your typical Rose/Scorpius story but I still really enjoyed it.

Author's Response: woohoo first review! thanks very much (: i really don't know what to make of it myself but thank you!

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